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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

List of common game related files

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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

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 file extension crsDance With Intensity file
 file extension sprLive for Speed single player replay file
 file extension tzxTanzzle graphic object file
 file extension wdrStar Wars: Tie Fighter media file
 file extension strFIFA 2002 music file
ind file icon file extension indWell of Souls game file
 file extension npgNextPlay game data
 file extension bmsNovaLogic game binary map file
 file extension wacNovaLogic game boolean logic commands file
 file extension exlNSkill Neocron character builder file
 file extension rgnChampionship Manager game file
 file extension temRPG Toolkit character file
 file extension rdlDescent registered level file
 file extension xdsNintendo DS Game Maker project file
 file extension wagameWorms Armageddon game replay
 file extension wsadWildTangent actor definition file
 file extension txcEverQuest cached compressed texture
 file extension bcfThe Sims 3D body mesh file
 file extension yarCastles & Catapults game file
 file extension oafMicrosoft Flight Simulator texture file
 file extension mrsGunz game data file
 file extension clbTotal Club Manager file
 file extension dfpZoids Commando player data
 file extension txbDescent encoded briefing file
 file extension gfxWarcraft II image file
 file extension bldSimCity 3000 Building Architect building file
 file extension oriNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit game file
 file extension mw2Super Mario World file format
 file extension pssSony Playstation 2 video
 file extension da1Star Trek Generations Saved game file format
 file extension wllThe Sims wall texture file format
 file extension dbaS.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
 file extension ctmStar Wars Republic Commando map file
 file extension dm_82Wolfenstein Enemy Territory demo file
 file extension fsgFreeCol saved game file
 file extension modNeverwinter Nights module file
 file extension pegPeggle game replay file
 file extension pqheroPuzzle Quest saved game file
s2mh file icon file extension s2mhStarCraft 2 map header file
 file extension wgfWidelands game data
 file extension vdiStepMania debug resource file
 file extension ctlStepMania SMZIP package description file
 file extension upk1Metro 2033 game data file
 file extension kmpMario Kart Wii course description file
 file extension csfCommand & Conquer SAGE engine string file
 file extension pmTrainz progressive mesh file
 file extension actFly! RAW image palette file
 file extension prpFly! propellor specification file
 file extension stbROSE Online file
 file extension w3iWarcraft III map related file
 file extension frm16Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader game file
 file extension gs4Genecyst saved state file
 file extension irkiArcade game package
 file extension zrsMicrosoft Windows Hearts game file
 file extension s3rRTL Ski Jumping replay file
 file extension gorMyth: The Fallen Lords game data file
 file extension unitxtYS FLIGHT language file
 file extension bdcffBoulder Dash Construction Kit file
 file extension mbmKerbal Space Program texture file
 file extension nxuC4 Engine XML model data file
 file extension hppHaluha Pearls design file
 file extension gfcDoom 3 GFC data file
 file extension jpkDark Blood Online game data file
 file extension acwwACWW pattern data
 file extension airM.U.G.E.N animation file
 file extension brmdlNintendo Wii BRMDL model file
 file extension nftrNintendo DS font file
 file extension hbyHornby Virtual Railway data file
 file extension profSuper Smash Bros. Crusade profile file
 file extension sevenwonderstreasuresofsevensavedgame7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven saved game file
 file extension penguinssavedgamePenguins! saved game file
 file extension liongthelostamuletssavedgameLiong The Lost Amulets saved game
 file extension galsaveGalactrix saved game
 file extension dreamchronicles2savedgameDream Chronicles saved game
 file extension catwashsavedgameCat Wash saved game
 file extension krabbyquestsavedgameSpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Quest saved game
 file extension puzzleblastsavedgamePuzzle Blast saved game
 file extension weddingdashsavedgameWedding Dash saved game
