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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

List of common game related files

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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

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 file extension mmlMarathon 2 Aleph One Marathon Markup Language code
 file extension mmpGrand Theft Auto multiplayer map
 file extension mmxCommand and Conquer game data
 file extension mn2Descent 2 mission data
 file extension mn3Descent 3 mission data
 file extension mniStar Trek Elite Force 2 game file
 file extension mnuNovaLogic game menu file
 file extension moTransport Fever text game data
 file extension mobMaster of Orion 3 game data
 file extension modNeverwinter Nights module file
model file icon file extension modelStronghold 3 model
 file extension modelWarhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 3D model
 file extension modinfoCivilization 5 mod information
 file extension modpakStarbound compressed mod
 file extension mogFootball Mogul game data
 file extension mommaOffspring Fling replay
 file extension monMonopoly Deluxe game data
 file extension moppHavok Engine data
 file extension morDragon Age Toolset head morph
 file extension mosInfinity engine compressed background GUI tile info
 file extension movROSE Online game data
 file extension mp2mMax Payne 2 mod file
 file extension mp2sMax Payne 2 saved game
 file extension mpkPainkiller Overdose game map
 file extension mpkWolfenstein 2009 game data
 file extension mpmMax Payne modification data
mpq file icon file extension mpqBlizzard Entertainment game archive
mpqe file icon file extension mpqeBlizzard encrypted game data
 file extension mprWestwood Studios game data
 file extension mprLive for Speed multiple player replay
 file extension mpsMax Payne saved game file
 file extension mpzRed Eclipse map file
 file extension mqoRunescape 2 game file
 file extension mr1Jumpman Lives! game data
 file extension mresHomeworld game data
 file extension mrkMissionRisk game data
 file extension mrlvTacx Fortius file format
 file extension mrmGothic 2 game data
 file extension mrsGunz game data
 file extension ms1VirtualBus game data
 file extension mshTransport Fever mesh
 file extension msnDescent mission file
 file extension msxAge of Empires II saved game file
 file extension mt1830 Railroads And Robber Barons game data
 file extension mtaMicrosoft Flight Simulator maintenance data
 file extension mtfDarkstone game archive
 file extension mtlMen of War: Assault Squad 2 material
 file extension mtlTransport Fever material data
 file extension mtrRealFight radio control data
 file extension mtrid Tech 4 material defintions
 file extension mtvMTV Music Generator game data
 file extension mukFinal Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000 game data
 file extension mukMall Tycoon game data
 file extension mulUltima Online game data
mus file icon file extension musDoom music file
 file extension musInfinity game engine music control data
 file extension musMinecraft music
 file extension musNeed for Speed: Most Wanted music
 file extension muxTrackMania music file
 file extension muzHover! MIDI data
 file extension mveInterplay game video data
 file extension mw2Super Mario World game data
 file extension mw4MechWarrior game structure file archive
 file extension mwmSpace Engineers model
 file extension mwmMechWarrior 2: Mercenaries mission data
 file extension mwpsNeed for Speed: Most Wanted car attributes
 file extension mxfMaxis SimCity font
 file extension mypWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning game data
 file extension mysMyst saved game file
 file extension n2eThe Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing effect
 file extension n2pkThe Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing game data
 file extension n3pmeshKnight Online 3D mesh
 file extension narCounter-Strike Online game archive file
 file extension navCounter-Strike source CBot navigation mesh
 file extension nazTotal Overdose game data
 file extension nbaNBA game data file
 file extension nbfcNintendo DS nitro basic file character
 file extension nbfpNintedo DS nitro basic file palette
 file extension nbfsNintendo DS nitro basic file screen
 file extension nblPhantasy Star Universe game data
 file extension ncerNintendo DS nitro cell resource file
 file extension ncpNHL Ice Hockey 2002 user NHLcards
 file extension ncsBioware Aurora / Obsidian Electron compiled script
 file extension ndmEnemy Territory Quake Wars demo
 file extension ndsIndiana Jones and the Infernal Machine saved game
 file extension neiCustom Maid 3D data
 file extension neosaveNeopets Puzzle Adventure saved game file
 file extension nfgRHS Nibbles finished game data
 file extension nfoAge of Empires player data
 file extension nfsF1 2015 speech data
 file extension nfs11saveNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010 configuration data
