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File extensions used for audio and sound file types.

An audio file format is a container format for storing audio data on a computer system. There are many formats of audio and codecs, but they can be divided in three basic groups: uncompressed audio file formats, lossless compression audio formats and lossy compression audio file formats.

The most used and known uncompressed audio file format is PCM, which is usually stored as a .wav on Windows or as .aiff on MAC. WAV and AIFF are a flexible file formats designed to store more or less any combination of sampling rates or bitrates. This makes them suitable file formats for storing and archiving the original recording. CD-quality sound files in uncompressed PCM format are large in size - around 10 MB per minute.

A lossless compressed format would require more processing for the same time recorded, but would be more efficient in terms of disk space used. Representative of lossless compressed format is FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). FLAC file is an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that the audio information is compressed in FLAC file without any loss in its audio quality. This is similar to how Zip works, except that with FLAC, you will get much better compression rate, because it is designed specifically for audio files.

Lossy compression audio file formats are the most used audio formats in today's computers and other multimedia equipment. The best known of compressed audio formats is MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3). MP3 file format, is a patented digital audio encoding format using a form of lossy data compression. It is a common audio format for consumer audio storage, as well as a de facto standard of digital audio compression for the transfer and playback of music on digital audio players.

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 file extension $riSteinberg Cubase compressed audio data
 file extension 10Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension 16Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension 2Saltlake city game music data
 file extension 2chSuper Audio CD track
 file extension 2sflibNintendo DS audio library
32 file icon file extension 32Raw Yamaha DX7 32 voice data
 file extension 3gaAudio file for wireless networks
 file extension 3gpa3GPP multimedia
404 file icon file extension 404Muon DS404 bank
669 file icon file extension 6698 channels MOD 669 module
 file extension 6cmTriton FastTracker 6 channel music module
 file extension 7Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension 8cmTriton FastTracker 8 channel music module
 file extension 8medAmiga OctaMed music file
 file extension 8svxAmiga 8-bit sound
??? file icon file extension ???Yamaha A3000 sample
 file extension a2bA2B Player playlist
 file extension a2bAdlib Tracker II audio bank
 file extension a2iAdlib Tracker instrument
a2m file icon file extension a2mAdLib Tracker II audio
 file extension a2pAdlib Tracker pattern file
 file extension a2tAdlib Tracker tiny module
 file extension a2wAdLib Tracker II bank
 file extension a3kYamaha A3000 sampler data
a3s file icon file extension a3sYamaha A3000 sample
a52 file icon file extension a52Multichanel audio
aa file icon file extension aaAudible audio
 file extension aa3Sony ATRAC audio
aac file icon file extension aacAdvanced audio coding stream file
 file extension aafAdvanced Authoring Format
 file extension aaxAudible enhanced audio data
 file extension abcMusical notation language file
 file extension abkNeed for Speed Underground audio data
 file extension abmMusic album
 file extension absMPEG audio sound
 file extension ac1dAC1D-DC1A Packer module
ac3 file icon file extension ac3Dolby Digital sound
 file extension ac7Casio electronic keyboard rhythm data
 file extension acdACID Pro audio project
 file extension acidSony ACID Pro project
 file extension acmACM compressed sound
 file extension acpaacPlus audio data
 file extension actADPCM compressed audio
 file extension ad2ADPCM 2-bit compressed voice
 file extension ad3ADPCM 3-bit compressed voice
 file extension ad44D Systems audio data
 file extension addocAudioDesk project
 file extension adeTI/MIT ADC audio data
 file extension adgAbleton Live device group data
adl file icon file extension adlWestwood ADL file format
 file extension adtAudio Data Transport Stream
 file extension adtRockeTalk audio data
 file extension adtAudio Data Transport Stream
 file extension adtsAudio Data Transport Stream
