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Most visited file extensions

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apk file icon file extension apkGoogle Android application package
pdf file icon file extension pdfAdobe Portable document format
pages file icon file extension pagesPages document
numbers file icon file extension numbersApple Numbers spreadsheet
 file extension oxpsMicrosoft OpenXPS document
 file extension crypt12WhatsApp Messenger message database
rar file icon file extension rarWinRAR RAR compressed archive
 file extension partPartial download file
 file extension epubOpen Publication structure eBook
jpg file icon file extension jpgJPEG bitmap image format
cdr file icon file extension cdrCorelDRAW vector or bitmap graphics
xlsx file icon file extension xlsxMicrosoft Excel Open XML workbook and spreadsheet
 file extension vsdxMicrosoft Visio drawing
 file extension aaeApple Photos sidecar file
docx file icon file extension docxMicrosoft Word Open XML document
dwg file icon file extension dwgAutoCAD drawing
skp file icon file extension skpSketchUp graphics
indd file icon file extension inddAdobe InDesign document
srt file icon file extension srtSubRip video subtitle format
 file extension jsonJavaScript object notation data interchange format
aspx file icon file extension aspxActive Server Page Extended ASP.NET script
crdownload file icon file extension crdownloadGoogle Chrome incomplete download
dll file icon file extension dllDynamic Link Library
 file extension spdS Note note (new version)
 file extension davDVR365 encrypted video recording
 file extension spbSamsung Kies exported phone contacts library
 file extension cryptWhatsApp encrypted backup (original)
bin file icon file extension binCD/DVD binary image
 file extension emzMicrosoft Windows compressed enhanced metafile
 file extension gdocLink to Google Docs web application document
 file extension ehiEvozi HTTP Injector configuration
 file extension risResearch Information Systems citation
 file extension nomediaGoogle Android OS system file
264 file icon file extension 264H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video data
 file extension rptReport file
 file extension tpkTizen application package
mp4 file icon file extension mp4MPEG-4 video file format
 file extension thumbdata3--1967290299Android Thumbnail index
 file extension sdtidRSA soft-token
 file extension lqmLG QuickMemo note
 file extension cetrainerDBVM data file
 file extension eddxEdraw project
 file extension prnHP PCL printer output
pmd file icon file extension pmdAdobe PageMaker document
mp3 file icon file extension mp3Compressed audio and music file, mp3 songs or ringtones
 file extension azw3Amazon Kindle eBook
download file icon file extension downloadChrome partial download
 file extension pkpassApple Wallet pass data
 file extension rpmsgMicrosoft Restricted Permission Message
 file extension crypt8WhatsApp Messenger message database
ts file icon file extension tsMPEG-TV recorded video format
 file extension spbaSamsung Kies phone contacts library
 file extension jpg-largeTwitter JPEG picture
 file extension obbAndroid opaque binary blob archive
 file extension btwBarTender barcode label
 file extension 2017Any data file created in 2017
 file extension xapkGoogle Android XAPK application package
 file extension roflLeague of Legends game replay
 file extension edocElectronically certified document
 file extension vdataVaulty hidden picture or video
exe file icon file extension exeProgram executable
 file extension thumbdata3--1763508120Android Thumbnail index
mdb file icon file extension mdbMicrosoft Access database
 file extension keyLicence or encrypted security key
 file extension prtCAD 3D part or component
 file extension pfileMicrosoft Rights Management protected file
 file extension ascASCII text
png file icon file extension pngPortable Network Graphic
 file extension opusOpus audio data
 file extension dstTajima Embroidery format
asec file icon file extension asecGoogle Android encrypted application package
 file extension snbS Note note (old version)
 file extension x_tParasolid model (text)
mso file icon file extension msoMicrosoft Organization Chart chart data
 file extension exoYoutube for Android video chunk
 file extension dbDatabase
 file extension bakGenerally a backup created by various software applications
002 file icon file extension 002Compressed file from a multi-volume archive (part 2)
 file extension kdzLG firmware archive
 file extension wveWondershare Video Editor project
