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List of common document file extensions

Here is a list of the most popular document formats used in past few years. These typically come from various office productivity bundles, word processors and alike.

Common documents may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change.
Whole category of documents contains now 1694 file types. Show all document file types.

abw file icon abw 

Files with abw extension can be typically found as documents created and saved using the AbiWord word processor.

aww file icon aww 

Files with aww suffix can be most notably found as documents made using Ability Write word processor, part of Ability Office suite.

chm file icon chm 

A chm file extension is related to Microsoft compiled HTML help file format. CHM is acronym for Compiled Help Modules.

cnt file icon cnt 

A cnt file extension is related to the Help Contents files used by Microsoft Windows Help.

dbx file icon dbx 

Files with dbx extension can be mostly found as email folders from now discontinued Microsoft Outlook Express e-mail management software.

djvu file icon djvu 

A djvu file extension is used for a special image and document file format called DjVu. Typically used for image documents because it can achieve much lower file sizes, compared to other image formats with text, such as JPEG.

doc file icon doc 

A doc file extension is commonly used for text documents created in Microsoft Word word processor prior version 2003. Word's DOC documents can be opened in almost every (if not every) other word processor, such as Writer or iWork Pages.

docm file icon docm 

A docm file extension is used for default macro-enabled document format of latest versions of Microsoft Word. Such documents may contain additional VBA scripts or macros, that enhance some functions of the Word document.

docx file icon docx 

Files with docx file extension are documents written and saved using Microsoft Word word processor edition 2007 or later. DOCX format replaced the previously used DOC format, moving from a binary files to Open XML schema based documents. Supported in almost every modern word processing tools.

dot file icon dot 

A dot file extension is used by Microsoft Word word processor that is distributed as a part of Microsoft Office. A dot file contains document template (predefined document type and format). A dot file extension is used by Microsoft Word 97 to 2003.

dotm file icon dotm 

A dotm file extension is related to Microsoft Word 2007 and later. A dotm file stores Open XML macro-enabled document template.

dotx file icon dotx 

A dotx file extension is used for a main open XML document template format of Microsoft Word. Templates are generally used to save predefined look and settings of documents for quick creation of documents that have same look. DOTX format is a successor to previously used DOT format. Some other word processors are also able to open dotx files, however they wont probably use most of the Microsoft Word specific formatting.

document file type icon epub 

File extension epub is used by e-book in Open Publication structure eBook format. Since 2007 EPUB format is regarded as international standard. Generally used for text-centric books or other publications.

gp4 file icon gp4 

A gp4 file extension is associated with Guitar Pro 4, a multi track editor of guitar and bass tablature, which allows you to create whole scores for guitar, bass or other stringed instruments in a few minutes. 

ind file icon ind 

Files with ind extension can be mainly found as special InDesign documents. InDesign is used to create rich documents and other magazines.

indd file icon indd 

An indd file extension is associated with Adobe InDesign and used for its default InDesign document format. InDesign is used to create graphically rich documents, brochures and other more sophisticated texts. It was a part of Adobe Creative suite and currently of Adobe Creative Cloud.

key file icon key 

A key file extension is used for presentations saved in latest versions of Apple iWork Keynote '09. Keynote is a professional presentation tool for Mac OS X.

keynote file icon keynote 

A keynote file extension is used for presentations saved in Apple iWork Keynote '06, or in its previous versions. Keynote is a professional presentation tool for Mac OS X.

mht file icon mht 

An mht file extension is associated with the Mime HTML files. MHTML is web archive format used to bind resources and HTML code into a single file. Used mainly on internet and openable with every web browser.

mpp file icon mpp 

Files with mpp file extension can be usually found as plans (projects) made using Microsoft Project project management software program developed by Microsoft.

document file type icon odf 

The *.odf file extension is related to the Open Document Interchange Format (ODIF) used by various Office suites, like StarOffice, Microsoft Office, etc.

ods file icon ods 

Files with ods suffix can be nowadays commonly found as spreadsheets saved using Calc program from, LibreOffice and perhaps other office productivity bundles that use documents based on OpenDocument Format schema.

odt file icon odt 

An odt file extension is used for the default text document format of many open source word processors, like Writer. ODT documents can be opened in all commercial and free word processors.

ott file icon ott 

An ott file extension is related to the or LibreOffice suite. An ott stores text document template.

document file type icon oxps 

Files with oxps suffix are documents created in Windows 8/10 using the latest version of the Open XML Paper Specification. You can easily view .oxps files using the pre-installed Windows XPS viewer, but only in the latest versions of Windows. For older versions of Windows, you will need to convert oxps to xps.

