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File extensions related to various graphics design software and DTP applications. Category includes all types of files that can not be directly assigned bitmap, vector or 3d graphic file type categories

List of common graphics file types

Graphics file extension list

File extensions related to various graphics design software and DTP applications. Category includes all types of files that can not be directly assigned bitmap, vector or 3d graphic file type categories.

Graphics file type category contains file formats, which do not only store graphic image information (bitmap image file types or vector graphic file types), but also contain all other techniques specific to them such as texts, fonts, geometric transformations etc..

Computer graphics are used in applications, which were originally developed upon traditional printing and drawing technologies, such as typography, cartography, technical drawing, advertising etc.. Graphic files combine geometric models (vector graphics), digital images (raster graphics), texts (defined by content, font style and size, colour, position, and orientation), mathematical functions and equations.

The most known and used graphic file format is PostScript, developed by Adobe. Adobe PostScript is printing and imaging standard used by print service providers, publishers, corporations, and government agencies. Adobe PostScript gives the power to reliably print visually rich documents. Adobe PostScript printing technology is licensed to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for building high-performance printing systems and print workflow solutions. As a scalable architecture, it can be easily integrated into a wide range of devices and technologies, while maintaining high quality and performance.

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!s file icon file extension !sZX Spectrum Hobeta picture format
 file extension #01Numbered picture
 file extension #02Numbered picture
$c file icon file extension $cZX Spectrum Hobetta picture format
$s file icon file extension $sZX Spectrum Hobetta picture format
 file extension 000PaperPort scanned image file
001 file icon file extension 001Fax data
 file extension 00jMagic Knight Rayearth EXTRA picture
3gn file icon file extension 3gnImaging Fax image
 file extension 3piShapeGrabber scanner data
411 file icon file extension 411Sony Mavica digital photo
 file extension 4bitGoDot picture image
4bt file icon file extension 4btGoDot picture format
 file extension 4pmAtariTools-800 raster image
8bim file icon file extension 8bimAdobe Photoshop related data
8bps file icon file extension 8bpsAdobe Photoshop data
 file extension 906Calcomp plotter data
 file extension aAlpha Channel image data
 file extension a4pA4Desk Pro project
a64 file icon file extension a64Wigmore Artist 64 picture image
aam file icon file extension aamAdobe Authorware shocked data
 file extension aasAutodesk animation setup movie clip
abr file icon file extension abrAdobe Photoshop brush
abs file icon file extension absOptocat picture image
 file extension acmbGraphics
aco file icon file extension acoAdobe Photoshop color palette and swatches data
 file extension actMicrosoft Office actor data
 file extension actAction! presentation
 file extension ad1Forensic Toolkit FTK Imager image
add file icon file extension addAdobe PageMaker related data
 file extension adiAutoCAD device-independent binary plotter file
adiumicon file icon file extension adiumiconAdium icon file
 file extension adrgARC digitized raster graphics
 file extension aegraphicAdobe After Effects graphics
 file extension aehiPer Advanced Embedded Hypertext file
aep file icon file extension aepAdobe After Effects project
 file extension aexGreeting Card Factory greetings card
 file extension afdesignSerif Affinity Designer document
 file extension afpAdvanced Function Presentation data
afx file icon file extension afxAuto F/X Image format
 file extension agApplix graphics data
 file extension agaArcGIS ArcGlobe data
 file extension agrAPM Graph vector graphics
ai file icon file extension aiAdobe Illustrator graphics
ai3 file icon file extension ai3Generic Encapsulated PostScript graphic format
ai4 file icon file extension ai4Generic Encapsulated PostScript graphic
ai5 file icon file extension ai5Generic Encapsulated PostScript graphic image
ai6 file icon file extension ai6Generic Encapsulated PostScript graphics
ai7 file icon file extension ai7Generic Encapsulated PostScript graphic data