 file extension tdtSimTower: The Vertical Empire game data
 file extension lkpThis War of Mine custom content file
 file extension vhmThe Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing game data
 file extension grsMen of War: Assault Squad 2 game data
 file extension md6animid Tech 6 animation data
 file extension bfvgerBattlefleet Gothic: Armada game version file
 file extension tviTerminal Velocity animation data
 file extension spANNO 2070 audio related data
 file extension rsdANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension otrOver the Reich saved game
 file extension wplGrand Theft Auto IV binary item placement data
 file extension vidBethesda Softworks XnGine video
 file extension depgraphbinTom Clancy's The Division game data
 file extension dmodDink Smallwood add-on
 file extension wgeoLeague of Legends world geometry
 file extension ioArabian Nights game data
 file extension bs1Blake Stone game data
 file extension vsiBlake Stone game data
 file extension bcOperation Body Count game data
 file extension ppfSimCity game data
 file extension ivtInternational Volleyball 2006 game data
 file extension pqProgress Quest saved character
 file extension cchForgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures character reference file
 file extension sdfNova Logic game sound define file
 file extension cmlCrazy Machines saved laboratory file
 file extension tisBioWare Infinity game engine tileset information file
 file extension fceNeed For Speed render file
 file extension lgtUrban Chaos game file
lmp file icon file extension lmpQuake file
 file extension foxFurcadia game file
 file extension eepfEmuOS exchangeable packet file
 file extension nsbtxNintendo DS model texture file
 file extension eggDucks add-on level file
 file extension pmStar Wars: Rebel Assault game file
 file extension pzlLode Runner puzzle set
 file extension sc2000Sim city 2000 tileset file
 file extension sndHeroes of Might & Magic 3 archive
 file extension sssHeart Of Darkness saved game
 file extension staGenerally game saved state
 file extension td4RollerCoaster Tycoon track design file
 file extension shpaMarathon 2 Aleph One shape file
 file extension tombRaider 3Tomb raider 3 save game
 file extension dreamchroniclessavedgameDream Chronicles saved game file
 file extension ltrBioWare Aurora engine racegender-specific generated name file
 file extension znmLucasArts game movie file
 file extension mprWestwood Studios game file
 file extension xpxDungeons & Dragons Core Rules 2 with expansion file
 file extension da8Star Trek: Generations saved game file
 file extension da9Star Trek Generations autosave game file
jrz file icon file extension jrzSony Playstation Portable game data file
 file extension dinerdashsavedgameDiner Dash saved game file
uxx file icon file extension uxxUnreal Tournament 2003 cache file
 file extension age3xsavAge of Empires III: The WarChiefs save game file
 file extension age3XscnAge of Empires III: The WarChiefs scenario file
 file extension xomWorms 3D object file
 file extension ycmYugioh Card Maker file
 file extension zgpZelda Classic Graphics Pack
 file extension lanDeluxe Ski Jump 3 language file
 file extension z2Infocom game module for Z-machine version 2
 file extension plaNHL game file
 file extension ifoBioWare Aurora game engine information file
 file extension pubThe Sims family data game file
 file extension boxLemmings Revolution archive file
 file extension zipfsDuke Nukem: Manhattan Project game archive
 file extension aHellhog XP game archive file
 file extension rvrRevenant game archive file
 file extension sabSabotain game archive file
 file extension rfdEmperor: Battle for Dune game file
 file extension sknThe Sims 3D body mesh skin data
 file extension bldRealFlight radio control airplane description file
 file extension carCarnivores Ice Age resource file
 file extension carNASCAR Racing 2002 car description file
 file extension dpkLemon Interactive Starmageddon file
 file extension ppPocket Physics saved data file
 file extension ssXShipWars sound scheme file
 file extension mxfMaxis SimCity font file
esp file icon file extension espGamebryo game engine plug-in file
 file extension espEdskes software Pakket file
 file extension bcsBioware Infinity engine compiled script
 file extension flsPainkiller Overdose game file
 file extension pkmdlPainkiller Overdose game file
 file extension awmRenderWare language pack
