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File extensions used for various document and document template file types

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File extensions used for various document and document template file types.

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 file extension cbtComputer Based Training
rt file icon file extension rtRealText subtitle
 file extension ddDDwin project file
 file extension eadEAD document
 file extension binaMicrosoft Word 5 for Mac document
mcw file icon file extension mcwMicrosoft Word for Mac document
 file extension insxInScribe XML document file
 file extension xpwePriMus XML exchange document
 file extension planCalligra Plan document
 file extension 4Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
 file extension cskStoryWeaver template file
 file extension twhTask Wheel project
 file extension fanGreeting Card Factory data
 file extension sbpScratchboard data
 file extension cmpAddress document of Route 66
 file extension iksMicrosoft InkSeine document file
 file extension 3d6Acorn RISC OS StrongHelp data
 file extension pro4ProPresenter document file
 file extension fmtMicrosoft Schedule+ print data
 file extension m14Microsoft Media Viewer file
wpd2 file icon file extension wpd2Corel WordPerfect 2 for Mac document file
 file extension cerSierra Print Artist certificate
 file extension cstContentServ CS EMMS Suite template file
 file extension dk@pDocMaker standalone document
 file extension excText document
 file extension ftsArcView UNIX help supporting data
 file extension ec3Epson Print CD project
 file extension dpsKingsoft Office presentation
 file extension do4oD Player playlist
 file extension pagRealTick page file
 file extension bnfBackus–Naur form
 file extension fxdWinFax sent document
 file extension pwePriMus exchange document
 file extension fssPaperPort slide show
alb5 file icon file extension alb5Adobe PageMaker 5 document
 file extension aliOM2 OMALI native document
 file extension fdbArt Explosion portfolio catalog data
 file extension awsMicrosoft Fax document
 file extension wnkDebugMode Wink presentation
 file extension bookiBooks Author document
 file extension ws5WordStar for Windows 5 document file
 file extension icmlAdobe InCopy document
 file extension aspAstound presentation
 file extension pmxPrintMaster project
 file extension impTEX-DESIGN clothing design data
 file extension soiActuate e.Spreadsheet document
 file extension lpdLecturnity multimedia presentation document
 file extension rsRapidSketch sketch document file
 file extension hedHighEdit document
dox file icon file extension doxMicrosoft Visual Basic user document binary form
hhp file icon file extension hhpMicrosoft HTML Help project
 file extension rdlSQL Server Reporting Services report definition language
 file extension fdtFormDocs template
 file extension cvlVLBI and Tied Array cover letter tasking document file
 file extension ftrCcourt record
 file extension wwhWAsP workspace file
sms file icon file extension smsApache OpenOffice Math application formula document template
 file extension chpVentura Publisher chapter document
 file extension plInterleaf printerleaf (or WorldView) format file
ans file icon file extension ansMicrosoft Word text and layout data
 file extension agpASPMaker project
icst file icon file extension icstAdobe InCopy document preset
 file extension pysPyspread spreadsheet
 file extension solSolution
 file extension hcrPrintMaster half-fold card data
 file extension jdfAlpha Journal Pro document
 file extension pppSerif PagePlus publication
 file extension wdlDynaDoc electric exchange document
 file extension ptxPageMaker template file
 file extension sp420-20 worksheet
 file extension cdfComputable Document Format
 file extension mseMSwinEHE project
 file extension tcpTeXnicCenter project
tmd file icon file extension tmdLotus TvMap document
 file extension qrtQR Designer form project
 file extension ncfNick-O-Matic Design Factory project
 file extension amxNGA WinControl Excel connection parameter
 file extension sdlDive Manager dive log
 file extension stpSYSTRAN Translation Project Manager project
 file extension acryptAutoCrypt encrypted document file
 file extension vthoughtVisual Thought diagram
 file extension tpPerfectTablePlan table seating plan
 file extension dgpdDeltaGraph document
 file extension roffUnformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
 file extension sngWorshipCenter Pro document
 file extension mvwSaber LAN log
cap file icon file extension capSnoop captured data
 file extension jpxJBuilder project
 file extension bookBudget In Brief application book project
 file extension sbpfSmall Business Publisher document
 file extension hndHelpNDoc project
 file extension hoteFax messenger fax document
 file extension ish1Animation-ish Wiggledoodle-ish document
msg file icon file extension msgFoxPro FoxDoc message
 file extension cnqWebShop Platinum project
 file extension fcxFlow Charting diagram
