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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

List of common game related files

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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

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 file extension gpfStar Trek Elite Force II game play formula
 file extension gpmRagnarok Online update
 file extension gr2RAD Game Tools game content
 file extension gr2Divinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension graMicrosoft Flight Simulator file
 file extension grfRagnarok game archive
 file extension grfOpenTTD graphics resource
 file extension grhLittle Fighter 1 bitmap image
 file extension grleFarming Simulator saved game
 file extension grmNovaLogic game facial expressions
 file extension grmANNO 2070 script
 file extension groSerious Sam game data
 file extension groWarlords Battlecry game archive
grp file icon file extension grpDuke Nukem 3D archive
 file extension grpStarCraft graphics group file
 file extension grpTransport Fever group parameters
 file extension grpinfoIon Fury GRP settings
 file extension grsMen of War: Assault Squad 2 game data
 file extension grv7th Guest game data
 file extension gs3Genecyst game saved state 1
 file extension gs4Genecyst saved state
 file extension gscCall of Duty script
 file extension gsprojGameSalad project
 file extension gstNeed for Speed game data
 file extension gsvGameShark saved game
 file extension gszipGameSalad market asset
 file extension gtfTom Clancy's Ghost Recon game data
 file extension guiDoom 3 game data
 file extension guiInfinity Engine game file
 file extension guiAliens vs. Predator game data
 file extension gvmPhantasy Star Online data
 file extension gvrPhantasy Star Online game data
 file extension gxtGrand Theft Auto 2 game data
 file extension gzpGiants: Citizen Kabuto game data
 file extension gzrGunZ game data
 file extension h2oH2O compressed archive
 file extension h3cHeroes of Might and Magic 3 campaign file
 file extension h3mHeroes of Might and Magic 3 map
 file extension h4mResident Evil Zero game file
 file extension h4rHeroes of Might and Magic 4 game data
 file extension h5cHeroes of Might and Magic V campaign data
 file extension h5mHeroes of Might and Magic V game data
 file extension h5pHeroes of Might and Magic V game data
 file extension h5uHeroes of Might and Magic V mod archive
 file extension h6rHeroes of Might and Magic VI game data
 file extension hakBioWare Aurora engine data
 file extension halMortyr game archive
 file extension hamDescent 2 resource file
 file extension hatFormula 1 2001 car race log hat
 file extension hazMicrosoft Flight Simulator texture
 file extension hbrHaxBall replay
 file extension hbyHornby Virtual Railway data
 file extension hdrTransport Fever texture
 file extension hdvFormula 1 One 2001 season 01 vehicles arrows
 file extension he0Humungous Entertainment archive
 file extension he1Humongous Entertainment game archive
 file extension he3Humungous Entertainment archive
 file extension heaFIFA 2001 game data
 file extension heartssave-msWindows Vista Hearts saved game
 file extension heroesofhellas2olympiasavedgameHeroes of Hellas 2: Olympia
 file extension hfbHell Fighter battle data
 file extension hg1Hellgate: London saved game
 file extension hghStar Wars: Tie Fighter high score data
 file extension hgpHighGrow plant data
 file extension hgtBattlezone game data
 file extension hhiThe Sims 4 game data
 file extension hiHigh score record
 file extension hifDiablo: Hellfire item data
 file extension higHigh score list
 file extension hilDeluxe Ski Jump 3 hill data
 file extension himROSE Online highmaps
 file extension hisawsaveNancy Drew saved game
 file extension hitThe Sims sound
 file extension hiwacsaveNancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy saved game
 file extension hkePainkiller Overdose game data
 file extension hkxThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim animation
 file extension hl1Half-Life saved game
 file extension hl2Half-Life 2 saved game
