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2qfx Convert Pro

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Developer: Moneythumb

2qfx Convert Pro

Developer / company: Moneythumb

Powerful collection of financial file converters for pro users to extract transactions from PDF statements and other source formats into Quicken.

  • Convert transactions from PDF, CSV, QIF, Excel or native QFX files into either the QIF or QFX formats.
  • Optional PDF+ license lets you also extract transactions from scanned PDF statements. PDF+ is the only Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology specialized for bank statements. And if there is a text recognition problem, PinPoint optimization either fixes it or indicates where to look.
  • Advanced PDF features let you process multiple statements at once, save multiple profiles, determine which account within a PDF statement to convert and create user-specified text strings for account processing.
  • Automatic balance reconciliation ensures data conversion accuracy, while auto-assisted cleanup of transaction payee names saves time and makes your Quicken data more accurate.
  • Smart algorithms auto-check formats/bypass non-relevant errors and worldwide settings offer U.S. & European date formats plus major global currencies.
  • Ability to convert files from PDF to CSV and use Excel or other spreadsheet for data cleansing before import into Quicken.

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Common file extensions used by 2qfx Convert Pro

csv file icon.csvpdf file icon.pdfqif file icon.qifxls file icon.xlsxlsx file icon.xlsx

Other file extensions associated with 2qfx Convert Pro

qfx file icon.qfx

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