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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

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 file extension cm4Championship Manager 4 saved game
 file extension cmdM.U.G.E.N. character commands file
 file extension cmeCrazy Machines level data
 file extension cmgChessMaster saved game
 file extension cmiThe Dig bundle data
 file extension cmlCrazy Machines saved laboratory file
 file extension cmpFreelancer physical model layout
 file extension cmpSWAT 3 compressed sound
 file extension cmxThe Sims 3D body mesh data file
 file extension cnbPool Of Radiance game data
 file extension cncClick 'n Create game data
 file extension cnc3campaignCommand and Conquer 3 campaign saved game
 file extension cntHidden & Dangerous game data
 file extension cobTotal Annihilation unit script
cof file icon file extension cofDiablo 2 game data
 file extension cokCarmageddon patch file
 file extension colGrand Theft Auto III collision data
 file extension comfycakessave-msComfy Cakes saved game file
 file extension compiledPlants vs. Zombies compiled game resource
 file extension compressedTransport Fever comrpessed cache
 file extension conBattlefield 1942 configuration
 file extension conLucasArts container
 file extension conUnreal 2 audio data
 file extension conMicrosoft Train Simulator identification data
 file extension conROSE Online NPC dialogs data file
 file extension conTransport Fever game configuration data
 file extension contentRust game data
 file extension controlsOpenBVE keyboard settings
 file extension cowThief game data
 file extension cp2ChessBase theme classification
 file extension cp3Grand Prix 3 cockpit shape
cpg file icon file extension cpgStarCraft campaign file
 file extension cpnAge of Empires campaign data
 file extension cprPort Royale game archive
 file extension cpsThe Powder Toy saved game
 file extension cptNova Logic game converted poly terrain data
 file extension cpxAge of Empires II campaign data
 file extension creInfinity Engine creature data
 file extension crfEnhanced Dark Engine game archive
 file extension crhLinks Games course data
 file extension crsDance With Intensity game data
 file extension crsStepMania course data
 file extension cryCrysis level information
 file extension crysisjmsfCrysis saved game
 file extension crysispsfCrysis Warhead saved game position file
 file extension crzLinks course file
 file extension csTribes 2 script
 file extension cs2CyberStep2 game data
 file extension csbStreet Fighter IV sound data
 file extension csc18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal game data
 file extension csfCommand & Conquer SAGE engine string file
 file extension cslANNO 2070 script
 file extension cstGary Gadget plug-in
 file extension csvThe Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition hint data
 file extension ct41000 Miglia game data
 file extension ctlStepMania SMZIP package description file
 file extension ctmStar Wars Republic Commando map file
 file extension ctpCivilization: Call to Power game data
 file extension ctySimCity city data
 file extension ctyRailroad Tycoon 3 cargo file
 file extension cupRoland Garros Tennis terrain data
 file extension cvfTrain Simulator cab view data
 file extension cvmOdin Sphere data
 file extension cw1Creeper World game map
 file extension cw2Creeper World 2 game map
 file extension cw3Crossword Construction Kit puzzle group
 file extension cwdQNonograms puzzle
 file extension cweCrossword Express file
 file extension cwgCastle of the Winds data
 file extension cxtVegas Jackpot Gold game data
 file extension cyrCrysis game level
 file extension dInfinity Engine dialogue data
 file extension dUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension d$$Gargoyle interactive fiction story
 file extension d01Fahrenheit game file
 file extension d02Fahrenheit game file
 file extension d03Fahrenheit game data
 file extension d2hDiablo II Hack It module
 file extension d2iATMA Diablo II data
 file extension d2pDiablo 2 packet data
d2s file icon file extension d2sDiablo II saved map seed data
 file extension d2xDiablo 2 stash data
 file extension d3cDescent game data
 file extension d3dGameMaker 3D model
 file extension d3dbspCall of Duty Modern Warfare 2 map file
 file extension d3mDescent game file
 file extension da0Star Trek Generations Saved game file format
 file extension da1Star Trek Generations Saved game file format
 file extension da2Star Trek Generations saved game file
 file extension da3Star Trek Generations Saved game file format
 file extension da4Star Trek Generations Saved game file format
 file extension da5Star Trek Generations saved game
 file extension da6Star Trek Generations Saved game file format
 file extension da7Star Trek Generations Saved game file format
 file extension da8Star Trek: Generations saved game
 file extension da9Star Trek Generations autosave game file
 file extension damDam game data
dap file icon file extension dapDragon Age Origins settings game file