 file extension nfs13saveNeed for Speed: Most Wanted saved game position
 file extension nftrNintendo DS font
 file extension ngageNokia N-Gage game
 file extension ngbNonogram Puzzle data
 file extension nghNeighbours from Hell 2 saved game
 file extension ngnFly! engine specification
 file extension nhNetHack defaults data
 file extension nhlNHL 2002 user teams data
 file extension nifGameBryo model
 file extension nimNokia game data
 file extension nl2scriptNoLimits script
 file extension nlbColin McRae Rally network leader boards game data
 file extension nlpxMad Data NoLimits game data file
 file extension nltrackNoLimits roller coaster track
 file extension nlvmNoLimits game data
 file extension nobSilver game data
 file extension nodeFor Honor EasyAntiCheat data
 file extension nonStar Wars: Tie Fighter mouse options
 file extension novaCryptic game data archive
 file extension npcStar Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game data
 file extension npgNextPlay game data
 file extension npgDie Hard: Nakatomi Plaza saved game
 file extension npjNova Logic game mission
 file extension ns1Nestopia saved state
 file extension nsbcaNintendo DS model animation file
 file extension nsbmdNintendo DS game 3D model file
 file extension nsbtaNintendo DS texture animation
 file extension nsbtxNintendo DS model texture file
 file extension nscrNintendo DS nitro screen resource
 file extension nsmNESticle movie
 file extension nssBioware Aurora / Obsidian Electron uncompiled script file
 file extension ntfpNintendo DS nitro file palette
 file extension ntlDiablo 2 mod D2NT script
 file extension ntpCastlevania audio data
 file extension ntrkPacific Fighters track
 file extension nutLucas Arts animation
 file extension nutStar Fox: Assault texture file
 file extension nutOpenTTD AI game data
 file extension nutSquirrel script
 file extension nvtNovelty template
 file extension nwnBioware Aurora engine module
 file extension nwxOutlaws choreography data
 file extension nxuC4 Engine XML model data
 file extension oUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension o8dOCTGN deck file
 file extension o8gOCTGN game definition data
 file extension o8sOCTGN settings
 file extension oa2B.O.U.T. Evolution low res texture
 file extension oacGrand Theft Auto V audio data
 file extension oafMicrosoft Flight Simulator texture file
 file extension oavMicrosoft Flight Simulator texture
 file extension obgOpenTTD base graphics
 file extension obkUbiSoft ChessMaster opening book data
 file extension obmOpenTTD game data
 file extension obsOpenTTD game data
 file extension odfBattleZone cartographers guild file
 file extension odfStar Trek Armada ship and structure information
 file extension ogfDescent 3 Outrage graphic row file
 file extension oggSalt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 game data
 file extension ogzCube 2 Sauerbraten map
 file extension olbMedical Terminology Challenge data file
 file extension olvRoller Coaster Tycoon file
 file extension omwOmweso game data
 file extension oobSteel Panthers World At War data
 file extension op2Outpost 2 saved game
 file extension opaFly! RAW image opacity map
 file extension opkSinking Island game data
 file extension opnRebel Strip Poker opponent data
oppc file icon file extension oppcSpace Marine game resource package
 file extension opqEschalon: Book I game data
 file extension optAGT game data
 file extension orcHeroes of Might and Magic VI game data
 file extension oreNarbacular Drop game content data
 file extension orfDescent 3 Outrage file
 file extension oriNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit game file
 file extension orkWarhammer Mark of Chaos game archive
 file extension orzHolic game data
 file extension osbdOni sound binary data format
 file extension oscFormula One 2001 options
 file extension osfDescent 3 sound data
 file extension oskOsu! skin
 file extension osrosu! game replay
 file extension osuosu! script
 file extension oszOsu! beatmap data
 file extension osz2osu! data
 file extension otdOpenIV texture data
 file extension otrOver the Reich saved game
 file extension ovhOMSI bus settings
 file extension ovkLittle Busters! game data
 file extension ovlRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 sprite
 file extension oxsRacer Onyx script
 file extension oztMu Online texture file
 file extension p000Dragon's Prophet game data
 file extension p3dOperation Flashpoint game model
 file extension p4fMU Online [P4F] Launcher System data
 file extension p8PICO-8 data
 file extension pacPacman data
 file extension pacDesperados game archive
 file extension packCreative Assembly game resources
 file extension packageElectronic Arts game data archive
 file extension packmetaQuantum Break metadata
 file extension pagesid Tech 6 map data
 file extension pakGame resource package
 file extension pakSimutrans object
 file extension palRise of Nations campaign media
 file extension papaPapa games backup file
 file extension parFMS flight characteristics