 file extension hlkWarhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 animation file
 file extension hllBoulder Dash game data
 file extension hlsSimCity 4 hitlist
 file extension hmdHighway Pursuit game data
 file extension hmiHMI MIDI music
 file extension hmpDescent MIDI audio
 file extension hmpFrontier: First Encounters game music
 file extension hmpWorms height map
 file extension hobStar Trek Birth of the Federation ship graphic data file
 file extension hodHomeworld object data
 file extension hofHall Of Fame data
 file extension hogLucas Arts Dark Forces data file
 file extension hogDescent game data
 file extension hoggCryptic Studios data
 file extension hoi4Hearts of Iron IV saved game
 file extension holdemsave-msMicrosoft Windows Hold'em game data
 file extension honmodHeroes of Newerth mod
 file extension honreplayHeroes of Newerth replay
 file extension hotThe Sims sound file
 file extension hotspotHomeworld cursor informaiton
 file extension householdbinaryThe Sims 4 game data
 file extension hp3Harpoon Classic game data
 file extension hp4Harpoon Classic game data
 file extension hp6Harpoon Classic game data
 file extension hp7Harpoon Classic game data
 file extension hp9Harpoon Classic game data
 file extension hpbLarry Bond's Harpoon – Commander’s Edition game data
 file extension hpiTotal Annihilation game archive
 file extension hpiSpring HAPI compressed data
 file extension hpkHaemimont Games game package file
 file extension hpnHarpoon Classic game data
 file extension hppHaluha Pearls design
 file extension hqrLittle Big Adventure HQR file
 file extension hsmThe Sims sound data
 file extension hstVGA Planets game file
 file extension hsvDiablo: Hellfire singleplayer character data
 file extension htgHackTheGame mission pack
 file extension htsValve Steam saved game
 file extension hulRe-Volt collision data
 file extension hullHalf-Life map collision hull data
hva file icon file extension hvaCommand and Conquer Tiberian Sun voxel animation control data
 file extension hwdHedgewars game replay
 file extension hwlHangman Deluxe word list
 file extension hwsHedgewars saved game file
 file extension hxmDescent 2 resource modification
 file extension i3aPoint Blank game data
 file extension i3animpackPoint Blank game data
 file extension i3chrPoint Blank game audio data
 file extension i3dHidden and Dangerous game file
 file extension i3execPoint Blank game data
 file extension i3sPoint Blank game data
 file extension iaiNovaLogic item attributes info
 file extension iaoImperiumAO game data
 file extension iapInfinity Engine automatic installation package file
 file extension ib2IncrediBots world map file
 file extension ib3IncrediBots world map file
 file extension ibchIncrediBots challenge data
 file extension ibfFinal Fantasy XI game data
 file extension ibiRaven Software ICARUS compiled script
 file extension ibreIncrediBots replay
 file extension ibroIncrediBots robot data
 file extension ibtThief: Deadly Shadows texture and model
 file extension icdRayman 2 game data
 file extension icdDungeon Keeper 2 game data
 file extension icv1000 Miglia game data
 file extension idSimCity 4 channel identification format
 file extension ideGrand Theft Auto IV item data
 file extension idmFahrenheit data
 file extension idoiDate Online game data
 file extension idsInfinity game engine
 file extension idxNoX game data
 file extension idxHellgate: London game archive
 file extension idx0RuneScape cache index
 file extension idx255RuneScape cache index file
 file extension iexThe Tuttles Madcap Misadventures game data
 file extension iflDescent 3 ship graphic file
 file extension iflNova Logic build info listing file
 file extension ifoBioWare Aurora game engine information
 file extension ifoROSE Online map data
 file extension ifoANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension ifpGrand Theft Auto animation
 file extension ifrFormula One 2001 game data
 file extension iglIGOR saved game
 file extension igpIgor player data
 file extension imTrainz Railroad Simulator indexed mesh
 file extension imcLucasArts game sound data
 file extension imfTacx Fortius file format