 file extension todCrysis game file
 file extension bioBioWare Infinity game engine character biography
 file extension pxpHalf-Life: Counter-Strike POD-Bot file
 file extension boxrBoxerjam file
 file extension ddfGrand Theft Auto III game file
 file extension usaUnreal saved game file
 file extension mprLive for Speed multiple player replay
 file extension lpNASCAR Racing 2002 track configuration options
 file extension cobTotal Annihilation unit script
 file extension ddbCommand & Conquer Renegade game file
 file extension 2daBioWare Infinity game engine AD&D rule set file
 file extension graMicrosoft Flight Simulator file
 file extension filConstructor game file
 file extension shdConstructor shadow file
 file extension flcConstructor animation file
 file extension ebpRelic Entertainment game file
 file extension epbConstructor video file
 file extension tdbBallance high score database
 file extension intDevastation language file
 file extension adlNova Logic game animation data batch listing file
 file extension endNovaLogic game cinematics file
 file extension ipsGame patch file
 file extension tunLego Racers music data
 file extension xofXML Othello game file
 file extension varInfinity game engine game start variable data
 file extension cbfBioware Infinity game engine resource archive
 file extension trkRollerCoaster Tycoon track model file
 file extension hmpFrontier: First Encounters music file
 file extension s2Stranded II map file
 file extension blackhawkstriker2savedgameBlackhawk Striker 2 saved game file
 file extension rcLeft 4 Dead file
 file extension levWorms map file
emt file icon file extension emtUnreal Engine emitter file
 file extension tvcDungeon Siege file
 file extension ctyRailroad Tycoon 3 cargo file
 file extension ashAudiosurf audio metadata file
 file extension gmeMulti Game Memory Editor main game file
 file extension effEverQuest effects file
 file extension zipOolite eXpansion pack file
 file extension nimNokia game file
 file extension ucUnreal Tournament code file
 file extension ix3Rebel Chess Program database file
 file extension b&wGrand Theft Auto III saved game
 file extension vdfTwo Worlds 2 static model file
 file extension lodA-10 Cuba! Weapons loadout file
s2mv file icon file extension s2mvStarcraft 2 map preview image
 file extension sgbWarhammer 40K Dawn of War map
 file extension funProject FUN Editor game source code
 file extension pdxaEuropa Universalis III file format
 file extension pcdStar Wars The Force Unleashed game file
 file extension pcpStar Wars The Force Unleashed game file
q2renderer file icon file extension q2rendererQuake 2 for Mac renderer plug-in file
 file extension e2gmPangea Enigmo custom game file
 file extension gcStar Wars Battlefront 2 saved game file
sc2ma file icon file extension sc2maStarCraft 2 map data file
 file extension tapTap Tap Revenge tap file
 file extension tedStar Wars Empire at War Alamo game engine map file
 file extension xbsavMass Effect 2 for Xbox saved game file
 file extension breffMario Kart Wii animated graphic file
efx file icon file extension efxQuake 3 Arena effect file
 file extension gdtCall of Duty info file
 file extension dnpEudemons on-line game data file
 file extension dbiFly! database index file
 file extension mapFly! map description file
 file extension aipROSE Online AI file
 file extension chrROSE Online NPC Zscript file
 file extension eftROSE Online effects data file
 file extension ifoROSE Online map data
 file extension litROSE Online light map file
 file extension qsdROSE Online quest data file
 file extension insaniquariumdeluxesavedgameInsaniquarium Deluxe save game file
 file extension escaperosecliffislandsavedgameEscape Rose Cliff Island saved game file
 file extension blasterball3savedgameBlasterball 3 save game file
 file extension ibroIncrediBots robot file
 file extension nbfpNintedo DS nitro basic file palette
 file extension ncerNintendo DS nitro cell resource file
 file extension asstrmSplinter Cell Blacklist game data file
 file extension wfxInfinity Engine audio file
 file extension cfbInfinity Engine game file
 file extension awreplayArena Wars replay file
 file extension crzLinks course file
 file extension fcrRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 camera data file
 file extension samAge of Wonders III strategic map file
 file extension camAge of Wonders III campaign map file
 file extension arsCarmageddon saved game file
