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List of common game file extensions

Resource archives and other computer games related data. These are typically based on the game engine.

Common game related files may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change.
Whole category of game related files contains now 2790 file types. Show all game file types.

game file type icon big 

Files with big extension are usually found as part of various computer games produced, or developed by Electronic Arts. A big file is data archive used to store game data including animations, textures, videos, sounds etc.

bik file icon bik 

Files with bik file extension can be most often encountered as video files encoded using the special Bink and Smacker codec. Typically encountered in older computer games.

game file type icon cab 

A cab file extension is commonly used for compressed archives found in Microsoft Windows operating system.

game file type icon dat 

A dat file extension is related to various computer games. A dat file stores game data resources.

dds file icon dds 

A dds file extension is related to DirectDraw Surface format. The surface file stores 3D texture compressed with DirectX Texture Compression.

game file type icon hi 

Files with hi file suffix are associated with various computer games and other software. A hi file contains high score record.

game file type icon lng 

An lng file extension is traditionally used for localization (additional language data) files in many applications. Mostly text files that contain translated texts used in the program.

game file type icon pak 

Files with pak extension are traditionally used for package files. These files are used in many programs and especially in computer games. A typical .pak file can contain various resources used in the game, such as graphics or sounds. Can be extracted with specialized tools and sometimes with common archivers.

game file type icon replay 

Files with replay extension are recorded matches from Rocket League action sport and vehicle soccer computer game.

game file type icon replay 

A replay file extension is related to the Fortnite, a coop sandbox game from Epic Games. A .replay file contains captured game play that can be playback only in Fortnite.

game file type icon res 

Files with res file extension can be found as various game archives from many different computer games.

game file type icon rofl 

Files with rofl file extension are usually found in replay folders of the League of Legends battle arena video game.

game file type icon sav 

A sav file extension is associated with variety computer games. A sav files are used to store game positions that can be later loaded and the user can continue with gaming.

game file type icon save 

A save file extension is related to Doom 3 and other video games based on ID Tech 4 video gaming engine. A save file stores gamer's progress in the game.

sc2replay file icon sc2replay 

Files with sc2replay extension are game replays from Stacraft 2 computer game. To watch the replays, copy them to their default replay folder and watch them in the game.

game file type icon scn 

The scn extension files are used by many computer games as their game files.

game file type icon scx 

Files with scx file extension can be found as scenario files in several computer games. Unrelated format, just sharing same suffix.

uax file icon uax 

Files with uax extension is used for audio files in games based on Unreal game engine, like Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal II, etc.

game file type icon wotreplay 

Files with wotreplay file extension can be exclusively found as saved battle recordings (replays) from World of Tanks action team-multiplayer computer game.

game file type icon wowpreplay 

Files with wowreplay file extension might be found as saved battle replays from World of Warplanes computer game.

This is a list of some the most common file types from this category and may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change. Whole category of game related files contains now 2790 file types. Show all game files.

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