afc file icon file extension afcCompressed audio interchange file format
 file extension afiAlesis Fusion audio
 file extension afpAlesis Fusion audio
 file extension afsSega Dreamcast compressed audio
 file extension afsAlesis Fusion audio
 file extension agmDTS Multi-channel Pro Packer data
 file extension agrAbleton Live groove data
 file extension ahxWinAHX tracker module
aif file icon file extension aifAudio Interchange Format audio
aifc file icon file extension aifcAudio Interchange File Format sound file with compression
aiff file icon file extension aiffAudio Interchange File Format
aifr file icon file extension aifrAudio Interchange File Format
ais file icon file extension aisVelvet Studio instrument
 file extension ajpAJP Player video
 file extension ajzArchos Jukebox Recorder firmware update
akai file icon file extension akaiAkai S-series floppy disk image
 file extension alA-Law compressed sound
alac file icon file extension alacApple Lossless Audio Codec audio data
alaw file icon file extension alawA-law G.711 European telephony data
 file extension albSteinberg Cubase or VST backup song
 file extension albRaduga music playlist
 file extension alcVisual MP3 embedded dynamic lyrics
 file extension alcAbleton Live clip
 file extension allSteinberg Cubase song
 file extension alpAbleton Live audio pack
 file extension alsAbleton Live project
alw file icon file extension alwA-law G.711 European telephony format
amd file icon file extension amdAMUSIC AdLib Tracker data
 file extension amfDSMI/Asylum module music data
amr file icon file extension amrAdaptive Multi-Rate compressed audio
ams file icon file extension amsVelvet Studio module
ams file icon file extension amsExtreme Tracker audio module
 file extension amsprojAshampoo Music Studio project
 file extension amxdMax for Live project
 file extension amzAmazon MP3 Downloader data
 file extension angAnghami audio
 file extension aobDVD Audio Object data
 file extension aonArtOfNoise Amiga audio data
 file extension ap4Kids&Us Talking Pen audio
 file extension apcCryo Interactive APC audio file
ape file icon file extension apeMonkey's Audio lossless audio compression format
apex file icon file extension apexAVM Sample Studio bank file
apl file icon file extension aplMonkey's Audio track info
 file extension apuAudacity file (old or mistype)
 file extension architectSoundweb London design
 file extension arfWebEx advanced record file
 file extension ariaChipsounds audio data
 file extension ariaxChipsounds XML audio data
arl file icon file extension arlAureal Aspen audio bank
arp file icon file extension arpAdobe Audition play data file
 file extension arpx8Techno Toys Arp-X8 MIDI arpeggiator data
 file extension arrSteinberg Cubase arrangement data
ars file icon file extension arsCorel WordPerfect Office audio
asc file icon file extension ascAtari Jaguar sound patch
ase file icon file extension aseVelvet Studio sample
asf file icon file extension asfAdvanced Systems (streaming) format
 file extension askDaqarta extended audio data file
asnd file icon file extension asndAdobe Soundbooth sound document
 file extension astAudio stream
 file extension asvxFinale auto saved score
asx file icon file extension asxMicrosoft Advanced Streaming Redirector
 file extension asxmlXML music playlist
at3 file icon file extension at3Sony Playstation Portable audio
 file extension at3Sony ATRAC3 audio
atak file icon file extension atakSoundscape Audio-Take audio data
atm file icon file extension atmSony Playstation Portable game audio
 file extension atnDaqarta extended audio data
 file extension atpSony music format
 file extension atracSony ATRAC audio
au file icon file extension auUnix audio sound file format
au file icon file extension auAudacity audio block
 file extension audDTS sound data stream file format
 file extension audNICE Media Player audio
 file extension audioGame sounds or other audio data
 file extension audionoteAudioNote data
auf file icon file extension aufAudacity block file
aup file icon file extension aupAudacity project
 file extension aupresetApple Logic Studio preset file
 file extension avastsoundsavast! soundpack
 file extension avgsoundsAVG Internet Security soundpack
avr file icon file extension avrAudio Visual Research sound
 file extension avvAvid Media Composer volume bin data
awb file icon file extension awbAdaptive multi-rate wideband ACELP codec audio
 file extension axaAnnodex digital media format
 file extension axeChordMaster related file
 file extension ayAudio Overload project
