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File extensions related to various graphics design software and DTP applications. Category includes all types of files that can not be directly assigned bitmap, vector or 3d graphic file type categories

List of common graphics file types

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File extensions related to various graphics design software and DTP applications. Category includes all types of files that can not be directly assigned bitmap, vector or 3d graphic file type categories.

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 file extension clgCollage Maker graphic collage
sbl file icon file extension sblShockwave Flash object
prtl file icon file extension prtlAdobe Premiere title file
 file extension ptnPaperPort thumbnail images
 file extension desPro/DESKTOP design file
 file extension smilApple iOS smiley (emoticon) file
 file extension gx1Show Partner graphics file
 file extension stdProsa state transition diagram graphics file
 file extension nr-vmpBrainVoyager QX native resolution volume map
 file extension 00jMagic Knight Rayearth EXTRA picture
 file extension icfgAristotle interprocedural control flow graph
 file extension sifzSynfig Studio compressed project
 file extension imaIncrediMail animation
 file extension satIRT Cronista infrared picture
motor file icon file extension motorAdobe Mocha for Adobe After Effects motor file
 file extension dsiDESI labeling system telephone label file
 file extension stykzStykz animation file
 file extension rcuRealWorld Cursor Editor cursor file
 file extension i16Nokia logo format
 file extension xpsMonkeyJam exposure sheet
cloe file icon file extension cloeCloe Ray-Tracer image file
 file extension 906Calcomp plotter data
 file extension oggOrigin graphic file
 file extension sffM.U.G.E.N sprite file
 file extension pxsProShow Producer slide styles
 file extension binOpton scanner file
 file extension zanBlueEyes animation file
cel file icon file extension celKiss paper doll data
 file extension djxDundjinni art data
 file extension vstmMicrosoft Visio 2013 macro-enabled template file
 file extension gfiGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation file
 file extension flameFractal Flame fractal parameter file
 file extension blkAlias/Wavefront image file
 file extension hdwHarvard Draw for Windows file
 file extension ipwUniPlot graph
pe4 file icon file extension pe4Ulead image archive
 file extension psptubePaintShop Pro tube file
doo file icon file extension dooAtari Doodle picture image
pat file icon file extension patCorel PaintShop Pro pattern image
spl file icon file extension splHP Graphics Language plotter data
 file extension sitIRT Cronista infrared image file
 file extension d3dMicrosoft DirectX Direct3D file
 file extension e01EnCase Forensic image file
 file extension g01HEC-RAS geometry file
 file extension im8Sun Raster Graphic file
 file extension bniBlizzard Battle.Net icon file
 file extension tvixDViCO TViX icon
 file extension eppEasy-PhotoPrint image files
 file extension xyzOpton scanner data
 file extension ociopenCanvas picture image
 file extension ptsPTgui project file
 file extension dm3Gatan Digital Micrograph file
 file extension matBryce material file
 file extension scnScreen image
 file extension qstAmi Pro quickstart tutorial image
 file extension surfSurf 3D scanner file
mc5 file icon file extension mc5Poser 5 material file
 file extension lwaLightWorks Archive (LWA) material scene file
 file extension cidcoDiagnostiX user defined implant data
iim file icon file extension iimInshape image data
rgh file icon file extension rghZZ RouGH image
ai3 file icon file extension ai3Generic Encapsulated PostScript graphic format
 file extension ospOn Screen Takeoff data
 file extension zdbDesignPro label design
 file extension epsonEpson printer graphics file
smp file icon file extension smpXionics SMP image
scr file icon file extension scrZX Spectrum standard screen
cals file icon file extension calsCALS Raster Group 1 image format
 file extension xgmlGraph Modeling Language XML document
 file extension cdnClick'N Design 3D CD Label file
 file extension pstProShow Producer template
 file extension hftHaftiX cross-stitch pattern
sgv file icon file extension sgvStarOffice StarDraw 2.0 picture image file
 file extension flwKivio flowchart file
lrdata file icon file extension lrdataAdobe Lightroom preview data
