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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

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 file extension sc4descSimCity 4 description file
 file extension lodROSE Online level of detail file
 file extension ainSource engine compiled AI nodegraph file
 file extension civ4replaySid Meier's Civilization 4 replay
 file extension bndlxml5Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor game file
 file extension bigPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time audio package
 file extension cupRoland Garros Tennis terrains file
 file extension znmLucasArts game movie file
 file extension c4vClonk game video file
 file extension cxtVegas Jackpot Gold game data file
 file extension synBreakneck / N.I.C.E.2 archive file
 file extension todCrysis game file
 file extension fbdF-22 Lightning Gravis joystick control file
 file extension temRPG Toolkit character file
 file extension pviPODBot knowledge file
 file extension hmpFrontier: First Encounters music file
 file extension btlPokémon NetBattle battle replay file
 file extension vdfTwo Worlds 2 static model file
 file extension acdNascar Racing 2002 arcade car setup file
 file extension vmxValve map backup file
 file extension zrsHearts game file
 file extension diamonddetectivesavedgameDiamond Detective saved game
 file extension texLeadwerks Game Engine texture
 file extension mixMotoGP game data
 file extension fxtGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas fake text
 file extension carRailroad Tycoon 3 car properties file
game file icon file extension gameApple Mac OS X Chess file
 file extension pl2Diablo 2 palette file
 file extension sc6RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 scenario file
 file extension fjbFurcadia settings file
 file extension finaldrivenitrosavedgameFinal Drive Nitro saved game
 file extension fatFar Cry Primal game data
 file extension lsLinks 98 game file
 file extension eggDucks add-on level file
 file extension prsLode Runner game file
 file extension shpaMarathon 2 Aleph One shape file
 file extension lrpLine Rider 2 Unbound puzzle part
 file extension fscCampaign Cartographer file
 file extension wzWarzone 2100 data
met file icon file extension metDragon Age Origins save game file
 file extension pcpStar Wars The Force Unleashed game file
 file extension vdiStepMania debug resource file
 file extension sim3The Sims 3 file
 file extension bmd6animid Tech 6 animation data
 file extension pzcorPanzer Corps saved core army file
 file extension advThe Witcher game data
 file extension pqProgress Quest saved character
 file extension ashKingdom of Loathing KoLmafia script file
pc file icon file extension pcSpace Marine localization file
 file extension scrabblehasbrosavedgameHasbro Scrabble save game file
 file extension tlkWestwood Studios game archive file
 file extension carCarnivores Ice Age resource file
 file extension timThe Incredible Machine level file
 file extension smsTrain Simulator sound management system
 file extension pboOperation Flashpoint game mission folder file
 file extension aipROSE Online AI file
 file extension ibroIncrediBots robot file
 file extension ntfpNintendo DS nitro file palette
 file extension wbmInfinity Engine game file
 file extension fldYSFLIGHT field file
 file extension ibreIncrediBots replay file
 file extension incaballsavedgameInca Ball saved game
 file extension m2PC-98 game music
 file extension cslANNO 2070 script
 file extension cbtChessBase tournament index
 file extension sinRise of Nations campaign media file
 file extension alsArcade Lines graphic resource file
 file extension ptgNova Logic game effects definition file
 file extension jigLiving Scenes jigsaw puzzles
 file extension blackhawkstriker2savedgameBlackhawk Striker 2 saved game file
 file extension rcLeft 4 Dead file
 file extension guiDoom file
 file extension gmpGrand Theft Auto 2 game file
 file extension wllThe Sims wall texture file format
s2mh file icon file extension s2mhStarCraft 2 map header file
 file extension buildalot2savedgameBuild-a-lot 2 save game file
 file extension nscrNintendo DS nitro screen resource file
 file extension ppmodPapers, Please mod file
 file extension civ5projCivilization 5 file
 file extension holdemsave-msMicrosoft Windows Hold'em game file
