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File extensions used for various document and document template file types

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File extensions used for various document and document template file types.

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 file extension wfmdBASE form
 file extension vacIMail Server vacation message
 file extension twpTeamwork Planner project
xdoc file icon file extension xdocQuarkXPress 3.0 document
 file extension qctQuarkXpress article template
 file extension aftAnyForm template
 file extension xzipHungarian Tendering System document
 file extension ssmS Memo document
 file extension ebEBwin project
 file extension fadeinFade In screenwrite document
 file extension ramlRESTful API Modeling Language document
 file extension mdkMadoko document
 file extension brlMicroBraille document
 file extension ga3Graphical Analysis document
 file extension ptoHugin project
aepx file icon file extension aepxAdobe After Effects XML project
 file extension grkGradekeeper document
 file extension etntRM Easiteach Next Generation template file
ix file icon file extension ixCorel WordPerfect Office template
 file extension rdzRemoteDocs document
 file extension cl4Easy CD Creator project
 file extension or3IBM Lotus Organizer 97 data
 file extension lgplGNU Licency data
 file extension texiTEXinfo file format
 file extension hmxzHelp & Manual help file compressed XML project
 file extension hlfFAR Manager help data
 file extension ofmOmniForm form
 file extension wklWolters Kluwer launch document
af3 file icon file extension af3Micrografx FlowCharter flowchart
 file extension mmatMindManager template
 file extension xmltvProg Guide xmltv data
 file extension hdaHotDocs document template
 file extension lrpIBM Works for OS/2 report
 file extension uopUnified Office format presentation
 file extension tbBBEdit markdown text or source
 file extension acaPMW project manager workbench project file
 file extension prxPrimavera Project Planner compressed project
 file extension kwdKWord document (old)
 file extension bopBusiness Office Pro document
 file extension s85SABRE StaffPlan chart
 file extension locSuppose locations file
 file extension jrpElectric Quilt document
 file extension aidfAI BiddingCockpit specification sheets
 file extension cdkCalamus SL document
 file extension pr4Harvard Graphics presentation
pt3 file icon file extension pt3Adobe PageMaker template
 file extension pswMicrosoft Pocket Word document
 file extension faqFrequently Asked Questions
 file extension ppbSerif PagePlus bookplus
 file extension njxNJStar document
 file extension athAthena document
dzm file icon file extension dzmCyberlink DirectorZone Menu template
pm3 file icon file extension pm3Adobe PageMaker 3 document
 file extension hdcHD Tach benchmark results
 file extension fmapFamily Atlas pulbished family map file
kth file icon file extension kthApple iWork Keynote theme file
 file extension pplPicture slideshow playlist
 file extension elxDesignPro Tools form file
 file extension rptrRafflePrinter document
 file extension isdocxInformation System Document archive
vbproj file icon file extension vbprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic project
 file extension stplSevilla template
 file extension frgdBASE IV uncompiled report
 file extension ydbYutori 7 document
hhp file icon file extension hhpProcomm Plus help information for remote users
fodp file icon file extension fodpOpenDocument Flat XML presentation
 file extension pdfuaPDF/UA document file
 file extension vdocVinylMaster document
 file extension emcmfEMC e-mail message
 file extension ocseDoc DigiSign digitally signed document
vor file icon file extension or StarOffice template file
 file extension Label Designer data
 file extension mvtUltimate Wish Lists template file
 file extension clbxMP3 Automagic CD Cover Creator label file
 file extension pt4Adobe PageMaker 4 Template
 file extension pflPDFill project file
 file extension xmlsMicrosoft Excel 2003 XML document
 file extension hpoHippoDraw canvas document
 file extension opsxOpen Pedigree Standard Exchange Document
 file extension gloAdobe RoboHelp glossary file
 file extension wxpEXP for Windows document
 file extension ovsOvation 1 style sheet
 file extension mfpMediaFACE CD data
 file extension manuLOTUS Manuscript document
iwprj file icon file extension iwprjWebsite X5 project
 file extension ildocBroadVision QuickSilver document
 file extension sksShow.kit template
 file extension lofLaTex auxiliary data
 file extension zptZope page template
vcproj file icon file extension vcprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ project
cdx file icon file extension cdxActive Server document
 file extension ws7WordStar for Windows document file
 file extension miradiMiradi project
w51 file icon file extension w51Corel WordPerfect 5.1 document file