 file extension imgGrand Theft Auto game archive
 file extension imgaMarathon 2 Aleph One image file
 file extension imgbFinal Fantasy XII model
 file extension imsStar Wars: Rebel Assault game data
 file extension imuStar Wars Force Commander audio file
 file extension inbRebel Assault backup
 file extension incaballsavedgameInca Ball saved game
 file extension incaquestsavedgameInca Quest saved game
 file extension indWell of Souls game file
 file extension indexid Tech 6 index
 file extension indexStarcraft index
 file extension infoSimCity 4 album info
 file extension inibinLeague of Legends game data
 file extension innPhantasmagoria ini file
 file extension insAdventure Game Toolkit game instructions
 file extension insaniquariumdeluxesavedgameInsaniquarium Deluxe saved game
 file extension intUnreal Tournament mutator
 file extension intDevastation language file
 file extension intUnreal Engine international language localization
 file extension intPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time video data
 file extension intrAssassins's Creed game data
 file extension invRainbow Six Rogue Spear inventory
 file extension invLineage inventory data
 file extension invMinecraft INVedit data
 file extension ioArabian Nights game data
 file extension iopLost Saga game data
 file extension ipfGrand Theft Auto III animation data
ipg file icon file extension ipgiPod game package
 file extension iplGrand Theft Auto III object placement data file
 file extension ipsGame patch
 file extension iqeInter-Quake export data
 file extension iqmInter-Quake model
 file extension irkiArcade game package
 file extension isbVanguard music data
 file extension isdANNO 2070 mission data
 file extension islThe Universal game server export file format
 file extension isoSega CD game disk image
 file extension isrGo-Moku game file
 file extension it2Intruder's Thunder 2 game level
 file extension itaUnreal Engine Italian language localization
 file extension itemscriptDivinity: Original Sin game data
itm file icon file extension itmDiablo item data
 file extension itmInfinity game engine inventory object
 file extension itpBioWare Aurora game engine palette data
 file extension itrIcy Tower data
 file extension ivtInternational Volleyball 2006 game data
 file extension iw5dlcCall of Duty Modern Warfare 3 DLC data
 file extension iwdCall of Duty game archive
 file extension iwiCall of Duty skin
 file extension ix3Rebel Chess Program database
 file extension ix4Rebel chess data
 file extension izpDungeonforge data
 file extension j2bJazz Jackrabbit 2 music data
 file extension j2dJazz Jackrabbit game data
 file extension j2eJazz Jackrabbit 2 episode data
 file extension j2iJazz Jackrabbit 2 Internet Server Link
 file extension j2lJazz Jackrabbit 2 level data
 file extension j2siJazz Jackrabbit 2 Internet Server Link
 file extension j2tJazz Jackrabbit 2 tile set
 file extension jaTrainz Railroad Simulator game data
 file extension jamLeisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude archive
 file extension jamUnreal Tournament 3 for PS3 game mod
 file extension japFIFA World Cup game data fe art legalscr data
 file extension jblDoom scene add-on
 file extension jcrQNonograms puzzle
 file extension jdfTurok 2 game data
 file extension jeopardysavedgameJeopardy saved game
 file extension jewelquestheritagesavedgameJewel Quest saved game
 file extension jewelquestsavedgameJewel Quest saved game
 file extension jewelquestsolitaire2savedgameJewel Quest saved game
 file extension jewelthiefsavedgameJewel Thief saved game
 file extension jg0GameBoid saved game
 file extension jg4BigJig jigsaw puzzle data
 file extension jg6BigJig jigsaw data
 file extension jigGameHouse Puzzle Jigsaw game data
 file extension jigLiving Scenes jigsaw puzzles
 file extension jigsawJigsaw Explorer puzzle
 file extension jigzJiggsaw Puzzle file
 file extension jitAika Online texture data
jkb file icon file extension jkbQuake 3 Arena bot AI data
 file extension jklJedi Knight file
 file extension jksJedi Knight saved game
 file extension jmojMonkeyEngine model
 file extension jn1Jill of the Jungle game data
