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List of common program executable file extensions

File types that can be executed (launched) to start a program. Always be careful when handling these files as you may accidentaly execute harmful code.

Common program executables may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change.
Whole category of program executables contains now 175 file types. Show all program executable file types.

air file icon air 

An air file extension is associated with Adobe AIR runtime and used for Rich Internet Applications. Several Adobe application can work with air files.

app file icon app 

An app file extension is related to Mac OS X (macOS) operating system for Apple Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and MacBook Air computers. An app file contains application package.

executable file type icon application 

Files with application file extension are special app installers deployed with Microsoft’s ClickOnce technology. ClickOnce is similar technology to the Java Web Start for the Java Platform. ClickOnce applications can be developed in the Microsoft Visual Studio.

executable file type icon appx 

Files with appx file extension are application installation packages for latest Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating system. Used to install new software.

bat file icon bat 

Files with bat file extension can be commonly found as so called batch files. These text files are small scripts that contain a sequence of commands for a computer operating system.

executable file type icon bin 

Files with bin file extension can also be found as various programs executables in Windows and Linux.

com file icon com 

Files with com file extension can be generally found as command files. It is a type of program executable file format associated with the MS-DOS operating system.

cpl file icon cpl 

Files with cpl file extension are most notably known to be control panel applets from Microsoft Windows operating system. Each control panel is represented by a single .cpl file.

deb file icon deb 

Files with deb file extension can be mainly found as Debian distribution packages - compressed archives for Debian Linux operating system. Some archiving utilities, such as 7-zip, are also able to extract the content of DEB packages.

dll file icon dll 

Files with dll file extension can be commonly found as dynamic link libraries for Microsoft Windows system and apps. These files act as modules with additional runtime routines or data.

executable file type icon elf 

Files with elf file extension can be found as executables in the executable and linkable format. Used mainly on some Unix and Linux based systems.

exe file icon exe 

An exe file extension is traditionally used for main executable files since the times of MS-DOS. It was adopted for executables in Windows as well. Executables are files that launch programs.

jar file icon jar 

A jar file extension is commonly used for Java archives, which often contain applets or applications. Used for java application distribution/installation purposes.

js file icon js 

Files with js file extension can b commonly found as JavaScripts. Used to execute scripts on internet pages and such.

executable file type icon lnk 

An lnk file extension is used for files that represent Windows shortcut to a program installed on computer. Every time you create a shortcut a new lnk file is created that acts as the actual link, that can be further customized with various settings as launch parameters, icon etc. Most lnk files are located on user's desktop.

msi file icon msi 

Files with msi extension is commonly used for Microsoft Installation packages used by most Windows based programs. If you open msi file in Windows, the installation procedure will commence.

part1.exe file icon part1.exe 

A part1.exe file extension is related to first part of Split Multi-volume RAR compressed self-extracting file archive.

executable file type icon prg 

A prg file extension is default file extension used by operating systems and development environments for program executable files.

rpm file icon rpm 

Files with rpm file extension can be typically found as program installation packages for the Linux Package Manager which is used to install new apps in Linux.

shs file icon shs 

Files with shs file extension are quite often found as special OLE objects (scraps) from various Windows / MS Office apps.

vbs file icon vbs 

Files with vbs file extension can be generally found as scripts made using Visual Basic programming language and development environment. Used in many programs.

xap file icon xap 

Files with xap file extension are mainly related to Windows Phone apps and Microsoft Silverlight installation resource files. Used for Silverlight apps.

This is a list of some the most common file types from this category and may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change. Whole category of program executables contains now 175 file types. Show all program executable files.

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