 file extension darkestDarkest Dungeon game script
das file icon file extension dasDragon Age: Origins saved game
 file extension datGame data
 file extension datUnreal Tournament game data
 file extension datPrince of Persia game data
 file extension dataArena Wars game data archive
 file extension dat_newMinecraft level file
 file extension dayDay of the Zombie map file
 file extension DayzprofileDAYZ game profile
 file extension dazipDragon Age: Origins saved game
 file extension dbS.T.A.L.K.E.R. X-Ray engine database
 file extension db0S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game data
 file extension db1S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game data
 file extension db2S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
 file extension db3Dr. Brain file
 file extension db3S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
 file extension db4S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
 file extension db5S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game data
 file extension db6S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
 file extension db7S.T.A.L.K.E.R game data
 file extension db8S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
 file extension db9S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game
 file extension dbaS.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
 file extension dbaCryENGINE animation database
 file extension dbbS.T.A.L.K.E.R. game data
 file extension dbdFly! database index
 file extension dbdfSimCity 4 DBDF compression directories
 file extension dbfNovaLogic game dialog binary format
 file extension dbiFIFA World Cup game data comin fe data
 file extension dbiFly! database index
 file extension dbpfMaxis Database Packed File
 file extension dbtFly! database template
dc6 file icon file extension dc6Diablo 2 static image
dcc file icon file extension dccDiablo 2 animation data
 file extension dcgHSFX map file
 file extension dcziDance character model
 file extension dd2Dungeon Designer 2 map design file
 file extension dd3Blood Bowl game data
 file extension ddbCommand & Conquer Renegade game data
 file extension ddfDoom definition data
 file extension ddfGrand Theft Auto III game file
 file extension ddjSilkroad alchemy page file
 file extension ddoTank3D game data
 file extension ddpokersaveDD Poker save game file
dds file icon file extension ddsDirectDraw surface data
 file extension ddsxStronghold Kingdoms game data
 file extension ddtJill of the Jungle game data
 file extension ddtFootball Manager player club and nations file
 file extension ddvOddworld: Abe's Oddysee movie
 file extension deadspacesaveDead Space saved game
 file extension decMagic: The Gathering deck of cards
 file extension declid Tech 6 game data
 file extension defNovaLogic game weapon profile
 file extension defid Tech 6 video settings
 file extension dehDoom DeHackEd game data
 file extension dekMagic The Gathering deck
 file extension demRecorded game replay
 file extension depgraphbinTom Clancy's The Division game data
 file extension desTribes 2 game data
 file extension descBattlefield 2 map description
 file extension deuUnreal Engine German language localization
 file extension dffGrand Theft Auto III model
 file extension dfpZoids Commando player data
 file extension dfsArea-51 game data file
 file extension dgrpRetro Studios dependency group game data
 file extension dhmShadowgrounds mission data
 file extension dhsShadowgrounds saved game
 file extension diDigital Illusion audio data
 file extension diamonddetectivesavedgameDiamond Detective saved game
 file extension dieDiablo item data
 file extension dinerdash2savedgameDiner Dash 2 saved game
 file extension dinerdashsavedgameDiner Dash saved game file
 file extension dirGrand Theft Auto 3 game data
 file extension dirWorms Armageddon game archive
 file extension divaHatsune Miku: Project DIVA data
 file extension djsNASCAR Thunder 2004 game music file
 file extension dkdSubmarine Titans battle map
 file extension dkiDoppelKopf game data
 file extension dlZoo Tycoon 2 game data
 file extension dlcDownloadable content package
 file extension dlgBioware Infinity and Aurora game engines dialog
 file extension dlgCrysis dialogue data
 file extension dllsUFO: Alien Invasion plugin
 file extension dlsBlood 2 game data
 file extension dm2Quake II recorded game
 file extension dm3Quake 3 Arena demo
 file extension dmoBuild 3D game engine recorded games
 file extension dmoDemo file
 file extension dmoThe Land Of Um demo file
 file extension dmodDink Smallwood add-on
 file extension dmsDream Maker script file
 file extension dm_1Call of Duty demo
 file extension dm_57Return to Castle Wolfenstein demo
 file extension dm_82Wolfenstein Enemy Territory demo file
 file extension dm_83Wolfenstein Enemy Territory recorded demo
 file extension dm_84Wolfenstein Enemy Territory demo
 file extension dn1Duke Nukem episode 1 game data
 file extension dn2Duke Nukem episode 2 game data
 file extension dn3Duke Nukem episode 3 game data
 file extension dnfDuke Nukem Forever map