 file extension grsEsko Packedge GRS document
 file extension wplWords of Worship playlist
 file extension scwScore Writer music notation document
 file extension fdsFinal Draft secure document
 file extension calcaCalca document
 file extension pjtPhotojunction template
 file extension montageMontage screenplay document
 file extension labaLabels & Addresses project
 file extension dsfMicrosoft Belief Network document
sdp file icon file extension sdpQuickTime session description protocol data
 file extension adaActiveDocs Opus document
 file extension wclWinCatalog document
 file extension smzSMath Studio compressed document file
 file extension rtdfRich text document
 file extension cfmVisual dBASE customer form
prv file icon file extension prvSoftMaker Presentations presentation template
 file extension ovaWeb Studio project page
 file extension nplAllplan Engineering plot layout
 file extension oa3OASYS 3 document
 file extension dvbDVBLine document
 file extension pro5dvdProPresenter DVD document
 file extension hwpmlHangul Word Processor Markup Language document
 file extension plsWinPAS Plus32 name and address data
 file extension pepTurboProject project
 file extension tmdTomahawk word processing data
 file extension amstAtomic Mail Sender template
 file extension plpPicaLoader project
 file extension npPortfolio NetPublish web template
 file extension dcaIBM DisplayWrite document
 file extension prt2Adobe Persuasion 2 data
 file extension olvOyezForms legal document
 file extension grfDPlot graph data
 file extension fscDesign Pro Tools form file
mpv file icon file extension mpvMicrosoft Project view file
 file extension fmcFormConnect form
 file extension axrAXIS Diplomat report
 file extension nbNota Bene text document
 file extension webdocBox service document
 file extension txmCFPwinMan document
 file extension pdtInkWriter template
 file extension pcrCreataCard post card project file
 file extension chpCodeHealer project
 file extension spkBright Spark document
w6w file icon file extension w6wMicrosoft Word 6 document
spl file icon file extension splMacromedia FutureSplash Animator document
 file extension stmSealed HTML document
 file extension cdlCaseWare Working Papers document
 file extension dxDXwin project
 file extension cteClassical Text Editor document
nb file icon file extension nbCorel Word Perfect notebook file
 file extension ne3OM2 OMALI NENA document
 file extension aldAladdin Interactive DSP document
 file extension dcfDesign rule for camera file systems file
tal file icon file extension talAdobe TypeAlign text illustration
 file extension vmrVeeam Monitor report
 file extension pjmxPlan project model
 file extension wbsWebBlender project
mpc file icon file extension mpcMicrosoft Project calendar file
 file extension lstBPM Studio playlist file
 file extension ppdPhotoImpression project
 file extension iqpITEM QRAS project
idap file icon file extension idapAdobe InDesign assignment package
smf file icon file extension formula
 file extension swsSWiSh Studio data
 file extension lmaLearning Mobile Author (LMA) project
 file extension zdgZiffNet ZView compressed document
 file extension lblPrintMaster label document
 file extension isdocInformation System Document
prs file icon file extension prsSoftMaker Presentations document
 file extension 2GNU Screen log
 file extension dlFLEXnet Manager debug log
 file extension wcpCharter Party Editor document
 file extension bilRiadaBillboard project document
 file extension 3GNU Screen log
 file extension oasFujitsu OAS document
 file extension smSamna Word text document
 file extension broCreataCard booklet/brochure project
 file extension sppSealed PowerPoint presentation
opn file icon file extension opnCourt opinion data
 file extension nczNoteCase Pro compressed document
 file extension etsEnthuware Test Studio document
 file extension xgmmlXGMML graph
 file extension tmlAdvanced ID Creator template
 file extension icASwin project
 file extension easmxSolidWorks eDrawings XPS assembly file
 file extension cadocClicker app document
 file extension ptmPTMac project
 file extension wpsKingsoft Office document
 file extension tlxTrellix Web design document
fmp file icon file extension fmpMicrosoft Excel for Mac document file
 file extension ish3Animation-ish Advanced-ish document
 file extension fdxtFinal Draft 8 template
bk file icon file extension bkAdobe FrameMaker book document
 file extension efte-Form form template
 file extension op2NEi Nastran binary results neutral data
 file extension cptPocket Slides presentation file
 file extension doc#LibreOffice locked document
note file icon file extension noteCorel WordPerfect for Mac help file
pm? file icon file extension pm?PageMaker Document
 file extension ahfApplet Headline Factory document
 file extension h2oH2OMAP Water master project
 file extension mncMy Notes Center notebook
 file extension dheMicrosoft Help Workshop dialog box help editor document
 file extension wsdWordStar 2000 document
