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File extensions used for audio and sound file types.

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 file extension wmnDART Pro 98 playlist
 file extension mxc2MAGIX Music Maker cache
rif file icon file extension rifRockwell ADPCM format
 file extension vemVoice E-Mail file
 file extension grpBPM Studio playlist archive file
mmf file icon file extension mmfSMAF Synthetic music mobile application format
 file extension sdiiSound Designer 2 audio file
 file extension xszZynAddSubFX standalone scale file
 file extension alcAbleton Live clip file
 file extension bbzBitblaze audio file
nsv file icon file extension nsvNullsoft Winamp video
 file extension musHarmony Assistant music file
sfi file icon file extension sfiSoundStage sound info file
 file extension hipHippel audio file
caff file icon file extension caffApple Core Audio Format
 file extension bonkBonk audio file
fzb file icon file extension fzbCasio FZ-1 Bank dump
 file extension stScream Tracker instrument library file
f4p file icon file extension f4pAdobe Flash protected MP4 file
 file extension otsOtsJuke sound file
 file extension kozAudiokoz music file
 file extension kwsKyocera ringtone file
out file icon file extension outAtari Jaguar parsed MIDI file
mgv file icon file extension mgvYamaha MegaVoice file
 file extension cwtSonar template file
 file extension wavcSpecial ACM audio file
 file extension clpFinale clip file
 file extension cl3Native Instruments BATTERY audio
vap file icon file extension vapAnnotated speech file
lds file icon file extension ldsLOUDNESS sound system
 file extension acpaacPlus audio file
imelody file icon file extension imelodyiMelody mobile phone ring-tone format
 file extension etfEnigma Transportable Format
 file extension spuSony Playstation audio file
 file extension muxMyriad music notation file
 file extension cdlxAdobe Audition audio CD project file
 file extension wusWUTG tagged audio file
vox-8k file icon file extension vox-8kDialogic 4-bit ADPCM file
 file extension sc68Atari ST and Amiga audio format
 file extension stsCreamware Pulsar audio
 file extension vbsVSampler audio
 file extension br32BMW iDrive multimedia data
it file icon file extension itImpulse Tracker music module
sam file icon file extension samSigned 8-bit PCM audio
 file extension stapApple Soundtrack Pro project file
 file extension a2bAdlib Tracker II bank file
 file extension pt3Pro Tracker 3 music compilation
fff file icon file extension fffGravis Ultrasound PnP bank file
kr1 file icon file extension kr1Kurzweil 2000 sample file
 file extension ov0Objective Voice E-mail for Windows file
 file extension sbSigned byte (8-bit) data
 file extension mwsIBM MWave DSP synth instrument extract
 file extension avastsoundsavast! soundpack
 file extension epmElectric Pipes music
med file icon file extension medMusic Editor, OctaMED music module (MOD)
 file extension sopNOTE song file
 file extension zvdZyxel Voicefile (Z-Fax)
 file extension 6cmTriton FastTracker 6 channel music module
 file extension smgiChorus sound file
g726-5 file icon file extension g726-5G726-5 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 5-bit ADPCM sound file
 file extension odaSony AIBO audio voice file
 file extension sagemSagem ringtone format
 file extension prgAkai MESA audio
 file extension dsLinux MultiMedia Studio DrumSynth data
 file extension bmmBleeper Music Maker music
 file extension etaeTreppid audio file
eui file icon file extension euiEnsoniq ESP family compacted disk image
 file extension psidCommodore 64 tunes and sound effects file
sndt file icon file extension sndtSndtool sound file
spl file icon file extension splDigitrakker sample file (by n-FACTOR)
stm file icon file extension stmScreamTracker v2 audio module
 file extension calDaqarta extended audio data file
 file extension bz2ZPoc user file list
 file extension synSynthesis audio file
 file extension vdRJP1 Vector Dean audio file
 file extension rSound Designer 2 file
 file extension mdMuseData music notation file
 file extension evcsXILS 3 audio sample bank
 file extension souScummVM sound data
 file extension w2eMotif Rack ES Voice Editor file
 file extension adtAudio Data Transport Stream file
emd file icon file extension emdABT extended module
 file extension srtSiemens C60 mobile phone sound file
 file extension qc-emodQuadraComposer audio file
 file extension vivVivaldi Studio music notation score
 file extension sflSony Sound Forge sound data file
 file extension a2wAdLib Tracker II bank file
 file extension scmSpanish Whiz scrambled game sound file
sd file icon file extension sdSound Designer I file
 file extension nchOn Hold message or music file
 file extension gsflibGame Boy Advance song library file
 file extension mpzSoundSlimmer compressed MP3 audio file
 file extension rawaRAW audio file
 file extension qsfQSound audio file
 file extension ptvoicePxTone audio voice file
 file extension cvuCVSD unfiltered audio file
 file extension sCreamware Pulsar audio
 file extension plyFinale playback data
 file extension earEyemail ETI Camcoder audio recording file
sdw file icon file extension sdwSigned dwords (32-bit) data
 file extension elistEmperor media player playlist file
