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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

List of common game related files

Game file extension list

File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

The group called game files represents a very large family of various file types, that are used by various computer games for their purposes. Engines created by game developers for their games usually contain many file formats for their game resource files, including, audio formats, video formats, graphic formats, or formats for saved game positions.

Game archives, or resource files, contain game data (music, sounds, textures, models, maps, levels etc.) in one or more archive containers and often are compressed and sometimes even encrypted. Some utilities, such as Dragon Unpacker, can open and extract the contents of game resource files.

Saved games are a very specific game format. Saved game is digitally stored information that contains progress of player in particular computer game. Saved game can be loaded later and the player can continue with playing from his last saved position.

Many computer games can be modified by user's custom graphics, sounds, maps or new missions and map editors or mission creators are very often a standard part of the game installations.

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 file extension zzzBlack & White game data file
 file extension zzlZZT game data
 file extension zzedsavedgameZzed saved game
 file extension zumasavedgameZuma saved game
 file extension zulugemssavedgameZulu Gems saved game
ztmp file icon file extension ztmpSteam compressed game resource data
 file extension ztdZoo Tycoon game file
 file extension zstZSNES save file
 file extension zsgZillions of Games saved game data
 file extension zseZelda sound effects
 file extension zsdDave Mirra Freestyle BMX data
 file extension zscROSE Online Zscript script
 file extension zrsHearts game data
 file extension zrsMicrosoft Windows Hearts game data
 file extension zrfZillions rules file
 file extension zooZoo Tycoon game file
 file extension zonGrand Theft Auto III zone data
 file extension zonROSE Online map definition
 file extension znmLucasArts game movie
 file extension zmsROSE Online Model file
 file extension zmoROSE Online model animation
 file extension zmdROSE Online model bones file
 file extension zmdDave Mirra Freestyle BMX game data
 file extension zmapZombies Ate My Neighbours map
 file extension zm5ZSNES movie #5
 file extension zipoNeed for Madness game data
 file extension zipfs18 Wheels of Steel: Across America game data
 file extension zipfsDuke Nukem: Manhattan Project game archive
 file extension zipGame resource archive
 file extension zipOolite eXpansion pack
 file extension zgpZelda Classic graphics pack
 file extension zgeprojZGame Editor project
 file extension zfsInterstate '76 and '82 game archive
 file extension zenfashionsavedgameZen Fashion saved game
 file extension zeiANNO 1602 game data
 file extension zdsGZDoom saved game
 file extension zdkZQuake game data
 file extension zddZDaemon demo
 file extension zd2Zillions of Games locked rules
 file extension zcacheVenture the Void cache
 file extension zcaROSE Online data
 file extension zblorbZ-code game data
 file extension zbdMechWarrior 3 snow fields
zar file icon file extension zarSony PlayStation 2 audio data
 file extension zanFusion game data
 file extension z8Infocom game module for Z-machine version 8
 file extension z7Infocom game module for Z-machine version 7
 file extension z6Infocom game module for Z-machine version 6
 file extension z5Infocom game module for Z-machine version 5
 file extension z4Infocom game module for Z-machine version 4
 file extension z3Infocom game module for Z-machine version 3
 file extension z2sZoo Tycoon 2 saved game
 file extension z2fZoo Tycoon 2 game data
 file extension z2Infocom game module for Z-machine version 2
 file extension z1Infocom game module for Z-machine version 1
 file extension zStar Wars The Force Unleashed XML game data
 file extension ytdGrand Theft Auto V texture dictionary data
 file extension yrpYGOPro replay
 file extension yrmRed Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge multiplayer map
 file extension yifMungyodance game data file
 file extension yftGrand Theft Auto V fragment object
 file extension ydtYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos game data