 file extension pmAdobe PageMaker document
 file extension thrPROGNOSIS threshold document
 file extension apaAlfaPad Notes Organizer document
 file extension sevSevilla tournament data
 file extension dftBullsEye style sheet
 file extension cvrElectraSoft Fax cover page
 file extension mbdMedbasin project
 file extension rcpRich Chart Builder project
 file extension cmlPADGen company info
 file extension ibatemplateiBooks Author template
 file extension spsXSLT Designer virtual project
 file extension staMicroSim PCBoard statistics report
 file extension xprPressIt CD label
 file extension fctFlow Charting diagram template
 file extension pzcEditPad document
cpp file icon file extension cppCA-Cricket Presents presentation
 file extension adosCompound document
 file extension iniSimple Exchange Rate Information
 file extension xpfXemod Project file
 file extension chtBizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines document
shb file icon file extension shbCorel Presentations slide show or background data
qxb file icon file extension qxbQuarkXpress multiple document publication book file format
 file extension dbpSigniIQ data broker project file format
 file extension mpMPwin project file
 file extension ptfScrapbook Flair template
 file extension retSAP BusinessObjects template
 file extension alt3Adobe PageMaker template
 file extension fftIBM DisplayWrite Final Form text
 file extension fmFrameMaker document
 file extension rgnDDTitle project
 file extension codAtlantis Word Processor encrypted document
dgr file icon file extension dgrMicrosoft Outlook Express fax page file
 file extension emdExpressThermo log
 file extension cvwCaseView document
 file extension crfSierra Print Artist craft data
 file extension lstKaspersky Lab blacklist
 file extension bmmFX AccuCharts my market watch document
 file extension layoutdesignerQuickBooks layout designer template
 file extension smdfSurface Magic design
 file extension enbeNotebook notebook data
 file extension wttWrite! document
 file extension docsetDoxygen source code documentation file
 file extension kmpCorrelate K-Map KnowledgeMap data
 file extension drtDirectRT styles data
 file extension hsmHelpSmith project
cpr file icon file extension cprCorelDRAW Corel Presents presentation file
 file extension ab65Adobe PageMaker document
 file extension twikiEclipse IDE WikiText file
 file extension imtxiMindMap template
 file extension obxOpenBook document
 file extension ldfIBM Works for OS/2 data filer form file
wbk file icon file extension wbkCorel WordPerfect workbook document file
 file extension zadZadGen document
 file extension cmpHotDocs template component
 file extension opjOmniPage schedule
 file extension xmmatMindManager XML template
 file extension bcardBusiness Card Composer project
 file extension cipoCartesian Products compressed internet document
awp file icon file extension awpAbility Write document template
 file extension drmxDrumlin fully secured PDF document
 file extension imsSiteSpinner project
 file extension oscOptionScope worksheet file
 file extension flbFileMaker Pro label
 file extension pdeProntoDoc for Excel document template
mst file icon file extension mstCorel Presentations master template
 file extension cpiSietronics CPI XRD document
 file extension mtxMax Magic Microtuner tuning interchange document
txt file icon file extension txtT602 document file
 file extension awdMicrosoft Fax document
 file extension obdOracle Forms online help data
 file extension mtpPower Translator document file
 file extension mfgMediaForge Runtime Player distribution project
 file extension freewayFreeway Pro project
 file extension hmxHelp & Manual help file project
 file extension flwFaro Scan data
disco file icon file extension discoMicrosoft Visual Studio dynamic discovery document
 file extension dpsOvation Pro style sheet
 file extension impImpression document
 file extension ivtMSDN InfoViewer information title
 file extension esdExpertScan survey document
 file extension tfmFormTool Gold form
 file extension vmSakai project template
 file extension tplBestAddress HTML Editor template
 file extension logonxpLogonStudio document
 file extension sdfSharp Sharpdesk Format document file
 file extension wptKingsoft Office document template
 file extension chtNovagraph Chartist file
nfo file icon file extension nfoMicrosoft MSInfo document file
wp? file icon file extension wp?Corel WordPerfect document
 file extension tldTrellix document design
 file extension dbiIsearch database information
 file extension bpfBaan ERP document
 file extension mpjAdobe RoboHelp HTML project
 file extension awApplix data
 file extension mmlMathML math embedded HTML document
 file extension csCaditor document
 file extension rrdRapidReader document
 file extension converterxSiMX TextConverter project
 file extension nenNick-O-Matic Design Factory project
 file extension bcpBambalam project
xlshtml file icon file extension xlshtmlMicrosoft Office Excel HTML document