 file extension id31Helium Music Manager id3 tags export file
 file extension usfNintendo Ultra 64 sound format
 file extension motMotorola JADE ringtone
 file extension psyPsycle song file
rmid file icon file extension rmidRIFF RMID midi format
gbproj file icon file extension gbprojApple GarageBand project file
ams file icon file extension amsExtreme Tracker audio module
 file extension mdzProtracker module file
 file extension patGravis Ultrasound Forte Technologies Patch file
sppack file icon file extension sppackSPPack sound sample
cff file icon file extension cffBoom Tracker file
 file extension xpFasttracker pattern
cmp file icon file extension cmpAtari Jaguar compressed sound sample
 file extension copSam CoupĂ© sound file
ldr file icon file extension ldrYamaha live drum kit file
 file extension mp+MPEG Plus audio file
 file extension tjnTaijin Media net karaoke song
sar file icon file extension sarYamaha S.Art voice file
 file extension rnsRenoise professional music tracker file
 file extension px1Production Studio melody sequence file
 file extension cfxrCocoa Sfxr file
 file extension belInDoors Spaces bell file
 file extension cdWaveLab audio CD project
esps file icon file extension espsESPS audio file
 file extension vqlYamaha Sound-VQ Locator file
 file extension snsfSNES audio file
 file extension issThe Longest Journey sound file
 file extension macDaqarta extended audio data file
 file extension actADPCM compressed audio file
mpr file icon file extension mprMPEG audio stream
asc file icon file extension ascAtari Jaguar sound patch file
 file extension dmoDemo file
 file extension ayProgrammable Sound Generator AY-3-8910 sound file
 file extension mpsCasio electronic keyboard music preset
edq file icon file extension edqEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image file
ist file icon file extension istDigitrakker instrument file
sdp file icon file extension sdpRealAudio scalable multicast
 file extension g36Recomposer MIDI Sequencer music file
ott file icon file extension ottNokia phone ring tone
 file extension asxmlXML music playlist
 file extension rgRosegarden music file
 file extension icsSony IC Recorder sound file
 file extension a2pAdlib Tracker pattern file
 file extension mixVentaFax voice message data
 file extension ksmKefrens-Sound Machine format
 file extension ppcPercussion Studio compiled rhythmic pattern
 file extension swdSpanish Whiz sound file
 file extension bamOHRRPGCE music file
 file extension tstTAC compressed audio
 file extension necPIMS Notes for Windows CE audio record file
 file extension uAU audio
s3i file icon file extension s3iScreamTracker v3 instrument file
 file extension vmfVocalTec Internet wave audio file
rockwell-3 file icon file extension rockwell-3Rockwell 3-bit ADPCM data file
 file extension apcCryo Interactive APC audio file
 file extension fc13FutureComposer audio file
 file extension mlMusicLineEditor audio file
 file extension cdzCadenzo music file
 file extension vcSonarc compressed VOC audio file
 file extension adeTI/MIT ADC audio data
 file extension mx5templateMixcraft audio project template file
 file extension xplKaZaa music file
 file extension sn2Sound Club file
 file extension xpkXPK Player compressed audio file
 file extension mx3Bitbop Tuner Locked Sound File
 file extension unicUnic Tracker sound file
 file extension asvxFinale auto save file
 file extension usvYamaha Electone HS user voice
 file extension latmLow Overhead Audio Transport Multiplex
c01 file icon file extension c01Typhoon wave data
 file extension fssdSoundCap audio file
 file extension adtRockeTalk audio file
rockwell-2 file icon file extension rockwell-2Rockwell 2-bit ADPCM data file
 file extension mm4MusicMaker V8 audio file
 file extension rhRobHubbard audio file
 file extension ddaDDA media file
 file extension orgSoundBlaster Pro Organ files
 file extension id32Helium Music Manager id3 tags export file
 file extension preNero WaveEditor preset file
psion file icon file extension psionPsion a-law sound file
 file extension g18Recomposer MIDI Sequencer music file
 file extension voxSuperVoice voice file
w?? file icon file extension w??Yamaha SY-series and TX16W wave file
 file extension bsiBSI FutureComposer audio file
 file extension w8eMotif Rack ES Voice Editor file
 file extension wsrBandai WonderSwan audio file
 file extension crossmediaMixvibes media file
 file extension alA-Law compressed sound file
 file extension boxCARA loudspeaker design file
 file extension dy44Dyaxis audio format
 file extension mxtxMaxTrax music file
 file extension f3rFarandole blocked linear module format
 file extension soxUnix Sox native raw sound file
 file extension rc2ReCycle audio loop
 file extension sdvSmart Diary Suite voice file
 file extension dpmDataPilot ring tone file
 file extension vmfCovox Speech Thing sample file
 file extension k1sWave Glib file
 file extension liqLiquid Tracker audio file
sdk file icon file extension sdkRoland S-7xx series floppy disk image
 file extension motbinMotorola JADE ringtone
 file extension fcmFC-M Packer song file
 file extension bdBenDaglish audio file
vh file icon file extension vhSony PlayStation Wave Bank Header Format file
daap file icon file extension daapApple DAAP playlist file
