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File extensions used for various document and document template file types

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File extensions used for various document and document template file types.

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 file extension sidScanIt document file
 file extension mgourmet3Mariner MacGourmet document file
 file extension proqcProPresenter Quartz composition file
 file extension bizdocumentActuate BusinessReport Studio document file
 file extension 3Unix unformatted manual page file
 file extension btfBasi Office TypeFace document file
 file extension kprKOffice KPresenter presentation file
 file extension isaletemplateiSale template file
 file extension vwVolkswriter document
 file extension pmpPegasus Mail notepad file
 file extension tracwikiEclipse IDE WikiText file
 file extension xmsViewCaf√© XML markup session file
 file extension diaPsion Organiser diary data
 file extension pssPocket SlideShow converted Powerpoint presentation file
 file extension tipTru-Designer presentation file
 file extension pssPicture and Sound Show slide show
 file extension indnAdobe Indesign for Mac file
 file extension mwprMacWrite Pro file
 file extension eptElpoint presentation file
 file extension sctSPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) template file
 file extension preSonicWALL SGMS syslog
 file extension pfdPlanningForce plan file
 file extension gdfGRAFIK Eye Designer project file
 file extension stSTwin project file
 file extension bmlBraille2000 braille file
 file extension motMarcEdit template
 file extension pdmProntoDoc for Word document template
 file extension chtMy Health Software chart file
 file extension excExcentro template file
 file extension wsaWebSite Auditor project settings save file
 file extension acpMacromedia Action! document file
 file extension rmdIMail Server mail message file
 file extension pwDocument file
xlthtml file icon file extension xlthtmlMicrosoft Office Excel HTML template file
 file extension capShomiti Surveyor capture file
 file extension dpdOvation Pro document
 file extension semSealed e-mail file
 file extension cmsCoach 6 project file
 file extension mpwMosASCII project workspace file
 file extension awdAbility Draw document
 file extension puiPublish-iT document
 file extension wtbnWord for Mac template file
 file extension chtSPSS template file
 file extension ipfIBM OS/2 help file
 file extension lntLaego Note Taker file
 file extension pro4dvdProPresenter DVD document file
 file extension ptqFlow Charting diagram template file
 file extension sysmlSystems Modeling Language document
 file extension mmprCodeWarrior project file
 file extension sgmEncoded archival description document
psf file icon file extension psfSony Playstation Portable metadata file
 file extension letCreatacard letterhead project file
sdm file icon file extension sdmStarOffice mail file
 file extension wwkWAsP 7 workspace file
 file extension pebProEST+ 2009 document file
 file extension tplTatukGIS Editor print template
 file extension wsWorksheet Builder worksheet
 file extension ppvVox Proxy animated PowerPoint presentation file
 file extension cdcCanvastic drawing file
 file extension yookooYookoo Player playlist file
 file extension pwtPocket Word template
 file extension cdmtConceptDraw MINDMAP template file
 file extension cXLIFF localization
 file extension padVisual Expert Source Code Documentation file
 file extension sskdOn Schedule schedule file
 file extension pj4Davka Writer Hebrew document
 file extension siSIwin project
 file extension mjdocMacJournal document file
 file extension cddOvation 1 document file
 file extension formGambas form
 file extension pubfAdobe PageMaker 2 file
 file extension pmwPlanMaker 97 spreadsheet file
 file extension wizhtmlMicrosoft Access HTML template file
edml file icon file extension edmlAdobe Extension Data Markup Language (EDML) document file
 file extension dtrDTREG project file
 file extension fwrtFullWrite file
 file extension nznNoteZilla sticky note
wpc2 file icon file extension wpc2Corel WordPerfect 2/3 for Mac document file
wpd3 file icon file extension wpd3Corel WordPerfect 3 for Mac document file
 file extension aaPrognosis Automated Analyst document file
 file extension plyMiDi PoWeR playlist
 file extension wsrFirstTop WebSearch search result file
pubmhtml file icon file extension pubmhtmlMicrosoft Publisher archived HTML document file
 file extension cwksClarisWorks file
 file extension cwwpClarisWorks document file
 file extension rsdnaLIMS reaction sheet file
 file extension ntsPsion Organiser notepad document
 file extension adoxActivDox document file
 file extension wsHummingbird Exceed file
 file extension npiNick-O-Matic Design Factory project
 file extension nbkNick-O-Matic Design Factory project file
 file extension dxstudioDX Studio document file
 file extension xmmasMindManager XML theme
xlc3 file icon file extension xlc3Microsoft Excel 3 for Mac Chart file
 file extension scrStatistica scrollsheet file
 file extension afpPapyrus Document Storage Format
 file extension nxdndxCards index card project
 file extension mcmacMacGourmet MasterCook document file
 file extension spdesignshtmMicrosoft SharePoint Desginer shtml document
ph file icon file extension phMicrosoft Windows Help file phrase-table
slds file icon file extension sldsMicrosoft PowerPoint 2 for Mac slide file
 file extension wjeWinJournal entry file
 file extension ompOffice Manager Pro document archive
 file extension tpTPwin project
 file extension cl2tplComic Life 2 template
 file extension compositiontemplateInvantive Composition template
 file extension hypAtari ST guide data
