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List of common backup file extensions

Some of the most common backup formats produced by popular backup solutions. Used to backup physical media, computers, or even mobile devices like smartphones.

Common backup files may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change.
Whole category of backup files contains now 688 file types. Show all backup file types.

backup file type icon bak 

Files with bak file extension can be most often find as one of the many backup files generated by numerous programs, usually by the means of renaming the original extension to bak.

backup file type icon bbb 

Files with bbb file extension can be generally found as backup files of Blackberry smart phone created in the Blackberry Link or Blackberry desktop software for PC or Mac.

bkf file icon bkf 

Files with bkf file extension can be generally found as Windows backups, made using the Windows Backup / Microsoft Backup utility in Windows NT to Windows XP. This format was eventually replaced by the VHD format.

backup file type icon bkp 

Files with bkp file extension can be mainly found as older backup files from backup utilities and other programs.

backup file type icon dbk 

A dbk file extension is related to the Sony Ericsson PC Suite and used for Sony Ericsson phones backup file.

gho file icon gho 

A gho file extension is used for backup images created by the earlier versions of Norton Ghost backup utility. There are several versions of this format for each respective version of Norton Ghost.

backup file type icon ipd 

Files with ipd file extension can be found as backup files from older backup files from Blackberry mobile phones prior 2012.

iso file icon iso 

An iso file extension is generally used for common CD/DVD disk image format. ISOs are used as a standard backup format of physical disks and are widely supported by burning or virtualization software.

json file icon json 

A json file extension is also associated with the Mozilla Firefox web browser and Seamonkey internet suite. A .json file stores saved bookmarks in JSON file format that can be created during the backup process of  currently saved bookmarks.

mdbackup file icon mdbackup 

A mdbackup file extension is mainly related to one of the backup formats used in iOS devices like iPhone.

nba file icon nba 

An nba file extension is used for backup archives created with Nero BackItUp program. The Nero *.nba archive files store backup of important data that were selected by user. Nero nba files can be opened and extracted in Nero BackItuUp. However nba files use zip compression file format and can be also extracted by any compression utilities that are able to extract zip archives, just rename file extension nba to zip.

backup file type icon nbf 

Files with nbf file extension can be mainly found as backup archives made using Backup NOW! program.

nco file icon nco 

Files with nco file extension may be typically encountered as backup files created using the Nero BackItUp suite. Basically encrypted and occasionally also non-encrypted ZIP file with unique extension.

nrg file icon nrg 

An nrg file extension is used for the default disk image format in Nero Burning ROM software. NRG is not just "renamed" ISO image, but proprietary format used by Nero. However both serve the same purpose, ie. physical media backup and burning.

backup file type icon old 

Files with old file extension may be usually found as various backup files from programs for Windows OS. Sometimes it's just a simple extension renaming.

rar file icon rar 

Files with rar file extension are compressed archives made using any of the RAR or WinRAR compression utilities. Along with ZIP format, RAR format is one of the most common formats used and as such can be extracted by almost every archiving tool.

sbf file icon sbf 

An sbf file extension is used for backups created with the Sony Ericsson Backup and Restore program for Xperia smart phones. These files store backup of phone settings, MMS and SMS messages, phone book, call logs and applications.

backup file type icon sbu 

Files with sbu file extension can be commonly found as smartphone backups preformed using the Samsung Kies software. Used to restore contacts and other data to the device.

backup file type icon spb 

Files with spb file extension is mainly known to be used for a contact backup exported by Samsung Kies management software for various Samsung smart phones.

backup file type icon spba 

Files with spba file extension are in most cases special contact list backups from Samsung Phones made using the Samsung Kies software.

backup file type icon tib 

Files with tib file extension can be typically encountered as complete hard disk backups made using Acronis True Image backup software.

wbcat file icon wbcat 

Files with wbcat file extension might be found as part of backup from Microsoft Windows operating system.

zip file icon zip 

Files with zip is associated with the WinZip compression tool. ZIP file is compressed archive container that contains archived files, compressed in ZIP compression format. Common archive format that can be extracted with any archiving tool.

This is a list of some the most common file types from this category and may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change. Whole category of backup files contains now 688 file types. Show all backup files.

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