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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

List of common game related files

Game file extension list

File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

The group called game files represents a very large family of various file types, that are used by various computer games for their purposes. Engines created by game developers for their games usually contain many file formats for their game resource files, including, audio formats, video formats, graphic formats, or formats for saved game positions.

Game archives, or resource files, contain game data (music, sounds, textures, models, maps, levels etc.) in one or more archive containers and often are compressed and sometimes even encrypted. Some utilities, such as Dragon Unpacker, can open and extract the contents of game resource files.

Saved games are a very specific game format. Saved game is digitally stored information that contains progress of player in particular computer game. Saved game can be loaded later and the player can continue with playing from his last saved position.

Many computer games can be modified by user's custom graphics, sounds, maps or new missions and map editors or mission creators are very often a standard part of the game installations.

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 file extension tentalismanssavedgame10 Talismans saved game
 file extension ct41000 Miglia game data
 file extension icv1000 Miglia game data
 file extension lll1000 Miglia game data
 file extension sii18 Wheels of Steel truck definition data
 file extension zipfs18 Wheels of Steel: Across America game data
 file extension tobj18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' game data
 file extension eighteenwheelshaulinsavedgame18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' saved game
 file extension csc18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal game data
 file extension mt1830 Railroads And Robber Barons game data
 file extension player2D Fighter Maker 2nd player data
 file extension stage2D Fighter Maker stage data
 file extension anm3D animation
 file extension tmo3D Custom Girl animation data
 file extension $$m3D GameStudio backup map
 file extension tbv3D Ultra Cool Pool game data
 file extension 3doku3Doku game data
 file extension pkx3DS Pokémon decrypted saved game
 file extension ekx3DS Pokémon encrypted saved data
 file extension smf4x4 Evolution geometry data
 file extension sevenwonderstreasuresofsevensavedgame7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven saved game file
 file extension gjd7th Guest game data
 file extension grv7th Guest game data
 file extension 8bc8BallClub Billiards game playback file
 file extension m8m8mam8 game data
 file extension lodA-10 Cuba! Weapons loadout data
 file extension adfA.R.S.E.N.A.L game data
 file extension absAB SuDoKu saved game
 file extension camAbe's Oddysee background data
 file extension abzAbszOrb 3D interactive game file
 file extension aeiABYSS game engine data
 file extension m18Accolade Golf course data
 file extension ugcAce of Spades game data
 file extension kv6Ace of Spades model
 file extension elvAces High map data
 file extension ahfAces High recorded movie
 file extension acmACM compressed sound
 file extension maxAction Replay Max saved data
 file extension dssAction Replay saved game
 file extension xenActivision Guitar Hero 3 data
 file extension acwwACWW pattern data
 file extension alrADRIFT language resource
 file extension amfADRIFT module
 file extension tafADRIFT text adventure data
 file extension tasADRIFT text adventure saved game
 file extension pt2Advanced Tactics scenario data
 file extension agxAdventure Game Toolkit game data
 file extension insAdventure Game Toolkit game instructions
 file extension sotAdventure SOS adventure game walkthrough source data
 file extension sosAdventure SOS compiled adventure game walkthrough
 file extension puaAgainst Rome game data
 file extension agathachristiedeathnilesavedgameAgatha Christie Death on the Nile saved game
 file extension barAge of Empires / Age of Mythology game data
 file extension drsAge of Empires 2 game data
 file extension mgxAge of Empires 2 replay
 file extension xsAge of Empires 3 Map AI generator data
 file extension bldAge of Empires artificial intelligence data
 file extension cpnAge of Empires campaign data
 file extension xmbAge of Empires game data