 file extension bookwormdeluxesavedgameBookworm Deluxe saved game file
 file extension mfPanda3D gameplay multifile file
 file extension cliGrand Theft Auto IV clip data file
 file extension fjbFurcadia settings file
 file extension reaxxionsavedgameReaxxion saved game
 file extension wheeloffortune2savedgameWheel of Fortune saved game
 file extension sntAmnesia: The Dark Descent audio configuration
 file extension svbTorchlight 2 saved game
 file extension kafPopulous: Resurrection map pack
 file extension vcsTitanfall shader data
 file extension nvtNovelty template
 file extension nfsF1 2015 speech data
 file extension musMinecraft music
 file extension asiMen of War: Assault Squad 2 game data
 file extension vdfDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension bspecSimCity 4 bridge length specs
 file extension whdatWarhammer 40,000: Armageddon data file
 file extension dwdDoom ASCII map format
 file extension chnUnreal Engine localization data
 file extension wdfWonderland Adventures media data
 file extension intPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time video data
 file extension farmfrenzysavedgameFarm Frenzy saved game
 file extension animatable_rigid_modelEmpire: Total War animation
 file extension bkgANNO 2070 background configuration
 file extension ifoANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension efcANNO 2070 effect data
 file extension abmANNO 2070 texture data
 file extension isdANNO 2070 mission data
 file extension ablANNO 2070 scenario data
 file extension grmANNO 2070 script
 file extension dlgCrysis dialogue data
 file extension mr1Jumpman Lives! game data
 file extension w3sWarcraft 3 sounds definition
 file extension lbaLittle Big Adventure saved game
 file extension dpvFar Cry Primal game data
 file extension mcdUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension tabUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension emmStreet Fighter IV game model
 file extension kaoPokemon Mystery Dungeon font
 file extension wRe-Volt world data
 file extension cbtChessBase tournament index
 file extension mixMotoGP game data
 file extension bm2Bio Menace game data
 file extension pmuDriver 3 PMU data
 file extension 001Starcraft game data
 file extension dorascarnivalsavedgameDora's Carnival Adventure saved game file
 file extension amzThe Amazon Trail save game file
 file extension cimSimCity 2000 file
 file extension sviRed Faction game file
 file extension gszipGameSalad market asset file
 file extension rd2TOCA Race Driver 2 saved game file
 file extension bdofMario Kart mod effect file
 file extension rsmRuneSword 2 game file
 file extension blightMario Kart mod effect file
v file icon file extension vStronghold 3 resource file
 file extension dtlThe Sims file
 file extension envX-Plane scenery file
 file extension bffmB-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th game file
tcm file icon file extension tcmTotal Club Manager saved game file
 file extension entEschalon: Book I game file
resdex file icon file extension resdexStronghold 3 resource file
 file extension mn2Descent 2 mission file
 file extension nhlNhl Ice Hockey game 2002 user teams file
 file extension soeStar Wars Shadows of the Empire file
 file extension iplGrand Theft Auto III object placement data file
 file extension ptmBioWare Aurora Engine plot manager file
 file extension sc3SimCity3000 file
 file extension hstVGA Planets game file
 file extension olvRoller Coaster Tycoon file
 file extension r8Microsoft Flight Simulator texture file
 file extension invRainbow Six Rogue Spear inventory file
 file extension mpsMax Payne saved game file
 file extension c4fClonk game round file
 file extension gmvCyberboard move
 file extension m3hStarcraft 2 model data file
 file extension qsuZelda Classic quest file
 file extension sinRise of Nations campaign media file
 file extension sqhHarbinger game file
 file extension sv8RollerCoaster Tycoon game data
 file extension tcfTheme Park World game file
 file extension dd3Blood Bowl game file
 file extension y3pYu-Gi-Oh! Online profile file
 file extension y3tYu-Gi-Oh! Online tag file
 file extension scrabblehasbrosavedgameHasbro Scrabble save game file
 file extension z7Infocom game module for Z-machine version 7
 file extension z6Infocom game module for Z-machine version 6
 file extension absAB SuDoKu save game file
 file extension xafCAPCOM Beatdown file
 file extension patBlack and White 2 paths data file
 file extension hogDescent game data