pat file icon file extension patWarHack Warcraft 2 utility data
 file extension patBlack & White II paths data
 file extension patMicrosoft Train Simulator track path
 file extension pat0Nintendo Wii texture pattern
 file extension patchPatch
 file extension patch_0Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide bundle patch
 file extension pbfGrand Prix Legends BMAP (Bitmap) data
 file extension pbfF1 2015 attract game data
 file extension pbfDiRT 3 replay
 file extension pbnPortable Bridge notation
 file extension pboOperation Flashpoint game mission folder
pc file icon file extension pcSpace Marine localization data
 file extension pcAliens vs. Predator game data
 file extension pccMass Effect game package
 file extension pcdStar Wars The Force Unleashed game data
 file extension pcdPokémon wonder card
 file extension pcfValve Source particle data
 file extension pckGame package
 file extension pcpStar Wars The Force Unleashed game file
 file extension pcpackGraphics data
 file extension pcsavMass Effect saved game
 file extension pdSpore audio data
 file extension pdaid Tech 4 game data
 file extension pdnDam game data
 file extension pdtAncient Warfare game data
 file extension pdxaEuropa Universalis III file format
 file extension pegRed Faction II game data
 file extension pegPeggle game replay
 file extension pegglesavedgamePeggle saved game
 file extension pegnPeggle Nights replay
 file extension penguinssavedgamePenguins! saved game
 file extension perRise of Nations game data
 file extension petMagic Petz file
pfd file icon file extension pfdSony PlayStation 3 saved game control data
 file extension pffNovaLogic game archive
 file extension pgbRayman 2 game data
 file extension pgePocketGrandmaster game engine data
 file extension pgfSimCity graphic data
 file extension pgmfTacx Fortius data
 file extension pgnPortable Game Notation format
 file extension phdTomb Raider game level
 file extension pheWinChess game record
 file extension phnPhun scene file
 file extension phyaMarathon 2 Aleph One physics file
 file extension phzPhun compressed phunlet data
 file extension pigGame archive
 file extension pinEpic Pinball game data
 file extension pirates_savegameSid Meier's Pirates! saved game
 file extension pizPizza Connection 2 saved game file
 file extension pk1XS game data
 file extension pk2Silkroad online game data
 file extension pk2XS game data
 file extension pk3id Tech 3 engine resource file
 file extension pk4id Tech 4 engine resource file
 file extension pk5Enemy Territory Quake Wars 23rd Century Warfare game data
 file extension pk6Generation 6 Pokémon saved game
 file extension pk7ZDoom 7-zip game archive
 file extension pkgMidtown Madness 3D model
 file extension pkmPokemon saved game data file
 file extension pkmdlPainkiller Overdose game file
 file extension pkrTony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 game archive
 file extension pkx3DS Pokémon decrypted saved game
 file extension pkzKart Racing Pro track data
 file extension pl2Diablo 2 palette
 file extension plaNHL game data
 file extension plantsvszombiessavedgamePlants vs. Zombies saved game
 file extension playerMetro 2033 saved game
 file extension player2D Fighter Maker 2nd player data
 file extension playerStarbound game data
 file extension playerTerraria player data
 file extension playerWindward player profile
 file extension playmissionMissionPlayer game data
 file extension plfMr. Bean game data
 file extension plnMicrosoft Flight Simulator flight plan
 file extension plrGame player info
 file extension plreCoconut Queen game data
 file extension pltX-wing vs. Tie Fighter pilot
 file extension plt0Nintendo Wii color palette
 file extension plyMen of War: Assault Squad 2 game data
 file extension pmStar Wars: Rebel Assault game data
 file extension pmTrainz progressive mesh
 file extension pmpSoldat map maker data
 file extension pmuDriver 3 PMU data
 file extension pnsPopnoggin subject file
 file extension poaFIFA World Cup game data
 file extension podBloodrayne game archive
 file extension podTerminal Velocity archive
 file extension podNocturne game archive
 file extension pofDescent robot definition
 file extension pogDescent 2 texture modification
 file extension polUnreal Engine Polish language localization
 file extension polarbowlersavedgamePolar Bowler saved game data
 file extension polargolfersavedgamePolar Golfer saved game file
 file extension pooOn-Line game protected file
 file extension popTeam Fortresss 2 population data
 file extension ppPocket Physics saved data
 file extension ppcUEFA Champions League game data
 file extension ppeS.T.A.L.K.E.R. post-process effector
 file extension ppfSimCity game data
 file extension ppmodPapers, Please mod
ppt file icon file extension pptSony Playstation Portable texture
 file extension pqProgress Quest saved character
 file extension pqheroPuzzle Quest saved game
 file extension pr3Port Royale 3 saved game
 file extension prdLode Runner game
 file extension primitivesWorld of Tanks 3D model