ai8 file icon file extension ai8Generic Encapsulated PostScript graphic format
 file extension aisACDSee album image sequence
 file extension ajpAnfy (Java) Applet Generator saved data
 file extension al8AAA Logo project
 file extension albDiji Album data
 file extension albWeb Easy image
 file extension albAVSnap symbol library
 file extension albJASC Image Commander album
 file extension albmPhoto album
 file extension amaArcGIS ArcMap data
ami file icon file extension amiAmica Paint picture image
 file extension amlMorpheus Photo Morpher project
 file extension ammAMM pattern design
 file extension ammOrchida knitting system file
 file extension amtAVSnap project file
 file extension amuSony PictureGear Studio photo album
ani file icon file extension aniAnimated cursor
 file extension aniGeneric animation
 file extension animAmiga animation
 file extension anlTrain Model Simulator track layout
 file extension antmplAdobe Edge Animate template
 file extension aofArtlantis object
 file extension apArtPro data
 file extension apaArcPad applet
 file extension apgIvana animated GIF file
 file extension apsArcPad symbology data
 file extension apsGreeting Card Studio project
 file extension ar-wmpBrainVoyager QX anatomical-resolution volume map file
 file extension arbvp1Google Earth shader
 file extension arrAmber graphic file
 file extension artBernina Artista embroidery data
 file extension artVarious graphic formats
 file extension artVORT image
 file extension art3Art Text drawing
 file extension art42V1.x Explorations Projects embroidery data
 file extension artxArt Text for Mac graphic image
 file extension arxArtista Cross Stitch embroidery format
 file extension asaArcGIS ArcScene data
 file extension asdAstound presentation
asl file icon file extension aslAdobe Photoshop layer style
asr file icon file extension asrAdobe Photoshop scratch area
 file extension aswACDSee slideshow wizard
 file extension atfAdobe Texture Format
avatar file icon file extension avatarGoogle Talk avatar
 file extension avmAVISO map
 file extension avwAnalyzeAVW image
awd file icon file extension awdArtweaver painting
 file extension awdMicrosoft Fax document
 file extension awfArchos 605 WiFi wallpaper
 file extension ax3Apex sketch
 file extension b3dBlitz3D texture, mesh data
 file extension banSierra Print Artist banner file
bbx file icon file extension bbxBrainBox neural network data
 file extension bcdOfficePrinter label document
 file extension bcdBusiness Card Maker data
bcf file icon file extension bcfBusiness Card Designer Pro business card design
 file extension bcnBusiness card design
bcp file icon file extension bcpBusiness Card Designer Plus card design data
 file extension bctBusiness Card Designer template
bdf file icon file extension bdfBrother BES-100E data
 file extension bdfQuartus II block design file
 file extension bdfTXRDWIN X-ray diffraction pattern
 file extension bdgBadge Designer 2000 Photo ID data
 file extension bgcfGreeting card design
 file extension binOpton scanner data
 file extension bizPrint Shop business card
 file extension bk1VirtuaGirl graphic data
 file extension bk2VirtuaGirl graphic data
 file extension bk3VirtuaGirl graphic data
 file extension bkdBlack Ink painting
 file extension bkwFontEdit image
bld file icon file extension bldMegaPaint picture image
 file extension bldFalCon eXtra picture document
 file extension blkAlias/Wavefront image
blk file icon file extension blkAmiga IFF ILBM image file
 file extension blkrtBlock Artist picture image
 file extension bmbSLICS bounding box information
bmc file icon file extension bmcEmbroidery graphic data
 file extension bmfCorel Gallery binary material data
 file extension bmmlBalsamiq Mockups graphics
bms file icon file extension bmsPlayback Bitmap Sequence graphic data
 file extension bmxSiemens mobile phone animation file
 file extension bniBlizzard Battle.Net icon
 file extension bpwArcView world file for bip or bmp images
 file extension breBreuckmann scanner data
brk file icon file extension brkBrooktrout fax
 file extension broEmbroidery design
 file extension brpBryce brush file
 file extension brsCorel Painter brush
brt file icon file extension brtBrooktrout 301 image format
 file extension brtBryce textures
 file extension brushlibraryCorel Painter brush library
bs file icon file extension bsPrintfox/Pagefox image format
 file extension bsvQuickBasic BSAVE image
bvl file icon file extension bvlMicrografx Picture Publisher 8 textures file
 file extension c2sClick2Stitch embroidery data