 file extension dngIDsoft dungeon data
 file extension dnhTouhou Danmakufu game script file
 file extension dnirealMyst game archive
 file extension dnmYS Flight dynamic 3D model
 file extension dnpEudemons on-line game data file
 file extension dnrBeneath the Steel Sky game data
 file extension do2Resident Evil 2 door data
 file extension dofRacer 3D geometry data
 file extension dogDogz dog description data
 file extension dorResident Evil 1 game data
 file extension dorascarnivalsavedgameDora's Carnival Adventure saved game
 file extension dorasworldadventuresavedgameDora's World Adventure saved game
 file extension dotBert's Dinosaurs game data
 file extension dpcTwisted Metal 2 texture
 file extension dpcFUEL game data
 file extension dpkLemon Interactive Starmageddon file
 file extension dplsaveDriver: Parallel Lines saved game
 file extension dpmDarkPlaces engine game movie information
 file extension dpvFar Cry Primal game data
 file extension dreamchronicles2savedgameDream Chronicles saved game
 file extension dreamchroniclessavedgameDream Chronicles saved game file
 file extension drlMusic source
 file extension drsAge of Empires 2 game data
 file extension drvDiablo multiplayer character data
ds1 file icon file extension ds1Diablo 2 map
 file extension ds2resDungeon Siege 2 data file
 file extension dsbRayman 2 play file
 file extension dsgDOOM saved game
 file extension dsgDecker saved game
 file extension dsoTribes 2 game data
 file extension dsplCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 server playlist
 file extension dssAction Replay saved game
dt1 file icon file extension dt1Diablo II tile file
 file extension dtaHidden & Dangerous game data
 file extension dtiFIFA 2001 data file
 file extension dtlThe Sims game data
 file extension duaFIFA 2001 game data
 file extension dv2Divine Divinity 2 game data
 file extension dwcBoneTown game data
 file extension dwdDoom ASCII map format
 file extension dwiDance With Intensity file
 file extension dwpDarwin Pond game data
 file extension dxDeus Ex game map
 file extension dxhHouse of the Dead 3 extracted data archive
 file extension dxpPiles'O'Tiles game related data
 file extension dxrVegas Jackpot Gold game data
 file extension dxsDeus Ex saved game
 file extension dxtLucasArts The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition texture
 file extension dxwDimensioneX world data
 file extension dz2Dungeons 2 saved game
 file extension dzbThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker collision mesh data
 file extension dzipThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings game data archive
 file extension e2gmPangea Enigmo custom game
 file extension e3modEmergency 3 mod package
 file extension e4modEmergency 4 mod
 file extension e4pEmergency 4 prototype
 file extension ea3FIFA 2001 environment game data
 file extension eacFor Honor EasyAntiCheat data
 file extension ebaxGame file
 file extension ebmRagnarok online emblem data
 file extension ebpRelic Entertainment game data
 file extension ebzEmpire Builder Pronto saved game
 file extension eclTouhou stage script
 file extension edLithTech game level
 file extension edfRF Online game data
 file extension edtFootball Manager mod file
 file extension eepfEmuOS exchangeable packet
 file extension eesEmpire Earth scenario data
 file extension efcANNO 2070 effect data
 file extension effEverQuest effects
 file extension effBioware Infinity game engine effects
 file extension eftROSE Online effects data file
efx file icon file extension efxQuake 3 Arena effect file
 file extension eggDucks add-on level file
 file extension egmPangea Enigmo custom game data
 file extension egmThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion morph data
 file extension egtThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion texture data
 file extension eicEast Indian Company save game file
 file extension eighteenwheelshaulinsavedgame18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' saved game
 file extension eixMetin2 game data package file
 file extension ekvLeft 4 Dead game data
 file extension ekvTitanfall settings
 file extension ekx3DS Pok√©mon encrypted saved data
 file extension elbJane's WW2 Fighters audio data
 file extension eluQuake 3 Arena model shell
 file extension elvAces High map data
 file extension embbMiddle Earth: Shadow of Mordor game data
 file extension emiPocket Tanks emitter file
 file extension emmStreet Fighter IV game model
 file extension emtEverQuest game data
emt file icon file extension emtUnreal Engine emitter data
 file extension emwResident Evil model file
 file extension emzStreet Fighter IV game file
 file extension encCabal Online game data
 file extension endNovaLogic game cinematics
 file extension entEschalon: Book I game data
 file extension envX-Plane scenery
 file extension envMotocross Madness 2 track data
 file extension envTrain Simulator environment data
 file extension envNovaLogic game environment file
 file extension epbConstructor video data
 file extension epcDoctor Who game data
