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List of common disk image (iso) binary file extensions

List of various disk images, exact copies of a physical disc. Used for both backup and emulation purposes.

Common disk images may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change.
Whole category of disk images contains now 209 file types. Show all disk image (iso) binary file types.

000 file icon 000 

Files with 000 file extension can be mostly found as various disk images, like disk images recovered using IsoBuster disk image managing tool.

bin file icon bin 

Files with bin extension are often found as CD/DVD backups similar to ISO. A bin file is a identical copy of data stored on the physical disk. Often each bin file also has its cue counterpart that allows various virtualization or burning software to work with the image.

ccd file icon ccd 

Files with ccd extension can be mainly found as disk images from the CloneCD CD/DVD burning and disk image tool for Windows.

cue file icon cue 

Files with cue extension can be mainly found as cue sheet description files originally used by the CDRwin program, but more commonly known as small files that accompany .bin disk images.

daa file icon daa 

Files with daa extension are disk images in a proprietary format used by PowerISO similar to ISO format. DAA images can only be accessed with PowerISO, no other programs support them. They can be however converted to common ISO files with the DAA2ISO utility.

dao file icon dao 

A dao file extension is related to same utilities, like UltraISO, ISOBuster etc. A dao file store image at the Disk at Once - format.

dmg file icon dmg 

A dmg file extension is used for default disk image format in Mac OS X (macOS) that replaced the older IMG format. It is used much like ISO images on Windows platform.

img file icon img 

Files with img extension might also be found as disk images created using the CloneCD program. One of the many disk image file types.

img file icon img 

Files with img file extension were  traditionally used for floppy disk images. However nowadays it is used for many different file types.

iso file icon iso 

An iso file extension is generally used for common CD/DVD disk image format. ISOs are used as a standard backup format of physical disks and are widely supported by burning or virtualization software.

isz file icon isz 

Files with isz file extension can be most often encountered as compressed disk image files from the makers of UltraISO. It's a somewhat rare file format and most programs do not support it.

mdf file icon mdf 

Files with mdf file extension can be quite often found as one disk images created using Alcohol 120% software. Similar to standard ISO files, but with some additional information included in the image.

mds file icon mds 

Files with mds extension can be typically found as one of the auxiliary files for Alcohol 120% disk images. This type of mds files contains additional metadata that are used to better emulate MDF disk images.  

mdx file icon mdx 

Files with mdx file extension are most often found as special disk image format similar to MDS/MDF used in Daemon Tools and Astroburn. No 3rd party applications are able to work with mdx files and only Daemon Tools and Astroburn are able to convert them to ISO files.

nrg file icon nrg 

Files with nrg extension are used for the default disk image format in Nero Burning ROM software. NRG is not just "renamed" ISO image, but proprietary format used by Nero. However both serve the same purpose, ie. physical media backup and burning.

tao file icon tao 

Files with tao file extension can be most often found as data in TAO Track at Once CD/DVD image file format, which is used mainly for burning purposes.

disk-image file type icon tc 

A tc file extension is related to the TrueCrpyt encryption app. The tc file stores encrypted disk volume.

toast file icon toast 

Files with toast file extension are disk images created using the Roxio Toast a CD/DVD media authoring tool.

uif file icon uif 

A uif file extension is associated with MagicISO and used for its proprietary disk image format. UIF is just variation of ISO files, with limited support outside MagicISO. UIF files can be converted to standard ISO files with UIF2ISO utility.

vcd file icon vcd 

Files with vcd file extension can be also found as disk images made using the Virtual CD software from H+H GmbH.

This is a list of some the most common file types from this category and may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change. Whole category of disk images contains now 209 file types. Show all disk image (iso) binary files.

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