c3 file icon file extension c3Pov-Ray for Windows 3.1 scenes advanced newltpot
 file extension calRadiance function file format
cals file icon file extension calsCALS Raster Group 1 image format
 file extension camMinolta 3D scanner
car file icon file extension carNeoBook cartoon image format
 file extension caseSlipCover for Mac template
cat file icon file extension catPhotoStudio picture image
 file extension cbnCBN Selector smart image file
 file extension cbpCD Box Labeler Pro data
cch file icon file extension cchCorelDRAW Corel Chart file
 file extension cckCorel Clipart data
ccx file icon file extension ccxCorel compressed exchange clipart
 file extension cd4Dymo DiscPainter data
 file extension cdb20-20 Giza Studio specifier design data
cdc file icon file extension cdcNero CD cover
 file extension cddClarisDraw document
 file extension cddConceptDraw drawing diagram
 file extension cddxCircuit Diagram diagram data
 file extension cdfUnidata Network Common Data form
 file extension cdnClick'N Design 3D CD label
 file extension cdsConceptDraw Pro slideshow
cdt file icon file extension cdtCorelDRAW template
cdt6 file icon file extension cdt6CorelDRAW 6 for Mac template
cdu file icon file extension cduCDU-Paint image format
 file extension cdwCeledyDraw drawing
 file extension ceaDAZ 3D Carrara Pro exported data
cel file icon file extension celKiss paper doll data
cff file icon file extension cffColorImpact color formula
 file extension cff2Kodak Pandora exported data
 file extension cftCFast graphics data
cft file icon file extension cftCorelDRAW Core Flow template
 file extension ch1IBM Freelance Graphics chart file
 file extension ch3Harvard Graphics v3.0 chart or drawing
 file extension charNintendo DS character tile data
 file extension chartMacStitch design
 file extension chrNintendo DS character tile
 file extension cidcoDiagnostiX user defined implant data
 file extension cifCaltech Intermediate Format file
cif file icon file extension cifColorImpact color scheme
 file extension cimCimPack design drawing
cit file icon file extension citIntergraph scanned image
 file extension clIconUtils mouse cursor library
 file extension cldTerraGen cloud layer
 file extension clgCollage Maker graphic collage
clk file icon file extension clkCorelDRAW Corel R.A.V.E. animation
clo file icon file extension cloCloe Ray-Tracer image
cloe file icon file extension cloeCloe Ray-Tracer image file
 file extension cloudGOM Atos scanner data
clp file icon file extension clpCorel Quattro Pro clip art
 file extension clpCrazyTalk clip
 file extension cmapCmapTools concept map
cmf file icon file extension cmfCorelDRAW metafile
 file extension cmkCard Shop Plus card file
 file extension cmpGiza specifier color map
 file extension cmtxCrystalMaker molecular drawing
cmv file icon file extension cmvCorelDRAW CorelMove animation
cmx file icon file extension cmxCorel Presentation exchange image
 file extension cndMelco embroidery design
 file extension colzAdobe Collage moodboard data
 file extension cotxCorel textrure file
cp8 file icon file extension cp8CP8 256 gray scale image
 file extension cpcCartesian Perceptual Compression compressed image
 file extension cpgManga Studio drawing
 file extension cpsCorel Photo House picture image
 file extension cptmAdobe Captivate theme
cpx file icon file extension cpxCorelDRAW exchange compressed drawing
 file extension cpxCanon My Image Garden layout template
 file extension crfCHARTrunner chart definition
crg file icon file extension crgCalamus picture image file
cs file icon file extension csColorSchemer Studio file
 file extension cs4Sinar CaptureShop 4-shot image
 file extension cs8Unix graphics format
 file extension csdPoe, Huskygram, Singer EU embroidery design
 file extension csdManga Studio scene
 file extension cseSTOIK Stitch Creator pattern
 file extension csrCardinal spline representational data
 file extension csvCompuShow adjusted EGA/VGA palette
 file extension csyCanvas symbol library file
 file extension ct2CTRAN/W graphical layout
 file extension ct3CTRAN/W sketch
 file extension ctmOpenCTM compressed triangle mesh file format
 file extension ctmCrazyTalk face model
 file extension cubeAntaeus data
cur file icon file extension curWindows cursor
cursor file icon file extension cursorSun cursor
cursorfx file icon file extension cursorfxCursorFX cursor theme
 file extension CurXPThemeCursorFX theme
 file extension cuvOrigin sample curve data
 file extension cv4Microsoft CodeView graphics
 file extension cvdCalamus vector picture
cvp file icon file extension cvpPortrait image format