 file extension epkMetin2 game data package
 file extension eqgEverQuest game data
 file extension erbEvil Genius resource data
 file extension erfBioWare Aurora engine encapsulated resource data
erf file icon file extension erfDragon Age Origins game file
 file extension erpAlter Ego game data
 file extension erpF1 2015 texture
 file extension ertHeroes of Might and Magic 3 script
 file extension esSerious Sam entity class
 file extension escaperosecliffislandsavedgameEscape Rose Cliff Island saved game
 file extension esfTotal War campaign settings
 file extension esgPangea Enigmo saved game
 file extension esiEscape level index
 file extension esmBethesda Softworks settings
 file extension esnUnreal Engine language localization
esp file icon file extension espGamebryo game engine plug-in
 file extension espEdskes software Pakket file
 file extension essThe Elder Scrolls: Oblivion saved game
 file extension esxEscape game level file
 file extension eu4Europa Universalis IV saved game
 file extension eurMonster Hunter Freedom Unite EU region saved game
 file extension evdGrand Theft Auto IV vehicle extended data
 file extension exaWarcraft II game data
 file extension excBlack & White zone data
 file extension exhNHL 08 game exhibition roster data
 file extension exlNSkill Neocron character builder file
 file extension exmpSimCity 4 cohort data
 file extension exsBlades of Exile scenario data
 file extension f2kFreecell 2000 data
 file extension f3dMoto Racer 3 bike model file
 file extension facBioWare Aurora game engine faction
 file extension fairytreasuresavedgameFairy Treasure saved game
 file extension famThe Sims family data
 file extension farThe Sims game archive
 file extension farmfrenzysavedgameFarm Frenzy saved game
 file extension fatPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time audio information
 file extension fatFar Cry Primal game data
 file extension fatesavedgameFate save game file
 file extension fateundiscoveredrealmssavedgameFate Undiscovered Realms save game file
 file extension fbdF-22 Lightning Gravis joystick control
 file extension fbiTotal Annihilation main unit definition data
 file extension fbqTrine 2 game archive
 file extension fbrbBattlefield Bad Company 2 game data
 file extension fbtCybersports team data
 file extension fbzShadowgrounds game archive
 file extension fcANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension fc2mapFar Cry 2 user map
 file extension fceNeed For Speed render file
 file extension fcmfCraft world file
 file extension fcrRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 camera data
 file extension fdCall of Duty game data
 file extension fdaWarhammer 40,000 audio data
 file extension ffFreedom Force game file
 file extension ffCall of Duty FastFile format
 file extension fflAliens vs Predator game data
 file extension ffnFIFA World Cup game data fe art data
 file extension fgdHalf-Life modification map configuration
 file extension filConstructor game data
 file extension finaldrivenitrosavedgameFinal Drive Nitro saved game
 file extension fjbFurcadia settings
 file extension fjkI Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream game data
 file extension flFreelancer saved game
 file extension flcConstructor animation data
 file extension fldYSFLIGHT field data
 file extension fllThe Sims floor data
 file extension flmodFreelancer game archive
 file extension flrThe Sims floor texture
 file extension flsPainkiller Overdose game file
 file extension fltFlight Simulator saved game
 file extension fltMiles Sound System data
 file extension fltMen of War: Assault Squad 2 game data
 file extension fmfFootball Manager 2012 game graphics package
 file extension fmlWWE RAW character file
 file extension fntaMarathon 2 Aleph One font file
 file extension fomodNexus Manager mod file
 file extension forgeAssassin's Creed game audio or data
fos file icon file extension fosFallout 3 saved game
 file extension fowWindward game data
 file extension foxFurcadia game data
 file extension fpHomeworld file
 file extension fp1Flying Pigs data
 file extension fp2Insaniquarium Deluxe fish data
 file extension fpgFPS Creator game project file
 file extension fpidFPS Creator AI wizard data file
 file extension fpkCivilization IV game archive
 file extension fpmFPS Creator map
 file extension fpmbFPS Creator map buffer file
 file extension fpmoFPS Creator map overlay file
 file extension fpopSpider-Man: Shattered Dimensions saved game
 file extension fppFPS Creator prefab data
 file extension fpsFPS Creator project
 file extension fpsOperation Flashpoint game file
 file extension fraFifa World Cup game data
 file extension fraUnreal Engine French language localization
 file extension frcMicrosoft Flight Simulator FS Recorder recorded movie
 file extension frdNeed for Speed track data
 file extension freFIFA 2002 data legal screen file
 file extension freecellsave-msFreeCells saved game
 file extension frm16Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader game data