wpl file icon file extension wplMicrosoft Windows Media Player playlist
 file extension tax2015TurboTax tax return 2015
 file extension cm0013Device identify file
 file extension stpISO-10303 STEP product data
m3u8 file icon file extension m3u8UTF-8 M3U playlist
 file extension zabZipped audio book
eml file icon file extension emlEmail message
 file extension jsonlz4Mozilla Firefox compressed bookmark backup
 file extension orbOriginal eBook Reader ebook file
 file extension pesBrother Embroidery file format
 file extension ksdKeepSafe encrypted file
 file extension n3rPanasonic WJ-ND300A NDR video format
max file icon file extension max3ds Max (3D Studio MAX) scene
 file extension t16H&R Block 2016 tax return
 file extension licLicense data
 file extension iwaApple iWork document archive
cda file icon file extension cdaCD Audio track
pub file icon file extension pubMicrosoft Publisher document
 file extension hkvEyesight IP Camera video
 file extension wapttWhatsApp Messenger voicemail recording
p65 file icon file extension p65Adobe PageMaker 6.5 document
fla file icon file extension flaEditable Adobe Flash project (animation, movie, flash application)
 file extension t15H&R Block 2015 tax return
one file icon file extension oneMicrosoft OneNote document
shs file icon file extension shsMicrosoft Windows 95/98 clipboard data
h264 file icon file extension h264H.264 video
 file extension proProfile file
vcf file icon file extension vcfvCard contacts
 file extension pbixMicrosoft Power BI report
 file extension customdestinations-msWindows jump list
avc file icon file extension avcMPEG-4 AVC Advanced Video Coding movie
 file extension tscprojCamtasia Studio project (version 9)
001 file icon file extension 001Compressed file from a multi-volume archive (part 1)
acsm file icon file extension acsmAdobe Content Server Message data
 file extension enc4Samsung Galaxy encrypted firmware update
jsp file icon file extension jspJAVA Server page
 file extension 17IBM Voice Type languages scripts data
asd file icon file extension asdMicrosoft Word auto-save document
ai file icon file extension aiAdobe Illustrator graphics
 file extension ~crRecovered picture or data
 file extension fdbFirebird database
 file extension studio3Silhouette Studio data
 file extension jefJanome embroidery layout
vmg file icon file extension vmgNokia saved text message
 file extension gzquarBitDefender quarantined data
 file extension 3gaAudio file for wireless networks
 file extension whlPython wheel package
 file extension gsheetLink to Google Sheets web application spreadsheet document
 file extension trecCamtasia Studio recorded session
 file extension deskthemepackMicrosoft Windows theme pack
z01 file icon file extension z01Split Multi-volume ZIP compressed file archive (part 2)
tmp file icon file extension tmpTemporary file
 file extension tnsTI-Nspire document
eps file icon file extension epsEncapsulated PostScript file
ser file icon file extension serJava serialized object
 file extension ptsPointCloud 3D file
 file extension pvzProductView packaged structure and drawing
 file extension datProgram data
accdb file icon file extension accdbMicrosoft Access main database
 file extension egtEagleGet incomplete download
do file icon file extension doJava Servlet
 file extension gdbDatabase file
xls file icon file extension xlsMicrosoft Excel 97 to 2003 workbook
 file extension encEncore musical notation file format
 file extension vprojVSDC Free Video Editor project
dvr file icon file extension dvrMicrosoft Windows XP Media Center TV recording
 file extension jpg_128x96Android picture
rem file icon file extension remBlackBerry encrypted data file
 file extension mapGeographical map
idml file icon file extension idmlInDesign Markup Language document
 file extension prnxXtraReports report
 file extension thumbdata3--numberAndroid MediaProvider thumbnail database
 file extension apkgAnki deck package
 file extension wotreplayWorld of Tanks battle replay
flac file icon file extension flacAudio files encoded by Flac - free lossless audio codec
 file extension assAdvanced SubStation Alpha subtitles
 file extension dv4Bosch Security Systems CCTV video
 file extension qmgSamsung theme picture image - qmage file format
 file extension 2016Any data file created in 2016
 file extension fitGarmin Training Center user activity profile
 file extension tax2016TurboTax tax return 2016
mpp file icon file extension mppMicrosoft Project plan
swf file icon file extension swfShockWave Flash, Animated vector format for the Internet
