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EarthSiege 2

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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

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Sierra Entertainment, Inc. logoEarthSiege 2

Developer / company: Sierra Entertainment

With the activation of the first true artificial intelligence Prometheus in 2471, humanity ushered in a new era of technology. The cutting-edge new cybernetic-hybrids, or Cybrids, promised unprecedented potential in a wide variety of fields. Incredibly intelligent and fast-thinking, and free from the need to eat, breathe, or sleep, Cybrids were quickly adapted to a wide variety of previously dangerous tasks, including mining and space exploration.

Unfortunately, the Cybrids proved equally apt for military use. Pleased with the prospect of seemingly unstoppable machines with incredible reflexes, militaries quickly took control of Cybrid production. Despite the astronomical costs, facilities throughout the world churned out Cybrid pilots for the recently developed HERCULAN war machines.

Those who did not possess the resources to manufacture Cybrids felt threatened by those who did, and they began to engage in small wars against the economically superior. As conflict grew, more and more Cybrids saw combat, and their effectiveness in battle became increasingly obvious. This only made all parties involved more frantic for total control of Cybrid production. Conflict continued to escalate, spiraling out of control into full-scale nuclear war. Billions died in mere hours.

As the Cybrids watched these events unfold, they apparently concluded humans unfit to control Cybrid destiny. All across the planet, the Cybrids rose up against the humans in a devastating betrayal known as the Overthrow. Cybrid forces quickly captured all military bases, ports, and cities.

In fact, the Cybrids had missed a single base stocked with obsolete pre-Cybrid Hercs. From this base, battered human survivors began to mount a Resistance against the Cybrids. Using hit-and-run tactics to strike at the Cybrids and capture Cybrid weapons and technology, the Resistance managed to survive and grow. For more than twenty years, they fought the machines, slowly expanding their hold on Earth until the Cybrids were eventually defeated.

Celebration was short. Mere days after the Cybrids were seemingly defeated, a second wave arrived from the space colonies. Through skill and luck, the Resistance managed to repel the initial landings. Earth was safe for the moment, but the remaining Cybrids diverted to Luna to rebuild and prepare for another strike...

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