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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

List of common game related files

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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

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 file extension rx3FIFA texture
 file extension rxdataRPG Maker RMXP data
 file extension sTrain Simulator shape
 file extension s10Brasfoot saved game
 file extension s11Descent 2 game data
 file extension s16Football Manager game data
 file extension s2Stranded II map
 file extension s2mStronghold 2 map
s2ma file icon file extension s2maStarcraft 2 map
s2mh file icon file extension s2mhStarCraft 2 map header
 file extension s2miStarcraft 2 cache
s2ml file icon file extension s2mlStarCraft 2 map localization
s2mv file icon file extension s2mvStarcraft 2 map preview image
s2qh file icon file extension s2qhStarCraft 2 localization header
s2ql file icon file extension s2qlStarCraft 2 unit localisation file
 file extension s2rSavage 2 replay
 file extension s2zS2Games Savage game data
 file extension s3fBattle Academy 3D model
 file extension s3lScorched 3D model
 file extension s3rRTL Ski Jumping replay
 file extension s3tScorched 3D tankpack
 file extension s4mSWAT 4 map
 file extension s6savegameThe Settlers Rise of an Empire saved game
 file extension sabSabotain game archive
 file extension sablCall ot Duty: Black Ops audio library
 file extension sabsCall ot Duty: Black Ops sound archive
 file extension sacred2saveSacred 2 saved game
 file extension sadLucas Arts sound data
 file extension sagaGargoyle interactive fiction story
 file extension sakPostal game archive
 file extension samAge of Wonders III strategic map
 file extension sanLegacy of Kain series game data
 file extension savSaved game file
 file extension sav2SuperPower save game file
 file extension saveDoom 3 saved game
 file extension saveANNO 2205 saved game
 file extension saveRocket League saved game
 file extension save_multiplayerTotal War multiplayer saved game
 file extension sawLiving Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles file
 file extension sazOrder of Battle series saved game
 file extension sbBattlefield audio data
 file extension sb0Ubisoft sound
 file extension sbcSpace Engineers game data
 file extension sbfNovaLogic game stream binary file
 file extension sc1SimCity game data
 file extension sc2SimCity 2000 file
 file extension sc2000Sim city 2000 tileset file
sc2archive file icon file extension sc2archiveStarCraft 2 archive file
sc2assets file icon file extension sc2assetsStarCraft 2 game assets
sc2bank file icon file extension sc2bankStarCraft 2 bank
sc2data file icon file extension sc2dataStarcraft 2 A.I. game data
sc2locale file icon file extension sc2localeStarCraft 2 localization data
sc2ma file icon file extension sc2maStarCraft 2 map data file
sc2map file icon file extension sc2mapStarCraft 2 map data
sc2mod file icon file extension sc2modStarCraft 2 game mod
sc2replay file icon file extension sc2replayStarcraft 2 game replay
sc2save file icon file extension sc2saveStarCraft 2 saved game
 file extension sc2sceneStarCraft II cut scene
 file extension sc3SimCity 3000 game data
 file extension sc4Game file format
 file extension sc4descSimCity 4 description data
 file extension sc4lotSimCity 4 lot data
 file extension sc4modelSimCity 4 model
 file extension sc4pathSimCity 4 network paths
 file extension sc5Chris Sawyer Locomotion scenario file
 file extension sc6RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 scenario data
 file extension scbCommand & Conquer World Builder script
 file extension sceaMarathon 2 Aleph One map
 file extension sceneAntibody level data
 file extension scfSimTown sound file
 file extension schematicMCEdit schematic data
 file extension sclvlScritter's Nest data file
scm file icon file extension scmStarcraft campaign map
 file extension scmGrand Theft Auto III mission script
 file extension scnFlying-Model-Simulator scenery file
 file extension scnGame scenario file
 file extension scnMen Of War: Assault Squad saved game
 file extension scoGame score
 file extension scrXpand Rally Extreme player profile file
 file extension scrNovaLogic game dialog script file
 file extension scrLeft 4 Dead game data