 file extension scnMen Of War: Assault Squad saved game
 file extension lkpThis War of Mine custom content file
 file extension exmpSimCity 4 cohort file
 file extension vvvDriver 3 VVV data
 file extension pinEpic Pinball game data
 file extension cgaCryENGINE vehicle animation file
 file extension pzpJigs@w saved puzzle
 file extension usaUnreal saved game file
 file extension flcConstructor animation file
 file extension ipsGame patch file
 file extension dsgDecker saved game file
 file extension sndaMarathon 2 Aleph One sound file
 file extension sscStepMania song file
 file extension tbv3D Ultra Cool Pool game file
 file extension actFly! RAW image palette file
 file extension s11Descent 2 game data
 file extension brmdlNintendo Wii BRMDL model file
 file extension sntAmnesia: The Dark Descent audio configuration
 file extension dbdfSimCity 4 DBDF compression directories
 file extension tdbTranscendence game data
 file extension grpTransport Fever group parameters
 file extension podBloodrayne archive file
 file extension sviRed Faction game file
 file extension arlcCommandos 2 Men of Courage game file
 file extension icdRayman 2 game file
 file extension proVarious games file
 file extension v3oEmergency 3D model file
 file extension tcfTheme Park World game file
 file extension 9kpDoom archived TGA graphics file
 file extension TileSkinZipElemental tile skin file
 file extension prmHitman game data file
 file extension dlgBioware Infinity and Aurora game engines dialog file
 file extension misTom Clancy's Ghost Recon mission file
 file extension lpNASCAR Racing 2002 track configuration options
 file extension vpkVerge pack file
 file extension pttBioWare Aurora engine blueprint data
 file extension wagameWorms Armageddon game replay
 file extension hsmThe Sims sound file
 file extension gpfStar Trek Elite Force II game play formula file
 file extension rlwRicochet Lost Worlds: Recharged file
 file extension gs4Genecyst saved state file
 file extension lvbOutlaws game file
 file extension ibchIncrediBots challenge file
 file extension bricksofegyptsavedgameBricks of Egypt saved game
 file extension kafPopulous: Resurrection map pack
 file extension pcdPokémon wonder card
 file extension idSimCity 4 channel identification format
 file extension md6animid Tech 6 animation data
 file extension obmOpenTTD game data
 file extension kgtVanguard Princess game data
tcm file icon file extension tcmTotal Club Manager saved game file
 file extension sndHeroes of Might & Magic 3 archive
 file extension gm3Heroes of Might & Magic III saved game file
esp file icon file extension espGamebryo game engine plug-in file
 file extension aniPainkiller Overdose game file
 file extension conLucasArts container file
 file extension wssOperation Flashpoint sound file
 file extension wacNovaLogic game boolean logic commands file
 file extension scrLeft 4 Dead file
 file extension da1Star Trek Generations Saved game file format
 file extension ctmStar Wars Republic Commando map file
 file extension dm_83Wolfenstein Enemy Territory demo file
 file extension fstCrazy Machines 2 object file
 file extension tohInfinity Engine game file
 file extension camAge of Wonders III campaign map file
 file extension civwarlordsreplaySid Meier's Civilization 4 replay
 file extension n2eThe Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing effect
 file extension abmANNO 2070 texture data
 file extension rdtG-Police game data
 file extension gdfGURPS data
 file extension dpvFar Cry Primal game data
 file extension rsdRuneScape Daemon data
 file extension amzThe Amazon Trail save game file
 file extension lbiFIFA 2001 data feart legal screen file
 file extension invRainbow Six Rogue Spear inventory file
 file extension ma3Diablo II Act 4 saved map progress file
 file extension lanDeluxe Ski Jump 3 language file
 file extension boxCellblock Squadrons archive file
 file extension walBlack & White II wall data file
 file extension sgfSmart Game Format file
brd file icon file extension brdWinning Bridge saved hand file
 file extension ssfBioWare Aurora engine sound set
 file extension dbfNovaLogic game dialog binary format
 file extension wd1Earth 2150 introduction movie
 file extension tdxTony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 game file
 file extension kclMario Kart Wii collision information file
