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Apache Axis2

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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Apache Software Foundation

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Apache Software Foundation logoApache Axis2

Developer / company: Apache Software Foundation

Apache Axis2 is the core engine for Web services. Axis2 has many new features, enhancements and industry specification implementations.

The key features offered are as follows:

  • SPEED - it uses its own object model and StAX (Streaming API for XML) parsing to achieve significantly greate speed.
  • AXIOM - Axis2 comes with its own light-weight object model, AXIOM, for message processing which is extensible, highly performant and is developer convenient.
  • HOT DEPLOYMENT - new services can be added to the system without having to shut down the server.
  • ASYNCHRONOUS WEB SERVICES - it supports asynchronous Web services and asynchronous Web services invocation using non-blocking clients and transports.
  • MEP SUPPORT - it comes handy with the flexibility to support Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) with in-built support for basic MEPs defined in WSDL 2.0.
  • FLEXIBILITY - the architecture gives the developer complete freedom to insert extensions into the engine for custom header processing and system management.
  • STABILITY - it defines a set of published interfaces which change relatively slowly compared to the rest of Axis.
  • COMPONENT-ORIENTED DEPLOYMENT - you can easily define reusable networks of Handlers to implement common patterns of processing for your applications, or to distribute to partners.
  • TRANSPORT FRAMEWORK - a clean and simple abstraction for integrating and using Transports (i.e., senders and listeners for SOAP over various protocols such as SMTP, FTP, message-oriented middleware, etc).
  • WSDL SUPPORT - it supports the Web Service Description Language.
  • ADD-ONS - several Web services specifications have been incorporated including WSS4J for security (Apache Rampart), Sandesha for reliable messaging, Kandula which is an encapsulation of WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity.
  • COMPOSITION AND EXTENSIBILITY - modules and phases improve support for composability and extensibility.

Apache Axis2 pictureApache Axis2 works with the following file extensions:

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Apache Axis2 default file extension associations

aar file icon.aarbml file icon.bmlwsdd file icon.wsdd

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If you need more information please contact the developers of Apache Axis2 (Apache Software Foundation), or check out their product website.

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