 file extension cpxAge of Empires II campaign data
 file extension mglAge of Empires II game data
 file extension gaxAge of Empires II saved game
 file extension gazAge of Empires II saved game
 file extension msxAge of Empires II saved game file
 file extension age3recAge of Empires III recorded game
 file extension age3savAge of Empires III saved game
 file extension age3scnAge of Empires III scenario data
 file extension age3yrecAge Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties recorded game
 file extension age3ysavAge Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties saved game
 file extension age3YscnAge of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties scenario
 file extension age3xrecAge of Empires III: The WarChiefs recorded replay
 file extension age3xsavAge of Empires III: The WarChiefs saved game
 file extension age3xscnAge of Empires III: The WarChiefs scenario
 file extension nfoAge of Empires player data
 file extension brgAge of Mythology 3D game model
 file extension lgtAge of Mythology world lighting effect
 file extension camAge of Wonders III campaign map
 file extension acpAge of Wonders III package
 file extension samAge of Wonders III strategic map
 file extension acgAge of Wonders saved game
 file extension sflAGON game data
 file extension optAGT game data
 file extension jitAika Online texture data
 file extension alfAipro 2000 land data
at3 file icon file extension at3Airport Tycoon 3 saved game
asg file icon file extension asgAirport Tycoon saved game
 file extension awpAkimbot waypoint
 file extension acdAlan game data
 file extension alaAlan interactive fiction language document
 file extension sgaaAleph One Marathon 2 saved game
 file extension g2dAlexander game data
 file extension fflAliens vs Predator game data
 file extension pcAliens vs. Predator game data
 file extension guiAliens vs. Predator game data
 file extension abzAlpha Black Zero game data
 file extension erpAlter Ego game data
 file extension aaoAmerica's Army map
 file extension btlAmerican Civil War file
 file extension wd2American Idol game data
 file extension spvAmerican McGee Alice saved game
 file extension sntAmnesia: The Dark Descent audio configuration
 file extension pdtAncient Warfare game data
 file extension zeiANNO 1602 game data
 file extension a7sANNO 1800 saved game
 file extension spANNO 2070 audio related data
 file extension bkgANNO 2070 background configuration
 file extension rdmANNO 2070 building animation
 file extension fcANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension ifoANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension rsdANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension tcdANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension efcANNO 2070 effect data
 file extension isdANNO 2070 mission data
 file extension missionANNO 2070 mission information
 file extension twwANNO 2070 random map template
 file extension ablANNO 2070 scenario data
 file extension aboANNO 2070 scenario data
 file extension cslANNO 2070 script
 file extension grmANNO 2070 script
 file extension cgtANNO 2070 script related data
 file extension abmANNO 2070 texture data
 file extension wwwANNO 2070 world configuration
 file extension saveANNO 2205 saved game
 file extension rdaANNO game data package
 file extension swwANNO saved game
 file extension sceneAntibody level data
game file icon file extension gameApple Chess game data
lrn file icon file extension lrnApple Chess user data
 file extension ioArabian Nights game data
 file extension alsArcade Lines graphic resource
 file extension umvAre You Afraid of the Dark? video data
 file extension xbmpArea 51 game data
 file extension dfsArea-51 game data file
 file extension abkArena opening book
 file extension dataArena Wars game data archive
 file extension awreplayArena Wars replay file
 file extension texturepackArena Wars texture pack
 file extension arma2oaprofileArmA 2 settings
 file extension sqfArmA script
 file extension ArmA2ProfileARMA2 profile file
 file extension shdcArmA: Armed Assault game data
 file extension rvmatArmed Assault texture
 file extension amtArtMoney table file
 file extension aimAscaron image format
 file extension bldAspetra data
 file extension forgeAssassin's Creed game audio or data
 file extension tstAssassins's Creed game data
 file extension intrAssassins's Creed game data
 file extension cgzAssaultCube map
 file extension asrAsura engine audio streaming resource archive