 file extension lastloginMinecraft user settings file
 file extension egmThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion morph file
 file extension brnGabriel Knight 3 barn file
 file extension chuzzledeluxesavedgameChuzzle Deluxe saved game
 file extension whdatWarhammer 40,000: Armageddon data file
 file extension efcANNO 2070 effect data
 file extension bcOperation Body Count game data
 file extension puzPuzzle file
 file extension y3aYu-Gi-Oh! Online avatar data
 file extension sdtGrand Theft Auto III audio structure data file
 file extension bsInfinity game engine compiled script file
set file icon file extension setDiablo II character set
 file extension mdtNovaLogic game bump map file
 file extension colGrand Theft Auto III collision data file
 file extension mmRise of Nations campaign media file
 file extension wmpBioWare Infinity game engine file
 file extension hwlHangman Deluxe word list
 file extension cgfFar Cry 3D model
 file extension srkSub Rosa client file
 file extension spaUnreal Engine 3 Spanish language localization
 file extension asiMen of War: Assault Squad 2 game data
 file extension dwdDoom ASCII map format
 file extension nl2scriptNoLimits script
 file extension nutOpenTTD AI game data
 file extension rd2TOCA Race Driver 2 saved game file
 file extension synExcessive Speed archive file
 file extension wiFIFA 2000 game file
sc2save file icon file extension sc2saveStarCraft 2 game saved file
 file extension fateundiscoveredrealmssavedgameFate Undiscovered Realms save game file
 file extension dd3Blood Bowl game file
 file extension dxpPiles'O'Tiles game related data
mdl file icon file extension mdlQuake model file
 file extension mmpGrand Theft Auto multiplayer map file
 file extension trnNova Logic game mission terrain file
 file extension dwpDarwin Pond file
emt file icon file extension emtUnreal Engine emitter file
 file extension lrsLode Runner 2 savegame files
 file extension maxAction Replay Max save file
 file extension tapTap Tap Revenge tap file
 file extension questtemplateStarbound quest template file
 file extension dplsaveDriver: Parallel Lines saved game file
 file extension penguinssavedgamePenguins! saved game file
 file extension luxorquestsavedgameLuxor: Quest for Afterlife saved game
 file extension camTitanfall game file
 file extension spsSharkport PS2 saved game
 file extension pdtAncient Warfare game data
 file extension ucmCrazy Machines model
 file extension amaFIFA 2000 feart data
 file extension cimSimCity 2000 file
 file extension tsdNovaLogic game tile surface define file
 file extension u00The Price Is Right 2010 game file
qwd file icon file extension qwdQuakeWorld demo file
 file extension rl1Descent 1 registered level file
 file extension m3hStarcraft 2 model data file
 file extension utwBioWare Aurora engine waypoint file
 file extension dirGrand Theft Auto 3 game file
 file extension dmoDemo file
 file extension rscCarnivores Ice Age map areas file
 file extension funProject FUN Editor game source code
 file extension idxHellgate: London game archive file
 file extension broguesaveBrogue saved game file
 file extension cfbInfinity Engine game file
 file extension iapInfinity Engine automatic installation package file
 file extension sevenwonderstreasuresofsevensavedgame7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven saved game file
 file extension krabbyquestsavedgameSpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Quest saved game
 file extension templeofjewelssavedgameTemple of Jewels saved game
 file extension fraUnreal Engine French language localization
 file extension mapLeadwerks Game Engine map
 file extension dlgCrysis dialogue data
 file extension otrOver the Reich saved game
 file extension oUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension bm2Bio Menace game data
 file extension ivtInternational Volleyball 2006 game data
 file extension bsdiffMultiPatch patch file
 file extension oscFormula One 2001 options file
 file extension tbiFIFA 2001 game data
 file extension r8Microsoft Flight Simulator texture file
 file extension oa2B.O.U.T. Evolution low res texture file
 file extension boxLemmings Revolution archive file
 file extension csTribes 2 scripting file
 file extension awpAkimbot Waypoint file
sms file icon file extension smsWarcraft 2 (Wargus/Stratagus) map file