 file extension ydrYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos replay
 file extension ydkYGOPro Yu-Gi-Oh! deck data
 file extension ydcKonami Yu-Gi-Oh! card deck data
 file extension ycmYugioh Card Maker file
 file extension yarCastles & Catapults game data
 file extension yafSmackDown! game data
 file extension y3tYu-Gi-Oh! Online tag data
 file extension y3pYu-Gi-Oh! Online profile
 file extension y3dYu-Gi-Oh! Online card
 file extension y3aYu-Gi-Oh! Online avatar data
 file extension xxxUnreal Engine 3 game data
 file extension xxxStarcraft game data
 file extension xwmThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim music
 file extension xwiStar Wars: X-Wing mission data
 file extension xwcStarbreeze sound data
 file extension xvmconfWorld of Tanks configuration
 file extension xtlVietcong game data
 file extension xtblSaints Rows 4 mod
 file extension xsmSimCity Societies game file
 file extension xsbSokoban++ level
 file extension xsAge of Empires 3 Map AI generator data
 file extension xrsDig It! game data
 file extension xrdCore Wars data
 file extension xr1Xargon game data
 file extension xpxDungeons & Dragons Core Rules 2 with expansion file
 file extension xpkWWE RAW model
 file extension xpkXscript package
 file extension xpdPlayStation store PSP license file
 file extension xpcDSI Action Replay saved code
 file extension xpakCall of Duty game data archive
 file extension xpacSonic & Sega All-Stars Racing for PC game audio archive
 file extension xp3TVP XPK3 Virtual File System data
 file extension xomWorms 3D object
 file extension xofXML Othello game data
 file extension xmgThe Longest Journey XMG game data
 file extension xmbLucas Arts X-Wing mission briefing data
 file extension xmbAge of Empires game data
 file extension xgaDiamond Mind Baseball game account information
 file extension xfsGunbound game data
 file extension xfbinNaruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 game data
 file extension xexXbox 360 executable
 file extension xenActivision Guitar Hero 3 data
 file extension xdsNintendo DS Game Maker project file
 file extension xcrWarlords Battlecry game data
 file extension xbsavMass Effect 2 for Xbox saved game file
 file extension xbmpArea 51 game data
 file extension xbfEmperor: Battle for Dune game data
 file extension xbeXbox executable data
 file extension xarcThe Longest Journey audio data
 file extension xanWorms 3D map file
 file extension xafCAPCOM Beatdown file
 file extension xacSimCity Societies game data
 file extension xaThe Sims extensive audio file
 file extension x13Hooligans game archive
 file extension wzgWZebra game data
 file extension wzWarzone 2100 data
 file extension wxyLeague of Legends Wooxy skin
 file extension wxdHomeworld musc resource game
 file extension wxFlight Simulator weather data
 file extension wwwANNO 2070 world configuration
 file extension wwpWorms World Party teams data
 file extension wtpWarhammer 40k Dawn of War texture
wtf file icon file extension wtfWorld of Warcraft server configuration
 file extension wtdGrand Theft Auto IV texture
 file extension wssOperation Flashpoint sound file
 file extension wsoThe Sims 3 mesh
 file extension wscWorms Armageddon scheme data
 file extension wsadWildTangent actor definition file
 file extension wsMicrosoft Train Simulator world sound file
 file extension wsThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings script
 file extension wrpl.wgfWidelands initial saved game
 file extension wrplWidelands saved game file
 file extension wrplWar Thunder replay
 file extension wrmWormWorld level data
 file extension wptCube 2 waypoint file
 file extension wpsPainkiller Overdose game data
 file extension wplGrand Theft Auto IV binary item placement data
 file extension wpgWildTangent PNG image
 file extension wowsreplayWorld of Warships replay
 file extension wowpreportWorld of Warplanes report
 file extension wowpreplayWorld of Warplanes replay
 file extension wotreplayWorld of Tanks battle replay
 file extension wotmodWorld of Tanks modification
 file extension worldofgoosavedgameWorld of Goo saved game
 file extension worldWorldPainter Minecraft map
 file extension worldThe Sims 3 Create a World Tool data
 file extension worldTerraria world data
 file extension wopWonderland Adventures object preset
 file extension wolfquestWolfQuest saved game
 file extension wo2Gothic II game data