 file extension a52Atari 5200 game image
 file extension a78Atari 7800 image
 file extension d2iATMA Diablo II data
 file extension matoAtomic Combat saved game file
 file extension ashAudiosurf audio metadata
 file extension arpAudition replay
aur file icon file extension aurAutoREALM map
 file extension arcAvalanche Studios game archive
 file extension tabAvalanche Studios game data
 file extension shader_bundleAvalanche Studios game graphics
 file extension bffmB-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th game data
 file extension oa2B.O.U.T. Evolution low res texture
 file extension babyluvsavedgameBaby Luv saved game
 file extension bgBackgammon for Windows game data
 file extension slhBaldur's Gate II game data
 file extension tdbBallance high score database
 file extension gamedataBallhalla game data
 file extension ballhallasavedgameBallhalla saved game
 file extension s3fBattle Academy 3D model
tfil file icon file extension patching data
 file extension conBattlefield 1942 configuration
 file extension rfaBattlefield 1942 game archive
 file extension bafBattlefield 2 animation data
 file extension aiBattlefield 2 artifical intelligence file
 file extension bundledmeshBattlefield 2 bundled mesh
 file extension descBattlefield 2 map description
 file extension profile_save_dataBattlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 profile
 file extension sbBattlefield audio data
 file extension fbrbBattlefield Bad Company 2 game data
 file extension casBattlefield game data
 file extension tocBattlefield metadata
 file extension skinnedmeshBattlefield skinned mesh
 file extension bfvgerBattlefleet Gothic: Armada game version file
 file extension odfBattleZone cartographers guild file
 file extension hgtBattlezone game data
 file extension bmsBeatmania Music Simulator file
 file extension bejeweled2deluxesavedgameBejeweled 2 deluxe save game file
 file extension dnrBeneath the Steel Sky game data
 file extension dotBert's Dinosaurs game data
 file extension bsgBesiege game data
 file extension bsaBethesda Softworks Archive
 file extension esmBethesda Softworks settings
 file extension vidBethesda Softworks XnGine video
 file extension bfBeyond Good & Evil game archive
 file extension bigkahunareef2savedgameBig Kahuna Reef saved game
 file extension vhcBig Red Racing vehicle data
 file extension jg6BigJig jigsaw data
 file extension jg4BigJig jigsaw puzzle data
 file extension sv5BigJig saved puzzle
 file extension bk2Bink 2 video data
bik file icon file extension bikBINK video
 file extension bm1Bio Menace game data
 file extension bm2Bio Menace game data
 file extension bm3Bio Menace game data
 file extension lbfBioshock game data
 file extension bsmBioshock map
 file extension bsbBioshock saved game
 file extension bspBioshock saved game file
 file extension ncsBioware Aurora / Obsidian Electron compiled script
 file extension nssBioware Aurora / Obsidian Electron uncompiled script file
 file extension 2daBioWare Aurora engine 2-dimensional array
 file extension areBioWare Aurora Engine area data
 file extension gicBioWare Aurora Engine area data
 file extension pttBioWare Aurora engine blueprint data
 file extension hakBioWare Aurora engine data
 file extension erfBioWare Aurora engine encapsulated resource data
 file extension nwnBioware Aurora engine module
 file extension ptmBioWare Aurora Engine plot manager file
 file extension ltrBioWare Aurora engine racegender-specific generated name file
 file extension ssfBioWare Aurora engine sound
 file extension uttBioWare Aurora engine trigger file
 file extension utwBioWare Aurora engine waypoint
 file extension gitBioWare Aurora game engine area file
 file extension bicBioWare Aurora game engine character sheet data
 file extension utcBioWare Aurora game engine creature data
 file extension utdBioWare Aurora game engine door data
 file extension uteBioWare Aurora game engine encounter data
 file extension facBioWare Aurora game engine faction
 file extension ifoBioWare Aurora game engine information
 file extension utiBioWare Aurora game engine item file
 file extension jrlBioWare Aurora game engine journal data
 file extension itpBioWare Aurora game engine palette data
 file extension utpBioWare Aurora game engine placeable object file
 file extension utsBioWare Aurora game engine sound file
 file extension utmBioWare Aurora game engine store data
 file extension bifBioWare game resource