 file extension sfxSTATGRAPHICS Plus experimental design file
sha file icon file extension shaCorelDRAW shader file
 file extension ic5Interactive Image Creator image project file
cvp file icon file extension cvpPortrait image format
jbig file icon file extension jbigJBIG raster image graphics
 file extension pn3Harvard printer driver file
 file extension el4Easy-PhotoPrint EX calendar file
 file extension bizPrint Shop business card
 file extension lblMarkin label file
 file extension gfwArcView world file
 file extension dtlPinnacle Studio 400 TitleDeko file
8bps file icon file extension 8bpsAdobe Photoshop data
 file extension grgGreatFamily graphic gallery file
flt file icon file extension fltAdobe Illustrator filter file
png file icon file extension pngCorel PaintShop Photo Pro browser catalogue
psc file icon file extension pscCorel PaintShop Photo Pro sculpture presets file
 file extension dtedDigital terrain elevation geographical data file format
sul file icon file extension sulGfa Raytrace image
 file extension wb1WebShots image file
ai7 file icon file extension ai7Generic Encapsulated PostScript graphic file
 file extension apaArcPad applet
 file extension ptxPunch! Professional Home Design texture file
 file extension ildaInternational Laser Display Association image data transfer format
ptl file icon file extension ptlAdobe Premiere Pro title file
 file extension imiIncrediMail graphic file
 file extension tbcpToon Boom Studio color palette file
 file extension csyCanvas symbol library file
 file extension cwtClarisWorks texture file
psq file icon file extension psqAdobe Premiere storyboards file
 file extension lppLet's Photo slideshow file
 file extension xyzrgb3rdTech XYZ RGB graphic file
 file extension antmplAdobe Edge Animate template file
fxo file icon file extension fxoWinFax image format
 file extension huvHusqvarna Viking Designer graphic file
 file extension pcdPfaff Creative Designer embroidery file
 file extension rimageRhino 3D rendered image
 file extension jpsPrint Studio design file
sld file icon file extension sldCorel PaintShop Photo Pro styled line file
 file extension bk2VirtuaGirl graphic file
 file extension afpAdvanced Function Presentation data file
 file extension csvCompuShow adjusted EGA/VGA palette
 file extension pcjIBM LinkWay graphics file
 file extension svgSuperView Graphic bitmap file
 file extension xyzRPG Maker graphic data
 file extension cldTerraGen cloud layer file
pxb file icon file extension pxbPixibox picture image file
 file extension emsRevolution EMSA spectrum file
 file extension pprProShow Producer project
 file extension otoAutoPano project file
 file extension sbpSketchBook Express picture image
 file extension imhIRAF image format header file
ai5 file icon file extension ai5Generic Encapsulated PostScript graphic file
 file extension vegVue vegetation data
m3d file icon file extension m3dCorelDRAW Corel MOTION 3D scene file
 file extension amlMorpheus Photo Morpher project file
 file extension eps3Encapsulated PostScript level 3
 file extension csdPoe, Huskygram, Singer EU embroidery design file
 file extension ct2CTRAN/W graphical layout file
 file extension fltMultiGen Open FLighT file
 file extension scitexScitex Continuous Tone (CT) CMYK color or gray scale image
 file extension gedArts & Letters Graphic Environment document
 file extension gwzGenigraphics graphics link presentation file
 file extension aniGeneric animation file
 file extension cs4Sinar CaptureShop 4-shot image file
 file extension rifRaster image file format
 file extension dxt5S2TC compressed surface texture
 file extension nssMagentic screensaver file
 file extension cdb20-20 Giza Studio specifier design file
 file extension pxmPixelmator picture image
 file extension mmaMaster Album Maker album
 file extension hgsHarvard Graphics graphic file
 file extension ncgrNintendo DS title graphics file
 file extension bcdBusiness Card Maker file
 file extension cdwCeledyDraw drawing
 file extension kzxKerkythea material file
 file extension ndpisNanoZoomer digital image
 file extension cftCFast graphics file
 file extension ksmKSM Embroidery file format
 file extension ggrGIMP gradient file
 file extension dwaProject Dogwaffle animation
 file extension ibkNational Construction Estimator 32 picture
 file extension esEasySIGN drawing sheet file
 file extension mdrMagicDraw UML project
 file extension ifsIconForge image EXE library file
ppp file icon file extension pppPunk Productions picture image file