 file extension primitives_processedWorld of Tanks 3D model
 file extension prisonPrison Architect saved game file
 file extension prkTony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 saved park file
 file extension prkLucasArts Thrillville park data
 file extension prmHitman game data
 file extension prmRe-Volt model
 file extension proVarious games data
 file extension profSuper Smash Bros. Crusade profile
 file extension profileStar Wars Battlefront 2 player profile
 file extension profile_save_dataBattlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 profile
 file extension propSpore property data
 file extension prpUru: ages beyond Myst page resource package
 file extension prpFly! propellor specification file
 file extension prsLode Runner game data
 file extension prtid Tech 4 particles
 file extension prwJigs@w data
 file extension ps2Sharkport saved game
psa file icon file extension psaUnreal Engine skeletal animation
 file extension psarcSony Playstation 3 game archive
 file extension pscThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Papyrus script
 file extension psfSimCity audio data
 file extension pshJoWood game archive
psk file icon file extension pskUnreal Engine character model mesh
 file extension psnSimCity city data
 file extension pssSony Playstation 2 video
 file extension pssgColin McRae: DiRT 2 game data
psv file icon file extension psvSony PlayStation 2 saved game position
 file extension pt2Advanced Tactics scenario data
 file extension ptaNASCAR Racing 2003 Season game data
 file extension ptgNova Logic game effects definition
 file extension ptlNovaLogic game particle file
 file extension ptlROSE Online Particle list data file
 file extension ptmBioWare Aurora Engine plot manager file
 file extension ptsHalf-Life map creation debug data
 file extension ptsInfinity Engine game tileset
 file extension pttBioWare Aurora engine blueprint data
 file extension ptuNova Logic effects definition data
 file extension ptxRayman 2 game data
 file extension puaAgainst Rome game data
 file extension pubThe Sims family game data
pud file icon file extension pudBlizzard map
 file extension puppyluvsavedgamePuppy Luv saved game
 file extension purblepairssave-msPurble Place pair save game file
 file extension purpleshopsave-msPurple Place shop saved game
 file extension puzCrossword data
 file extension puzPuzzle file
 file extension puzzleblastsavedgamePuzzle Blast saved game
 file extension pviPODBot knowledge data
 file extension pvmSonic Adventure DX game object file
 file extension pvpfPetVille saved game
 file extension pwfHalf-Life: Counter Strike PODBot waypoint
 file extension pxpHalf-Life: Counter-Strike POD-Bot data
 file extension pzcorPanzer Corps saved core army data
 file extension pzlLode Runner puzzle set
 file extension pzpJigs@w saved puzzle
 file extension pzsavPanzer Corps saved game
 file extension q2plugQuake 2 for Mac game file
q2renderer file icon file extension q2rendererQuake 2 for Mac renderer plug-in file
qc file icon file extension qcQuake C script file
 file extension qchThe Dark Queen of Krynn game data
 file extension qe4Kingpin Life of Crime settings
 file extension qfsNeed for Speed tracks trk000 data
 file extension qsdROSE Online quest data file
 file extension qstZelda Classic quest file
 file extension qsuZelda Classic quest data
 file extension qsvJigs@w saved puzzle state
 file extension questtemplateStarbound quest template
 file extension qvmQuake Virtual Machine program
qwd file icon file extension qwdQuakeWorld demo
 file extension r8Microsoft Flight Simulator texture file
ra3autosave file icon file extension ra3autosaveCommand & Conquer Red Alert 3 saved game
ra3campaign file icon file extension ra3campaignCommand & Conquer Red Alert 3 saved game
 file extension ra3replayCommand & Conquer: Red Alert 3 replay file
 file extension ra3skirmishCommand & Conquer: Red Alert 3 skirmish map file
 file extension rafLeague of Legends archive
 file extension rasMax Payne game data
 file extension rastSpore texture, model
 file extension ravFIFA 2001 environment data
 file extension rbDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension rbfWarhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 binary data
 file extension rblxROBLOX game data
 file extension rbnRichard’s Bridge Notation file
 file extension rbxlROBLOX game data
 file extension rbxlxROBLOX XML place information
 file extension rbxmROBLOX model
 file extension rbxsROBLOX script
 file extension rbzRail Baron Player saved game
 file extension rcLeft 4 Dead game data
 file extension rc4Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 customisation data
 file extension rccRan Online game data
 file extension rcfPrototype game data
 file extension rcsColin McRae Rally saved game
 file extension rd2TOCA Race Driver 2 saved game
 file extension rdaANNO game data package
 file extension rdePainkiller Overdose game data
 file extension rdlDescent registered level file