 file extension keyBioWare Infinity and Aurora game engine resource data
 file extension dlgBioware Infinity and Aurora game engines dialog
 file extension biffBioWare Infinity engine archive of resources
 file extension bcsBioware Infinity engine compiled script
 file extension wmpBioWare Infinity game engine
 file extension 2daBioWare Infinity game engine AD&D rule set
 file extension bioBioWare Infinity game engine character biography
 file extension bahBioWare Infinity game engine data
 file extension effBioware Infinity game engine effects
 file extension chrBioware Infinity game engine exported character info file
 file extension wedBioWare Infinity game engine graphic display info
 file extension bamBioware Infinity game engine graphics
 file extension cbfBioware Infinity game engine resource archive
 file extension bafBioWare Infinity game engine script
 file extension stoBioware Infinity game engine store data
 file extension totBioware Infinity game engine talk table override text
 file extension srcBioware Infinity game engine text storage
 file extension tisBioWare Infinity game engine tileset information
 file extension wacBioware Infinity game engine WAVC sound
 file extension tlkBioWare talk table data
 file extension zzzBlack & White game data file
 file extension l3dBlack & White graphics data
 file extension patBlack & White II paths data
 file extension terBlack & White II terrain data
 file extension walBlack & White II wall data
 file extension 555Black & White weather settings
 file extension excBlack & White zone data
 file extension bweBlack and White 2 environment data
 file extension blackhawkstriker2savedgameBlackhawk Striker 2 saved game
 file extension exsBlades of Exile scenario data
 file extension bs1Blake Stone game data
 file extension vsiBlake Stone game data
 file extension blasterball2holidayssavedgameBlaster Ball 2 Holidays saved game
 file extension blasterball2drm3savedgameBlasterball 2 save game
 file extension bb3BlasterBall 3 level data
 file extension blasterball3savedgameBlasterball 3 save game file
mpqe file icon file extension mpqeBlizzard encrypted game data
mdx file icon file extension mdxBlizzard Entertainment 3D model
mdl file icon file extension mdlBlizzard Entertainment 3D model
mpq file icon file extension mpqBlizzard Entertainment game archive
 file extension blpBlizzard game texture
pud file icon file extension pudBlizzard map
galaxy file icon file extension galaxyBlizzard Starcraft 2 Galaxy script file
m3 file icon file extension m3Blizzard StarCraft 2 MDX3 model
w3x file icon file extension w3xBlizzard Warcraft III expansion map
w3z file icon file extension w3zBlizzard Warcraft III saved game
 file extension blbBlockLand brick data
 file extension blsBlockland saved game
 file extension dlsBlood 2 game data
 file extension dd3Blood Bowl game data
 file extension bgzBlood Frontier map
 file extension rffBlood game archive
 file extension podBloodrayne game archive
 file extension bfmBloodrayne model
 file extension blorbBlorb A to Z Machine Resource Collection Format Standard
 file extension bbaBlueByte archive
 file extension bobthebuildersavedgameBob the Builder: Can do Zoo saved game
 file extension bikeyBohemia Interactive key
 file extension dwcBoneTown game data
 file extension bwaBookworm Adventures player data
 file extension bookwormdeluxesavedgameBookworm Deluxe saved game file
 file extension bexBOOM extensions to dehacked data
 file extension bdcffBoulder Dash Construction Kit data
 file extension hllBoulder Dash game data
 file extension boxrBoxerjam file
 file extension s10Brasfoot saved game
 file extension synBreakneck / N.I.C.E.2 archive
 file extension bddBRender device driver
 file extension bricksofegyptsavedgameBricks of Egypt saved game
 file extension broguesaveBrogue saved game
 file extension cluBroken Sword 2 dialogue data
 file extension bubbleshootersavedgameBubble Shooter saved game
 file extension dmoBuild 3D game engine recorded games
 file extension artBuild game engine archive
 file extension buildalot2savedgameBuild-a-lot 2 saved game
 file extension buildalot3savedgameBuild-a-lot 3 saved game
 file extension updatrBukkit iConomy update file
 file extension bndlBundle file format
 file extension snsBurnout Paradise game file
 file extension BurnoutParadiseSaveBurnout: Paradise saved profile
 file extension rwBVE Trainsim railway definition
 file extension bvsBVS Solitaire Collection data
 file extension c16C16 Creatures 3/Docking Station image