 file extension ayProgrammable Sound Generator AY-3-8910 sound
 file extension aynAyona music data
 file extension azxZX Audio file format
 file extension b3pNative Instruments Battery preset
bam file icon file extension bamBob's Adlib music file format
 file extension bamOHRRPGCE music
band file icon file extension bandGarageBand music project
 file extension bbzBitblaze audio
bcs file icon file extension bcsYamaha audio basic style
 file extension bdBenDaglish audio file
 file extension belInDoors Spaces bell data
 file extension bfCryo Interactive game data
 file extension bgpAudio data
bjo file icon file extension bjoInstrument tablature
 file extension bmmBleeper Music Maker music
 file extension bmtpBome's Midi Translator project
 file extension bmuBioWare music unit
 file extension bmwBuzzPlay music with waves
 file extension bnAdLib instrument bank
bn4 file icon file extension bn4Yamaha DX100 voice
bnk file icon file extension bnkAdlib instrument audio bank
 file extension bnkSpotify playlist
 file extension bonkBonk audio data
 file extension boxCARA loudspeaker design file
 file extension bppMUSICMATCH Burner Plus project
 file extension br25BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension br27BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension br28BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension br29BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension br3BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension br31BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension br32BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension br4BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension br48BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension br5BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension brrSNES BRR (Bit Rate Reduction) audio data
 file extension brsarAudio data
 file extension brstmNintendo audio data
 file extension bsiBSI FutureComposer audio
 file extension btabBase Guitar Tablature data
 file extension bunCakeWalk audio bundle file
 file extension bvfiRock digital voice recorder audio data
bwf file icon file extension bwfBroadcast wave file format
bwg file icon file extension bwgBrainWave Generator data
 file extension bwwBagpipe Music Writer music notation
 file extension bz2ZPoc user file list
c01 file icon file extension c01Typhoon wave data
 file extension ca3Casio WK-1800 Keyboard audio data
caf file icon file extension cafApple Core Audio Format
caff file icon file extension caffApple Core Audio Format
 file extension calDaqarta extended audio data
 file extension camelsoundsCamel Audio Alchemy sound library
 file extension capCapella music sheet data
 file extension cdWaveLab audio CD project
cda file icon file extension cdaCD Audio track
cdda file icon file extension cddaApple iTunes AIFF audio data
cdfs file icon file extension cdfsCompact Disc File System
 file extension cdgDART Karaoke Studio lyrics
 file extension cdlxAdobe Audition audio CD project
 file extension cdoCrescendo music score
cdr file icon file extension cdrRAW CD-format audio
 file extension cdsgDrawMusic Chord song file
 file extension cdzCadenzo music file
 file extension celpCELP Code Excited Linear Predictor sound
cff file icon file extension cffBoom Tracker data
 file extension cfxrCocoa Sfxr data
 file extension chkTomTom Navigator voice data
 file extension ckbCricket Audio sound bank file
 file extension ckfCasio Keyboard audio
 file extension cksCricket Audio stream
 file extension cl3Native Instruments BATTERY audio
 file extension clpFinale clip
cmf file icon file extension cmfCreative Labs FM-synthesis music file
 file extension cmoSpanish Whiz sound
cmp file icon file extension cmpAtari Jaguar compressed sound sample
 file extension cmsCasio electronic keyboard song sequence
 file extension cmxQualcomm CMX ringtone
cod file icon file extension cod3GPP AMR interface format 2 audio data
 file extension copSam Coupé sound
 file extension copySony Ericsson protected content
cpa file icon file extension cpaAdobe Premiere conformed audio
 file extension cptDTS compact audio file
 file extension cptCasio song pattern
 file extension crdSpanish Whiz card game sound file
 file extension crossmediaMixvibes media
 file extension crvDaqarta extended audio data
 file extension cs3Casio WK-1800 Keyboard output file
 file extension cswCompressed square wave
 file extension ct3Casio WK-1800 Keyboard users tones
 file extension ctsCrazyTalk audio data
 file extension cvsCVS and VMS sound (continuous variable slope)
 file extension cvsdCVSD audio