 file extension rdmRagdoll Masters game preference
 file extension rdmANNO 2070 building animation
 file extension rdtG-Police game data
 file extension re4Resident Evil 4 game data
 file extension reaxxionsavedgameReaxxion saved game
 file extension recDeluxe Ski Jump 3 hill record data
 file extension recCompany of Heroes replay
 file extension redRed Faction level file
 file extension rekoRekoNet cardset file
 file extension repGame replay file
 file extension replUltimate Stunts replay
 file extension replayRocket League game replay
 file extension replayFortnite game replay
 file extension replay_last_battleWorld of Tanks last battle recording file
 file extension resGame resource data
resdex file icon file extension resdexStronghold 3 resource file
 file extension resourcesid Tech game resources
 file extension ressUnity engine assets data file
 file extension rezLithTech game engine resource data
 file extension rfaBattlefield 1942 game archive
 file extension rfdEmperor: Battle for Dune game data
 file extension rffBlood game archive
 file extension rfmrFactor modification
 file extension rfmodrFactor 2 mod
rgi file icon file extension rgiRealArcade game installer
 file extension rgmEssence game engine model
 file extension rgnChampionship Manager game data
 file extension rgss3aRPG Maker VX RGSS version 3 encrypted archive
 file extension rgssadRPG Maker VX RGSS encrypted archive
 file extension rgtCorsix's Mod Studio texture
 file extension rgzRagnarok EXE and BGM patch archive
 file extension riXpand Rally Extreme race information data
 file extension ricochetextremesavedgameRicochet Extreme saved game
 file extension ricochetrechargedsavedgameRicochet Recharged saved game
 file extension rigid_meshEmpire: Total War mesh
 file extension rigid_modelEmpire: Total War model
 file extension rigid_model_animationEmpire: Total War animation
rim file icon file extension rimDragon Age Origins game archive
 file extension rkcMario Kart Wii competition data
 file extension rkgMario Kart Wii ghost data
 file extension rkvStar Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes game archive file
 file extension rl1Descent 1 registered level data
 file extension rl2Descent 2 registered level
 file extension rle.gzGolly compressed pattern
 file extension rlstSims 3 data
 file extension rlvTacx Fortius data
 file extension rlwRicochet Lost Worlds: Recharged game data
 file extension rmdpNorthlight Engine game data
 file extension rmeFinal Fantasy audio data
 file extension rmlWatch Dogs 2 configuration
 file extension rmpUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension rmsRise of Nations random file
 file extension rmvRadical Entertainment video
 file extension rnqsPokémon randomization quick settings
 file extension rnrThe 11th Hour game data
 file extension roacjCall of Juarez game resource data file
 file extension rodHot Rod American Street Drag game file
 file extension roflLeague of Legends game replay file
 file extension rotRise of the Triad game data
 file extension rotHomeworld 2 game graphics data
 file extension rovRescure Rover game data
 file extension rp1Indycar Racing 2 - CART Racing intro
 file extension rp3Need For Speed game data
 file extension rpackCall of Juarez game data
 file extension rpfGrand Theft Auto IV RAGE engine package
 file extension rpgO.H.R.RPG.C.E role-playing game file
 file extension rpgprojectRPG Maker project
 file extension rpgsaveRPG Maker saved game
 file extension rpkgHitman game data
 file extension rplToribash game replay
 file extension rpvRebel Strip Poker main opponent video file
 file extension rpyTouhou Project replay file
 file extension rpyRen'Py game engine script
 file extension rrsRoad Rash saved game position
 file extension rsXpand Rally Extreme replay file
 file extension rs2RailSim2 layout file
 file extension rs5Miasmata RS5 data
 file extension rscCarnivores Ice Age map areas
 file extension rscNASCAR Racing paint shop controller file
 file extension rscWarcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans game data
 file extension rsdANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension rsdRuneScape Daemon data
 file extension rsdkTaxman's Retro-Engine SDK data
 file extension rsgDrakan Order Of The Flame file
 file extension rshWarhammer 40,000 texture
 file extension rsmRuneSword 2 game data
 file extension rtzEraser Bot for Quake 2 route data
 file extension runRune map
 file extension rusUnreal Engine Russian language localization
 file extension rvdata2RPG Maker VX data
 file extension rviRevenant game archive
 file extension rvmRevenant game archive
 file extension rvmatArmed Assault texture
 file extension rvprojRPG Maker VX project file
 file extension rvproj2RPG Maker VX project
 file extension rvrRevenant game archive
 file extension rvsRevenant game archive file
 file extension rwBVE Trainsim railway definition
 file extension rwdRWD compressed game archive
 file extension rwvJane's F-18 audio resource

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