 file extension cwCardWorks business card template
 file extension sxmlSealed XML document
 file extension doxDoxygen documentation
 file extension xpwAccessible FormNet fillable form
bfx file icon file extension bfxBitware BitFax document
wp6 file icon file extension wp6Corel WordPerfect 6 document
 file extension mmpMindManager map
vap file icon file extension vapMicrosoft Visual Studio Analyzer project file
 file extension ddtDiagram Designer template
 file extension bgvBonanzaGraf financial presentation
 file extension mplsBlu-ray movie playlist information data
vdproj file icon file extension vdprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ deployment project
 file extension dagDagra document
 file extension xavFinal Draft AV document file
 file extension psmdPrintShop Mail document
 file extension wlbWinLabel label data
 file extension egrCrestron Studio engraver document
 file extension lvdLabelPro Design document
 file extension efaxEverex eFax fax document
 file extension imvImageMixer VCD project
sites file icon file extension sitesApple iWeb domain data
 file extension chiChiWriter document file
 file extension lwpIBM Works for OS/2 document
 file extension khtNonosoft KHOT data
 file extension r0fRingCentral fax document
 file extension latexLatex text document
 file extension oamAdobe Edge overlay
 file extension vmmVisual Mind document file
 file extension pj5Davka Writer Hebrew document
 file extension anxHotDocs answer
pt5 file icon file extension pt5Adobe PageMaker 5 template
 file extension stdSureThing CD Labeler document
 file extension hfdHotDocs form document
 file extension rvcTNTmips Windows version project
 file extension adcActiveDocs clipping catalog
 file extension efpMicrosoft Exchange Server form message template file
 file extension ws4WordStar for Windows document
 file extension nteAsus Eee note
 file extension imfIncrediMail letter/eCard file
accdp file icon file extension accdpMicrosoft Access project
 file extension dcfDCF Document Computation Format
 file extension wktGarmin training schedule data
 file extension tchBorland C++ help document
 file extension 4wt4D Write template
 file extension sgmlIETF SGML document
 file extension cdmzConceptDraw MINDMAP compressed document
 file extension rapRapidocs document file
 file extension ogcOrganica document file format
 file extension rpnACT! report data
 file extension gtdGT Designer 2 project
 file extension pszCompressed PostScript data
activitydiagram file icon file extension activitydiagramMicrosoft Visual Studio activity diagram
 file extension samMS Office 97 file converter (DLL)
 file extension gdaUnix manual page guide
 file extension tahTurbo Assembler help data
 file extension ansHotDocs answer file
 file extension pdfePDF/E document file
 file extension fc5Flow Charting diagram
wcm file icon file extension wcmMicrosoft Works communications script file
 file extension wd1WordExpress document
 file extension key-tefApple Keynote iCloud presentation
 file extension rsfNEi Nastran results summary data
 file extension simSAP Tutor data
 file extension wmkWebMake documentation source
 file extension captLinrock Capito data
 file extension wisInstallShield install help file
 file extension dfvMicrosoft Word print format template
 file extension m13Microsoft Media Viewer data
 file extension ebheBahn Desktop automotive repair information data
 file extension udfUyap Dokuman Editoru document
b4s file icon file extension b4sWinamp 3 playlist
vup file icon file extension vupVisual C++ utility project
 file extension b26Ovation Pro for RISC OS style sheet file
xtg file icon file extension xtgQuarkXpress tags data
prt file icon file extension prtWordPerfect Presentations document template
sxg file icon file extension sxgApache OpenOffice ( master document
 file extension mlpmAirList playlist
 file extension t3001TARGET 3001! circuit design project
 file extension xpfHomestead Sitebuilder document
w61 file icon file extension w61Corel WordPerfect 6.1 document
hpj file icon file extension hpjMicrosoft Win Help project
 file extension ch4Charisma presentation
 file extension tpoArena Simulation Software template data
 file extension otlNoteTab template
 file extension gif2NetObjects Fusion styles lines data
vsx file icon file extension vsxMicrosoft Visio stencil XML document
 file extension rhfAdobe RoboHelp project
 file extension pppParson Power Publisher document file
 file extension pztGraphPad Prism template
vcal file icon file extension vcalApple iCal document
 file extension lwcLegacy Charting chart
vai file icon file extension vaiPhotoDub Album voice and image
 file extension burnBurn for Mac project
 file extension gpnGlidePlan map document
 file extension praPrint Artist project
 file extension tnspTexas Instruments TI-Nspire PublishView document
 file extension gshGenStat spreadsheet
 file extension p2sPay2See document file
 file extension frmForm file