 file extension cvuCVSD unfiltered audio
 file extension cwbSonar project archive file
 file extension cwpCakewalk Sonar audio project
 file extension cwtSonar template
 file extension dSPPACK audio
d00 file icon file extension d00Adlib/Edlib sound
 file extension d01Ganbatte! for Winamp OPL2 FM audio data
da file icon file extension daSony PlayStation CD-DA format
daap file icon file extension daapApple DAAP playlist file
 file extension dabDigital Audio Broadcasting audio data
 file extension datSony Digital Audio Tape
 file extension dauExpress Dictate dictate record
 file extension dawCubase recording data
 file extension dbDIGIBooster module
 file extension db7Casio keyboard drawbar organ
 file extension dbmDigiBooster Pro tracker MOD file
 file extension dcfDRM content format delivery data
 file extension dcmSound
 file extension dctNCH Software dictation codec file
 file extension ddaDDA media file
dewf file icon file extension dewfSoundCap, SoundEdit recorded instrument
 file extension df2Defractor 2 instrument audio
 file extension dfcDefractor instrument
 file extension dffDirect Stream Digital Interchange File Format
 file extension dfhSONAR kit data
dfm file icon file extension dfmDigital-FM file
 file extension digAudio file
 file extension djmusicDigital Juice music data
 file extension dkdKaraoke music
 file extension dktDrumstation drum kit file
dlp file icon file extension dlpDirectMusic Producer DLS data
dls file icon file extension dlsDownLoadable sound
 file extension dmDeltaMusic audio data
 file extension dm1Desktop Music Software score file
 file extension dmaDMOD audio data
 file extension dmcFamiTracker DPCM sample
dmf file icon file extension dmfDelusion/Xtracker audio format
 file extension dmkitDrumaxx file
 file extension dmoS3M compressed module
 file extension dmoDemo file
 file extension dmpatchFruity Loops Studio patch
 file extension dmptrnFruity Loops Studio pattern
 file extension dmsaRoxio Music Disc Creator project file
 file extension dmseRoxio Sound Editor project
 file extension dmuDigitalMugician audio file
 file extension dp3Digital Performer project
 file extension dpdocDigital Performer project
 file extension dpmDataPilot ring tone file
 file extension dqaDaqarta extended WAV data
dr8 file icon file extension dr8DR-008 drumkit
 file extension draDragon NaturallySpeaking voice
 file extension drgI-Doser audio drug
dro file icon file extension droDOSBox Raw OPL format
 file extension drxDaVinci Resolve eXchange data
 file extension dsLinux MultiMedia Studio DrumSynth data
 file extension ds2Olympus Digital Speech Standard recorded audio
 file extension dsdDirect Stream Digital audio
 file extension dsfDelusion/XTracker digital sample
 file extension dsfDirect Stream Digital Interchange File Format
 file extension dsmDigital sound module
 file extension dssDigital Soup sound
 file extension dssOlympus Digital Speech Standard
 file extension dtgDesktop Guitar score file
 file extension dtmDigitrakker audio module
dts file icon file extension dtsDigital Surround audio file format
 file extension dtshdDTS-HD master audio
 file extension dtsmaDTS-HD master audio
 file extension dvadps Velocity split audio
 file extension dvcDragon NaturallySpeaking voice command
 file extension dvfSony DV voice data
 file extension dvwDektron Digital Voice Recorder audio data
 file extension dwDavid Whittaker audio format
dwd file icon file extension dwdDiamondWare digitized data
 file extension dwpDarkWave Studio project
dx7 file icon file extension dx7Yamaha DX-series raw audio data
 file extension dy44Dyaxis audio format
 file extension e2evKorg Electribe event recorder pattern
 file extension e4bEOS bank
 file extension eaEarAche audio
 file extension eac3Dolby Digital Plus audio track
 file extension earEyemail ETI Camcoder audio recording
ec3 file icon file extension ec3Dolby Digital AC3 audio
 file extension ecelp7470Nuera audio file
 file extension ecwEnsoniq waveset format
eda file icon file extension edaEnsoniq ASR disk image
ede file icon file extension edeEnsoniq EPS disk image
edk file icon file extension edkEnsoniq KT disk image
edq file icon file extension edqEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image
edv file icon file extension edvEnsoniq VFX-SD disk image
edx file icon file extension edxEnsoniq disk image
efa file icon file extension efaEnsoniq ASR instrument
efe file icon file extension efeEnsoniq EPS instrument file
efk file icon file extension efkEnsoniq KT instrument
efq file icon file extension efqEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 instrument