 file extension cw3ClarisWorks document
awwp file icon file extension awwpMicrosoft Works for Mac document file
 file extension optPhotoScore document
 file extension lsdLECTURNITY presentation file source format
 file extension esESwin project file
 file extension fcsSpectrum server log file
 file extension nwcpNisus Writer Pro clipboard document file
 file extension mnlHelp & Manual print manual template
wp42 file icon file extension wp42Corel WordPerfect 4 for Mac document file
 file extension ctyFog Creek CityDesk template file
 file extension sa5Street Atlas document file
 file extension burnthemeBurn for Mac OS X theme document file
voprefs file icon file extension voprefsApple Mac OS X VoiceOver document file
inct file icon file extension inctAdobe InCopy template file
 file extension alt6Adobe PageMaker 6 file
smf file icon file extension smfStarOffice StarMath file
 file extension cl2lytComic Life 2 layout file
 file extension clbcdrLabel compact disc label file
 file extension cvtCVTracker position and company template
 file extension dwdocDrawWell document file
 file extension a5wAlpha Five web publishing file
 file extension espEmail Sentinel Pro protected email attachments file
 file extension cdcOvation 1 style sheet file
 file extension dpbFaxMaster document
 file extension rsfRiky's Soft document
 file extension bbprojectdBBEdit project file
 file extension pagPsion Organiser pager file
 file extension npfNick-O-Matic Design Factory project file
 file extension csdStorage Designer design
 file extension prsLotus Freelance presentation file
 file extension aptAutoPlay Menu Studio project
 file extension swpSpider Writer project file
 file extension cbfCalendar Builder saved calendar file
 file extension htz5HyperMaker document file
 file extension cpdtAdobe Captivate design template
 file extension ncbNick-O-Matic Design Factory project file
 file extension svdlSecurity Validation Description Language file
pr3 file icon file extension pr3Adobe Persuasion presentation
xlc4 file icon file extension xlc4Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac chart
 file extension gsGemStone document file
 file extension momlModeling Markup Language document
 file extension eptEES plot template
 file extension alt5Adobe Pagemaker 5 for Mac document file
 file extension mifmAirList inline file
mdhtml file icon file extension mdhtmlMicrosoft Access HTML file
 file extension aprApadana Project file
wp50 file icon file extension wp50Corel WordPerfect 5 for Mac document file
 file extension wrlkWeb Research document link file
 file extension tunTotal Uninstall System changes log
 file extension stplzSevilla compressed template file
 file extension dmtemplateDirect Mail e-mail template file
 file extension xy4vXYWrite IV document file
 file extension ebkprojeCub project file
 file extension mfaMicrosoft Site Server report definition file
 file extension cp2Compel v2 presentation
 file extension sweSendaWin Etiquetas labels
 file extension bksIBM Softcopy Reader Bookmanager book file
 file extension soxe.Spreadsheet executable file
icaltodo file icon file extension icaltodoApple iCal document file
webtemplate file icon file extension webtemplateApple iWeb template file
 file extension gca3GURPS Character Assistant file
 file extension gmpGEM Publisher document
 file extension envCreatacard envelope project
 file extension dgrhDeltaGraph for Mac file
 file extension mdkAstra Schedule schedule file
 file extension lgfProWORX Nxt log book note
 file extension cbsCalendar Builder style sheet file
 file extension sgmStandard Generalized Markup Language IETF document file
 file extension totalslayoutKedisoft Totals layout file
mcbn file icon file extension mcbnMicrosoft Excel 4 for Mac Chart file
 file extension sgmlEncoded Archival Description Document
 file extension cltCdrLabel template document
 file extension ectYozo Office chart template
 file extension enydEnvoy document file
fbok file icon file extension fbokAdobe FrameMaker Book file
 file extension mjbooktemplateMacJournal book template file
 file extension pworksPrintworks project
 file extension cifMultiAd AdCreator document file
 file extension csClearSilver template
ssiw file icon file extension ssiwCorel WordPerfect 4 for Mac document file
 file extension mftMediaface project template file
 file extension zoieZediaMX and eZedia player unlocked presentation document file
 file extension topcTopicCrunch stored search project
 file extension mcrHealth Financial Systems Medicare Auditor cost report file
 file extension sevzSevilla compressed tournament file
 file extension qprjTHINK Pascal project file
 file extension abicollabAbiWord Collaborative File Descriptor file
 file extension grfInsight II standard graph definition file
 file extension mbbkManaBook book kit file
 file extension fwtemplateFreeway Pro template
 file extension tbkxToolBook XML project
 file extension gevlGelEval document file
 file extension s8bnWord 98 for Mac template file
w8tn file icon file extension w8tnMicrosoft Word 98 for Mac template file
 file extension mmdDocsAlive multimedia document
bzabw file icon file extension bzabwAbiWord Bzip2 compressed document file
 file extension wctMicrosoft Visual Basic WebClass HTML template
 file extension sdbnMicrosoft Word 4/5 for Mac template file
 file extension s6bnWord 6 for Mac template file
 file extension qhtmApple QuickTime HTML file
 file extension rdfCreative Commons playlist file
 file extension mwppMacWrite Pro document file
 file extension ald5Adobe Pagemaker 6 for Mac data
 file extension txkE. T. Klasik document
 file extension pbitMicrosoft Power BI desktop template

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