 file extension cwrWrapcandy candy wrapper
 file extension cwtClarisWorks texture
 file extension cxdSimplePCI graphics data
 file extension czdThe Crash Zone drawing
 file extension d3dCorel Dream 3D drawing
 file extension d3dMicrosoft DirectX Direct3D data
dat file icon file extension datSPOT image format
 file extension dbaGridgen geometry file
 file extension dbmDAZ Studio brick material
 file extension dbxFormula Graphics project
 file extension dc5DataCAD drawing
 file extension dchDraft Choice drawing
 file extension dcs2Adobe Photoshop DCS 2.0 document
 file extension dcwDraftChoice for Windows drawing file
 file extension dcxCAS fax image
dd file icon file extension ddDoodle C64 image
 file extension ddaTNTmips import file format
 file extension ddfSpatial Data Transfer Standard and GRASS formats
des file icon file extension desCorel Designer technical illustration
 file extension desPro/DESKTOP design
 file extension dexDEXIS dental radiograph data
 file extension dgTekla Xsteel drawing
dgm file icon file extension dgmIBM Lotus Freelance Graphics diagram data
 file extension dgrPhoneTools internal graphic format
 file extension diaComputer Support Corporation diagraph graphics
 file extension diaDIA drawing
 file extension ditDRAWIT graphics save file
 file extension djDjVu file bitmap graphics
djvu file icon file extension djvuDjVu image
 file extension djxDundjinni art data
 file extension dkbDKBTrace raytraced graphics
 file extension dm3Gatan Digital Micrograph data
 file extension dmiBYOND Dream Maker icon
 file extension dmsExigen workflow imaging data file
 file extension dnwEMPOP DrawNetWork related data
doo file icon file extension dooAtari Doodle picture image
 file extension dpaSerif DrawPlus animation data
 file extension dprecDrawpile record
 file extension dpreczDrawpile compressed record
 file extension dprecz.gzDrawpile compressed record file
 file extension dptxtDrawpile record data
 file extension diagram
dream file icon file extension dreamDreamMaker animated wallpaper
drt file icon file extension drtMicrografix Windows Draw template file
drz file icon file extension drzDraz Paint picture image
 file extension dsbBarudan embroidery
 file extension dsiDESI labeling system telephone label data
dsr file icon file extension dsrMicrografx Designer graphic data
 file extension dssDCC Active Designer screensaver file
 file extension dszZSK USA embroidery data
 file extension dtcCADE graphic data
 file extension dtd2D Design drawing
 file extension dtedDigital terrain elevation geographical data file format
 file extension dtlPinnacle Studio 400 TitleDeko data
 file extension dw2DesignCAD drawing
 file extension dwaProject Dogwaffle animation
dwh file icon file extension dwhWaterGems drawing
 file extension dxmlV++ graphics image
dxpack file icon file extension dxpackDesktopX object
 file extension dxt1S2TC compressed surface texture
 file extension dxt2S2TC compressed surface file
 file extension dxt4S2TC compressed surface file
 file extension dxt5S2TC compressed surface texture
 file extension ec4EPSON Print CD document
ecc file icon file extension eccEcchi picture
 file extension ecdLabelMaker CD/DVD label
 file extension ed6EDMICS graphics
edb file icon file extension edbAdobe Photoshop extended digital book
 file extension edxEDraw Max drawing file
eggp file icon file extension eggpAdobe After Effects project
 file extension egonEgon Animator graphics
 file extension egxEasyGrapher design
eif file icon file extension eifEroiica graphic image
 file extension el1Easy-PhotoPrint EX album
 file extension el2Easy-PhotoPrint EX sticker
 file extension el4Easy-PhotoPrint EX calendar data
 file extension el5Easy-PhotoPrint EX layout
 file extension el6Easy-PhotoPrint EX Photo Print file
 file extension el7Easy-PhotoPrint EX premium contents data
 file extension el8Easy-PhotoPrint EX disc label/cover data
 file extension embEmbroidery design
emo file icon file extension emoEmoticon data
 file extension emsRevolution EMSA spectrum data
 file extension envSierra Print Artist envelope
 file extension eofEmbird Outline Format
 file extension epPencil Project document
 file extension epdfEncapsulated Portable Document Format
epf file icon file extension epfEPSF Encapsulated Postscript image
epi file icon file extension epiExpress Publisher encapsulated postscript
 file extension eppEasy-PhotoPrint image files
eps file icon file extension epsEncapsulated PostScript image
eps2 file icon file extension eps2Adobe level II encapsulated PostScript document