 file extension scrUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension scrabblehasbrosavedgameHasbro Scrabble saved game
 file extension scsSimCity Societies saved game
 file extension scsHunting Unlimited 3 game data
 file extension scsDuke Nukem Manhattan Project game data
 file extension scspackSimCity Societies transfer package
 file extension sctSimCity 3000 real-world terrain city data
 file extension scworldSurvivalcraft world data
 file extension scxGame scenario
 file extension sczOrder of Battle - Pacific scenario data
 file extension sdTrain Simulator shape definition
 file extension sdfNova Logic game sound define
 file extension sdfGame data
sdp file icon file extension sdpFallout 3 shader package
 file extension sdtDungeon Keeper 2 game archive file
 file extension sdtGrand Theft Auto III audio structure data
 file extension se1Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery file
 file extension segEragon audio data
 file extension sepSimEnhancer 3D profile
set file icon file extension setDiablo II character set
 file extension sevenwonderstreasuresofsevensavedgame7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven saved game file
 file extension sexUrban Chaos game data
 file extension sfMinecraft JAR signature
 file extension sfarMass Effect 3 DLC add-on
 file extension sfdCrysis game data
 file extension sfdSofdec Sega Dreamcast movie
 file extension sffSoldier Front Client map/weapon/character model
 file extension sflAGON game data
 file extension sfofsavegameSpider-Man 2 saved game
 file extension sgDisciples II saved game
 file extension sgaRelic Entertainment SGA archive
 file extension sgaaAleph One Marathon 2 saved game
 file extension sgbWarhammer 40K Dawn of War map
 file extension sgdSameGame game data
 file extension sgdSmartGo game database
 file extension sgfSmart Game Format
 file extension sghGuitar Hero 3 setlist settings
 file extension sgiThe Sims 4 game data
 file extension sglThe Games: Summer Challenge tournament file
 file extension sgmVisual Boy Advance saved state
 file extension sgrSimCity 4 graphics rules
 file extension sgtHitman sound data
 file extension sh2Stronghold 2 saved game
shader file icon file extension shaderQuake 3 Arena id Tech 3 game engine shader file
shadercache file icon file extension shadercacheSpace Marine shader cache
shaderlib file icon file extension shaderlibStronghold 3 shader file
 file extension shader_bundleAvalanche Studios game graphics
 file extension sharcPlayStation Home data
 file extension shdConstructor shadow file
 file extension shdcArmA: Armed Assault game data
 file extension shipsectionSword of the Stars ship data file
 file extension shipworldStarbound game data
shmap file icon file extension shmapStronghold 3 map
 file extension shpCommand & Conquer game data
 file extension shpaMarathon 2 Aleph One shape
 file extension sii18 Wheels of Steel truck definition data
 file extension sim3The Sims 3 game data
 file extension sims2packThe Sims 2 package
 file extension sims2skinSims 2 skin file
 file extension sims3The Sims 3 saved game
 file extension sims3packThe Sims 3 game package
 file extension sinRise of Nations campaign media data
 file extension sinSiN game data
 file extension sjsSimcity 3000 buildings add-on
 file extension skdMax Payne model file
 file extension skelDarkest Dungeon animation
 file extension skinnedmeshBattlefield skinned mesh
 file extension sknThe Sims 3D body mesh skin data
 file extension skseThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim saved game
 file extension skudefCommand & Conquer archive description package
 file extension slfJagged Alliance 2 game file
 file extension slhBaldur's Gate II game data
 file extension slingodeluxesavedgameSlingo Deluxe file
 file extension slmSecond Life mesh asset
 file extension slpRise of Nations campaign media file
 file extension smaCounter-Strike add-on source code
 file extension smdSource engine SDK model source
 file extension smf4x4 Evolution geometry data
 file extension smkDeer's Revenge image file
 file extension smkNASCAR Racing 99 image
smk file icon file extension smkStarcraft portrait
 file extension smoSumotori Dreams level data
 file extension smodStonehearth mod data
smp file icon file extension smpWarcraft 2 (Wargus/Stratagus) map file