 file extension ddfSpatial Data Transfer Standard and GRASS formats
 file extension smcSmartMaster LOTUS Freelance Graphics scene file
 file extension sldNEPLAN-DOS graphic import/export file
 file extension gp4CCITT Group 4 image file
 file extension ed6EDMICS graphics file
 file extension ml3Milestones project file
stm file icon file extension stmPhotoStudio Stamp image format
 file extension grfMicrosoft GraphEdit filter graph file
 file extension bk3VirtuaGirl graphic file
php file icon file extension phpCallisto PhotoParade slideshow
 file extension nt7Orchida Knitting System pattern file
monet file icon file extension monetAdobe Mocha for Adobe After Effects monet file
 file extension wbdWinBreadboard circuit schematic file
qif file icon file extension qifQuickTime image file
 file extension ff6RISC OS Encapsulated PostScript file
 file extension migMighty Draw drawing file
ycbcr file icon file extension ycbcrRaw Y Cb and Cr sample file
 file extension art42V1.x Explorations Projects file
 file extension mg3LizardTech MrSID file
 file extension #02Numbered picture file
 file extension wxsEasy Cross stitch design
 file extension rrd4jRRD4J graph file
pds file icon file extension pdsPlanetary Data System graphic image file
rpm file icon file extension rpmRunPaint (Multicolor) image format file
php file icon file extension phpMicrosoft Picture It! publishing project
bms file icon file extension bmsPlayback Bitmap Sequence graphic file
 file extension rxaRetro-X animation
 file extension sfgSynfig Studio compressed project
fmv file icon file extension fmvAdobe FrameMaker picture file
 file extension smpUlead Photo Express gallery file
til file icon file extension tilButtonz & Tilez texture image format
 file extension ithumbApple iPod photo thumbnail
 file extension diaComputer Support Corporation diagraph graphics file
qti file icon file extension qtiApple QuickTime image file
 file extension r8RAW graphics file
 file extension #01Numbered picture file
imp file icon file extension impBentley CloudWorx high resolution image
 file extension dcs2Adobe Photoshop DCS 2.0 document
gqf file icon file extension gqfGrafEq data file
dxpack file icon file extension dxpackDesktopX object file
 file extension fmpThe Fractal Mapper map
 file extension tbdToon Boom Studio drawing file
 file extension cseSTOIK Stitch Creator pattern
p2z file icon file extension p2zPoser compressed pose file
 file extension ptnDigiStitch design
 file extension camMinolta 3D scanner file
 file extension gpjGrapher worksheet project
 file extension spdSoftPlan architectural drawing
 file extension egxEasyGrapher design
 file extension gnaGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation file
 file extension stitchPhotoVista Panorama graphic file
 file extension wpiInkling sketch binary file
 file extension tbtToon Boom Studio template file
 file extension tbpToon Boom Studio project file
ssp file icon file extension sspAxialis screensaver image file
wal file icon file extension walQuake 2 texture image format
pzl file icon file extension pzlPuzzle file
 file extension lasLight-O-Rama animated sequence file
 file extension el7Easy-PhotoPrint EX premium contents file
 file extension icprIconUtils project file
 file extension mcpatmyriaCross Editor design
abs file icon file extension absOptocat picture image file
pmp file icon file extension pmpSony DSC-F1 Cyber-Shot camera picture
 file extension lgoOS/2 boot logo file
 file extension fNewing-Hall computer engraving software graphic
 file extension 000PaperPort scanned image file
 file extension tdlTrain Depot Track Designer data
 file extension bdfTXRDWIN X-ray diffraction pattern
 file extension gfxGenigraphics graphics link presentation
des file icon file extension desCorel Designer technical illustration
slidesaver file icon file extension slidesaverMac OS X screensaver file
bvl file icon file extension bvlMicrografx Picture Publisher 8 textures file
 file extension ifsFractint iterated function system fractal file
pdb file icon file extension pdbAdobe PhotoDeluxe image file
 file extension odtMindRender Virtual Reality Explorer Kit (VREK) object file
 file extension mmdCumulate Draw editable MMD format
 file extension iwiIgnite image optimiser file
 file extension dtcCADE graphic data
cmf file icon file extension cmfCorelDRAW metafile
pics file icon file extension picsApple Mac PICT drawing sequence file