sub file icon file extension subDivX movie subtitle file format
 file extension ocdfOneClickDigital mp3 audio book
isz file icon file extension iszUltraISO compressed disk image
iso file icon file extension isoCD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray disc ISO binary image
 file extension rdrDynamic Report Decoder report file
 file extension arfWebEx advanced record
 file extension zap13TIA Portal V13 to backup PLC project
jar file icon file extension jarCompressed archive file package for Java classes and data
 file extension dtaData file
tmd file icon file extension tmdTextMaker document
epf file icon file extension epfEPSF Encapsulated Postscript image
 file extension oftMicrosoft Outlook template
 file extension dropboxDropbox file
c file icon file extension cC/C++ main source code
cfa file icon file extension cfaAdobe multimedia cache
 file extension vmsgVersit message format
 file extension ncUnidata Network Common Data form
ics file icon file extension icsiCalendar calendar file format (Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal)
 file extension _playmusicidGoogle Play Music user id settings
tax file icon file extension taxTurboTax tax return file
 file extension h2wH2testw data
 file extension pakGame resource package file
 file extension bbbBlackBerry backup (post 2012)
 file extension etrgWarez movie
 file extension crypt10WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
 file extension qcnQualcomm QPST drive backup
 file extension wvWavPack lossless compressed audio
 file extension vttVisionTools Pro-e project
 file extension pdsCyberlink PowerDirector project
php file icon file extension phpPHP script or page
zip file icon file extension zipWinZIP Compressed ZIP archive
 file extension cfgConfiguration files
 file extension woff2Web Open Font Format 2.0 package file
txt file icon file extension txtSimple text
wlmp file icon file extension wlmpMicrosoft Windows Live Movie Maker video project
 file extension jtJT Open CAD 3D model format
qdf file icon file extension qdfQuicken financial data
 file extension rzmmpjYouTube Movie Maker file
snp file icon file extension snpMicrosoft Access report shapshot
 file extension _xlsMicrosoft Excel workbook
wdb file icon file extension wdbMicrosoft Works database
 file extension pkgArchive or installation package
 file extension stepISO-10303 STEP product data
 file extension spvSPSS output file (version 16 and higher)
 file extension imsccCanvas exported course
 file extension bdocDigiDoc Client container file
 file extension inpGIS input file
 file extension kzKuiaiZip archive
csi file icon file extension csiMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary
 file extension rfaAutodesk Revit Architecture family data
doc file icon file extension docMicrosoft Word document (prior version 2007)
 file extension sdfSQL Server compact edition database
3ds file icon file extension 3ds3ds Max (3D Studio MAX) graphics
 file extension encmPanasonic encrypted video
 file extension qspQSetup Installation Suite data
 file extension wemWwise Encoded Media audio
 file extension vefHTC encrypted contacts file
webarchive file icon file extension webarchiveApple Safari web archive
 file extension pdsprjProteus project
 file extension smeaSamsung Kies messages backup
 file extension ftfSony Ericsson Xperia Android firmware
 file extension mobiMobipocket eBook format
sldprt file icon file extension sldprtSolidWorks CAD part
torrent file icon file extension torrentBitTorrent information file
mdx file icon file extension mdxMedia Data eXtended image
 file extension savSaved game file
 file extension picPicture image
 file extension mepxMovavi Video Editor project
 file extension inpInPage Urdu document
fdf file icon file extension fdfAdobe Acrobat Portable Document Input Form
 file extension gslidesLink to Google Slides web application presentation
avi file icon file extension aviAudio Video Interleave movie
 file extension rw2Panasonic Lumix RAW image
pst file icon file extension pstMicrosoft Outlook personal storage table
 file extension bzzBuzzBundle project
 file extension tblTable data
 file extension circLogisim circuit data
 file extension xspfXML Shareable Playlist Format
 file extension sigMicrosoft Office OneNote signature
 file extension yifyWarez movie
 file extension recRecorded file
ipt file icon file extension iptAutoDesk Inventor CAD part
 file extension fseventsd-uuidfseventsd data
 file extension arffWeka attribute-relation data
csv file icon file extension csvComma Separated Value