pages file icon pages 

A pages file extension is used for default document format of Pages, a word processor and page layout program from Apple. No other program can open the *.pages files, but Pages is able to export its documents to some other formats, such as PDF or Microsoft Word's *.docx.

pdf file icon pdf 

A pdf file extension is mainly used for Adobe Portable document format, commonly referred to as PDF. All programs that create some sort of documents or projects offer the possibility to export their format to PDF format. A free PDF viewer (Adobe Reader) is available for download from Adobe website.

pmd file icon pmd 

Files with pmd extension can be most often encountered as documents created in Adobe PageMaker, discontinued desktop publishing program that was replaced with InDesign in Adobe's portfolio. Both programs are used to create rich and stylish documents and publications. 

pot file icon pot 

Files with pot extension can be found as PowerPoint templates for version 97 to 2003. Used to quickly create presentations with same layout and settings.

potx file icon potx 

A potx file extension is associated with templates for presentations created in latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

pps file icon pps 

A pps file extension is associated with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software and used for slideshow documents. PPS PowerPoint's slide shows are basically sequences of screens, often used for presentation purposes.   

ppsx file icon ppsx 

A ppsx file extension is used for presentation slide shows created in the popular presentations maker Microsoft PowerPoint. PPSX format is used for complete slideshows that also may include audio or video effects.

ppt file icon ppt 

A ppt file extension is traditionally used for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint presentation can contain text, pictures, audio or video data. Sometimes also called slide shows.

pptm file icon pptm 

Files with pptm file extension are related to Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software distributed as a part of Microsoft Office suite. A pptm file stores presentation with enabled macros.

pptx file icon pptx 

A pptx file extension is used for the default presentation format of latest editions of PowerPoint from Microsoft Office. PowerPoint slide shows are basically set of screens which can include text, graphic, sounds or videos used for various presentation purposes.

document file type icon prn 

Files with prn suffix can be usually encountered as various printer output files for HP printers. Typically created as an printer export when a HP printer is selected as an alternative to PostScript / PDF output.

prproj file icon prproj 

Files with proproj file extension are projects created and saved using the Adobe Premiere Pro software. Contains saved work in progress.

ps file icon ps 

Files with ps extension can be commonly found as to-be-printed final versions of documents and other publications saved in Adobe PostScript language for PostScript printers.

pub file icon pub 

Files with pub extension are in most cases documents created in Microsoft Publisher, a desktop publishing application from Microsoft Office suite. PUB documents are much more complex than common Word files and give more emphasis to design and page layout, rather than actual text.

pwi file icon pwi 

Files with pwi extension can be most notably found as text documents created in one of the several older programs or mobile apps, such as Pocket Word for Windows Mobile.

rtf file icon rtf 

Files with rtf suffix can commonly be found as text files saved in Rich Text Format. Supported by most text editors.

sdd file icon sdd 

An sdd file extension is related to Impress presentation application. An sdd file contains presentation in legacy Impress presentation format.

sdw file icon sdw 

Files with sdw extension can be most often encountered as text documents from StarOffice and some versions of

shs file icon shs 

Files with shs suffix are quite often found as special OLE objects (scraps) from various Windows / MS Office apps.

snp file icon snp 

Files with snp suffix are most notably known to be snapshots generated from older Microsoft Access databases. Used for viewing purposes only.

sxw file icon sxw 

Files with sxw extension can be usually found as older documents made using some previous version of Writer.

document file type icon tpl 

Files with tpl extension are traditionally used for template files in many programs. Templates are predefined formats that help to quickly and easily create similar looking documents with same settings.

vsd file icon vsd 

Files with vsd suffix can be most notably found as flowcharts and diagrams created in older versions of Microsoft Visio program.

wpd file icon wpd 

Files with wpd suffix are generally found as documents created and saved in he Corel WordPerfect word processor.

wps file icon wps 

A wps file extension is associated with Microsoft Works and used for its default text document format. Works is a discontinued product, however many documents are still written in WPS format. Microsoft Word, and some other word processors like Writer or LibreOffice Writer are also able to open *.wps files.

wri file icon wri 

Files with wri suffix can be most often found as old documents that were created and saved in the  Microsoft Windows Write text editor that was distributed as a part of Microsoft Windows up to version 95.

document file type icon xps 

Files with xps file extension are almost always documents that were exported or printed in Microsoft Windows with the default Microsoft XPS Document Writer virtual printer, for example in MS Office applications. XPS format is Microsoft's much less popular alternative to PDF for fixed layout exchange documents.

This is a list of some the most common file types from this category and may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change. Whole category of documents contains now 1694 file types. Show all document files.

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