 file extension wnvGrand Theft Auto IV NavMesh data
 file extension wntSoldier of Fortune II waypoint
 file extension wmpBioWare Infinity game engine
 file extension wmoWorld of Warcraft WoW map object
 file extension wmfWidelands game map
 file extension wllThe Sims wall texture file format
 file extension wlkDoom WadLink script
 file extension wldLucasArts game data
 file extension wldSerious Sam world data
 file extension wldSettlers II map
 file extension wl6Wolfenstein 3D registered version game resources
 file extension wl3Wolfenstein 3D registered version game data
 file extension wl1Wolfenstein 3D shareware version game resources
 file extension wjFIFA 2000 game data
 file extension WiCSaveGameWorld in Conflict saved game
 file extension wiFIFA 2000 game data
 file extension whsavWarhammer 40,000: Armageddon saved game
 file extension whmWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War model
 file extension wheeloffortune2savedgameWheel of Fortune saved game
 file extension whdatWarhammer 40,000: Armageddon saved game
 file extension whdHitman game archive
 file extension wgtWorms Armageddon teams file
 file extension wgpkgWarGaming update package
 file extension wglThe Games: Winter Challenge tournament data
 file extension wgfWidelands game data
 file extension wgeoLeague of Legends world geometry
 file extension wgcWGCheck log
 file extension wgameprofileX-Men Origins: Wolverine profile
 file extension wgFIFA 2000 game data
 file extension wfxInfinity Engine audio data
 file extension wfFIFA 2000 game data
 file extension wepePublisher stationery design project
 file extension weddingdashsavedgameWedding Dash saved game
 file extension wedBioWare Infinity game engine graphic display info
 file extension weapWolfenstein 3D weapon definition script
weap file icon file extension weapQuake 3 id Tech 3 game engine weapon file
 file extension weFIFA 2000 game data
 file extension wdrStar Wars: Tie Fighter media file
 file extension wdfWonderland Adventures media data
wdb file icon file extension wdbWorld of Warcraft database cache
 file extension wd2American Idol game data
 file extension wd1Earth 2150 introduction movie
 file extension wdEarth 2140-2160 game archive file
 file extension wbtToribash help data
 file extension wbmInfinity Engine game data
 file extension wbFIFA 2000 game data
 file extension wargameprofileWargame Red Dragon profile
 file extension warWarcraft game data
wal file icon file extension walQuake 2 texture image format
 file extension walBlack & White II wall data
 file extension waiWarcraft 3 AI data
 file extension wagameWorms Armageddon game replay
 file extension wagTrain Simulator wagon data
 file extension wagUrban Chaos saved game file
wad file icon file extension wadQuake engine texture file
 file extension wadDoom WAD archive
 file extension wadTheme Park World game archive
 file extension wacBioware Infinity game engine WAVC sound
 file extension wacNovaLogic game boolean logic commands
 file extension wa2Wonderland Adventures custom game
w3z file icon file extension w3zBlizzard Warcraft III saved game
w3x file icon file extension w3xBlizzard Warcraft III expansion map
w3v file icon file extension w3vWarcraft 3 campaign progress record
 file extension w3uWarcraft 3 custom units data
 file extension w3sWarcraft 3 sounds definition
w3p file icon file extension w3pWarcraft 3 progress file
w3n file icon file extension w3nWarcraft 3 Frozen Throne campaign
w3m file icon file extension w3mWarcraft 3 map
 file extension w3iWarcraft III map related data
w3g file icon file extension w3gWarcraft III game replay
 file extension w3dWolfenstein 3D game data
 file extension w2stringsThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings localization data
 file extension w2speechThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings speech data
 file extension w2entThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings entity data
 file extension wTrain Simulator world data
 file extension wRe-Volt world data
 file extension vxnFurcadia particle effect data
 file extension vxlTiberian Sun Voxel Animation Format
 file extension vvvvvvVVVVVV game map
 file extension vvvDriver 3 VVV data
 file extension vvsDriver 3 game data
 file extension vvcInfinity game engine visual spell casting effects
 file extension vtxSource SDK mesh strip format
vtf file icon file extension vtfValve texture format
 file extension vsiBlake Stone game data