 file extension nxuC4 Engine XML model data
 file extension encCabal Online game data
 file extension arcCabela's African Safari game data
 file extension cakemaniasavedgameCake Mania saved game
 file extension dm_1Call of Duty demo
 file extension ffCall of Duty FastFile format
 file extension iwdCall of Duty game archive
 file extension fdCall of Duty game data
 file extension xpakCall of Duty game data archive
 file extension gdtCall of Duty info file
 file extension d3dbspCall of Duty Modern Warfare 2 map file
 file extension iw5dlcCall of Duty Modern Warfare 3 DLC data
 file extension gscCall of Duty script
 file extension iwiCall of Duty skin
 file extension dsplCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 server playlist
 file extension rpackCall of Juarez game data
 file extension binuiCall of Juarez game menu file
 file extension roacjCall of Juarez game resource data file
 file extension sablCall ot Duty: Black Ops audio library
 file extension sabsCall ot Duty: Black Ops sound archive
 file extension fscCampaign Cartographer data
 file extension xafCAPCOM Beatdown file
 file extension twtCarmageddon 2: Carpocalyse Now saved game
 file extension cokCarmageddon patch file
 file extension arsCarmageddon saved game file
 file extension 3dnCarnivores 3D model
 file extension rscCarnivores Ice Age map areas
 file extension carCarnivores Ice Age resource data
 file extension cwgCastle of the Winds data
 file extension yarCastles & Catapults game data
 file extension ntpCastlevania audio data
 file extension catwashsavedgameCat Wash saved game
 file extension b1Cats Mah Jong Solitaire game data
 file extension toyCatz & Dogz game data
 file extension catCatz cat description data
 file extension vo2Celestial Impact map
 file extension boxCellblock Squadrons archive
 file extension bfhpCeltic Kings game data
 file extension cm4Championship Manager 4 saved game
 file extension rgnChampionship Manager game data
 file extension tctChampionship Manager game file
 file extension tbsChess Tablebase data
 file extension chesstitanssave-msChess Titans saved game
 file extension cbfChessBase game information data
 file extension cp2ChessBase theme classification
 file extension cbtChessBase tournament index
 file extension cmgChessMaster saved game
 file extension chsChessRally game file
 file extension ssaChildren of the Nile campaign
 file extension sc5Chris Sawyer Locomotion scenario file
 file extension sv5Chris Sawyer's Locomotion saved game
 file extension chuzzledeluxesavedgameChuzzle Deluxe saved game
 file extension biqCivilization 3 scenario
 file extension civwarlordssaveCivilization 4 data
 file extension civ5projCivilization 5 game data
 file extension civ5mapCivilization 5 map
 file extension civ5modCivilization 5 mod
 file extension modinfoCivilization 5 mod information
 file extension civ5saveCivilization 5 saved game
 file extension bicCivilization III game scenario file
 file extension bixCivilization III scenario data
 file extension fpkCivilization IV game archive
 file extension civbeyondswordwbsaveCivilization IV game data
 file extension civ4savedgameCivilization IV save game file
 file extension civ4worldbuildersaveCivilization IV world builder save file
 file extension CivBeyondSwordSaveCivilization IV: Beyond the Sword save game file
 file extension sveCivilization saved game
 file extension ctpCivilization: Call to Power game data
 file extension cncClick 'n Create game data
 file extension c4bClonk data
 file extension c4lClonk data
 file extension c4mClonk game data
 file extension c4dClonk game object definition
 file extension c4pClonk game player data
 file extension c4fClonk game round data
 file extension c4sClonk game scenario
 file extension c4gClonk game system data
 file extension c4iClonk object
 file extension c4vClonk video data
 file extension losClose Combat 2 map related game data
 file extension azpClose Combat effect data
 file extension plreCoconut Queen game data
 file extension cbsCode Breaker saved data
 file extension bwdColin McRae Rally 2 car description data
 file extension bflColin McRae Rally 2 game data
 file extension nlbColin McRae Rally network leader boards game data
 file extension rcsColin McRae Rally saved game
 file extension pssgColin McRae: DiRT 2 game data
 file extension kdvComanche 3 video data
 file extension bdpCombat Flight Simulator game data
 file extension comfycakessave-msComfy Cakes saved game file