 file extension flwVisustin Editor flow chart file
 file extension actAction! presentation file
cch file icon file extension cchCorelDRAW Corel Chart file
nitf file icon file extension nitfNational Imagery Transmission Format
 file extension sstSunstar embroidery stitch file
 file extension dgrPhoneTools internal graphic format file
 file extension wobRIO Designer object file
qtif file icon file extension qtifApple QuickTime image file
hald file icon file extension haldIdentity Hald CLUT image file
 file extension dbxFormula Graphics project
p64 file icon file extension p64Picasso 64 image format
geo file icon file extension geoGeoPaint picture image file
xp0 file icon file extension xp0SecretPhotos Puzzle graphic image
 file extension fixVimage image file
 file extension mshOrbiter mesh file
 file extension teiTrackEye image sequence file
 file extension awdMicrosoft Fax document file
 file extension cpxCanon My Image Garden layout template file
 file extension dmiBYOND Dream Maker icon
 file extension cmtxCrystalMaker molecular drawing
 file extension nbfNVIDIA scene graphic file
 file extension stgStatistica graphics file
 file extension vemVeePro embroidery file
 file extension qfxxQuickLink II fax file
 file extension onxPosterShop packaged job file
pbd file icon file extension pbdAdobe PhotoDeluxe file
pk file icon file extension pkAdobe Audition graphical waveform file
sp file icon file extension spMicrografx ABC SnapGraphix file
 file extension tn?TiNY 2D graphic file
inline file icon file extension inlineBase64-encoded inline image
pos file icon file extension posCorel PaintShop Photo Pro polished stone preset file
 file extension dptxtDrawpile record file
 file extension dbmDAZ Studio brick material
 file extension pldPhotoLine image document file
 file extension bgcfGreeting card design
 file extension sprPro Motion sprites sequence animation file
 file extension pncPanasonic Network Camera compressed image file
 file extension bsvQuickBasic BSAVE image
 file extension pfxAmiga Pageflipper Plus F/X animation file
 file extension adrgARC digitized raster graphics file
 file extension mldMyLabel Designer Deluxe label file
 file extension mddMacDraft drawing file
 file extension ygfyWorks binary graph format
 file extension pmgAdobe Pagemaker group file
vid file icon file extension vidVidcom 64 image file
 file extension grdGolden Software Surfer grid file
 file extension fraFractint fractal graphic
 file extension bctBusiness card designer template
 file extension shpPrintMaster icon library
 file extension iccArtIcons Pro icon collection file
 file extension acmbGraphics file
 file extension dprecDrawpile record file
 file extension kfaSerif DrawPlus key-frame animation
 file extension bkdBlack Ink painting file
 file extension animAmiga animation file
3gn file icon file extension 3gnImaging Fax image file
 file extension dxt1S2TC compressed surface file
 file extension ftlFutureTense texture file
 file extension smfSerif DrawPlus graphics file
 file extension patFile Investigator Pattern File
 file extension psaAdobe Photoshop Album file
vicar file icon file extension vicarVICAR graphics file
ttf file icon file extension ttfOptiGraphics Tiled image file
 file extension tpiRed Eye Pilot file
 file extension broEmbroidery file
 file extension bkwFontEdit image file
 file extension mbmKerbal Space Program texture file
 file extension ml5Milestones project file
pcs file icon file extension pcsApple Mac PICT file
wpg2 file icon file extension wpg2Corel WordPerfect image file
 file extension xprXBMC Xbox Media Center skin archive file
 file extension occOptControlCentre model file
 file extension ltgLaserTank graphics file
 file extension arbvp1Google Earth shader file
stw file icon file extension stwNeopaint Stamp image format
 file extension crfCHARTrunner chart definition file
blk file icon file extension blkAmiga IFF ILBM image file
lvp file icon file extension lvpLView Pro image format
 file extension pzlJigs@w puzzle file
 file extension mphMAGIX Photostory project
ipt file icon file extension iptInterPaint (Multicolor) image format
mokey file icon file extension mokeyAdobe Mocha for Adobe After Effects mokey file
 file extension t2lTrue2Life scene file
ofx file icon file extension ofxOlicom Fax image file
 file extension ammAMM Pattern design file
apin file icon file extension apinAdobe InDesign import/export filter
 file extension igmIndigo Renderer material texture file