vShaderBin file icon file extension vShaderBinStronghold 3 shader data
 file extension vromfsWar Thunder game data
 file extension vqaCommand and Conquer video data
 file extension vptVisual Pinball table data
 file extension vpp_pcSaints Row 2 game data
 file extension vppRed Faction package file
vpk file icon file extension vpkSteam NCF Valve Pak archive
 file extension vpkEverQuest II game archive
 file extension vpkVerge pack
 file extension vpkTitanfall game archive
 file extension vpcacheVisual Pinball rendered table cache
 file extension vpHomeWorld game file
 file extension volVolume data file
 file extension vobLive for Speed car data
 file extension vo2Celestial Impact map
 file extension vmxSource engine map backup
 file extension vmtrDoom game data
vmt file icon file extension vmtValve Material Type data
 file extension vmiSega Dreamcast download info
 file extension vmdGabriel Knight II movie format
 file extension vl2Tribes 2 game data
 file extension vivGame info data
 file extension vivPlayStation video data
 file extension visual_processedWorld of Tanks 3D model surface
 file extension visualWorld of Tanks 3D model surface
 file extension visMicrosoft Flight Simulator visibility image
 file extension virtualvillagers4thetreeoflifesavedgameVirtual Villagers saved game
 file extension vidBethesda Softworks XnGine video
 file extension vibLithTech video data
 file extension vhvHalf-Life 2 lighting data
 file extension vhmThe Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing game data
 file extension vhcBig Red Racing vehicle data
 file extension vgtDriver 3 VGT game data
 file extension vgiVista Game Information
 file extension vfs1Metro 2033 game data
 file extension vfs0Metro 2033 sound
 file extension vfsUFO game archive
vfn file icon file extension vfnStronghold 3 game data
 file extension vfiMetro 2033 game data
 file extension vffVextus Factor compiled storage file
 file extension vfeLeft 4 Dead game data
vExporter file icon file extension vExporterStronghold 3 editor data
 file extension versionUnreal Tournament version information
 file extension verifyDoom game data
 file extension vehFly! vehicle description data
 file extension vehStar Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game data
 file extension vefInfinite Game Engine visual effects
 file extension vecOrbiter vector map
 file extension vdxThe 7th Guest movie
 file extension vdkRagnarok 2 game data
 file extension vdiStepMania debug resource
 file extension vdfLeft 4 Dead install script
 file extension vdfPiranha Bytes Gothic game data
 file extension vdfTwo Worlds 2 static model
 file extension vdfGothic game data
 file extension vdfDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension vcsValve Source engine shader data
 file extension vcsTitanfall shader data
 file extension vcrMotocross Madness 2 video file
 file extension vcmGrand Theft Auto Vice City mod manager data
 file extension vcdValve Choreography Data format
 file extension varInfinity game engine game start variable data
 file extension v3oEmergency 3D model
 file extension v07Wing Commander 2 game data
v file icon file extension vStronghold 3 resource file
uz2 file icon file extension uz2Unreal Tournament compressed file
uxx file icon file extension uxxUnreal Tournament 2003 cache
 file extension uvxUnreal Tournament 2003 saved game
 file extension uv2Jane's Combat Simulations: F-15 game data
utx file icon file extension utxUnreal texture
 file extension utwBioWare Aurora engine waypoint
 file extension uttBioWare Aurora engine trigger file
 file extension utsBioWare Aurora game engine sound file
 file extension utpBioWare Aurora game engine placeable object file
 file extension utmBioWare Aurora game engine store data
 file extension utiBioWare Aurora game engine item file
 file extension uteBioWare Aurora game engine encounter data
 file extension utdBioWare Aurora game engine door data
 file extension utcBioWare Aurora game engine creature data
 file extension utbMicrosoft Flight Simulator X traffic data
ut4mod file icon file extension ut4modUnreal Tournament 2004 MOD installation package file
ut3 file icon file extension ut3Unreal Tournament 3 map
ut2mod file icon file extension ut2modUnreal Tournament 2003 MOD installation package
 file extension ut2linkUnreal Tournament 2004 game data
ut2 file icon file extension ut2Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 map
