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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

List of common game related files

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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

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 file extension wwwANNO 2070 world configuration
 file extension spaNintendo DS particle data
 file extension wdfWonderland Adventures media data
 file extension ablANNO 2070 scenario data
 file extension glfSpace Engine shader data
 file extension gm1Stronghold object
 file extension sceneAntibody level data
 file extension emmStreet Fighter IV game model
 file extension psnSimCity city data
 file extension fceNeed For Speed render file
 file extension da9Star Trek Generations autosave game file
 file extension z6Infocom game module for Z-machine version 6
 file extension dpkLemon Interactive Starmageddon file
 file extension wsMicrosoft Train Simulator world sound file
 file extension pxpHalf-Life: Counter-Strike POD-Bot file
 file extension ddfGrand Theft Auto III game file
 file extension graMicrosoft Flight Simulator file
 file extension bstStar Trek: Birth of the Federation info file
 file extension adlNova Logic game animation data batch listing file
 file extension iflNova Logic build info listing file
 file extension wacBioware Infinity game engine WAVC sound
 file extension trkRollerCoaster Tycoon track model file
 file extension asvTrain Simulator computed activity file
 file extension d01Fahrenheit game file
 file extension txcEverQuest cached compressed texture
 file extension oafMicrosoft Flight Simulator texture file
 file extension ucUnreal Tournament code file
sc2archive file icon file extension sc2archiveStarCraft 2 archive file
 file extension gdtCall of Duty info file
 file extension nbfsNintendo DS nitro basic file screen
 file extension mfPanda3D gameplay multifile file
 file extension bkgANNO 2070 background configuration
 file extension obgOpenTTD base graphics
 file extension pr3Port Royale 3 saved game
 file extension ssaChildren of the Nile campaign
 file extension bs1Blake Stone game data
 file extension eacFor Honor EasyAntiCheat data
 file extension sdfNova Logic game sound define file
 file extension ncpNHL Ice Hockey 2002 user NHLcards
 file extension dinerdashsavedgameDiner Dash saved game file
dt1 file icon file extension dt1Diablo II tile file
 file extension awmRenderWare language pack
 file extension f3dMoto Racer 3 bike model file
 file extension intDevastation language file
 file extension csvLucasArts The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition hint file
 file extension xofXML Othello game file
 file extension varInfinity game engine game start variable data
 file extension sgbWarhammer 40K Dawn of War map
 file extension rmsRise of Nations random file
 file extension dm_82Wolfenstein Enemy Territory demo file
 file extension pqheroPuzzle Quest saved game file
 file extension xbsavMass Effect 2 for Xbox saved game file
 file extension eftROSE Online effects data file
 file extension ifoROSE Online map data
 file extension tsiROSE Online interface file
 file extension bdcffBoulder Dash Construction Kit file
 file extension zulugemssavedgameZulu Gems saved game
 file extension itaUnreal Engine Italian language localization
 file extension atcSimCity 4 animation texture collection
 file extension fatPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time audio information
 file extension aboANNO 2070 scenario data
 file extension vidBethesda Softworks XnGine video
 file extension mukFinal Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000 game data
 file extension hmdHighway Pursuit game data
 file extension eclTouhou stage script
 file extension cmlCrazy Machines saved laboratory file
 file extension envX-Plane scenery file
 file extension freFIFA 2002 data legal screen file
resdex file icon file extension resdexStronghold 3 resource file
 file extension pmStar Wars: Rebel Assault game file
 file extension pzlLode Runner puzzle set
 file extension dreamchroniclessavedgameDream Chronicles saved game file
 file extension utwBioWare Aurora engine waypoint file
 file extension tilROSE Online Map list file
 file extension xafCAPCOM Beatdown file
 file extension bldRealFlight radio control airplane description file