 file extension jnkStarpoint Gemini 2 junkyard data
 file extension jojosfashionshowsavedgameJojo Fashion Show saved game
 file extension jpkDark Blood Online game data
 file extension jpnUnreal Engine language localization
 file extension jppJigsaw Puzzle Player puzzle definition
 file extension jpsJigsaw Puzzle Player puzzle completion status
 file extension jpzPuzzle Solver puzzle
 file extension jq2savegameJewel Quest 2 saved game data
 file extension jq3savegameJewel Quest III saved game file
 file extension jqzHot Potatoes JQuiz data
 file extension jrfThe Jumbot bot level navigation data
 file extension jrlBioWare Aurora game engine journal data
jrz file icon file extension jrzSony Playstation Portable game data file
 file extension jstJnes saved game state
ka file icon file extension kaKarma engine asset data
 file extension kafResurrection Matchmaker! map pack
 file extension kafPopulous: Resurrection map pack
 file extension kaoPokemon Mystery Dungeon font
 file extension kc0Klondike Collection game data
 file extension kc1Klondike Collection game data
 file extension kclMario Kart Wii collision information
 file extension kdaNova Logic game data
 file extension kdvComanche 3 video data
 file extension kexRealFlight model
 file extension keyBioWare Infinity and Aurora game engine resource data
 file extension kfThe Elder Scrolls: Oblivion game data
 file extension kf2Max Payne resource data
 file extension kfsMax Payne model
 file extension kg2Keygrip2 demo
 file extension kgtVanguard Princess game data
 file extension kldDungeon Keeper 2 playable map
 file extension kmpMario Kart Wii course description data
 file extension knvWWE WrestleMania 21 game data
 file extension knwLive for Speed AI knowledge data
 file extension korUnreal Engine language localization
 file extension kprFifa World Cup game data
 file extension krabbyquestsavedgameSpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Quest saved game
 file extension krnNBA 99 fonts file
 file extension ksbEvil Genius key stroke bindings data
 file extension ksmlHalo Custom Edition data
 file extension ktonetKar Pro Mid Ohio data
 file extension kv6Ace of Spades model
 file extension kvqSega Smash Pack PC version file
 file extension kwdDungeon Keeper 2 game data
 file extension kwreplayCommand & Conquer 3 replay
 file extension kxrGetAmped2 game archive
 file extension kyeKye level data
 file extension lGame of Life file
 file extension l2rLineage II replay
 file extension l3dBlack & White graphics data
 file extension la0LucasArts game data
 file extension la1LucasArts game data
 file extension la2LucasArts game data
 file extension labLucasArts game resource data
 file extension lanDeluxe Ski Jump 3 language data
 file extension langMinecraft language localization
 file extension lastloginMinecraft user settings
 file extension latCrossword Express lattice data
 file extension lbaLittle Big Adventure saved game
 file extension lbfBioshock game data
 file extension lbiFIFA 2001 data feart legal screen
 file extension lbmUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension ldbMax Payne level data
 file extension ldoNovaLogic game loadout text
 file extension ldwVirtual Villagers saved game
 file extension lecLucasArts game resource
 file extension levLiero level data
 file extension levWorms map
 file extension levReturn to Wonderland level file
 file extension levNetHack level data
 file extension lfdLucasArts game resource file
 file extension lflLucasArts games resource
 file extension lfrLittle Fighter game data
 file extension lgpFinal Fantasy game archive file
 file extension lgrElasto Mania character skin
 file extension lgtUrban Chaos game data
 file extension lgtAge of Mythology world lighting effect
 file extension lgtThe Sims lighting file
 file extension lifHomeWorld game texture
 file extension lifGame of Life pattern file
 file extension liongthelostamuletssavedgameLiong The Lost Amulets saved game
lit file icon file extension litQuake coloured light data
 file extension litROSE Online light map
 file extension litemodMinecraft mod archive file
 file extension lkpThis War of Mine custom content