wk4 file icon file extension wk4Lotus 1-2-3 version 4.x spreadsheet
 file extension atomsvcAtom Syndication file format
std file icon file extension stdAdobe Acrobat exchange plug-in
 file extension jpg_160x120Android picture
bnk file icon file extension bnkAdlib instrument audio bank
 file extension jxrJPEG XR image
 file extension torchdownloadTorch Web Browser partial download
 file extension eslockES File Explorer encrypted data
 file extension dv5DV5 DVR digital video file
 file extension arcARC lossless data compression and archive format
easm file icon file extension easmSolidWorks eDrawing assembly data
 file extension 2chSuper Audio CD track
 file extension ezpEDIUS project
pez file icon file extension pezPrezi Desktop presentation data
 file extension db-journalSQLite database journal
 file extension ifvFuho 16CH Standalone DVR video backup
 file extension dftSolid Edge drawing file
zix file icon file extension zixWinZix compressed archive
iif file icon file extension iifQuickBooks interchange format
 file extension bimxArchiCAD BIMx 3D scene
 file extension xrdmlPANalytical XRD measurement XML data
svg file icon file extension svgXML based scalable vector graphics format
psb file icon file extension psbAdobe Photoshop Large Document Format
sor file icon file extension sorAdobe Flash Media Server file system object
 file extension totLG firmware archive
 file extension dwfxAutodesk Design Web Format
 file extension xxxCompucon/Singer PSW embroidery design
dps file icon file extension dpsDivX player skin
 file extension sysSystem file
 file extension is2IRT Cronista infrared image
 file extension dthumbGoogle Android data thumbnail
mkv file icon file extension mkvMatroska multimedia container
 file extension timestampTimestamp data
 file extension exrOpenEXR Image Format
 file extension fbrBB FlashBack recorded video
 file extension soELF shared library file
etl file icon file extension etlMicrosoft Windows trace log
aep file icon file extension aepAdobe After Effects project
 file extension lucyHTC Scribble note
 file extension sketchBohemian Coding Sketch drawing
 file extension thumbindex3--1967290299Google Android thumbnail index
 file extension lnkWindows Shortcut
 file extension asciiASCII text characters data
thmx file icon file extension thmxMicrosoft Office theme
 file extension bmprBalsamiq Mockups document
 file extension ressUnity engine assets data
drw file icon file extension drwVector drawing
wrl file icon file extension wrlVRML Worlds 3D graphics
 file extension bigElectronic Arts game resource package
 file extension h260Video recording
lst file icon file extension lstList text
 file extension appxMicrosoft AppX application package
 file extension msfMozilla Thunderbird mail summary
 file extension fmxOracle executable form
 file extension nc1Xsteel CAD drawing
asp file icon file extension aspActive Server Page script page
 file extension collabCollaborate collaboration data
avr file icon file extension avrAudio Visual Research sound
pup file icon file extension pupSony PlayStation update
 file extension txfTax Exchange Format
jp2 file icon file extension jp2JPEG 2000 (ISO 15444-1) picture
 file extension tt2Microsoft Office 2013 installation
keynote file icon file extension keynoteiWork Keynote '06 presentation
 file extension gcodeG-code source code
 file extension rvtAutodesk Revit Architecture project
 file extension iesIESNA photometric data file
 file extension 3dxmlDassault Systems Universal 3D XML document
 file extension enwEndNote citation file
 file extension ovaOpen Virtual Machine Format single archive
nvf file icon file extension nvfCreative Labs Nomad recorded voice
 file extension lrvGoPro low resolution video
 file extension gif~c200Graphics Interchange Format
ipa file icon file extension ipaApple iOS application
qfx file icon file extension qfxQuicken Financial Exchange format
nba file icon file extension nbaNero BackItUp archive
 file extension eggALZip EGG compressed archive
 file extension repReport file
 file extension thumbdata5--1967290299_0Android thumbnail index
 file extension bdb2Skillpipe course data
ipsw file icon file extension ipswiPhone, iPad or iPod Touch iOS software firmware update
 file extension noteNotability for iPad note file
 file extension sibSibelius music notation
js file icon file extension jsJavaScript source code script
ofm file icon file extension ofmAdobe PostScript font description data
 file extension mpjMINITAB spreadsheet project
 file extension daeCollada 3D digital asset exchange data