cdata file icon file extension cdataCommand & Conquer 3 audio file
 file extension kwreplayCommand & Conquer 3 replay
 file extension skudefCommand & Conquer archive description package
 file extension shpCommand & Conquer game data
 file extension mixCommand & Conquer game file
ttg file icon file extension ttgCommand & Conquer Red Alert 3 data
game file icon file extension gameCommand & Conquer Red Alert 3 game data
ra3autosave file icon file extension ra3autosaveCommand & Conquer Red Alert 3 saved game
ra3campaign file icon file extension ra3campaignCommand & Conquer Red Alert 3 saved game
 file extension ddbCommand & Conquer Renegade game data
 file extension csfCommand & Conquer SAGE engine string file
 file extension scbCommand & Conquer World Builder script
 file extension ra3replayCommand & Conquer: Red Alert 3 replay file
 file extension ra3skirmishCommand & Conquer: Red Alert 3 skirmish map file
 file extension cnc3campaignCommand and Conquer 3 campaign saved game
 file extension mmxCommand and Conquer game data
hva file icon file extension hvaCommand and Conquer Tiberian Sun voxel animation control data
 file extension vqaCommand and Conquer video data
 file extension ck1Commander Keen 1 game data
 file extension ck2Commander Keen 2 game data
 file extension ck3Commander Keen 3 game data
 file extension ck4Commander Keen 4 game data
 file extension ck5Commander Keen 5 game data
 file extension ck6Commander Keen 6 game data
 file extension arlcCommandos 2 Men of Courage game file
 file extension recCompany of Heroes replay
 file extension te2Conquest of the New World data
 file extension capxConstruct game project archive
 file extension caprojConstruct game project file
 file extension celConstructor animation
 file extension flcConstructor animation data
 file extension filConstructor game data
 file extension shdConstructor shadow file
 file extension sprConstructor sprite
 file extension epbConstructor video data
 file extension cbmapContainment Breach map
 file extension xrdCore Wars data
 file extension rgtCorsix's Mod Studio texture
 file extension m3dCossacks map
 file extension smaCounter-Strike add-on source code
 file extension narCounter-Strike Online game archive file
 file extension navCounter-Strike source CBot navigation mesh
 file extension fstCrazy Machines 2 object
 file extension cmeCrazy Machines level data
 file extension ucmCrazy Machines model
 file extension cmlCrazy Machines saved laboratory file
 file extension packCreative Assembly game resources
 file extension cw2Creeper World 2 game map
 file extension cw1Creeper World game map
 file extension an2Croc animation
 file extension cfrCross Fire replay
 file extension cfreplayCrossfire Europe replay
 file extension cc4Crossword Compiler crossword puzzle
 file extension ccwCrossword Compiler saved puzzle
 file extension cw3Crossword Construction Kit puzzle group
 file extension puzCrossword data
 file extension cweCrossword Express file
 file extension latCrossword Express lattice data
 file extension dbaCryENGINE animation database
 file extension cgfCryEngine geometry data
 file extension lmgCryENGINE locomotion group animation file
 file extension cgaCryENGINE vehicle animation
 file extension novaCryptic game data archive
 file extension hoggCryptic Studios data
 file extension dlgCrysis dialogue data
 file extension todCrysis game data
 file extension sfdCrysis game data
 file extension lyrCrysis game file
 file extension lngCrysis game file
 file extension cyrCrysis game level
 file extension cryCrysis level information
 file extension crysisjmsfCrysis saved game
 file extension fxcbCrysis shader cache
 file extension crysispsfCrysis Warhead saved game position file
 file extension tigerCrystal Dynamics game data archive format
 file extension ogzCube 2 Sauerbraten map
 file extension wptCube 2 waypoint file
 file extension neiCustom Maid 3D data
 file extension gmvCyberboard move data
 file extension bbgCyberSports for Basketball game data
 file extension fbtCybersports team data
 file extension cs2CyberStep2 game data
 file extension damDam game data
 file extension pdnDam game data
 file extension dwiDance With Intensity file
 file extension crsDance With Intensity game data
 file extension jpkDark Blood Online game data
 file extension alzDarkEden game data
 file extension skelDarkest Dungeon animation
 file extension darkestDarkest Dungeon game script

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