 file extension stpMicrosoft SharePoint services template
 file extension xwfOmniPage workflow
 file extension pdqFlow Charting PDQ data
oos file icon file extension oosApache OpenOffice ( spreadsheet
 file extension ritVelrita document
 file extension kptKPresenter template
af2 file icon file extension af2Micrografx FlowCharter 2.0 flowchart
 file extension hcxHarvard ChartXL chart data
 file extension opwOrgPlus for Windows organization chart
 file extension ompOpenMind project
 file extension fdwFEBDOK document
pptv file icon file extension pptvMicrosoft PowerPoint data
 file extension jttIchitaro document template
 file extension mnkMy Notes Keeper notebook data
 file extension odoiCUBE Online Operating System Write document file
 file extension txtrptATCLite report file
evy file icon file extension evyCorel Envoy document
 file extension cpAdobe Captivate project file
 file extension zwlWinLabel label data
 file extension bcwBusinessCards MX project
 file extension alb3Adobe PageMaker document
 file extension wrtIBM Writing Assistant document
 file extension seekWord List Expert seek list file
 file extension bc5Impression document
 file extension klipKlipFolio data
 file extension quiztemplateArticulate Studio Quizmaker file
 file extension feePrecision Fees fee schedule
 file extension mmasMindManager theme
 file extension es3e-Szigno signed document
qpt file icon file extension qptQuarkXPress project template
sxm file icon file extension 1.0 math document
 file extension sktWinSketch Pro diagram file
 file extension cammespresso Mind Map mind map
 file extension zaveQuarkXpress iPad document
 file extension kosMicroType Pro document file
 file extension spdfSealed PDF document
 file extension jtdcIchitaro compressed document
 file extension ftlxApache Freemaker XML template
 file extension nstLotus Notes template file
 file extension znZNwinEHE project
r3t file icon file extension r3tRealNetworks RealText data
 file extension tdocTabula document file
 file extension pipePIPE-FLO Professional piping system project design file
 file extension lpcIBM OS/390 document management system data
 file extension sh3Harvard Graphics 3.0 presentation file
 file extension gexfGraph Exchange XML graph
 file extension poolTeX messages
 file extension pt6PageMaker 6 document template file
awt file icon file extension awtAbiWord template document
 file extension ywpyWriter 2 project file
mars file icon file extension marsAdobe Mars data
 file extension wd0WordExpress document
 file extension pjtfPortable Job Ticket Format
 file extension mvtxMindView template
 file extension fireFireStarter project
 file extension msdMaxsurf design
 file extension svslideOpenSlide Sakura virtual slide
 file extension xlstOnlyOffice online office converted xlsx spreadsheet
 file extension crevAdobe Captivate review file
 file extension x16Macromedia extra document
 file extension pro5xProPresenter bundle
 file extension drmDrumlin secured PDF document
 file extension zrtfNisus Writer Pro compressed RTF file
 file extension absAbstracts - info data
 file extension xapXACT project file
 file extension oa2Fujitsu OASYS 2 document
 file extension iprInstallShield project file
pptmhtml file icon file extension pptmhtmlMicrosoft PowerPoint MIME HTML presentation
 file extension lpdfMac OS X localized PDF (Portable Document Format) file
 file extension t65Adobe PageMaker template
 file extension lsrLANsurveyor report
tvc file icon file extension tvcIBM Lotus 1-2-3 table
w60 file icon file extension w60Corel WordPerfect 6.0 document file
wlf file icon file extension wlfMicrosoft Windows 98/Me Dr. Watson log
 file extension crtrMultiAd Creator Pro document file
 file extension pveGoBeProductive document
 file extension cptlAdobe Captivate project template file
 file extension beanBean document
 file extension ndpNick-O-Matic Design Factory project file
 file extension tmtTimeCult project
word file icon file extension wordMicrosoft Word for Mac document
 file extension tr5TRIM reference
 file extension pcwPC Write text document
gcx file icon file extension gcxApple Grapher graph file
 file extension npdNetrosoft Presentation document
 file extension pubPublication document
 file extension alb4Adobe PageMaker for Mac document
 file extension fofEZ-Forms filled out form
 file extension tceltxCeltx template
lgf file icon file extension lgfMicrosoft Windows application log
pmt file icon file extension pmtAdobe PageMaker template
 file extension iwtplWebSite X5 template
 file extension rtf_Rich text format file - Mac File Type
 file extension icmtAdobe InCopy template
 file extension boboClarisWorks data
hxc file icon file extension hxcMicrosoft Visual Studio Collection Definition file
 file extension apwAspen Plus document
 file extension rclEasy CD and DVD Creator project
 file extension ntaNota Aspel document
 file extension inkPocket PC handwritten note
 file extension tabula-docTabula document file