 file extension sxtSingles game archive
 file extension shipsectionSword of the Stars ship data file
 file extension uteBioWare Aurora game engine encounter file
 file extension keyBioWare Infinity and Aurora game engine resource file
 file extension gm4Heroes of Might & Magic III saved game file
 file extension carRailroad Tycoon 3 car properties file
 file extension rastSpore texture, model file
 file extension lspLiving Scenes jigsaw puzzles
 file extension esSerious Sam entity class file
 file extension odfStar Trek Armada ship and structure information file
 file extension awpAkimbot Waypoint file
cat file icon file extension catFallout 3 file
 file extension smsTrain Simulator sound management system
 file extension misDelta Force Land Warrior mission file
 file extension lyrCrysis game file
 file extension sqmOperation Flashpoint mission file
 file extension terBlack & White II terrain data
 file extension tiHomeworld tactical icon
 file extension blnRise of Nations campaign media
 file extension bspBioshock saved game file
 file extension tlsPiles'O'Tiles information file
 file extension ssfBioWare Aurora engine sound set
 file extension sprStar Trek Armada sprite information file
 file extension sanLegacy of Kain series game file
 file extension ipfGrand Theft Auto III animation data
 file extension ghsLaserTank high scores
 file extension tctChampionship Manager game file
 file extension envMotocross Madness 2 track file
 file extension envTrain Simulator environment file
 file extension vdxThe 7th Guest movie file
 file extension slpRise of Nations campaign media file
 file extension xaThe Sims extensive audio file
 file extension da2Star Trek Generations saved game file
 file extension atmThe Universal 3D model texture file
 file extension f3dMoto Racer 3 bike model file
 file extension srvNorth American Locomotive Works file
 file extension fxLucasArts The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition shader file
 file extension rscNASCAR Racing paint shop controller file
 file extension mdtNovaLogic game bump map file
 file extension ptgNova Logic game effects definition file
 file extension stxNovaLogic game sound text xref file
 file extension trnNova Logic game mission terrain file
 file extension wacBioware Infinity game engine WAVC sound
 file extension flFreelancer saved game file
 file extension desTribes 2 game file
 file extension vpkEverQuest II game archive file
 file extension dxDeus Ex map file
 file extension jigLiving Scenes jigsaw puzzles
 file extension sosAdventure SOS compiled adventure game walkthrough
 file extension pviPODBot knowledge file
 file extension chmTwo Worlds 2 animation file
 file extension asvTrain Simulator computed activity file
 file extension hullHalf-Life map collision hull file
 file extension d01Fahrenheit game file
 file extension vcsValve Left 4 Dead shader file
 file extension wedBioWare Infinity game engine graphic display info
 file extension pnsPopnoggin subject file
 file extension jaTrainz Railroad Simulator game file
ppt file icon file extension pptSony Playstation Portable texture file
 file extension flrThe Sims floor texture file
 file extension rpvRebel Strip Poker main opponent video file
 file extension gblGravityball file
 file extension redRed Faction level file
 file extension hotThe Sims sound file
 file extension wrmWormWorld Level File
 file extension ssvSnood saved game file
 file extension acdAlan game file
 file extension acdNascar Racing 2002 arcade car setup file
 file extension ttStar Trek Armada techtree information file
 file extension tdxTony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 game file
 file extension gciSonic Adventure DX saved game file
 file extension msnDescent mission file
 file extension blbBlockLand brick file
 file extension db2S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
sc2archive file icon file extension sc2archiveStarCraft 2 archive file
 file extension q2plugQuake 2 for Mac game file
 file extension hfbHell Fighter battle file
cpg file icon file extension cpgStarCraft campaign file
 file extension fpgFPS Creator game project file
 file extension fpmbFPS Creator map buffer file
 file extension fpmoFPS Creator map overlay file
 file extension fstCrazy Machines 2 object file
 file extension manmVietcong game data file
 file extension misMarble Blast Gold mission file
 file extension missionVega Strike mission file
 file extension nltrackNoLimits Roller Coaster track file