 file extension ltxMathematical text document
 file extension massMASS-11 text document file
qht file icon file extension qhtApple QuickTime HTML document
 file extension tplACT! document template file
 file extension sltSenlab template
 file extension dfmMidas ViewPoint display form
 file extension mvdMindView document
 file extension dexDisketch project
 file extension cpiCartesian Products compressed internet document
 file extension r0zRingCentral Fax Editor compressed fax document
otp file icon file extension presentation template
 file extension rdfYaesu radio memory file
 file extension qhcpQt help collection project
 file extension ofmOfficeForms blank form
 file extension dtpPublish-iT document
crp file icon file extension crpCorelDRAW Corel Presents run-time presentation file
rev file icon file extension revAdobe FrameMaker document
sxi file icon file extension sxiStarOffice presentation
 file extension genGenerations Embroidery Software design
 file extension laLAwin project
 file extension docxmlPalantir DOCXML document format
 file extension ddifDigital Equipment Document Interchange Format
wpd1 file icon file extension wpd1Corel WordPerfect 1 for Mac document
 file extension cxlConsoXL project
 file extension gradeGradeStat document
 file extension dmprDirect Mail project file
inrs file icon file extension inrsAdobe InDesign for Mac file
 file extension xmmmpMindManager Pro map part
 file extension tdrTINA diagram results
 file extension patMultiMate document
 file extension mlsWorshipCenter Pro document
 file extension wl2Well Logger document
 file extension cspCommonspace document file
 file extension ocdcMathematica document file
 file extension kdcKwalitan document
fin file icon file extension finCorel WordPerfect print format text
 file extension wwcxAdobe InCopy document file
 file extension cstManga Studio page layout
 file extension jsdeFax Jet Suite document
 file extension 2Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff) file
 file extension gftFlow Charting diagram template
 file extension stlEBU-standard open and teletext file
 file extension xpfXProtector project
 file extension tplCanvas template
 file extension chtSierra Generations Family Tree chart
 file extension smmSmart Install Maker project
 file extension itITwin project
 file extension ald5Adobe Pagemaker 6 for Mac file
 file extension allLotus 1-2-3 always working page format
 file extension ybhtmyBook HTML document
 file extension imspSurvey Designer survey file
 file extension gmpGUEmap document
 file extension cdmmConceptDraw MINDMAP document
 file extension guiDr.Explain project
 file extension tv5TValue project
w8bn file icon file extension w8bnMicrosoft Word 98 for Mac document file
 file extension ws6WordStar for Windows 6 document
 file extension uofUniform Office format file
incp file icon file extension incpAdobe InCopy CS3 package
 file extension mmMultiMate Advantage II text document
mswd file icon file extension mswdMicrosoft Word for Mac document
 file extension hxvMicrosoft Help virtual topic definition
 file extension hmpHelp Magician help project file
agldei file icon file extension agldeiAdobe GoLive template
asv file icon file extension asvQuarkXpress autosave file
 file extension lblNow Contact label template
ppot file icon file extension ppotMicrosoft PowerPoint for Mac template file
 file extension apfFax document
ppthtml file icon file extension ppthtmlMicrosoft PowerPoint HTML presentation file
 file extension pdf_tsidAdobe PDF document
 file extension pbdiSilo document file
 file extension outMyInfo document outline data
 file extension std@PROMT document file
pbproj file icon file extension pbprojProject Builder project
 file extension sscSSChart Page layout file
 file extension sode.Spreadsheet design file
 file extension dftiFlexiWrite document
 file extension smxSmartMusic XML notation document
ppnt file icon file extension ppntMicrosoft PowerPoint for Mac presentation file
 file extension fmdMotionArtist document file
 file extension ftplSimfatic Forms template
 file extension nclkHTML formatted text file
 file extension xxnDimenzo Text Editor document
 file extension wwtMicrosoft Works template
 file extension dfdSilverrun document
w6bn file icon file extension w6bnMicrosoft Word 6 for Mac document file
xpr3 file icon file extension xpr3QuarkXpress 3.0 Mac file type
 file extension pxtRealLegal E-Transcript file
 file extension gspIMail Server returned mail
 file extension ssxVersaPro smart store document file
 file extension meMEwin project file
 file extension tptTru-Designer presentation template file
 file extension hm3Help & Manual help file project
 file extension zceZCwinEHE project file
 file extension tplNoteTab HTML template file
 file extension cd2Click'N Design 3D CD label
 file extension wsqWinEsquema flowchart file
dothtml file icon file extension dothtmlMicrosoft Word HTML document template file
 file extension tkTeKton3D project
 file extension ibcdInstantBingoCard document file