 file extension terBlack & White II terrain data
 file extension xaThe Sims extensive audio file
 file extension binuiCall of Juarez game menu file
 file extension aipNova Logic game AI perimeters file
 file extension tunLego Racers music data
 file extension rdlDescent registered level file
 file extension masNASCAR SimRacing data file
 file extension rpvRebel Strip Poker main opponent video file
 file extension hotThe Sims sound file
 file extension msnDescent mission file
 file extension excBlack & White zone file
 file extension manmVietcong game data file
 file extension ctlStepMania SMZIP package description file
 file extension dnpEudemons on-line game data file
 file extension rdmRagdoll Masters game preference
 file extension unitxtYS FLIGHT language file
 file extension profile_save_dataBattlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 profile file
 file extension galapagosavedgameGalapago file
 file extension korUnreal Engine language localization
 file extension spANNO 2070 audio related data
 file extension kgtVanguard Princess game data
 file extension sc2000Sim city 2000 tileset file
 file extension g4bSokoban++ level file
 file extension shipsectionSword of the Stars ship data file
 file extension odfStar Trek Armada ship and structure information file
 file extension blnRise of Nations campaign media
 file extension vdxThe 7th Guest movie file
 file extension shdConstructor shadow file
 file extension flcConstructor animation file
 file extension tdbBallance high score database
 file extension rscNASCAR Racing paint shop controller file
 file extension desTribes 2 game file
 file extension cbfBioware Infinity game engine resource archive
cpg file icon file extension cpgStarCraft campaign file
 file extension e2gmPangea Enigmo custom game file
 file extension imgaMarathon 2 Aleph One image file
efx file icon file extension efxQuake 3 Arena effect file
 file extension blasterball3savedgameBlasterball 3 save game file
 file extension xr1Xargon game file
 file extension wfxInfinity Engine audio file
 file extension tentalismanssavedgame10 Talismans saved game
 file extension fscSimCity 4 freshness scores
 file extension infoSimCity 4 album info
 file extension chnUnreal Engine localization data
 file extension jpnUnreal Engine language localization
 file extension ioArabian Nights game data
 file extension lodHeroes of Might and Magic III graphics data
 file extension lzsSkyroads game data
 file extension icv1000 Miglia game data
 file extension tex0Nintendo Wii texture file
 file extension ddpokersaveDD Poker save game file
 file extension orfDescent 3 Outrage file
 file extension j2siJazz Jackrabbit 2 Internet Server Link file
 file extension misDelta Force Land Warrior mission file
 file extension sprStar Trek Armada sprite information file
 file extension atmThe Universal 3D model texture file
 file extension endNovaLogic game cinematics file
 file extension ptlNovaLogic game particle file
 file extension skdMax Payne model file
 file extension misMarble Blast Gold mission file
 file extension mpzRed Eclipse map file
 file extension srt0Nintendo Wii animation file
 file extension agxAdventure Game Toolkit game file
 file extension worldofgoosavedgameWorld of Goo saved game
 file extension slingodeluxesavedgameSlingo Deluxe file
 file extension civbeyondswordreplaySid Meier's Civilization 4 replay
 file extension thegameoflifesavedgameThe Game of Life saved game
 file extension avpSimCity 4 animation viewpoints
 file extension hpiSpring HAPI compressed data
 file extension scrUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension rmpUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension mcdUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension stHomeworld file
 file extension roacjCall of Juarez game resource data file
 file extension xpxDungeons & Dragons Core Rules 2 with expansion file
 file extension mommaOffspring Fling replay file
 file extension rastSpore texture, model file
 file extension vffVextus Factor compiled storage file
 file extension lyrCrysis game file
 file extension botSoldat bot information file
 file extension wedBioWare Infinity game engine graphic display info
 file extension redRed Faction level file
s2mv file icon file extension s2mvStarcraft 2 map preview image
md5camera file icon file extension md5cameraDoom 3 ID Tech 4 game engine model camera file