 file extension usxUnreal StaticMesh (hardware brushes) file
 file extension usdxTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas game data
 file extension usaUnreal saved game
 file extension usMonster Hunter Freedom Unite US region saved game
 file extension uqmThe Ur-Quan Masters archive
 file extension uprojectUnreal Tournament game data
 file extension upluginUnreal Tournament plugin
 file extension upk1Metro 2033 game data
 file extension upk0Metro 2033 game file
 file extension upkUnreal 3 game data package
 file extension updatrBukkit iConomy update file
 file extension uopUltima Online patch
 file extension unrealUnreal Tournament link
 file extension unrUnreal map
 file extension unit_variantTotal War unit variant settings
 file extension unity3dUnity scene web player data
 file extension unityUnity scene
 file extension unitxtYS FLIGHT language data
 file extension uncompressed_sizeSingularity game file
 file extension umxDeus Ex game data
umx file icon file extension umxUnreal Engine music package
 file extension umvAre You Afraid of the Dark? video data
umod file icon file extension umodUnreal Tournament MOD installation package
 file extension umdSplinter Cell Blacklist UMD data
 file extension umapUnreal Tournament map
ukx file icon file extension ukxUnreal Tournament animation
 file extension ukeUnreal Engine 3 Ukrainian language localization
 file extension ukaFifa World Cup game data
uhtm file icon file extension uhtmUnreal Tournament data
 file extension ugzMultiGo compressed game data
 file extension ugiMultiGo game data
 file extension ugfGo game data
 file extension ugdNeed for Speed Underground game data
 file extension ugcAce of Spades game data
 file extension ufxUltimate 3D game engine material data
 file extension ufoTotal Annihilation third-party unit data
 file extension udmMapView user module
 file extension udkUnreal map
 file extension ucsHomeworld localized unicode strings
 file extension ucmUrban Chaos game data
 file extension ucmCrazy Machines model
ucl file icon file extension uclUnreal Tournament cache
 file extension ucUnrealScript class
 file extension ucUnreal Tournament code file
 file extension ubiUbisoft logo animation
uax file icon file extension uaxUnreal audio package
 file extension uassetUnrealEd resource
 file extension u8Lemings 3D audio data
 file extension u2carNFS:U2 car data
 file extension u00The Price Is Right 2010 game data
 file extension uUnreal application pack
 file extension uUnreal Tournament game data
 file extension tzxTanzzle graphic object file
 file extension txtrThe Sims texture
 file extension txiKOTOR2 game file
 file extension txdRenderWare texture dictionary
 file extension txcUrban Chaos game data
 file extension txcEverQuest cached compressed texture
 file extension txbFifa 2001 data environment
 file extension txbDescent encoded briefing
 file extension twwANNO 2070 random map template
 file extension twtCarmageddon 2: Carpocalyse Now saved game
 file extension tviTerminal Velocity animation data
 file extension tvcDungeon Siege data
 file extension tuneaoMarathon 2 Aleph One file
 file extension tunFIFA World Cup data
 file extension tunLego Racers music data
 file extension tulTurbulance game data
 file extension ttzVampire: The Masquerade game data
 file extension ttmTower Toppler level file
 file extension tthVampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines game data
ttg file icon file extension ttgCommand & Conquer Red Alert 3 data
 file extension ttarch2The Walking Dead Season Two game data file
 file extension ttarchTelltale Games game data
 file extension ttStar Trek Armada techtree information data
 file extension tstAssassins's Creed game data
 file extension tsrTSR Launcher data
 file extension tsiROSE Online interface file
 file extension tsdNovaLogic game tile surface definition
 file extension tscFUEL game script file
 file extension ts1VirtualBus texture description file
 file extension trusaveTomb Raider: Underworld saved game
 file extension truckRigs of Rods truck definition
 file extension trpPorts of Call saved game
 file extension trnNova Logic game mission terrain
 file extension trkGeneRally track file
 file extension trkIL-2 Sturmovik track data
 file extension trkRollerCoaster Tycoon track model file
 file extension trfTrain Simulator traffic pattern
 file extension treasureislandsavedgameTreasure Island saved game files.