 file extension frwRollerCoaster Tycoon fireworks source data
 file extension fs2Descent FreeSpace 2 game data
 file extension fs5Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery data
 file extension fs6Microsoft Flight Simulator panel data
 file extension fscCampaign Cartographer data
 file extension fscWorms Armageddon fiddler file
 file extension fscSimCity 4 freshness scores
 file extension fsgFreeCol saved game
fsh file icon file extension fshEA Sports FSH format
 file extension fsmDescent FreeSpace mission data
 file extension fssaveMicrosoft Flight Simulator save data
 file extension fstCrazy Machines 2 object
 file extension fsysPokemon Battle Revolution data
 file extension ftlFaster Than Light mod
 file extension fukPostal 2 game map
 file extension fukPort Royale 3 game data
 file extension funProject FUN Editor game source code
 file extension fuzThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim voice data
 file extension fwdRollerCoaster Tycoon fireworks display file
 file extension fwpWorms Armageddon fiddler weapons module
 file extension fxThe Secret of Monkey Island shader data
 file extension fxDirectX D3DXEffect object
 file extension fxcbCrysis shader cache
 file extension fxtGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas fake text
 file extension g0sMetal Gear Solid V game data
 file extension g2dAlexander game data
 file extension g3pGrand Prix 3 car physics data
 file extension g3xRealFlight content data
 file extension g4bSokoban++ level data
gaf file icon file extension gafTotal Annihilation animated bitmap format
 file extension galapagosavedgameGalapago file
galaxy file icon file extension galaxyBlizzard Starcraft 2 Galaxy script file
 file extension galsaveGalactrix saved game
 file extension gamGame data
game file icon file extension gameCommand & Conquer Red Alert 3 game data
game file icon file extension gameApple Chess game data
 file extension gamedataBallhalla game data
 file extension gameprojGameSalad game project
 file extension gamestatsUnreal Tournament 3 GamePlayEvents stream
 file extension gauMicrosoft Flight Simulator gauge data
 file extension gaxAge of Empires II saved game
 file extension gazAge of Empires II saved game
 file extension gblGravityball game data
 file extension gblorbInteractive fiction file format
 file extension gbxNadeo Games game data
 file extension gcStar Wars: Battlefront 2 saved game
 file extension gcdFallout 2 character profile
 file extension gciGrand Theft Auto 2 game data
 file extension gciSonic Adventure DX saved game
 file extension gcmGameCube disk image
 file extension gcsGameShark SharkSave for GameCube file
 file extension gcscenarioGalactic Conquest Scenario Editor scenario
 file extension gctOcarina Cheat Code Manager exported cheat
 file extension gcvSexVilla game movie
 file extension gdbStar Trek Elite Force II info file
 file extension gdfGURPS data
 file extension gdtCall of Duty info file
 file extension gdwJaws: Unleashed data
 file extension geaFifa World Cup game data
 file extension geoHomeworld geometry data
 file extension gfcDoom 3 GFC data file
 file extension gfpkScarlet Blade game archive
 file extension gfxWarcraft II image file
 file extension gg1Goofy Golf Deluxe course
 file extension gg2Goofy Golf Deluxe saved game
 file extension ggpkGrinding Gears Package
 file extension ghbLego Racers ghost path
 file extension ghsGlider Pro house file
 file extension ghsLaserTank high scores
 file extension gicBioWare Aurora Engine area data
 file extension gitBioWare Aurora game engine area file
 file extension gjdThe 11th Hour game file
 file extension gjd7th Guest game data
 file extension glStar Crusader game archive
gla file icon file extension glaQuake 3 Arena skeleton data
 file extension glbUltimate Stunts binary 3D model
 file extension glbRaptor: Call Of The Shadows support data
 file extension glfSpace Engine shader data
 file extension glksaveZoom game save package
 file extension gmTransport Tycoon game music
 file extension gm1Heroes of Might & Magic 3 saved game
 file extension gm1Stronghold object
 file extension gm2Heroes of Might & Magic III saved game file
 file extension gm3Heroes of Might & Magic III saved game
 file extension gm4Heroes of Might & Magic III saved game file
 file extension gmaGarry's Mod add-on
 file extension gmdGameMaker stored game
 file extension gmeGunbound main Gunbound executable
 file extension gmeMulti Game Memory Editor main game data
 file extension gmfRobot Arena Design and Destroy graphic data
 file extension gmpGrand Theft Auto 2 game data
 file extension gmpRailroad Tycoon 3 game data
 file extension gmrGame Maker compiled game
 file extension gmresGame Maker resource data
 file extension gmvCyberboard move data
 file extension goGo game data
 file extension gobLucasArts game resource file
 file extension godPopulous 2 saved game file
 file extension gooJedi Knight: Mysteries of The Sith game data
 file extension goomodWorld of Goo data
 file extension gorMyth: The Fallen Lords game data

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