tds file icon file extension tdsAdobe LiveCycle Designer template
wp4 file icon file extension wp4Corel WordPerfect 4 document
 file extension pj2xPlan document
 file extension ne1OM2 OMALI NENA Version 1 document
 file extension wnsPrintshop newsletter
 file extension kidKidspiration document
 file extension sjdScrapbook Factory Deluxe saved journal data
 file extension ehpHelp Steward project
 file extension edtEDraw Max template
aglsl file icon file extension aglslAdobe GoLive site
 file extension sppNMS-Edit professional project
 file extension cdsChemDraw stationery document file
 file extension pltxCadworx Live design
cht file icon file extension chtICQ saved chat session
 file extension booktemplateiBooks Author book template
 file extension ifoInfo file
 file extension qhpQt help project file
 file extension hpdHP document
 file extension dxnFujitsu dexNET fax document
 file extension tltTrellix web design
 file extension rdfChromeleon report definition file
 file extension snfStarry Night document
docmhtml file icon file extension docmhtmlMicrosoft Word MIME HTML document file
xft file icon file extension xftAdobe Form Designer form
 file extension sprSprint document letter file
 file extension qwtQuarkXpress web document template
 file extension magFortis and file magic document
 file extension mppzMagicPlot project
 file extension gilGILS document
 file extension chtChart FX template file
ast file icon file extension astCorel WordPerfect Office template
 file extension lchIBM Works for OS/2 chart
 file extension opxtOrpPlus template
 file extension etEasiteach lesson document
 file extension ws3WordStar for Windows 3 document file
 file extension mcspMy Craft Studio project file
 file extension pro5plxProPresenter playlist bundle data
 file extension kjvTheWord data
 file extension ss4SigScribe4 design data
 file extension tlpMicrosoft TimeLine project
 file extension xmctMathcad template file
 file extension wgmWebgalamb newsletter template
mdf file icon file extension mdfAdobe Mobile Document Format file
 file extension fsformForm data
 file extension wt4Lotus 1-2-3 worksheet template
 file extension anlProject Analyzer saved analysis file format
 file extension atwAnyTime Organizer Deluxe document
 file extension mgourmetMariner MacGourmet document file
 file extension ppttOnlyOffice online office converted pptx presentation
 file extension 3dzEasy 3D Creator project
 file extension amsmAtomic Mail Sender project
 file extension b27Ovation Pro for RISC OS document
 file extension jrfwinIDEA workspace file
 file extension wynWYNN document
 file extension ws1WordStar for Windows 1 document
 file extension me3Arcsoft MultiMedia Email project
wp7 file icon file extension wp7WordPerfect 7 document
 file extension rptTrueNet Print template
 file extension sprzSprintometer document
 file extension bpmcBizagi Process Modeler data
 file extension sttSPSS table template
xlc_ file icon file extension xlc_Microsoft Excel 2 for Mac Chart file
 file extension w52Corel WordPerfect for Windows document
 file extension pubhtmlMicrosoft Publisher HTML document
 file extension fx2Corel WordPerfect Office template
 file extension wUNIX Silvio Levi's CWEB document file
 file extension bocE-Press EasyWord big document
 file extension hypeHype web project
 file extension cfrIBM Configurator report
 file extension hmxpHelp & Manual help uncompressed XML project
 file extension hm2Help & Manual help file project
vtx file icon file extension vtxMicrosoft Visio XML template
 file extension rtabRandy Tab Guitar tablature data
 file extension kfmKEY Form Designer form design
 file extension opxsMistyped oxps data
 file extension mfoMediaface Online CD label software project
 file extension joe.joe Editor document
 file extension clarifyBlue Mango Clarify document
 file extension clkdClicker document
 file extension prs2Adobe Persuasion 2 presentation file
 file extension hw3World Literary Heritage document file
 file extension dorDigita Organiser diary
 file extension wt0WordExpress template
 file extension 4Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
 file extension mdhMadhyam document
 file extension 4GNU Screen log file
 file extension iofMicrosoft Findit document
 file extension opdOmniPage document
 file extension gpfGrant Agreement Preparation Form file
 file extension hwtHancom Hanword template
 file extension zrnACOS PLUS 1 project
 file extension gheState Examinations Commission data
 file extension pmatrixPriority Matrix project
 file extension qrfQR form data
 file extension fsifMyLabel Designer Deluxe label document
 file extension cdmlCreately Document Markup Language Document
 file extension booIBM BookManager book data
 file extension udfPI Expert document
 file extension kbdGeneral Knowledge Base document
 file extension ofnMicrosoft Office File New (Other Office Documents)
 file extension wphWAsP project
 file extension lblCreatacard label project