efs file icon file extension efsEnsoniq SQ80 data
efv file icon file extension efvEnsoniq VFX-SD instrument
efx file icon file extension efxEnsoniq instrument data
 file extension elastikElastik engine sound bank
 file extension elistEmperor media player playlist
 file extension elpHotRecorder proprietary audio data
 file extension em2Emax II sound bank
emb file icon file extension embABT extended module
emb file icon file extension embEverest embedded bank file
emd file icon file extension emdABT extended module
emelody file icon file extension emelodyEMelody Ericsson mobile ring tone
 file extension empeMusic file format
 file extension emu-slE-MU sound library file
emy file icon file extension emyEMelody Ericsson mobile ring tone
 file extension en$Steinberg Cubase compressed data
 file extension ensREAKTOR ensemble data
 file extension eolDigital Winds audio
 file extension eopEveryonePiano music score
 file extension epmElectric Pipes music
 file extension eptCasio WK-1800 converted pattern
eragesoundset file icon file extension eragesoundsetMicrosoft Entourage sound file
 file extension ergArranger audio file
 file extension esECHOSPEECH data
 file extension eseqYamaha E-SEQ data
esps file icon file extension espsESPS audio file
 file extension esuLokSound Electronic Sound File
 file extension etaeTreppid audio file
 file extension etfEnigma Transportable Format
 file extension etmeTreppid audio file
 file extension etveTreppid audio data
 file extension etwMagicSing audio file
eui file icon file extension euiEnsoniq ESP family compacted disk image
 file extension evcsXILS 3 audio sample bank
 file extension evoEVO recorded data
 file extension evrcEnhanced Variable Rate Codec audio file
 file extension evxEVO record data
 file extension evzEVO compressed record file
 file extension ewiPlay instrument
 file extension exbCreative Emulator X audio
 file extension exlKorg X3 song
exs file icon file extension exsApple Logic EXS24 instrument data
f2r file icon file extension f2rFarandole linear module format
f32 file icon file extension f32Floating point raw 32-bit IEEE data
 file extension f3rFarandoyle blocked linear module format
f4a file icon file extension f4aAdobe Flash MP4 audio stream
f4b file icon file extension f4bAdobe Flash MP4 audio eBook file
f4p file icon file extension f4pAdobe Flash protected MP4 media
f64 file icon file extension f64Floating point raw 64-bit IEEE data
far file icon file extension farFarandole Composer music module
 file extension fcFuture Composer module
 file extension fc13FutureComposer audio
 file extension fc14FutureComposer audio data
 file extension fc4AMIGA Futur-Composer module
 file extension fcmFC-M Packer song file
fff file icon file extension fffGravis Ultrasound PnP bank
fla file icon file extension flaAudio files encoded by Flac - free lossless audio codec
flac file icon file extension flacAudio files encoded by Flac - free lossless audio codec
 file extension flmFL Studio Mobile song
flp file icon file extension flpFL studio saved track
fls file icon file extension flsAdobe Flash Lite sound bundle
 file extension fltStarTrekker Music Module file
 file extension fnfForte notation file
fnk file icon file extension fnkFunkTracker module file
 file extension fp3Fisher Price FP3 Player music data
 file extension fptFarandole Composer pattern file
 file extension fredFredEditor sound data
 file extension frgSound Forge project
fsb file icon file extension fsbFMOD audio
fsc file icon file extension fscFruityLoops score
fsm file icon file extension fsmFarandole Composer WaveSample music format
 file extension fsproFMOD Studio project
 file extension fssdSoundCap audio file
 file extension fstFL Studio saved state
 file extension ftcWavePad audio data
 file extension ftiFamiTracker instrument
 file extension ftmFaceTheMusic audio
 file extension ftmFamiTracker song
 file extension ftmFinale template
 file extension ftmxFinale score template
 file extension fxmFuxoft AY audio format
fzb file icon file extension fzbCasio FZ-1 bank dump
fzf file icon file extension fzfCasio FZ-1 full dump
fzv file icon file extension fzvCasio FZ-1 voice dump file
 file extension g18Recomposer MIDI Sequencer music file
 file extension g36Recomposer MIDI Sequencer music file
g721 file icon file extension g721Raw CCITT/ITU G.721 4-bit ADPCM sound format
g723 file icon file extension g723Raw CCITT/ITU G.723 ADPCM sound format
G723-3 file icon file extension G723-3Raw CCITT/ITU G.723 3-bit ADPCM sound
g723-5 file icon file extension g723-5Raw CCITT/ITU G.723 5-bit ADPCM sound file