 file extension ppfAlchemy Publisher project file
sld8 file icon file extension sld8Microsoft PowerPoint 98 for Mac slide file
otf file icon file extension otfOpenOffice OpenDocument formula template
 file extension ansrAnswerTool answer document file
 file extension pwtHotDog PageWiz template
 file extension jtxXPS document file
 file extension isaleiSale auction file
 file extension trsTable Retrieval System Document
 file extension lspLiquid Player playlist file
mio file icon file extension mioMyInfo topic file
 file extension xa0Xtree Gold Dos help file
 file extension ymgYahoo! Messenger file
 file extension flmFilmline document file
 file extension hftHotDocs Form template
 file extension mmpGammadyne Mailer project file
 file extension wwsWriting With Symbols document file
 file extension aspASAP WebShow presentation
 file extension tpTinkerPlots document file
 file extension dptKingsoft Office presentation template
 file extension prs1Adobe Persuasion 2 presentation file
 file extension slpSisulizer project file
 file extension tcdWordprocessing document file
mdbhtml file icon file extension mdbhtmlMicrosoft Office Access HTML document file
 file extension gscIMail Server web messaging file
 file extension jobKodak Preps project
 file extension ulysUlysses project file
 file extension pptxmlMicrosoft Powerpoint XML presentation file
 file extension slfSelect-a-Net language file
pbk file icon file extension pbkAdobe Pixel Bender kernel file
 file extension wsmPagePainter web scheme file
 file extension cblCD Box Labeler Pro file
 file extension drpDReport document
icalevent file icon file extension icaleventApple iCal document file
 file extension gca4baseGURPS Character Assistant file
 file extension anhAdobe Project ROME file
 file extension macaMacWrite document file
 file extension odifOpen Document Interchange Format file
 file extension aprMicroSim PCBoard aperture information report
wpd0 file icon file extension wpd0Corel WordPerfect 1 for Mac document file
 file extension wbVLBI and Tied Array WesterBork Station tasking document
 file extension dalDownload Accelerator Plus DAP list file
 file extension vdiVirtualDub debug info file
 file extension raRAwin project
 file extension pcPCwinEHE project file
 file extension spubSwift Publisher document
 file extension mwiiMacWrite II text document
 file extension affAnyForm form file
 file extension iafIAFA document
fx file icon file extension fxCorel WordPerfect Office template file
 file extension shfAcorn RISC OS StrongHelp file
 file extension bnaBarna Word Processor document file
 file extension fwtemplatebFreeway Pro template bundle
 file extension stxRoxio Express Labeler document
 file extension obvCaché ObjectScript form
 file extension pothtmlMicrosoft PowerPoint HTML template file
 file extension wtsWebPlus Template file
mfp file icon file extension mfpMacromedia FlashPaper document file
 file extension pdfvtPDF/VT document file
 file extension ovdOvation 1 document file
 file extension adprAtlantis Word Processor project
 file extension cptCA-Cricket Presents template file
sld3 file icon file extension sld3Microsoft PowerPoint 3/4 for Mac slide file
 file extension bwpBook Writer project
 file extension gcfGreeting Card Creator project file
 file extension cpfCaseMap Portable Format
hdt file icon file extension hdtHTML document tree file
 file extension wprWAsP 7 project file
 file extension jwJustWrite document
 file extension flpCorel Flow flow chart project
 file extension mpwdMacWrite Pro file
 file extension mstroff formatted manual page
 file extension mwprMacWrite Pro file
 file extension ctxChinese Character input file
 file extension aggrAdobe Captivate Aggregator file
 file extension sweSweater Wizard knitting pattern
 file extension chtNavigator vector chart file
vmx file icon file extension vmxMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ macro project file
 file extension mgourmet3Mariner MacGourmet document file
 file extension cdmtzConceptDraw MINDMAP compressed template file
 file extension mwpdMacWrite Pro document file
 file extension texiTEX file format
 file extension tracwikiEclipse IDE WikiText file
 file extension figTeX format file
 file extension stSTwin project file
 file extension fwtbFreeway Pro template bundle
 file extension pwrPowerWrite document
 file extension indnAdobe Indesign for Mac file
 file extension preSonicWALL SGMS syslog
 file extension dbiBorland Database Explorer information
 file extension evoEnVideo video animation document
 file extension mprDirect Mail project
 file extension tipTru-Designer presentation file
 file extension proqcProPresenter Quartz composition file
 file extension motMarcEdit template
acp file icon file extension acpAdobe Acrobat paper capture
 file extension bizdocumentActuate BusinessReport Studio document file
 file extension pmpPegasus Mail notepad file
 file extension wtbnWord for Mac template file
 file extension 3Unix unformatted manual page file

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