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Dungeon Designer 3

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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: ProFantasy Software Ltd

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Dungeon Designer 3 picture

ProFantasy Software Ltd logoDungeon Designer 3

Developer / company: ProFantasy Software

Dungeon Designer Pro Version 3 has more than 500 stunning symbols to help you add excitement and beauty to your floorplans and dungeons.

In the Stygian gloom of the dungeon the party watches nervously as the thief picks the lock on the huge chest.

"Got it!" he cries as the lid creaks upwards.

"What, no treasure?" exclaims the fighter in disgust.

"No wait! There's a map! This map in fact" says the Game Master, laying out a brilliantly designed, full-colour dungeon map, complete with winding corridors, echoing halls, secret doors, plunging chasms and cunning traps.

If you're a Game Master you obviously take your gaming seriously, and the Dungeon Designer 3 add-on for CC3 is the quickest and easiest way to bring serious realism, excitement, and true nastiness to your dungeons and floorplans.

Whether you're designing a complete dungeon or just the floorplan for your local inn or temple, Dungeon Designer 3 gives you all the tools you'll ever need to create corridors, caves and rooms of all shapes and sizes, plus more than 500 stunning symbols, from simple doors and windows to devious traps, ornate coffins, lifelike statues, sacred altars, tempting treasure, and more.

Dungeon Designer 3 pictureDungeon Designer 3 works with the following file extensions:

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