 file extension lll1000 Miglia game data
 file extension llsdSecond Life game data
 file extension lmgCryENGINE locomotion group animation file
 file extension lmpDoom recorded demo
lmp file icon file extension lmpQuake game data
 file extension lmpLeft 4 Dead file
 file extension lmuRPG Maker map
 file extension lncFootball Manager player data
 file extension lngLanguage definition file
 file extension lngCrysis game file
 file extension lngpThis War of Mine language localization pack
 file extension lnrLunar Invasion saved game
 file extension lnzPetz linez data
 file extension locresUnreal Tournament localization data
 file extension lodHomeworld level of detail data
 file extension lodA-10 Cuba! Weapons loadout data
 file extension lodROSE Online level of detail data
 file extension lodHeroes of Might and Magic III graphics data
 file extension lomLock On: Modern Air Combat 3D model
 file extension losClose Combat 2 map related game data
 file extension loveLÖVE game package file
 file extension lpStar Wars: The Force Unleashed levelpack
 file extension lpNASCAR Racing 2002 track configuration options
 file extension lpbLaserTank game replay
 file extension lprHomeworld game data
 file extension lrfLine Rider 2 Unbound custom font
 file extension lrfLeague of Legends saved replay
 file extension lrmLine Rider 2 Unbound saved track
lrn file icon file extension lrnApple Chess user data
 file extension lrpLine Rider 2 Unbound puzzle part
 file extension lrsLode Runner 2 savegame files
 file extension lrsLeague of Legends replay
 file extension lrtLeague of Legends replay
 file extension lsLinks 98 game data
 file extension lsbDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension lsdFIFA World Cup game data environment
 file extension lsdRPG Maker saved game
 file extension lspLiving Scenes jigsaw puzzles
 file extension lsscriptDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension lstValve map related data
 file extension lsvDivinity: Original Sin saved game
 file extension lswRPG Maker saved game
 file extension lsxDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension ltaMonolith Lithtech game engine data
 file extension ltbROSE Online game data
 file extension ltrBioWare Aurora engine racegender-specific generated name file
 file extension ltsLinks Email Tourney data
 file extension ltxS.T.A.L.K.E.R. game settings
lua file icon file extension luaLua script
 file extension lugGame data
 file extension luvMedieval 2 Total War game data
 file extension luxbLux Delux map
 file extension luxor2savedgameLuxor 2 saved game
 file extension luxorquestsavedgameLuxor: Quest for Afterlife saved game
 file extension lv6Return to Wonderland level data
 file extension lvbOutlaws game data
 file extension lvivtLvivtotoro game file
 file extension lvlGame level data
 file extension lwfNova Logic game hold sound profiles
 file extension lxtS.T.A.L.K.E.R. game data
 file extension lyrCrysis game file
 file extension lzcNeed for Speed Undercover game data
 file extension lzpLaw and Order 3: Justice is Served game file
 file extension lzsSkyroads game data
 file extension m18Accolade Golf course data
m2 file icon file extension m2World of Warcraft model object file format
 file extension m2PC-98 game music
m3 file icon file extension m3Blizzard StarCraft 2 MDX3 model
 file extension m32Duke Nukem 3D script
 file extension m3dCossacks map
 file extension m3dEverQuest game data
 file extension m3hStarcraft 2 model
 file extension m3sMyst III Exile saved game
 file extension m3tMyst 3 Exile text file
 file extension m4bMyst IV: Revelation game archive
 file extension m4sMyst IV: Revelation saved game
m8 file icon file extension m8Heretic II MipMap image file
 file extension m8m8mam8 game data
ma file icon file extension maDiablo II map
 file extension ma0Diablo II Act 1 saved map progress
 file extension ma1Diablo II Act 2 saved map progress file
 file extension ma2Diablo II Act 3 saved map progress
 file extension ma3Diablo II Act 4 saved map progress
 file extension madElectronic Arts game movie
 file extension mahjongtitanssave-msMahjong Titans saved game
