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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Actuate Corporation

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Developer / company: Actuate

Actuate e.Report Designer Professional is a powerful development environment with which professional developers can quickly create tightly integrated, highly flexible enterprise reports for any Web-enabled application. It lets developers design reports that access any data source, deliver information in any format, and present reports in any conceivable layout, no matter how graphically complex. Featuring a component and language-based environment for Rapid Application Development (RAD) functionality and easy reusability, e.Report Designer Professional is the key to delivering information-rich reports for large end-user communities efficiently.

Flexibility and power for precise control

e.Report Designer Professional extends the visual development model with Actuate Basic /a programming language that enables precise control of enterprise report structures, data retrieval operations, formatting, and other parameters/. So the development team never "hits a wall" in terms of the kinds of enterprise reports that can be delivered—and report end-users will always be satisfied. It also provides unparalleled data access and formatting flexibility, with output options in DHTML, HTML, PDF, Excel, RTF and XML to create whatever reports your organization requires.

Create personalized, interactive, actionable reports

Building report designs with e.Report Designer Professional and deploying them with Actuate iServer delivers reports that come alive as rich, interactive, and personalized pages within a Web application.

e.Report Designer Professional includes powerful end-consumer features such as:

  • Table of Contents capabilities for easy report navigation
  • SmartSearch for field-based search and data extraction, hyperlinks, hypercharts and interactive slice-and-dice analysis using Actuate e.Analysis.
  • e.Report Designer Professional's Browser Scripting Control delivers actionable content through form-based reports that enable users to update data, perform workflow operations, or specify preferences for requesting new information.
  • Actuate e.Report Designer Professional works with Page-Level Security for delivering personalized data views.

The e.Report Designer Professional software seems to be old or discontinued.
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pob file icon.pobrod file icon.rodroi file icon.roirol file icon.rolros file icon.rosrov file icon.rovrow file icon.rowrox file icon.rox

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bas file icon.bas

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