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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Planaria Software LLC.

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Planaria Software LLC. logoArgusLab

Developer / company: Planaria Software LLC.

Arguslab offers quite good on-screen molecule-building facilities, with a moderate library of useful molecules.


  • ArgusDock - the new drug docking code.
  • Ribbon rendering for proteins with several coloring options.
  • Solvent accessible surfaces.
  • Display bumps and hydrogen bond monitors between ligands and protein targets.
  • Gaussian 98 & Gaussian 03 interfaces.
  • Molecule Treeview window.
  • Builder Toolkit window.
  • QuickPlot buttons for HOMO, LUMO, and ESP-mapped density surfaces.
  • Query the PDB database.
  • Calculation results and properties are saved to the Molecule Treeview.
  • Copy/Paste Calculation results or properties to the Windows clipboard for easily adding to other Windows applications like Word or Excel.
  • ZINDO Enhancements.
  • Electric Field: SCF and CI, EHT, AM1, PM3, MNDO, ZINDO.
  • Display XYZ Cartesian axes.
  • Orient the molecule in absolute coordinates and orientation.
  • More extensive Atom Labeling including chiral centers.
  • Invert chiral centers.
  • Peptide builder.
  • Improved settings: Lighting, atom & background colors, electric field, display, and QuickPlot settings.
  • Render peptide backbone.
  • Set render mode and color for sets of atoms, residues, and user-defined groups.
  • Color by molecule, by atomic number, by amino acid polarity, or user defined colors.
  • Depth cueing.
  • Turn on/off the use of fast-rendering during molecule moves.
  • Make user-defined groups of atoms.
  • Improved support for hiding/showing complex sets of atoms, residues, and user-defined groups.
  • Read HyperChem .hin files.
  • Improved surface rendering quality.
  • PDB files: improved support for atom and residue typing.
  • Quick torsion and Quick bondlength adjust.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
  • Performance enhancements and reduced memory footprint in handling systems with lots of rings.

ArgusLab pictureArgusLab works with the following file extensions:

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ArgusLab default file extension associations

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