 file extension treEA SPORTS game data
 file extension trayitemThe Sims 4 game data
 file extension trasaveTomb Raider: Anniversary saved game
 file extension traprofileTomb Raider: Anniversary profile
 file extension tplMario Kart Wii menu image
 file extension tpjNovaLogic game terrain project
 file extension tp4RollerCoaster Tycoon track design screenshot
 file extension toyCatz & Dogz game data
 file extension totBioware Infinity game engine talk table override text
 file extension torStar Wars: The Old Republic asset data
 file extension torNBA 99 art in-game animations file
 file extension tombraider 3Tomb Raider 3 save game
 file extension tohInfinity Engine game data
 file extension todCrysis game data
 file extension tocBattlefield metadata
toc file icon file extension tocWorld of Warcraft add-on information
 file extension tobj18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' game data
 file extension tniSega Virtua Tennis menufiles common data
tmr file icon file extension tmrSimpsons Cartoon Studio file
 file extension tmo3D Custom Girl animation data
 file extension tmlJurassic Park: Operation Genesis dinosaur skin
 file extension tmgThe Marketing Game! game data
 file extension tmclDead or Alive 5 texture map
 file extension tlsPiles'O'Tiles information
 file extension tlncTom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent game data file
 file extension tlkBioWare talk table data
 file extension tlkWestwood Studios game archive
 file extension tlcThe Lost Crown saved game
 file extension tjcTaikojiro song map sequence
 file extension titTrain Simulator track interactive table
 file extension tisBioWare Infinity game engine tileset information
 file extension tirTibia RePlay Tibia movie
 file extension tinyidTiny Village game data
 file extension timThe Incredible Machine level data
 file extension tileskinzipElemental: War of Magic tile skin
 file extension tilROSE Online Map list file
 file extension tilNova Logic game tile data
 file extension tigerCrystal Dynamics game data archive format
 file extension tiHomeworld tactical icon
 file extension thewitchersaveThe Witcher saved game
 file extension thegameoflifesavedgameThe Game of Life saved game
 file extension tgxStronghold animated data
 file extension tgqDungeon Keeper 2 movie game
 file extension tgiSimCity 4 game data
 file extension tghGuitar Hero 3 tier settings
 file extension tfrStar Wars Tie Fighter game pilot data
tfil file icon file extension patching data
 file extension tfcUnreal engine 3 texture cache
 file extension tf2Team Fortress 2 data
 file extension texturepackArena Wars texture pack
 file extension tex0Nintendo Wii texture file
 file extension texGame texture
 file extension texHitman game data
 file extension texLeadwerks Game Engine texture
 file extension tewWrestling Spirit game data
 file extension tetTetris results
 file extension terrn2Rigs of Rods terrain data
 file extension terrnRigs of Rods terrain data
 file extension terBlack & White II terrain data
 file extension tentalismanssavedgame10 Talismans saved game
 file extension templeofjewelssavedgameTemple of Jewels saved game
 file extension temRPG Toolkit character data
 file extension tedTribes 2 game file
 file extension tedStar Wars: Empire at War map
 file extension te2Conquest of the New World data
 file extension tdxTony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 game data
 file extension tduThe Suffering: Ties That Bind game data
 file extension tdtSimTower: The Vertical Empire game data
 file extension tdfTotal Annihilation features data
 file extension tdfTTDAlter data file
 file extension tdbNHL game exhibition roster data
 file extension tdbBallance high score database
 file extension tdbTranscendence game data
 file extension td6RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 game data
 file extension td4RollerCoaster Tycoon track design file
 file extension tctChampionship Manager game file
tcm file icon file extension tcmTotal Club Manager saved game
 file extension tcfTheme Park World game data
 file extension tcdANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension tbv3D Ultra Cool Pool game data
 file extension tbsChess Tablebase data
 file extension tbmToribash mod
 file extension tbiFIFA 2001 game data
 file extension tbgInfinity Engine game file
 file extension tbcFormula One 2001 Season 01 vehicles data
 file extension tasADRIFT text adventure saved game
 file extension tapTap Tap Revenge tap file
 file extension tafADRIFT text adventure data

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