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Developer: TITAN Algorithms

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Developer / company: TITAN Algorithms

Hyperion-CADRazor is our newest edition to the Hyperion-series tools. CADRazor is a unique OpenGL combo-tool, giving the user many powerful object manipulation controls at their fingertips. CADRazor is a general purpose CAD/FEA manipulation tool. With CADRazor, you can read in multiple 3D model formats: STL, OBJ, MESH, DXF, BDF, F3D. The list is expanding. Once your model is loaded you can copy-translate, copy-rotate, scale, shift, grab and pull grid points, clip and crop the model, change color and export portions to any of the 3D formats. Need an animation for post-processing display? Just select a portion of the screen with Rhea-PMA and create a standard Windows AVI file. CADRazor, running OpenGL at its core, delivers exceptional object-push. With the power of OpenGL, you can easily visualize and manipulate objects with facet counts in the range of 1,000,000. Full color control - you bet! Flyer mode - you bet, now with Flyboy®. Use Flyboy to do detailed walk-around reviews. Drag-and-drop models. Build as you go. Most of all, enjoy Geo-Reality!

The CADRazor software seems to be old or discontinued.
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obj file icon.obj

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