 file extension copySony Ericsson protected content file
 file extension a2iAdlib Tracker instrument file
sndr file icon file extension sndrSounder sound file
 file extension spcSpchComp encoded speech
 file extension fltStarTrekker Music Module file
 file extension sunSUNTronic song module file
 file extension isInStereo audio file
 file extension tfFollin Player II music
 file extension mpa2MPEG2 audio file
 file extension axeChordMaster related file
 file extension srtSagem ringtone format
 file extension sdcBigPond Music song file
 file extension aynAyona music file
 file extension slpSpectraLayers Pro project
 file extension db7Casio keyboard drawbar organ
 file extension rbdfReading for the Blind and Dyslexic audio book with text file
g726-4 file icon file extension g726-4G726-4 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 4-bit ADPCM sound format
emelody file icon file extension emelodyEMelody Ericsson mobile ring tone
 file extension sseqNintendo DS sound data
 file extension afpAlesis Fusion audio
 file extension gmcGame Music Creator music
 file extension sywHarvard Graphics symbol graphic file
 file extension xmfeXtensible music file
 file extension strumaStrum Acoustic GS-1 exchange file
 file extension adtAudio Data Transport Stream
rng file icon file extension rngNokia Communicator ringing tone file
 file extension wutWUTG Editor tag file
scr file icon file extension scrAtari Jaguar compiled MIDI score file
 file extension usflibNintendo 64 song library
 file extension mmlpMusic Macro Language project
 file extension wtptWireTap Studio packaged track
idf file icon file extension idfMicrosoft Windows 95 MIDI Instrument Definition file
 file extension r36Recomposer MIDI Sequencer music file
 file extension cdsgDrawMusic Chord song file
 file extension sdrSounder music file
SDIRproj file icon file extension SDIRprojApple Impulse Response Utility project file
 file extension userkitDrumCore audio
 file extension ssmNintendo sound clip archive
 file extension nsfNES sound data
mp2a file icon file extension mp2aSound file (MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Stream)
 file extension tspDSP Group TrueSpeech audio file
 file extension swcSpanish Whiz conversation sound file
 file extension kxsfckX SoundFont collection
 file extension dmoS3M compressed module
 file extension syhSynchomatic instrument file
p file icon file extension pAKAI audio file
 file extension dbmDigiBooster Pro tracker MOD file
okt file icon file extension oktOktalyzer music module (MOD)
 file extension dmuDigitalMugician audio file
 file extension askDaqarta extended audio data file
 file extension 8medAmiga OctaMed music file
 file extension strdOctatrack project file
 file extension strumeStrum Electric GS-1 exchange file
sou file icon file extension souCreative Labs SoundBlaster Studio sound file
 file extension wsMicrosoft Train Simulator world sound file
sst file icon file extension sstYamaha session style
sndclipping file icon file extension sndclippingApple Mac OS X Finder sound clip file
 file extension emu-slE-MU sound library file
 file extension lwvLitewave audio file
 file extension xfseRacer sound data
 file extension audioGame sounds or other audio data
 file extension tfmxFinal Musicsystem eXtended Amiga audio file
 file extension swsSpanish Whiz sound file
 file extension crdSpanish Whiz card game sound file
 file extension bppMUSICMATCH Burner Plus project
 file extension iprIntelliScore project file
 file extension iddIDFedit MIDI instrument definition
 file extension pro5plProPresenter 5 playlist
 file extension pro4plProPresenter 4 playlist
 file extension fptFarandole Composer pattern file
ma1.mmf file icon file extension ma1.mmfSMAF Synthetic music mobile application format
 file extension omcSony Music Store ATRAC3 audio file
 file extension ecelp7470Nuera audio file
 file extension ynxSeqmax Seqprest compressed file
mkj file icon file extension mkjMKJamz audio file
u255law file icon file extension u255lawExponential 8-bit sound file
 file extension vpVOCPACK lossless compressed audio file
 file extension ftmFaceTheMusic audio file
 file extension gioAdagio score language score file
 file extension ikxiKlax Creator audio
 file extension dSPPACK audio
 file extension xbmmlBraille music score file
 file extension udsBitheadz Unity DS1 file
 file extension jwlBuzz jacinth waveform library
yadpcm file icon file extension yadpcmRaw Yamaha 4-bit ADPCM format
 file extension swdSpanish Whiz dictation sound file
 file extension qamOmnis Studio audio data
g723-5 file icon file extension g723-5Raw CCITT/ITU G.723 5-bit ADPCM sound file
rockwell-4 file icon file extension rockwell-4Rockwell 4-bit ADPCM data file
 file extension mptmzOpenMPT module
sep file icon file extension sepSony PlayStation sound sequence chunk format
movie file icon file extension movieAdobe Soundbooth document file
 file extension maMusicAssembler audio file
xms file icon file extension xmsXMS-Tracker file
 file extension xannXANN Packer audio file
 file extension zmonZoundMonitor file
 file extension wbnkMusic Composer instruments file
scm file icon file extension scmICQ sound compressed sound scheme file
sci file icon file extension sciSierra AdLib audio file

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