SMRailroadsSavedGame file icon file extension SMRailroadsSavedGameSid Meier's Railroads saved game
sms file icon file extension smsWarcraft 2 (Wargus/Stratagus) map file
 file extension smsTrain Simulator sound management system
 file extension smzipStepMania package
 file extension sndHeroes of Might & Magic 3 archive
 file extension sndaMarathon 2 Aleph One sound
 file extension sndshdid Tech 4 sound shader
 file extension sngwDevil May Cry 4 audio data
 file extension sniMDK game archive
 file extension snsBurnout Paradise game file
 file extension sntAmnesia: The Dark Descent audio configuration
snx file icon file extension snxStarcraft saved game
 file extension sodWolfenstein 3D Spear of Destiny game data
 file extension sodStar Trek Armada 3D image
 file extension soeStar Wars Shadows of the Empire file
 file extension solidconfigSTAR WARS: The Old Republic launcher config
solitairesave-ms file icon file extension solitairesave-msWindows Solitaire saved game file
 file extension sorShot Online resource
 file extension sosAdventure SOS compiled adventure game walkthrough
 file extension sotAdventure SOS adventure game walkthrough source data
 file extension souLucas Arts sound data
sounds file icon file extension soundsQuake 3 id Tech 3 sound definition
 file extension spSupaplex demo
 file extension spANNO 2070 audio related data
 file extension sp4Roller Coaster Tycoon saved game file
 file extension spaUnreal Engine 3 Spanish language localization
 file extension spaNintendo DS particle data
 file extension spawnS.T.A.L.K.E.R. game data
 file extension spbFlight Simulator X mission data
 file extension spcInteract Shark port code save data
 file extension spidersolitairesave-msMicrosoft Spider Solitaire saved game
 file extension spkWolfenstein 2009 game data
 file extension splInfinity game engine spell file
 file extension splaneSimplePlanes plane data
 file extension spmodSimplePlanes game modification
 file extension spoSpore saved game
 file extension sportballchallengesavedgameSportball Challenge saved game
spr file icon file extension sprQuake 3D engine sprite
 file extension sprLive for Speed single player replay
 file extension sprStar Trek Armada sprite information
 file extension sprConstructor sprite
 file extension spriteSuperTux sprite
sps file icon file extension spsQuake 3 id Tech 3 game engine speaker definition
 file extension spsSharkport PS2 saved game
 file extension spvAmerican McGee Alice saved game
 file extension sqfArmA script
 file extension sqhHarbinger game data
 file extension sqmOperation Flashpoint mission information
 file extension sqsOperation Flashpoint game script
 file extension srcBioware Infinity game engine text storage
 file extension srkSub Rosa client data
 file extension srt0Nintendo Wii animation data
 file extension srvNorth American Locomotive Works data
 file extension ssXShipWars sound scheme
 file extension ssaEmpire Earth custom assets
 file extension ssaChildren of the Nile campaign
 file extension sscStepMania song
 file extension ssfBioWare Aurora engine sound
 file extension ssfrecSuper Smash Flash recording data
 file extension ssfsavSuper Smash Flash saved game
 file extension ssgSCRABBLE saved game
 file extension sssHeart Of Darkness saved game
 file extension sssSudden Strike saved game
 file extension ssvShadowFlare saved game
 file extension ssvSnood saved game
 file extension stHomeworld file
 file extension st3SimCity 3000 starter town city file
 file extension staGenerally game saved state
 file extension stage2D Fighter Maker stage data
 file extension stbROSE Online game data
 file extension stencylStencyl game data
 file extension stgVisual Pinball high scores
 file extension stlROSE Online game data
 file extension stnMicrosoft Flight Simulator game data
 file extension stoBioware Infinity game engine store data
 file extension stormreplayHeroes of the Storm game replay
 file extension stpNASCAR Racing track picture
 file extension strFIFA 2002 music data
 file extension streamWarhammer: End Times - Vermintide bundle data
 file extension streamedRage id Tech 5 game engine language
 file extension stuffEve Online game archive
 file extension stwmSuperTux map
 file extension stxNovaLogic game sound text xref file
 file extension subSubTerra level data