 file extension eps3Encapsulated PostScript level 3 graphics data
epsf file icon file extension epsfEncapsulated PostScript file
epsi file icon file extension epsiAdobe Encapsulated PostScript interchange format
 file extension epsonEpson printer graphics
epsp file icon file extension epspAdobe Encapsulated PostScript
 file extension erdPROSA entity relationship diagram
 file extension esEasySIGN drawing sheet
espf file icon file extension espfEncapsulated PostScript
 file extension eyeGlass Eye data
 file extension ezfCalculus EZ-Fax fax document
 file extension fNewing-Hall computer engraving software graphic
 file extension f3laCorel texture file
 file extension facFacemaker face file
fax file icon file extension faxFax document (generic Group 3 1bit encoded data)
 file extension ff6RISC OS Encapsulated PostScript file
 file extension fgdMacromedia Director graphic data
fh50 file icon file extension fh50Adobe Freehand creator code
fh7 file icon file extension fh7Adobe FreeHand 7 drawing
 file extension fheSinger Futura embroidery format
fig file icon file extension figTransFIG image format
 file extension figDeskMate drawing
 file extension filWindows Media Player special icon image
 file extension fitFlexible Image Transport System
 file extension fitsFlexible Image Transport System
 file extension fixVimage image
 file extension fizFITS graphics data
fl file icon file extension flAdobe Flash project
fla file icon file extension flaEditable Adobe Flash project (animation, movie, flash application)
 file extension flagFlagMaker document
 file extension flameFractal Flame fractal parameter
 file extension flipchartActivInspire flipchart presentation
fll file icon file extension fllMicrografx Designer image fill pattern
flo file icon file extension floMicrografx FlowCharter flowchart data
 file extension flsFaro scan data
flt file icon file extension fltAdobe Illustrator filter file
 file extension fltAutodesk Animator FLIC animation
 file extension fltMultiGen Open FLighT data
 file extension flwVisustin Editor flow chart
 file extension flwKivio flowchart data
 file extension flxMicrosurvey CAD drawing
 file extension fmcBarudan embroidery design
 file extension fmfFaxMan Jr fax document
 file extension fmpFantaMorph project
 file extension fmpThe Fractal Mapper map
fmv file icon file extension fmvAdobe FrameMaker picture
fodg file icon file extension fodgOpenDocument Flat XML drawing
 file extension fphFisher & Paykel Icon Data Format
 file extension fraFractint fractal graphic
frame file icon file extension frameAdobe FrameMaker interchange format
 file extension frmFractint formula
 file extension frpFractal Explorer palette
 file extension frsCorel Painter pattern, selection, texture
 file extension ft3Adobe Freehand 3 template
ft7 file icon file extension ft7Adobe Freehand 7 template file
 file extension ftcFluxTime animation
 file extension ftlFutureTense texture
 file extension ftsFlexible Image Transport System format
 file extension fxdFX Draw document
 file extension fxoMicrosoft DirectX pre-compiled pixel/vertex shader
fxo file icon file extension fxoWinFax image format
fxs file icon file extension fxsWinFax transmit format graphics
fxtc file icon file extension fxtcAdobe After Effects project file
 file extension g01MicroSim PCBoard photoplot artwork
 file extension g01HEC-RAS geometry data
g3 file icon file extension g3G3 fax
 file extension g3fZetafax fax file
g3n file icon file extension g3nImaging Fax image
g4 file icon file extension g4Microsoft Access image format
gb file icon file extension gbPrintfox/Pagefox image format
gbr file icon file extension gbrGIMP brush image
 file extension gcdpGreeting Card Studio project file
 file extension gdGD Library picture
 file extension gd2GD Library 2 image
 file extension gdfBitmap IBM graphics data format
ged file icon file extension gedMicrografx simple 3D geometry file
 file extension gedArts & Letters Graphic Environment document
geo file icon file extension geoGeoPaint picture image file
 file extension gfiGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
 file extension gfieGreenfish Icon Editor Pro graphics
 file extension gfmAshton Tate Computer Graphics Metafile picture
 file extension gfwArcView world data
 file extension gfxGenigraphics graphics link presentation
 file extension ggpGemCom graphic format
 file extension ggrGIMP gradient data
 file extension ghtStarNet geoid model
gim file icon file extension gimSony Playstation 3 icon file
 file extension glGraphical System for Presentation animation
