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List of common audio and sound file extensions

Here is a list of audio file formats typically used for store music or used for audio production purposes.

Common audio files may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change.
Whole category of audio files contains now 1319 file types. Show all audio and sound file types.

audio file type icon 3ga 

A 3ga file extension is used for audio files stored in 3GPP multimedia file format. 3GPP file format was developed for 3G and UMTS mobile networks multimedia services. 3GPP is supported by variety of mobile producers, such as Nokia, Samsung etc. 3GA file extension identifies only audio stream stored in 3GPP multimedia container. Audio stream can use AMR-NB, AMR-WB, AMR-WB+, AAC-LC, HE-AAC v1 or Enhanced aacPlus (HE-AAC v2) audio codecs.

aac file icon aac 

An aac file extension is associated with the Advanced audio coding file format (AAC) that provides audio encoding with better sound quality and compression ratio than older formats, such as mp3 or ogg.

aiff file icon aiff 

Files with aiff suffix can be typically found as digital music (audio) files saved in the Audio Interchange Format.

amr file icon amr 

Files with amr suffix can be usually found as songs or music saved in Adaptive Multi-Rate compressed audio format. Can be played in several media players, like VLC player. Also AMR format is supported by many mobile phones.

ape file icon ape 

Files with ape suffix can be usually found as audio files in Monkey's Audio lossless audio compression format.

audio file type icon arf 

An arf file extension is used for WebEx advanced recording files. WebEx applications are used to create and recording Internet meetings. WebEx advanced recording file contains video and audio data, and many other information saved on separated panels.

asf file icon asf 

Files with asf extension are mainly multimedia files saved in Advanced Systems (streaming) format, a standard video format used by Microsoft Windows.

asx file icon asx 

Files with asx extension are commonly used for Advanced Stream Redirectors. A link of sort used to launch streamed video in Media player.

cda file icon cda 

Files with cda extension is generally associated with tracks found on audio CDs. Typically located on all original audio discs, ie. not ripped to MP3s. It can be played in all audio or media players.

audio file type icon dvf 

Files with dvf extension can be found as audio files in a proprietary compressed voice format used in dictation recorders made by Sony. Digital Voice Editor software can export the *.dvf files to WAV format.

flac file icon flac 

A flac file extension is used for audio files compressed with the FLAC, aka Free Lossless Audio Codec. FLAC files do not lose any quality with their compression as MP3 do, but they are generally larger. Most modern media players support playback of FLAC files.

gp4 file icon gp4 

A gp4 file extension is associated with Guitar Pro 4, a multi track editor of guitar and bass tablature, which allows you to create whole scores for guitar, bass or other stringed instruments in a few minutes. 

gp5 file icon gp5 

Files with gp5 extension can be usually found as projects from Guitar Pro tablature software. GP5 file contains saved work in progress.

audio file type icon gpx 

Files with gpx file extension can mainly be found as projects created in Guitar Pro version 6 and higher tablature software.

logic file icon logic 

A logic file extension is related to the Apple Logic Pro and used for its music project files.

m4a file icon m4a 

An m4a file extension is used for audio files stored in MPEG-4 (MP4) container and used AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), or Apple Lossless (ALAC) audio compression. M4A is very popular on Mac computers, because it is default audio format used by iTunes. M4A is also default audio format for Apple portable devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad).

m4b file icon m4b 

An m4b file extension is used for Apple MPEG-4 AAC audio files that contain audio books or audio podcast shows downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store. An m4b is similar to M4A audio format, but contain other metadata, like chapter markers, images and hyperlinks. M4B unlike M4A is able to remember the position, where it was paused.

m4p file icon m4p 

An m4p file extension is associated with the proprietary version of AAC (advanced audio coding) for the MP4 file format with Digital Rights Management developed by Apple, for the use in music files downloaded from their iTunes Music Store.

midi file icon midi 

Files with midi file extension can be generally found as audio files in MIDI format.

mp3 file icon mp3 

The mp3 file extension is traditionally used for one of the most common type of compressed audio files MP3s, which you can playback using almost any media player.

ogg file icon ogg 

Files with ogg file extension can be typically found as sounds or music in Ogg Vorbis compressed audio format.

audio file type icon opus 

Files with opus file extension can be usually find as audio files in Opus audio file format from various Internet by VoIP services, streaming services, web frameworks etc.

audio file type icon pcm 

Files with pcm file extension can be mainly found as uncompressed digital audio files, sometimes just renamed WAV audio files.

audio file type icon rec 

Files with rec file extension can be typically encountered as various recordings or other recorded data, such as mostly recorded videos and sounds.

audio file type icon snd 

Files with snd extension can be in most cases found as audio files in one the many formats that had this extension.

audio file type icon sng 

Files with sng extension are generally audio files, in one of the many formats that used the same suffix. Most are obsolete and no longer used.

uax file icon uax 

Files with uax extension is used for audio files in games based on Unreal game engine, like Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal II, etc.

wav file icon wav 

A wav file extension is associated with the Wave Form Audio container file format. It is used to store sounds as waveforms.

wma file icon wma 

Files with wma extension are audio files in Advanced Systems Format (advanced Streaming Format, Active Streaming Format), which is multimedia container format sed to store multimedia data. A wma file stores audio in Advanced Systems Format container and compressed by Windows Media Audio (WMA) codec.

wpl file icon wpl 

A wpl file extension is associated with Windows Media Player and used for its playlist files. Playlists contain list of songs that will be played when the wpl file is opened.

audio file type icon zab 

Files with the zab extension can be found as special audio books saved in the Zipped Audio Book file format.

This is a list of some the most common file types from this category and may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change. Whole category of audio files contains now 1319 file types. Show all audio and sound files.

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