 file extension sudWISCO Word Power Sudoku Number Puzzle file
 file extension supercollapse3savedgameSuper Collapse! 3 saved game
 file extension surFreelancer three dimensional collision zone data
 file extension svRoland Garros Tennis game data
 file extension sv1RollerCoaster Tycoon saved game
 file extension sv2RollerCoaster Tycoon saved game position
 file extension sv3RollerCoaster Tycoon saved game
 file extension sv4RollerCoaster Tycoon saved game file
 file extension sv5BigJig saved puzzle
 file extension sv5Chris Sawyer's Locomotion saved game
 file extension sv6RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 saved game
 file extension sv8RollerCoaster Tycoon game data
 file extension svbTorchlight 2 saved game
 file extension sveFallout 3 subtitles
 file extension sveCivilization saved game
 file extension sveSimutrans saved game
 file extension svgSaved game data
 file extension svhFly! simulated vehicle specification file
 file extension sviRed Faction game data
 file extension svtTorchlight saved game
 file extension swarNew Super Mario Bros music data
 file extension swdSettlers II map file
 file extension sweNHL Ice Hockey 2002 required data
 file extension swwANNO saved game
 file extension sxaGekido game data
 file extension sxtSingles game archive
 file extension sybSyberia II game archive
 file extension synExcessive Speed archive
 file extension synBreakneck / N.I.C.E.2 archive
 file extension systemVega Strike virtual system data
 file extension szsMario Kart Wii game archive
 file extension sztSuper ZZT game creation system data
 file extension t3TADS 3 game data
 file extension t3dFiFa 2000 environment data
t3d file icon file extension t3dUnreal engine 3D object
 file extension tabThinBASIC Adventure Builder adventure data file
 file extension tabAvalanche Studios game data
 file extension tabUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension tadTotal Annihilation demo saved game data
 file extension tafADRIFT text adventure data
 file extension tapTap Tap Revenge tap file
 file extension tasADRIFT text adventure saved game
 file extension tbcFormula One 2001 Season 01 vehicles data
 file extension tbgInfinity Engine game file
 file extension tbiFIFA 2001 game data
 file extension tbmToribash mod
 file extension tbsChess Tablebase data
 file extension tbv3D Ultra Cool Pool game data
 file extension tcdANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension tcfTheme Park World game data
tcm file icon file extension tcmTotal Club Manager saved game
 file extension tctChampionship Manager game file
 file extension td4RollerCoaster Tycoon track design file
 file extension td6RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 game data
 file extension tdbNHL game exhibition roster data
 file extension tdbBallance high score database
 file extension tdbTranscendence game data
 file extension tdfTotal Annihilation features data
 file extension tdfTTDAlter data file
 file extension tdtSimTower: The Vertical Empire game data
 file extension tduThe Suffering: Ties That Bind game data
 file extension tdxTony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 game data
 file extension te2Conquest of the New World data
 file extension tedTribes 2 game file
 file extension tedStar Wars: Empire at War map
 file extension temRPG Toolkit character data
 file extension templeofjewelssavedgameTemple of Jewels saved game
 file extension tentalismanssavedgame10 Talismans saved game
 file extension terBlack & White II terrain data
 file extension terrnRigs of Rods terrain data
 file extension terrn2Rigs of Rods terrain data
 file extension tetTetris results
 file extension tewWrestling Spirit game data
 file extension texGame texture
 file extension texHitman game data
 file extension texLeadwerks Game Engine texture
 file extension tex0Nintendo Wii texture file
 file extension texturepackArena Wars texture pack
 file extension tf2Team Fortress 2 data
 file extension tfcUnreal engine 3 texture cache
tfil file icon file extension patching data
 file extension tfrStar Wars Tie Fighter game pilot data
 file extension tghGuitar Hero 3 tier settings
 file extension tgiSimCity 4 game data
 file extension tgqDungeon Keeper 2 movie game
 file extension tgxStronghold animated data