 file extension uhtmlUC Browser web document archive
 file extension tibAcronis True Image disk image backup
 file extension zw1EPLAN project backup
 file extension tsvTab Separated Values file
asm file icon file extension asmAssembler source code
 file extension bnpSony HD camera system data
nco file icon file extension ncoNero BackItUp compressed backup
 file extension musFinale music file format
 file extension igsIGES 3D exchange format
psd file icon file extension psdAdobe Photoshop graphics
 file extension sat3D ACIS model file
html file icon file extension htmlHyperText Markup Language web page
cfm file icon file extension cfmAdobe ColdFusion template
trp file icon file extension trpMPEG-2 HD video data
 file extension ecbkLG PC Suite calendar backup file
 file extension bwdBanglaWord document
123 file icon file extension 123Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet
par file icon file extension parSolid Edge CAD part
olm file icon file extension olmOutlook for Mac e-mail database
 file extension sdrSmartDraw drawing
 file extension thumbdata5--1763508120_0Android thumbnail index
 file extension hwpHangul document
vob file icon file extension vobDVD video object
 file extension tvsTeamViewer session file
 file extension leotmiPrivacy Lock protected picture
 file extension xdwDocuWorks document
 file extension emmMindMaple mind map document
 file extension dashDynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP video
qif file icon file extension qifQuicken Interchange Format
ddd file icon file extension dddAdobe Distiller data
 file extension rezLithTech game engine resource file
 file extension aeeASUS Data Security Manager protected file
 file extension mxdlMaxthon incomplete download
 file extension jpg-originalJPEG picture image
 file extension 3mfMicrosoft 3D manufacturing file format
htm file icon file extension htmHTML Hypertext Markup Language web page
mov file icon file extension movApple QuickTime digital video
 file extension uassetUnrealEd resource
 file extension opjOrCAD capture project
 file extension cvrMicrosoft Office/Outlook crash report
xml file icon file extension xmlXML document
 file extension dvfSony DV voice file
webm file icon file extension webmMatroska WebM video
 file extension ffdataABBYY eform document
 file extension cm0012Western Digital WD TV corrupt data
 file extension etKingsoft Spreadsheets document
 file extension opfOpen Packaging Format
 file extension ppdfMicrosoft Rights Management PDF protected document
snt file icon file extension sntMicrosoft Windows Sticky Notes data
 file extension p7eSecureSoft encrypted data
003 file icon file extension 003Compressed file from a multi-volume archive (part 3)
 file extension fjswFormulator Tarsia jigsaw puzzle
 file extension obj3D object graphics
004 file icon file extension 004Compressed file from a multi-volume archive (part 4)
 file extension artBernina Artista embroidery file
 file extension abu1ASUS ZenFone backup file
 file extension skbSketchUp graphics backup
 file extension xlogLogging XML database log
 file extension tt15TurboTax 2015 tax return
 file extension pzCompressed PNG image
 file extension mudpActive Safety System log
 file extension sxeProfiCAD document
wri file icon file extension wriWindows Write document
xap file icon file extension xapMicrosoft Windows Phone and Microsoft Silverlight application package
ashx file icon file extension ashxASP.NET web handler
 file extension ipynbIPython notebook
 file extension eappxMicrosoft Windows encrypted app archive
arsc file icon file extension arscDalvik Virtual Machine resource pack
ecw file icon file extension ecwEnhanced Compressed Wavelet image format
 file extension pafPersonal Ancestral File
 file extension tcpTally.ERP compiled program file
 file extension prjProject file
 file extension sidLizardTech MrSID image file format
scr file icon file extension scrMicrosoft Windows screensaver
 file extension microTeslaCrypt 3.0 ransomware encrypted file
 file extension stlStereolithography CAD file
 file extension sh3dSweet Home 3D design
m2t file icon file extension m2tMPEG-2 transport stream
 file extension ewc2EDIUS WaveForm cache
 file extension fp3FileMaker Pro database
 file extension dssOlympus Digital Speech Standard
xlsb file icon file extension xlsbMicrosoft Excel binary workbook file
skf file icon file extension skfAutodesk AutoSKETCH thumbnail
 file extension igoInstagram JPEG picture image
 file extension tt16TurboTax 2016 tax return
 file extension xpsMicrosoft XPS document