 file extension sosAdventure SOS compiled adventure game walkthrough
 file extension tabThinBASIC Adventure Builder adventure data file
 file extension ssgSCRABBLE saved game file
 file extension bcfThe Sims 3D body mesh file
 file extension wrmWormWorld Level File
 file extension db2S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
 file extension dbiFly! database index file
 file extension bejeweled2deluxesavedgameBejeweled 2 deluxe save game file
 file extension escaperosecliffislandsavedgameEscape Rose Cliff Island saved game file
 file extension terrn2Rigs of Rods terrain file
 file extension sportballchallengesavedgameSportball Challenge saved game
 file extension ekvTitanfall settings
 file extension polUnreal Engine Polish language localization
 file extension fdCall of Duty game file
 file extension intPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time video data
 file extension grmANNO 2070 script
 file extension bm3Bio Menace game data
 file extension ppfSimCity game data
 file extension cchForgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures character reference file
 file extension intUnreal Tournament mutator file
 file extension bblmMario Kart mod effect file
 file extension gm4Heroes of Might & Magic III saved game file
 file extension pmpSoldat map maker file
 file extension sprLive for Speed single player replay
 file extension adtNova Logic game animation data triggers file
 file extension npgDie Hard Nakatomi Plaza saved game file
 file extension olbMedical Terminology Challenge data file
 file extension fgdHalf-Life modification map configuration
 file extension islThe Universal game server export file format
 file extension dllsUFO: Alien Invasion plugin file
 file extension terrnRigs of Rods terrain file
 file extension c4mClonk file
 file extension plfMr. Bean game data
 file extension sc2sceneStarCraft II cut scene
 file extension bkgANNO 2070 background configuration
 file extension wplGrand Theft Auto IV binary item placement data
 file extension optAGT game data
 file extension vehStar Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game data
 file extension isrGo-Moku game file
 file extension dirWorms Armageddon game archive
 file extension lspLiving Scenes jigsaw puzzles
 file extension esSerious Sam entity class file
cat file icon file extension catFallout 3 file
 file extension ghsGlider Pro house file
 file extension bmsNovaLogic game binary map file
 file extension w3dWolfenstein 3D game data file
 file extension wbtToribash help file
 file extension chmTwo Worlds 2 animation file
 file extension lmpLeft 4 Dead file
 file extension b&wGrand Theft Auto III saved game
 file extension dwiDance With Intensity file
 file extension nfoAge of Empires player file
sc2ma file icon file extension sc2maStarCraft 2 map data file
 file extension bfgMario Kart mod effect file
 file extension camStar Trek Elite Force 2 camera file
 file extension sclvlScritter's Nest data file
 file extension solidconfigSTAR WARS: The Old Republic launcher config file
 file extension bpaDeath Rally archive file
 file extension fcrRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 camera data file
 file extension profile_save_dataBattlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 profile file
 file extension dreamchronicles2savedgameDream Chronicles saved game
 file extension bspecSimCity 4 bridge length specs
 file extension rsdANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension wRe-Volt world data
bsp file icon file extension bspSource engine 3D first person action game map file
 file extension entEschalon: Book I game file
 file extension z4Infocom game module for Z-machine version 4
 file extension z2Infocom game module for Z-machine version 2
 file extension z1Infocom game module for Z-machine version 1
 file extension alfAipro 2000 land file
 file extension lngCrysis game file
 file extension ttStar Trek Armada techtree information file
 file extension gfxWarcraft II image file
 file extension gciSonic Adventure DX saved game file
 file extension hfbHell Fighter battle file
 file extension missionVega Strike mission file
 file extension armFly! articulated model file
 file extension dbtFly! database template file
 file extension sgaaAleph One Marathon 2 saved game
 file extension galsaveGalactrix saved game
 file extension jewelquestsolitaire2savedgameJewel Quest saved game