 file extension thegameoflifesavedgameThe Game of Life saved game
 file extension thewitchersaveThe Witcher saved game
 file extension tiHomeworld tactical icon
 file extension tigerCrystal Dynamics game data archive format
 file extension tilROSE Online Map list file
 file extension tilNova Logic game tile data
 file extension tileskinzipElemental: War of Magic tile skin
 file extension timThe Incredible Machine level data
 file extension tinyidTiny Village game data
 file extension tirTibia RePlay Tibia movie
 file extension tisBioWare Infinity game engine tileset information
 file extension titTrain Simulator track interactive table
 file extension tjcTaikojiro song map sequence
 file extension tlcThe Lost Crown saved game
 file extension tlkBioWare talk table data
 file extension tlkWestwood Studios game archive
 file extension tlncTom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent game data file
 file extension tlsPiles'O'Tiles information
 file extension tmclDead or Alive 5 texture map
 file extension tmgThe Marketing Game! game data
 file extension tmlJurassic Park: Operation Genesis dinosaur skin
 file extension tmo3D Custom Girl animation data
tmr file icon file extension tmrSimpsons Cartoon Studio file
 file extension tniSega Virtua Tennis menufiles common data
 file extension tobj18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' game data
 file extension tocBattlefield metadata
toc file icon file extension tocWorld of Warcraft add-on information
 file extension todCrysis game data
 file extension tohInfinity Engine game data
 file extension tombraider 3Tomb Raider 3 save game
 file extension torStar Wars: The Old Republic asset data
 file extension torNBA 99 art in-game animations file
 file extension totBioware Infinity game engine talk table override text
 file extension toyCatz & Dogz game data
 file extension tp4RollerCoaster Tycoon track design screenshot
 file extension tpjNovaLogic game terrain project
 file extension tplMario Kart Wii menu image
 file extension traprofileTomb Raider: Anniversary profile
 file extension trasaveTomb Raider: Anniversary saved game
 file extension trayitemThe Sims 4 game data
 file extension treEA SPORTS game data
 file extension treasureislandsavedgameTreasure Island saved game files.
 file extension trfTrain Simulator traffic pattern
 file extension trkGeneRally track file
 file extension trkIL-2 Sturmovik track data
 file extension trkRollerCoaster Tycoon track model file
 file extension trnNova Logic game mission terrain
 file extension trpPorts of Call saved game
 file extension truckRigs of Rods truck definition
 file extension trusaveTomb Raider: Underworld saved game
 file extension ts1VirtualBus texture description file
 file extension tscFUEL game script file
 file extension tsdNovaLogic game tile surface definition
 file extension tsiROSE Online interface file
 file extension tsrTSR Launcher data
 file extension tstAssassins's Creed game data
 file extension ttStar Trek Armada techtree information data
 file extension ttarchTelltale Games game data
 file extension ttarch2The Walking Dead Season Two game data file
ttg file icon file extension ttgCommand & Conquer Red Alert 3 data
 file extension tthVampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines game data
 file extension ttmTower Toppler level file
 file extension ttzVampire: The Masquerade game data
 file extension tulTurbulance game data
 file extension tunFIFA World Cup data
 file extension tunLego Racers music data
 file extension tuneaoMarathon 2 Aleph One file
 file extension tvcDungeon Siege data
 file extension tviTerminal Velocity animation data
 file extension twtCarmageddon 2: Carpocalyse Now saved game
 file extension twwANNO 2070 random map template
 file extension txbFifa 2001 data environment
 file extension txbDescent encoded briefing
 file extension txcUrban Chaos game data
 file extension txcEverQuest cached compressed texture
 file extension txdRenderWare texture dictionary
 file extension txiKOTOR2 game file
 file extension txtrThe Sims texture
 file extension tzxTanzzle graphic object file
 file extension uUnreal application pack
 file extension uUnreal Tournament game data
 file extension u00The Price Is Right 2010 game data
 file extension u2carNFS:U2 car data
 file extension u8Lemings 3D audio data