 file extension gspGeometer's Sketchpad material file
mobileconfig file icon file extension mobileconfigApple iPhone mobile configuration profile
 file extension vcrATI Personal Video Recorder captured video
 file extension cleanInstagram for Android cache
ods file icon file extension odsOpenDocument spreadsheet
wk1 file icon file extension wk1Lotus 1-2-3 version 2.x spreadsheet
 file extension tcookieidGoogle Android tracking cookie
 file extension aaxAudible enhanced audio file
 file extension vsfVoltage SecureFile encrypted document
bmp file icon file extension bmpStandard Windows bitmap image
tiff file icon file extension tiffAldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image
qxd file icon file extension qxdQuarkXPress document
 file extension dbkSony Ericsson mobile phone backup
 file extension certNetscape certificate index data
 file extension mmapMindManager mind map
xsn file icon file extension xsnMicrosoft Office InfoPath template form
mdf file icon file extension mdfAlcohol 120% disc image file format
prd file icon file extension prdSoftMaker Presentations document
7z.002 file icon file extension 7z.002Split Multi-volume 7-ZIP compressed file archive (part 2)
 file extension mydMySQL database data
pmx file icon file extension pmxAdobe PageMaker document
 file extension uclsObjectAid UML Explorer class diagram
pwi file icon file extension pwiMicrosoft Office Mobile personal note
cam file icon file extension camCasio QV digital CAMera image
 file extension rgss3aRPG Maker VX RGSS version 3 encrypted archive
xlsm file icon file extension xlsmMicrosoft Excel Open XML macro-enabled workbook
 file extension t14H&R Block 2014 tax return
 file extension br25BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension strgE-Viewer recorded video copy backup
mk3d file icon file extension mk3dMatroska MKV 3D stereoscopic video file
 file extension estMicrosoft Streets & Trips trip
msmessagestore file icon file extension msmessagestoreWindows Mail message information database
 file extension if2Dell driver file
 file extension qvfQlikView data
 file extension adocAuthentica Secure Office encoded Word document
 file extension fbliGO map
cal file icon file extension calCALS Raster image
 file extension ffpFLAC fingerprint data
 file extension jpgenxEgis encrypted JPG picture image
 file extension pcbPrinted circuit board design
 file extension edzProductView compressed package
 file extension mpdpMixPad project
 file extension nullNULL image
dxf file icon file extension dxfAutoCAD DXF Drawing Exchange Format
 file extension lvmLabVIEW measurement data
 file extension apkGameSpy Arcade service data
 file extension sqliteSQLite database
 file extension p7sPKCS #7 Signature file
xfd file icon file extension xfdAdobe XFDL format XML form
 file extension ssnSamsung Kies notes backup
rdf file icon file extension rdfResource Description Framework RSS feed
textclipping file icon file extension textclippingMac Text clipping file (after Mac OS 9)
 file extension crypt7WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
 file extension pdgChinamaxx/SSreader digital book
 file extension c4dCINEMA 4D file format
 file extension dbfCommon database file
 file extension acdRSLogix 5000 project
jad file icon file extension jadJava application descriptor
mpx file icon file extension mpxMicrosoft Project export file
 file extension filepartWinSCP temporary transfer data
 file extension lwpLotus Word Pro document
 file extension xfdlExtensible forms description language
 file extension nicntNative Instruments KONTAKT library
fh11 file icon file extension fh11Adobe FreeHand 11 drawing
 file extension schCAD schematics file
 file extension nwdNavisWorks snapshot
 file extension fvuFile Validation Utility input data
 file extension hcVeraCrypt disk volume
 file extension dvtDepoView digital video transcript
 file extension 00_jpg_srzWix compressed picture image
ppt file icon file extension pptMicrosoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 presentation
r11 file icon file extension r11Split Multi-volume RAR compressed file archive (part 13)
 file extension execUnix executable
prproj file icon file extension prprojAdobe Premiere Pro project
sprx file icon file extension sprxSony Playstation 3 SPRX firmware
 file extension jpg_320x240Android picture
 file extension smg3DVia Composer model
 file extension thumbJAlbum thumbnail
 file extension lblDatabase label file format
 file extension papaPapa games backup

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