 file extension manmVietcong game data file
 file extension maoDragon Age Origins MAO XML data
map file icon file extension mapDIV Games Studio map image format
 file extension mapGame map
 file extension mapFly! map description
 file extension mapLeadwerks Game Engine map
 file extension masNASCAR SimRacing data
 file extension masseffectprofileMass Effect user profile
 file extension masseffectsaveMass Effect saved game
 file extension matFreelancer model textures file
 file extension matGame material
 file extension materialRigs of Rods texture reference
 file extension matoAtomic Combat saved game file
 file extension matprojDragon Age Origins material data
 file extension maxAction Replay Max saved data
 file extension mazMicrosoft Windows Hover! maze data
 file extension mb1Monster Bash game data file
 file extension mbeMVP Baseball 2005 game data
 file extension mbmKerbal Space Program texture
 file extension mcaMinecraft Anvil file
 file extension mcdUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension mcgameMinecraft backup
 file extension mclevelMinecraft map
 file extension mcmetaMinecraft animation settings
 file extension mcrMinecraft region data
 file extension mcworldMinecraft world backup
md2 file icon file extension md2Quake 2 model
md3 file icon file extension md3Quake 3 model file
 file extension md4Quake 3 MD4 skeletal model format
md5anim file icon file extension md5animDoom 3 ID Tech 4 game engine model animation
md5camera file icon file extension md5cameraDoom 3 ID Tech 4 game engine model camera data
md5mesh file icon file extension md5meshDoom 3 ID Tech 4 game engine 3D mesh file
 file extension md6animid Tech 6 animation data
 file extension md6meshid Tech 6 mesh
 file extension mdfStar Trek Armada game data
mdl file icon file extension mdlid Tech 2 game engine model
 file extension mdlFlight Simulator 95/98 3D model
 file extension mdlSteam Source SDK model content data
mdl file icon file extension mdlBlizzard Entertainment 3D model
 file extension mdlMen of War: Assault Squad 2 model
 file extension mdlLeadwerks Game Engine model
 file extension mdlLuigi's Mansion 3D model
 file extension mdpQuantum Break game data
 file extension mdtNovaLogic game bump map
mdx file icon file extension mdxBlizzard Entertainment 3D model
 file extension me2headmorphMass Effect 2 head morph file
 file extension me2modMass Effect 2 game modification
 file extension megStar Wars: Empire at War game data
 file extension mega2Doom texture package
menu file icon file extension menuQuake 3 Engine Id Tech 3 menu
met file icon file extension metDragon Age Origins saved game
 file extension mfPanda3D gameplay multifile
 file extension mftOrigin game update package manifest
 file extension mglAge of Empires II game data
 file extension mgsvMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain mod archive
 file extension mgxRise of Nations saved game
 file extension mgxAge of Empires 2 replay
 file extension mgzMetal Gear Solid game archive
mhd file icon file extension mhdFallout 3 game data
 file extension mhkRiven movie data
 file extension miiNintendo Wii virtual avatar
 file extension mineMinecraft map
 file extension minesweepersave-msMicrosoft MineSweeper saved record
 file extension misMission data
 file extension misDelta Force Land Warrior mission data
 file extension misTom Clancy's Ghost Recon mission
 file extension misTribes 2 game data
 file extension misMarble Blast Gold mission data
 file extension missionMissionMaker project
 file extension missionVega Strike mission file
 file extension missionANNO 2070 mission information
 file extension mixCommand & Conquer game file
 file extension mixMotoGP game data
 file extension mjkNLMTIM question data
 file extension mkrTrain Simulator marker data
mlx file icon file extension mlxStarcraft saved game
 file extension mmRise of Nations campaign media file
 file extension mmTransport Fever cache
 file extension mm6Might and Magic 6 saved game
 file extension mm7Might and Magic 7 saved game
 file extension mm8Might and Magic 8 saved game

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