 file extension gloxMicrosoft Office SmartArt graphic layout definitions package
 file extension gmdERDAS IMAGINE graphical model
 file extension gmpGeomorph tile map
 file extension gmsprGameMaker sprite
 file extension gnaGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation data
 file extension goesMcIDAS Satellite image data
 file extension gp4CCITT Group 4 image
 file extension gphStata graph data
 file extension gpjGrapher worksheet project
gplt file icon file extension gpltGnuplot plot file
 file extension gppSerif GraphicsPlus object
gqf file icon file extension gqfGrafEq data
gqs file icon file extension gqsGrafEq data file
 file extension gqsxMicrosoft Office SmartArt style definitions package
 file extension graSTN Express transcript graphics file
 file extension graphmlGraph Markup Language source code
 file extension graphmzGrapML graph
grd file icon file extension grdAdobe Photoshop gradient preset
 file extension grdGolden Software Surfer grid data
 file extension grdArtweaver gradient
grf file icon file extension grfMicrografx drawing
 file extension grfMicrosoft GraphEdit filter graph
 file extension grgGreatFamily graphic gallery
 file extension gscxMicrosoft Office Diagram data
 file extension gsmNokia LogoManager format
 file extension gwzGenigraphics graphics link presentation
 file extension gx1Show Partner graphics data
 file extension gzGIMP image file
hald file icon file extension haldIdentity Hald CLUT image
hdr file icon file extension hdrRadiance map
 file extension hdrpHDRtist graphic file
 file extension hdwHarvard Draw for Windows data
 file extension hftHaftiX cross-stitch pattern
hgl file icon file extension hglHewlett-Packard Graphics Language picture image
 file extension hgsHarvard Graphics graphic data
hir file icon file extension hirHires C64 image format
hp file icon file extension hpHP Graphics Language plotter document
hp2 file icon file extension hp2HP Graphics Language plotter document
hru file icon file extension hruHRU image format
hrz file icon file extension hrzSlow Scan TeleVision file (SSTV)
 file extension husHusqvarna embroidery design
 file extension huvHusqvarna Viking Designer graphic data
 file extension hymHymarc scandata scanner 3D image binary data
 file extension i16Nokia logo format
i18 file icon file extension i18Pixel Power Collage image format
ib7 file icon file extension ib7Pixel Power Collage image format
 file extension ibkNational Construction Estimator 32 picture
 file extension ic5Interactive Image Creator image project
 file extension iccArtIcons Pro icon collection file
 file extension icfgAristotle interprocedural control flow graph
 file extension iclMicrosoft Windows icon library
 file extension icnIcon image
icns file icon file extension icnsApple icon graphic format
ico file icon file extension icoIcon image
icoa file icon file extension icoaIBM Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) bitmap graphics file
icon file icon file extension iconIcon image file
 file extension icontainerIcon container library
 file extension icprIconUtils project
if9 file icon file extension if9Pixel Power Collage image file
 file extension iffElectronic Art Interchange file
 file extension ifgSamsung mobile phone theme graphic
 file extension ifoImageForge Pro graphic object layer data file
 file extension ifsFractint iterated function system fractal file
 file extension ifsIconForge image EXE library file
 file extension igmIndigo Renderer material texture
 file extension igrSmartSketch drawing design
iim file icon file extension iimInshape image data
iimg file icon file extension iimgInterleaf image format
 file extension ikoWindows Icon resource data
 file extension ildaInternational Laser Display Association image data transfer format
 file extension im7DaVis graphics
 file extension im8Sun Raster Graphic picture image
 file extension imaIncrediMail animation
 file extension imeIncrediMail emoticon
 file extension imhIRAF image format header file
 file extension imiIncrediMail graphic data
imp file icon file extension impBentley CloudWorx high resolution image
 file extension imrIncrediMail notifier data
imt file icon file extension imtIMNET Graphics image
 file extension imxDaVis image
 file extension indlAdobe InDesign object library
inline file icon file extension inlineBase64-encoded inline image
 file extension intaglioIntaglio drawing file
 file extension ipIconPackager icon set
 file extension ipcIncrediFlash tools image file

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