 file extension grsMen of War: Assault Squad 2 game data
 file extension animatable_rigid_modelEmpire: Total War animation
 file extension moTransport Fever text game data
 file extension mukMall Tycoon game data
 file extension bgBackgammon for Windows game file
 file extension sssHeart Of Darkness saved game
 file extension ukaFifa World Cup game data
 file extension gmvCyberboard move
 file extension z7Infocom game module for Z-machine version 7
 file extension espEdskes software Pakket file
 file extension flsPainkiller Overdose game file
 file extension pxpHalf-Life: Counter-Strike POD-Bot file
 file extension bspBioshock saved game file
 file extension blzNokia N-Gage game file
 file extension ddbCommand & Conquer Renegade game file
 file extension tscFUEL game script file
 file extension gblGravityball file
 file extension clbTotal Club Manager file
 file extension mw2Super Mario World game data
 file extension rle.gzGolly compressed pattern file
 file extension fpgFPS Creator game project file
weap file icon file extension weapQuake 3 id Tech 3 game engine weapon file
 file extension rekoRekoNet cardset file
 file extension qchThe Dark Queen of Krynn game file
 file extension catwashsavedgameCat Wash saved game
 file extension blasterball2holidayssavedgameBlaster Ball 2 Holidays saved game
 file extension rigid_meshEmpire: Total War mesh
 file extension isdANNO 2070 mission data
 file extension jamUnreal Tournament 3 for PS3 game mod
 file extension bd1X operations game data
 file extension indexStarcraft index
 file extension olvRoller Coaster Tycoon file
 file extension goGo game data
 file extension y3dYu-Gi-Oh! Online card file
 file extension ptsHalf-Life map creation debug file
 file extension sanLegacy of Kain series game file
 file extension ebpRelic Entertainment game file
 file extension npgNextPlay game data
 file extension levWorms map file
 file extension chsChessRally game file
 file extension nssBioware Aurora / Obsidian Electron uncompiled script file
 file extension blbBlockLand brick data
 file extension mresHomeworld file
 file extension bigkahunareef2savedgameBig Kahuna Reef saved game
 file extension deuUnreal Engine German language localization
 file extension lsscriptDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension defid Tech 6 video settings
 file extension jnkStarpoint Gemini 2 junkyard data
 file extension lbaLittle Big Adventure saved game
 file extension pmuDriver 3 PMU data
 file extension hgtBattlezone game data file
 file extension da9Star Trek Generations autosave game file
 file extension qe4Kingpin Life of Crime settings file
 file extension utsBioWare Aurora game engine sound file
 file extension tiHomeworld tactical icon
 file extension ptsInfinity Engine game tileset
 file extension envMotocross Madness 2 track file
 file extension nfgRHS Nibbles finished game data
 file extension prkLucasArts Thrillville park file
 file extension qsdROSE Online quest data file
 file extension zmsROSE Online Model file
 file extension bohEuropa Universallis 2 game data file
 file extension guiInfinity Engine game file
 file extension blbInteractive Fiction package game file
 file extension weddingdashsavedgameWedding Dash saved game
 file extension korUnreal Engine language localization
 file extension subSubTerra level data
 file extension glfSpace Engine shader data
 file extension ssaChildren of the Nile campaign
 file extension emmStreet Fighter IV game model
 file extension vsiBlake Stone game data
 file extension psnSimCity city data
 file extension psfSimCity audio data
 file extension jigzJiggsaw Puzzle file
 file extension mpsMax Payne saved game file
 file extension ycmYugioh Card Maker file
 file extension bbzLine Rider 2 game executable file
 file extension mrlvTacx Fortius file format
 file extension wacBioware Infinity game engine WAVC sound
 file extension desTribes 2 game file
sc2archive file icon file extension sc2archiveStarCraft 2 archive file
q2renderer file icon file extension q2rendererQuake 2 for Mac renderer plug-in file
 file extension mpzRed Eclipse map file
 file extension gdbStar Trek Elite Force II info file
 file extension wtpWarhammer 40k Dawn of War texture file
 file extension ifoROSE Online map data
 file extension zmdROSE Online model bones file
 file extension zumasavedgameZuma saved game