g726 file icon file extension g726Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 ADPCM sound data
g726-2 file icon file extension g726-2G726-2 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 2-bit ADPCM sound
g726-3 file icon file extension g726-3G726-3 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 3-bit ADPCM sound format
g726-4 file icon file extension g726-4G726-4 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 4-bit ADPCM sound format
g726-5 file icon file extension g726-5G726-5 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 5-bit ADPCM sound
gbproj file icon file extension gbprojApple GarageBand project file
 file extension gbsNintendo Game Boy music audio data
gdm file icon file extension gdmBells, Whistles, and Sound Boards module
gi! file icon file extension gi!GigaSampler/GigaStudio split audio
gig file icon file extension gigGigaSampler/GigaStudio audio data
 file extension gioNyquist midi test file
 file extension gioAdagio score language score file
gkh file icon file extension gkhEnsoniq EPS family disk floppy file
 file extension glueGlueMon audio data
 file extension gmTransport Tycoon game music
 file extension gmcGame Music Creator music
 file extension gogDrumagog sample data
gp4 file icon file extension gp4Guitar Pro 4 project
gp5 file icon file extension gp5Guitar Pro 5 project
 file extension gpbankGuitar Pro audio bank
 file extension gpxGuitar Pro 6 format
 file extension groAllegro MIDI music
 file extension grpBPM Studio playlist archive file
 file extension gsfNintendo Game Boy Advance audio
 file extension gsflibGame Boy Advance song library
gsm file icon file extension gsmGSM sound
 file extension gtpGuitar Pro project
 file extension gymSega Genesis music logged data
 file extension h0MAGIX Movie Edit Pro waveform information
 file extension h2pZebra preset
 file extension h2songHydrogen drum notes
 file extension hcoMacintosh sound resource fork
hcom file icon file extension hcomSound tools HCOM audio file
 file extension hesTurboGrafx-16 audio
 file extension hhHammerHead drumloop
 file extension hipHippel audio data
 file extension hitHitPlayer audio
 file extension hmaSony MiniDisc audio file
 file extension hrtHornet Packer format
 file extension hsbHALion sampler data
hsc file icon file extension hscHSC tracker 2-op FM music data
hsp file icon file extension hspHSC composer packed by Number Six audio data
 file extension htkHidden Markov Model Toolkit speech recognition data
 file extension hvlCommodore Amiga HivelyTracker audio module
 file extension i3packi3pack audio
 file extension iaaINTUS audio file
 file extension iafQuikscribe intelligent audio
ibk file icon file extension ibkSound Blaster FM instrument bank
 file extension icsSony IC Recorder sound
 file extension id31Helium Music Manager id3 tags export
 file extension id32Helium Music Manager id3 tags export
 file extension iddIDFedit MIDI instrument definition
idf file icon file extension idfMicrosoft Windows 95 MIDI Instrument Definition file
iff file icon file extension iffAmiga Interchange File format
 file extension ikxiKlax Creator audio
ima4 file icon file extension ima4Apple QuickTime IMA4 encoded audio
imelody file icon file extension imelodyiMelody mobile phone ring-tone format
imf file icon file extension imfApogee IMF audio file format
 file extension imsMusic data
 file extension imwIncrediMail sound data
ins file icon file extension insSample Cell instrument
 file extension iprIntelliScore project
 file extension isInStereo audio file
 file extension isbVanguard music data
 file extension ismaMicrosoft Internet Information Services audio stream
 file extension issThe Longest Journey sound
ist file icon file extension istDigitrakker instrument
it file icon file extension itImpulse Tracker music module
iti file icon file extension itiImpulse Tracker instrument
 file extension itlsApple iTunes live stream
its file icon file extension itsImpulse Tracker sample
 file extension itzImpulse Tracker music module
 file extension ivcInterVoice audio data
 file extension j8eArturia Jupiter-8V bank
 file extension jamLine 6 Spider Jam audio
 file extension jcbCB-JCBrooke song module
 file extension jcpJesusonic preset
 file extension jdfJAWS file voice synthesizer data
 file extension jjcCanvas compressed audio
 file extension jlwAudio data
 file extension joJo audio
 file extension joyTrackjoy sound file
 file extension jwlBuzz jacinth waveform library
 file extension k1sWave Glib data

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