 file extension matoAtomic Combat saved game file
 file extension fatesavedgameFate save game file
 file extension clr0Nintendo Wii color swapping animation file
 file extension areyousmartermakethegradesavedgameFifth Grader saved game
 file extension luxor2savedgameLuxor 2 saved game
 file extension cgtANNO 2070 script related data
v file icon file extension vStronghold 3 resource file
 file extension inbRebel Assault backup
 file extension riXpand Rally Extreme race information data
 file extension fscWorms Armageddon fiddler file
 file extension levReturn to Wonderland level file
 file extension fpmoFPS Creator map overlay file
sc2locale file icon file extension sc2localeStarCraft 2 localization file
 file extension polargolfersavedgamePolar Golfer saved game file
 file extension nbfpNintedo DS nitro basic file palette
 file extension broguesaveBrogue saved game file
 file extension tlncTom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent game data file
 file extension bookwormdeluxesavedgameBookworm Deluxe saved game file
 file extension charscirptDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension itemscriptDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension twwANNO 2070 random map template
 file extension pgfSimCity graphic data
 file extension ipfGrand Theft Auto III animation data
 file extension lrfLine Rider 2 Unbound custom font
 file extension tdfTTDAlter data file
 file extension envNovaLogic game environment file
 file extension bmzDemon Stalkers game data
 file extension pdxaEuropa Universalis III file format
 file extension hitThe Sims sound file
menu file icon file extension menuQuake 3 Engine Id Tech 3 menu
 file extension stwmSuperTux map file
 file extension ebaxGame file
 file extension cakemaniasavedgameCake Mania saved game
 file extension tcdANNO 2070 configuration data
 file extension lbmUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension zmdDave Mirra Freestyle BMX game data
 file extension hmpWorms height map
 file extension mt1830 Railroads And Robber Barons game data
 file extension torNBA 99 art in-game animations file
 file extension scrXpand Rally Extreme player profile file
 file extension fpHomeworld file
 file extension scrNovaLogic game dialog script file
 file extension lgtThe Sims lighting file
 file extension fntaMarathon 2 Aleph One font file
 file extension pegglesavedgamePeggle saved game
 file extension ut2linkUnreal Tournament 2004 file
 file extension rbDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension mwmMechWarrior 2: Mercenaries mission data
 file extension vecOrbiter vector map
 file extension hstVGA Planets game file
 file extension scfSimTown sound file
 file extension boxrBoxerjam file
 file extension mnuNovaLogic game menu file
 file extension fpmbFPS Creator map buffer file
 file extension prpFly! propellor specification file
 file extension ptlROSE Online Particle list data file
 file extension zonROSE Online map definition file
 file extension pvpfPetVille saved game file
 file extension arsCarmageddon saved game file
 file extension bioFallout character file
 file extension guiAliens vs. Predator game data
 file extension nsbtaNintendo DS texture animation file
 file extension odfBattleZone cartographers guild file
 file extension srcBioware Infinity game engine text storage
 file extension slpRise of Nations campaign media file
 file extension q2plugQuake 2 for Mac game file
 file extension hamDescent 2 resource file
 file extension neosaveNeopets Puzzle Adventure saved game file
 file extension virtualvillagers4thetreeoflifesavedgameVirtual Villagers saved game
 file extension sc4pathSimCity 4 network paths
 file extension dUFO: Enemy Unknown game data
 file extension tuneaoMarathon 2 Aleph One file
 file extension puppyluvsavedgamePuppy Luv saved game
 file extension phyaMarathon 2 Aleph One physics file
 file extension updatrBukkit iConomy update file
 file extension reaxxionsavedgameReaxxion saved game
 file extension jeopardysavedgameJeopardy saved game
 file extension ballhallasavedgameBallhalla saved game
 file extension zzedsavedgameZzed saved game
 file extension kyeKye level data
 file extension ricochetrechargedsavedgameRicochet Recharged saved game
 file extension ct41000 Miglia game data

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