 file extension okozoOkozo Desktop animation file
 file extension pdpAdobe Photoshop PostScript document file
 file extension cdfUnidata Network Common Data form file
 file extension frmFractint formula file
 file extension brsCorel Painter brush file
plb file icon file extension plbAdobe Premiere 6 bin file
 file extension egonEgon Animator graphics file
 file extension ntpNatron project file
 file extension albJASC Image Commander album
ppf file icon file extension ppfCorel PaintShop Photo Pro soft plastic preset data
smi file icon file extension smiIBM Lotus smart icons
 file extension bdgBadge Designer 2000 Photo ID data
 file extension stgSNMP traffic grapher network graphic file
 file extension paxPickAx secure graphic file
 file extension ctmOpenCTM compressed triangle mesh file format
mc6 file icon file extension mc6Poser 6 material file
 file extension pxbPixelmator saved brushes file
 file extension pxsPixelmator saved swatches file
 file extension ct3CTRAN/W sketch
 file extension agApplix graphics data
pzp file icon file extension pzpMGI Photosuite Project image file
 file extension trmTrim high-compression lossless image file
 file extension artxArt Text for Mac graphic file
 file extension pigsIndigo Renderer compressed scene file
 file extension plyHarvard Graphics presentation screen
 file extension sab2NVision 3D scanner file
$c file icon file extension $cZX Spectrum Hobetta picture format
cif file icon file extension cifColorImpact color scheme file
 file extension avmMap file
 file extension snaCorel Snapfire slideshow project file
 file extension selPerceptron scanner file
 file extension imrIncrediMail notifier file
 file extension pspframePaintShop Pro frame file
 file extension asdAstound presentation file
awd file icon file extension awdArtweaver painting
sar file icon file extension sarSaracen Paint image format file
 file extension tigTiger government map file
gb file icon file extension gbPrintfox/Pagefox image format file
 file extension ncvNikon Capture curves file
drt file icon file extension drtMicrografix Windows Draw template file
 file extension anlTrain Model Simulator track layout file
 file extension npmNokia phone picture message
 file extension msvMyStars! saved view
 file extension u3dUltimate 3D engine
 file extension stnGenuine Fractals Photoshop plug-in
 file extension gqsxMicrosoft Office SmartArt style definitions package file
 file extension ghtStarNet geoid model file
 file extension brtBryce textures file
 file extension tbxTurbo Cross design
 file extension skitchSkitch graphics file
 file extension ipfparticleIllusion SE project
 file extension jvxlJmol voxel file
 file extension sigQuickTac Alternative Graphic file
 file extension psbrushCorel PaintShop Pro brush
 file extension sccStitchCraft design
 file extension nsfSunstar embroidery stitch file
 file extension ikoWindows Icon resource file
4bt file icon file extension 4btGoDot picture format
 file extension fmpFantaMorph project
 file extension envSierra Print Artist envelope
 file extension arxArtista Cross Stitch file
 file extension ftcFluxTime animation
clo file icon file extension cloCloe Ray-Tracer image
i18 file icon file extension i18Pixel Power Collage image format
 file extension patPhotostyler Hatch Patterns file
wfx file icon file extension wfxWinFax file
 file extension cwrWrapcandy candy wrapper file
 file extension cmpGiza specifier color map file
 file extension rssPlanMan image file
 file extension filWindows Media Player special icon image
 file extension vecPictures by PC drawing file
 file extension wcdCondes course layout
 file extension smpfSprite Monkey project file
 file extension ufrUltra Fractal fractal file
 file extension netspmNetSpot map file
 file extension pcSierra Print Artist postcard
pig file icon file extension pigRicoh Pixel Image Generator (IS30) graphics
edb file icon file extension edbAdobe Photoshop extended digital book file
 file extension sprSega Dreamcast VR texture file
 file extension tpsdbPrint Shop project file
 file extension pxgPixelmator saved gradients file
 file extension vortVery Ordinary Rendering Toolkit file
 file extension q5qSuperBladePro preset file
 file extension pgfProgressive graphics file
 file extension qtzQuaSZ texture file
psw file icon file extension pswCorel PaintShop Photo Pro straw wall preset file
 file extension brpBryce brush file
 file extension nwpMagentic content file
 file extension mdlMoray Wireframe model file