 file extension uassetUnrealEd resource
uax file icon file extension uaxUnreal audio package
 file extension ubiUbisoft logo animation
 file extension ucUnrealScript class
 file extension ucUnreal Tournament code file
ucl file icon file extension uclUnreal Tournament cache
 file extension ucmUrban Chaos game data
 file extension ucmCrazy Machines model
 file extension ucsHomeworld localized unicode strings
 file extension udkUnreal map
 file extension udmMapView user module
 file extension ufoTotal Annihilation third-party unit data
 file extension ufxUltimate 3D game engine material data
 file extension ugcAce of Spades game data
 file extension ugdNeed for Speed Underground game data
 file extension ugfGo game data
 file extension ugiMultiGo game data
 file extension ugzMultiGo compressed game data
uhtm file icon file extension uhtmUnreal Tournament data
 file extension ukaFifa World Cup game data
 file extension ukeUnreal Engine 3 Ukrainian language localization
ukx file icon file extension ukxUnreal Tournament animation
 file extension umapUnreal Tournament map
 file extension umdSplinter Cell Blacklist UMD data
umod file icon file extension umodUnreal Tournament MOD installation package
 file extension umvAre You Afraid of the Dark? video data
 file extension umxDeus Ex game data
umx file icon file extension umxUnreal Engine music package
 file extension uncompressed_sizeSingularity game file
 file extension unitxtYS FLIGHT language data
 file extension unityUnity scene
 file extension unity3dUnity scene web player data
 file extension unit_variantTotal War unit variant settings
 file extension unrUnreal map
 file extension unrealUnreal Tournament link
 file extension uopUltima Online patch
 file extension updatrBukkit iConomy update file
 file extension upkUnreal 3 game data package
 file extension upk0Metro 2033 game file
 file extension upk1Metro 2033 game data
 file extension upluginUnreal Tournament plugin
 file extension uprojectUnreal Tournament game data
 file extension uqmThe Ur-Quan Masters archive
 file extension usMonster Hunter Freedom Unite US region saved game
 file extension usaUnreal saved game
 file extension usdxTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas game data
 file extension usxUnreal StaticMesh (hardware brushes) file
ut2 file icon file extension ut2Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 map
 file extension ut2linkUnreal Tournament 2004 game data
ut2mod file icon file extension ut2modUnreal Tournament 2003 MOD installation package
ut3 file icon file extension ut3Unreal Tournament 3 map
ut4mod file icon file extension ut4modUnreal Tournament 2004 MOD installation package file
 file extension utbMicrosoft Flight Simulator X traffic data
 file extension utcBioWare Aurora game engine creature data
 file extension utdBioWare Aurora game engine door data
 file extension uteBioWare Aurora game engine encounter data
 file extension utiBioWare Aurora game engine item file
 file extension utmBioWare Aurora game engine store data
 file extension utpBioWare Aurora game engine placeable object file
 file extension utsBioWare Aurora game engine sound file
 file extension uttBioWare Aurora engine trigger file
 file extension utwBioWare Aurora engine waypoint
utx file icon file extension utxUnreal texture
 file extension uv2Jane's Combat Simulations: F-15 game data
 file extension uvxUnreal Tournament 2003 saved game
uxx file icon file extension uxxUnreal Tournament 2003 cache
uz2 file icon file extension uz2Unreal Tournament compressed file
v file icon file extension vStronghold 3 resource file
 file extension v07Wing Commander 2 game data
 file extension v3oEmergency 3D model
 file extension varInfinity game engine game start variable data
 file extension vcdValve Choreography Data format
 file extension vcmGrand Theft Auto Vice City mod manager data
 file extension vcrMotocross Madness 2 video file
 file extension vcsValve Source engine shader data
 file extension vcsTitanfall shader data
 file extension vdfLeft 4 Dead install script
 file extension vdfPiranha Bytes Gothic game data
 file extension vdfTwo Worlds 2 static model
 file extension vdfGothic game data
 file extension vdfDivinity: Original Sin game data

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