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Developer: ANSYS Inc.

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Developer / company: ANSYS

Creating design models is a core part of the product development process and the first step of the simulation process. These models can be of a geometry form representing the actual design detail, or they can be an approximation of the design using simplified components like beams and plates.

Simulation often demands unique modeling capabilities that typical CAD operations do not require. Therefore these capabilities are either lacking in CAD systems or implemented in a fashion that is not optimum for performing simulation related functions.

DesignModeler is a Workbench application from ANSYS that provides modeling functions unique for simulation that include detailed geometry creation, CAD geometry modification simplification and concept model creation tools.

Detail Geometry Creation

DesignModeler offers geometry creation features like extrude, revolve, sweep, chamfer functions and others to create fully parametric models. These models can be used with any ANSYS core simulation product or with products like ANSYS DesignXplorer for performing design optimization.

CAD Geometry Modification

CAD models are usually intended to accurately represent the exact intent of the the final design and often lack additional features required for simulation. DesignModeler provides these unique simulation features like splitting surfaces for applying loads, defining welds or creating regions around models that represent “air.”

Concept Model Creation

Concept models are used in a product development process prior to any detailed CAD geometry being created. These design approximations, along with simulation results, are extremely useful in making product decisions early in the design cycle when product costs can be impacted significantly. DesignModeler has tools for creating these models quickly and then, with ANSYS simulation tools, easily predicting how the proposed design will perform.

Geometry Exchange

DesignModeler can read geometry from any Workbench-supported CAD system. Those parametrically supported CAD systems will also be parametrically associative in DesignModeler. In addition to importing data, DesignModeler can also export data as Parasolid, IGES and the ANSYS ANF geometry format.

The ANSYS DesignModeler software seems to be old or discontinued.
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ANSYS DesignModeler pictureANSYS DesignModeler works with the following file extensions:

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ANSYS DesignModeler default file extension associations

anf file icon.anfans file icon.ansdbb file icon.dbbemat file icon.ematmres file icon.mresneu file icon.neurfl file icon.rflrth file icon.rthwbpz file icon.wbpz

Common file extensions used by ANSYS DesignModeler

db file icon.db

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