clp file icon file extension clpCorel Quattro Pro clip art file
 file extension lpLaTeX drawing file
wcd file icon file extension wcdWaterCAD saved data
 file extension chartMacStitch design
 file extension pvfPCStitch PRO design
 file extension aAlpha Channel image data file
pgc file icon file extension pgcAtari Portfolio graphics compressed image format
prf file icon file extension prfPolychrome Recursive Format image format
 file extension artVORT image
 file extension bcdOfficePrinter label document file
 file extension cubeAntaeus file
 file extension csdManga Studio scene
espf file icon file extension espfEncapsulated PostScript file
 file extension papTree Professional Palm Creator image file
rp file icon file extension rpRealPix image file
pdb file icon file extension pdbTealPaint graphic image file
 file extension figDeskMate drawing file
 file extension awfArchos 605 WiFi wallpaper file
 file extension mdl0Wii game model file
 file extension ipqiBrowser layered image
ib7 file icon file extension ib7Pixel Power Collage image format
ai6 file icon file extension ai6Generic Encapsulated PostScript graphic file
 file extension cs8Unix graphics format file
xyze file icon file extension xyzeRadiance map file
 file extension apsArcPad symbology file
 file extension panThe Panorama Factory project file
 file extension lgoModern ListGeo output
 file extension soiMENSI (Trimble) 3D laser enhanced 3D scanner file
 file extension rmfFITS redistribution matrix file
 file extension spfStitch design
 file extension sdjvuDjVu document
dot file icon file extension dotCorelDRAW lines definition file
fxtc file icon file extension fxtcAdobe After Effects project file
hrz file icon file extension hrzSlow Scan TeleVision file (SSTV)
ai4 file icon file extension ai4Generic Encapsulated PostScript graphic file
 file extension metOS/2 and Microsoft Windows PM meta file
msk file icon file extension mskCorel PaintShop Photo Pro mask image file
prl file icon file extension prlCorel PaintShop Photo Pro rough leather preset file
 file extension snpComputerEyes output video animation file
 file extension rstAutodesk Stitcher Unlimited template file
 file extension bldFalCon eXtra picture document file
 file extension topWaltop Digital Ink-pad graphic file
 file extension pxiconCandyBar icons package file
 file extension scdSCODL slide image
fig file icon file extension figTransFIG image format
 file extension m01ComputerEyes Animation file
 file extension colzAdobe Collage moodboard file
 file extension sdpIBM Storyboard PIC image file
 file extension stNeoPaint stamp file
 file extension goesMcIDAS Satellite image data
 file extension gscxMicrosoft Office Diagram file
 file extension vmrBrainVoyager QX anatomical 3D data set file
 file extension pffZoomify image stream file
 file extension graphmzGrapML Graph file
 file extension csrCardinal spline representational data
 file extension triRibbons triangle file
 file extension ssfEventcorder screenshots file
 file extension ktnKTooN animation file
ami file icon file extension amiAmica Paint picture image
brt file icon file extension brtBrooktrout 301 image format
 file extension dcxCAS fax image file
rgbe file icon file extension rgbeRadiance map file
 file extension scrProcomm Plus screen snapshot file
 file extension smhOpton scanner file
 file extension bk1VirtuaGirl graphic file
xpr file icon file extension xprExpression 3 graphic file
 file extension flxMicrosurvey CAD drawing
 file extension ppmaPortable Pixmap Image ASCII graphics file
 file extension txoText-Osterone project file
 file extension diaDIA drawing file
ft7 file icon file extension ft7Adobe Freehand 7 template file
ptl file icon file extension ptlCorel PaintShop Photo Pro tile preset file
mdl file icon file extension mdlQuake model file
 file extension xepXenoDream graphics data file
ptx file icon file extension ptxCorel PaintShop Photo Pro texture preset file
 file extension tchComplete Works graph or chart file
 file extension chrNintendo DS character tile file
 file extension iffElectronic Art Interchange file
fh50 file icon file extension fh50Adobe Freehand creator code
 file extension stbScantech scanner file
 file extension scnpcAnywhere recorded screen shot
 file extension qs8Sinclair QL 8 colours screen
ged file icon file extension gedMicrografx simple 3D geometry file
 file extension nanrNintendo DS animation resource file

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