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List of common settings, options, themes or skins file extensions

Files typically used to store special settings and options that alter the functions, looks of programs or operating systems.

Common various presets or theme files may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change.
Whole category of various presets or theme files contains now 1983 file types. Show all settings, options, themes or skins file types.

theme file type icon aae 

Files with aae file extension can be typically found by owners of Apple devices and computers and users of the Apple Photos app. The aae files contain edits and other changes made on a particular photo (.jpg). They purpose is to allow save non-destructive changes made on a photograph so the original photograph can be preserved.

theme file type icon alx 

An alx file extension is used for files that contain data used for installation of apps to BlackBerry smartphones. ALX is text format viewable in every text editor.

ccd file icon ccd 

Files with ccd extension can be mainly found as disk images from the CloneCD CD/DVD burning and disk image tool for Windows.

theme file type icon cnf 

Files with cnf file extension are commonly used for various network configuration files. These are text files editable in any text editor.

contact file icon contact 

Files with contact extension are saved contacts used in Window's default contact manager program.

cue file icon cue 

Files with cue extension can be mainly found as cue sheet description files originally used by the CDRwin program, but more commonly known as small files that accompany .bin disk images.

theme file type icon deskthemepack 

A deskthemepack file extension is used for desktop themes in Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems that support multi-monitor systems.

theme file type icon eng 

Files with eng file extension can be commonly found as English language localizations for programs or computer games.

ics file icon ics 

Files with ics file extension are calendar data in exchange format which is widely accepted in many personal information managers and e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, or Apple iCal. It is an universal format for transporting calendar data and events from one program to another.

ifo file icon ifo 

Files with ifo extension are mainly used for information files on DVDs, that contain data about chapters, location of audio tracks or subtitles.

theme file type icon lnk 

File extension lnk is used for files that represent Windows shortcut to a program installed on computer. Every time you create a shortcut a new lnk file is created that acts as the actual link, that can be further customized with various settings as launch parameters, icon etc. Most lnk files are located on user's desktop.

lrtemplate file icon lrtemplate 

Files with lrtemplate extension can be usually found as various user preset settings for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom digital photo editor.

m3u file icon m3u 

An m3u file extension is related to M3U (Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator) playlist file format. It was originally implemented in Winamp, although it is now supported by many applications.

m3u8 file icon m3u8 

Files with m3u8 file extension are playlists saved in special  M3U UTF-8 (Unicode) text playlist format. Playlists do not contain any multimedia content, just the list of songs or other multimedia files. Playable in almost every media player.

mui file icon mui 

Files with mui file extension are mainly related to Microsoft Windows are used for language packages with which you can add the default localization of your OS.

plist file icon plist 

A plist file extension is related to the Apple Mac OS X (macOS) operating system. A plist file contains property list stored in XML simple text file format.

pls file icon pls 

Files with pls file extension can be typically found as audio playlists for media players that contain either list of songs or radio stations.

theme file type icon pro 

Files with pro file extension is commonly used for various profiles, saved settings or user accounts for some program.

theme file type icon ref 

Files with ref extension can be quite often found as various reference files from numerous different applications.

theme file type icon skn 

Files with skn file extension can be commonly found as various skin files for programs that are used to change the look of the program.

svp file icon svp 

Files with svp extension can be typically encountered as settings with visualization effects for Antomix Virtual DJ software.

theme file icon theme 

Files with theme file extension can be generally found as desktop themes for early versions of Windows. Used to customize visual look of desktop or various applications.

themepack file icon themepack 

A themepack file extension is used for desktop customization themes in Windows 7 operating system. Themes can be downloaded from Microsoft library and installed through the Personalization Control panel. Current user's custom desktop themes can also be saved and exported in the THEMEPACK format.

thm file icon thm 

A thm file extension is used for files that contain themes for Sony Ericsson mobile phones. These files can be created with Sony Ericsson Theme Creator.

thmx file icon thmx 

A thmx file extension is used for themes for Microsoft Office that can customize the appearance of documents created in the program. Its some sort of universal looking template across all supported Office applications - Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

theme file type icon trm 

Files with trn file extension can be found as settings for Terminal application installed in Windows 3.x.

theme file type icon usr 

Files with usr file extension can be commonly found as various user settings. Used in many programs. Most text based formats.

wba file icon wba 

A wba file extension is used for WindowBlinds desktop visual styles. With WindowBlinds users can change the visual style and nearly all elements of graphical interface used Windows. it is included in popular Stardock software suite called Object Desktop.

This is a list of some the most common file types from this category and may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change. Whole category of various presets or theme files contains now 1983 file types. Show all settings, options, themes or skins files.

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