 file extension sndaMarathon 2 Aleph One sound file
 file extension spriteSuperTux sprite file
sps file icon file extension spsQuake 3 id Tech 3 game engine speaker definition file
weap file icon file extension weapQuake 3 id Tech 3 game engine weapon file
 file extension wrpl.wgfWidelands initial saved game file
 file extension sscStepMania song file
s2ql file icon file extension s2qlStarCraft 2 unit localisation file
sc2locale file icon file extension sc2localeStarCraft 2 localization file
 file extension bfgMario Kart mod effect file
 file extension gdbStar Trek Elite Force II info file
 file extension totBioware Infinity game engine talk table override text file
 file extension fwdRollerCoaster Tycoon fireworks display file
 file extension ptlROSE Online Particle list data file
 file extension zmdROSE Online model bones file
 file extension zmsROSE Online Model file
 file extension scspackSimCity Societies transfer package file
 file extension dinerdash2savedgameDiner Dash 2 saved game file
 file extension lrmLine Rider 2 Unbound saved track file
 file extension usMonster Hunter Freedom Unite US region save game file
 file extension gamedataBallhalla game file
 file extension lastloginMinecraft user settings file
 file extension ntfpNintendo DS nitro file palette
 file extension nbfsNintendo DS nitro basic file screen
 file extension dllsUFO: Alien Invasion plugin file
 file extension sglThe Games: Summer Challenge tournament file
 file extension gg2Goofy Golf Deluxe Saved Game file
 file extension questtemplateStarbound quest template file
 file extension tlncTom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent game data file
 file extension m8m8mam8 game data file
 file extension bpaDeath Rally archive file
 file extension qchThe Dark Queen of Krynn game file
 file extension advDune audio driver file
 file extension agxAdventure Game Toolkit game file
 file extension aiBattlefield 2 artifical intelligence file
 file extension blbInteractive Fiction package game file
 file extension bwaBookworm Adventures player file
 file extension cmdM.U.G.E.N. character commands file
 file extension ibreIncrediBots replay file
 file extension areyousmartermakethegradesavedgameFifth Grader saved game
 file extension zzedsavedgameZzed saved game
 file extension galapagosavedgameGalapago file
 file extension pegglesavedgamePeggle saved game
 file extension virtualvillagers4thetreeoflifesavedgameVirtual Villagers saved game
 file extension civbeyondswordreplaySid Meier's Civilization 4 replay
 file extension puppyluvsavedgamePuppy Luv saved game
 file extension eighteenwheelshaulinsavedgame18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' saved game
 file extension chuzzledeluxesavedgameChuzzle Deluxe saved game
 file extension civwarlordsreplaySid Meier's Civilization 4 replay
 file extension deuUnreal Engine German language localization
 file extension itaUnreal Engine Italian language localization
 file extension polUnreal Engine Polish language localization
 file extension spaUnreal Engine 3 Spanish language localization
 file extension pcdPok√©mon wonder card
 file extension charscirptDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension rbDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension n2eThe Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing effect
 file extension htsValve Steam saved game
 file extension atcSimCity 4 animation texture collection
 file extension avpSimCity 4 animation viewpoints
 file extension sc4pathSimCity 4 network paths
 file extension dbdfSimCity 4 DBDF compression directories
 file extension fxDirectX D3DXEffect object file
 file extension pzcorPanzer Corps saved core army file
 file extension nlvmNoLimits game data
 file extension guiAliens vs. Predator game data
 file extension gg1Goofy Golf Deluxe course
 file extension luxor2savedgameLuxor 2 saved game
 file extension jpnUnreal Engine language localization
 file extension sc2sceneStarCraft II cut scene
 file extension rigid_model_animationEmpire: Total War animation
 file extension rigid_meshEmpire: Total War mesh
 file extension aboANNO 2070 scenario data
 file extension nl2scriptNoLimits script
 file extension grpTransport Fever group parameters
 file extension s3lScorched 3D model
 file extension nutOpenTTD AI game data
 file extension obmOpenTTD game data
 file extension actStronghold game data
 file extension gdfGURPS data

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