 file extension pr3Port Royale 3 saved game
 file extension sceneAntibody level data
 file extension hmdHighway Pursuit game data
 file extension dinerdashsavedgameDiner Dash saved game file
 file extension dmoThe Land Of Um demo file
 file extension cobTotal Annihilation unit script
 file extension ainNovaLogic game AI coordinates file
s2ql file icon file extension s2qlStarCraft 2 unit localisation file
 file extension chrROSE Online NPC Zscript file
 file extension litROSE Online light map file
 file extension asstrmSplinter Cell Blacklist game data file
 file extension tdtSimTower: The Vertical Empire game data
 file extension obgOpenTTD base graphics
 file extension bndMicrosoft Flight Simulator panels file
 file extension bdofMario Kart mod effect file
 file extension levLiero level file
 file extension mn2Descent 2 mission file
 file extension iplGrand Theft Auto III object placement data file
 file extension wgtWorms Armageddon teams file
 file extension da2Star Trek Generations saved game file
 file extension aipNova Logic game AI perimeters file
 file extension exlNSkill Neocron character builder file
 file extension fllThe Sims floor data
 file extension sgtHitman sound data
 file extension excBlack & White zone file
 file extension autDescent Manager mission file
 file extension csfCommand & Conquer SAGE engine string file
 file extension dnpEudemons on-line game data file
 file extension ntpCastlevania audio file
 file extension liongthelostamuletssavedgameLiong The Lost Amulets saved game
 file extension missionANNO 2070 mission information
 file extension lvivtLvivtotoro game file
 file extension qsuZelda Classic quest file
 file extension amtArtMoney table file
 file extension stxNovaLogic game sound text xref file
 file extension lGame of Life file
 file extension runRune map
 file extension conROSE Online NPC dialogs data file
 file extension dn3Duke Nukem episode 3 game file
 file extension zrsMicrosoft Windows Hearts game file
 file extension gfcDoom 3 GFC data file
 file extension aiBattlefield 2 artifical intelligence file
 file extension jewelthiefsavedgameJewel Thief saved game
 file extension zulugemssavedgameZulu Gems saved game
 file extension vcsTitanfall shader data
 file extension mtlTransport Fever material data
 file extension abzAlpha Black Zero game file
 file extension vdxThe 7th Guest movie file
 file extension wagUrban Chaos saved game file
 file extension csvLucasArts The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition hint file
 file extension spkWolfenstein 2009 game data
 file extension breftMario Kart Wii animated graphic file
 file extension ncerNintendo DS nitro cell resource file
 file extension llsdSecond Life game data file
 file extension fairytreasuresavedgameFairy Treasure saved game
 file extension cstGary Gadget plug-in
 file extension aboANNO 2070 scenario data
 file extension rmpUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension xsmSimCity Societies game file
 file extension bldRealFlight radio control airplane description file
 file extension pkmdlPainkiller Overdose game file
 file extension adlNova Logic game animation data batch listing file
 file extension cinNova Logic game cinematics file
 file extension vpkEverQuest II game archive file
 file extension ucUnreal Tournament code file
 file extension ddtFootball Manager player club and nations file
 file extension sglThe Games: Summer Challenge tournament file
 file extension awreplayArena Wars replay file
 file extension m8m8mam8 game data file
 file extension cliGrand Theft Auto IV clip data file
 file extension incaquestsavedgameInca Quest saved game
 file extension soeStar Wars Shadows of the Empire file
 file extension tilROSE Online Map list file
 file extension da0Star Trek Generations Saved game file format
 file extension rpgO.H.R.RPG.C.E role-playing game file
 file extension d01Fahrenheit game file
 file extension cmxThe Sims 3D body mesh data file
 file extension sctSimCity 3000 real-world terrain city data file
 file extension tctChampionship Manager game file
 file extension iflNova Logic build info listing file
 file extension modNeverwinter Nights module file
 file extension totBioware Infinity game engine talk table override text file
 file extension fwdRollerCoaster Tycoon fireworks display file

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