 file extension mmmpMindManager Pro 7 map part
 file extension xlistxList document
 file extension eprtxMicrosoft XPS document related data
 file extension xlinexLine mind map
 file extension x40XtreeGold DOS help data
 file extension publicationTwixl Publisher publication data
ppt3 file icon file extension ppt3Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac presentation file
 file extension smhSealed MHT document
 file extension dbcPROGNOSIS database collection document file
 file extension whtMicrosoft NetMeeting white board document
 file extension txssLaTeX document
 file extension wznWhizFolders document
odt# file icon file extension locked document
 file extension xpwePriMus XML exchange document
 file extension fdFinal Draft document
 file extension frdocABBYY Finereader document
 file extension te1UltraEdit template
 file extension etETwin project
 file extension ht3HTML document
 file extension fpjFARSITE project
 file extension iprSMART Ideas document
 file extension riseRISE information model
 file extension dwlibraryMariner Paperless document library
 file extension qdfSnapform document
 file extension odccubefileOpenDocument 1 chart
 file extension ttaxNEWTON Dictate transcription document
 file extension imxiMindMap map
 file extension cbwComicRack webcomics data
 file extension ednAdobe Acrobat eBook activation
 file extension stxSureTrak Project Manager project
 file extension dflOLE2 doc format
 file extension fmp3FileMaker Pro for Mac document
 file extension dgrDeltaGraph document file
 file extension capCaptionMaker caption data
rt file icon file extension rtRealText subtitle
 file extension pwpTypewriter or word processor document file
 file extension flpFamily Lawyer saved document
 file extension rw3RapidWeaver site design
 file extension 3dAdvent 3B2 document
 file extension ll3Laplink III document
 file extension icmaAdobe InCopy assignment data
dochtml file icon file extension dochtmlMicrosoft Word HTML document
 file extension maxMicrosoft Creative Writer document
 file extension enmeNewsletter Manager message
 file extension prfMonarch portable report
 file extension cskStoryWeaver template file
 file extension eadEAD document
 file extension rzbRed Zion E-book book
 file extension ctkTeKton3D project
 file extension pcbBroderbund Print Shop business card data
 file extension sbpScratchboard data
 file extension tmvtTimeMap template
 file extension recProMash recipe
 file extension accAccent Duo document
 file extension wsWordStar document
 file extension x50XTreeGold help data
 file extension pagRealTick page file
 file extension mellRedleX Mellel document
wdbn file icon file extension wdbnMicrosoft World for Mac document file
 file extension gca4GURPS Character Assistant data
qxt file icon file extension qxtQuarkXPress template
 file extension 3d6Acorn RISC OS StrongHelp data
 file extension agrGrace project
 file extension 0haMaestro Mama data
 file extension wd2WordExpress document
 file extension fssPaperPort slide show
 file extension pmxPrintMaster project
 file extension binaMicrosoft Word 5 for Mac document
 file extension enxeNeighborhoods document
 file extension dk@pDocMaker standalone document
 file extension markdnMarkdown markup language document
 file extension adbAdlib Express stamped document
 file extension fpFinePrint saved or output data
 file extension mljCanon MultiPASS Suite fax document
 file extension rftIBM DisplayWrite document
 file extension qwdQuarkXpress web document
 file extension calcaCalca document
 file extension xtpsxTeam document
sms file icon file extension smsApache OpenOffice Math application formula document template
 file extension cbtComputer Based Training
wpd2 file icon file extension wpd2Corel WordPerfect 2 for Mac document file
 file extension twhTask Wheel project
 file extension ddDDwin project file
 file extension bokDrudix photo book definition data
 file extension cstContentServ CS EMMS Suite template file
 file extension nglossNisus Writer Pro glossary data
 file extension f96Frecom FAX96 document
 file extension ntfMediaFACE CD label
 file extension updfUltraPdf publication data
 file extension gnoteGoogle Keep note
 file extension emcxMastercam X educational document
 file extension pysPyspread spreadsheet
 file extension psprojPrint Shop project
tpl file icon file extension tplApple Mac OS X Stickies stickie document
 file extension jdfAlpha Journal Pro document
 file extension lslLightScribe Template Labeler label file
 file extension scrivLiterature & Latte Scrivener document
 file extension seoSEO Note file
 file extension labaLabels & Addresses project
 file extension styVentura Publisher style sheet
 file extension fwkFireworkz document
 file extension pubNeoBook NBW publication source data
exp file icon file extension expICQ saved chat
 file extension m14Microsoft Media Viewer file

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