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Digital video and movie file icon Digital video and movie file type extensions
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File extensions used for various multimedia file types - movies, films, videos, animations and other file types related to digital video software, video players and digital video editing

List of common video files

Digital video and movie file extension list

File extensions used for various multimedia file types - movies, films, videos, animations and other file types related to digital video software, video players and digital video editing.

Video and multimedia files represent a huge group of file types that contain digitally capturing, recording, processing, storing, transmitting, and reconstructing a sequence of still images representing scenes in motion, often together with an audio track (sound, music, etc.), which in essence means that a "video file" is but a container for all the multimedia data used during the playback.

You can find hundreds of different video formats, but only some of them made a popular breakthrough and became standards in the industry (computers, multimedia equipment, cinemas, home theaters, portable players etc.).

Some of the most used video file formats today are:

AVI format still represent one of the most common video containers, although it is slowly surpassed by more modern formats. AVI is an abbreviation for Audio Video Interleave format and was originally developed by Microsoft based on Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF). Multimedia content can be compressed in a multitude of supported video or audio formats and some codecs may be even added to the container, but a few special exceptions. These include (DivX, XVID, MP3, AAC) codecs that must be installed in the operating system or supported by the used multimedia device (DVD player, portable player etc.).

MPG (MPEG), a video format developed by Moving Picture Experts Group. MPEG is an ISO standard used by many multimedia devices (DVD players, Blu-RAY, portable players, computers).

VOB, a DVD Video object file. A .vob file is a container file that contains most of the movie data, including the video and audio streams, along with subtitles and any other DVD menu features. DVD uses the MPEG-2 compression.

MP4, a MPEG-4 multimedia file format based on ISO standard as defined by the MPEG-4 specification. It contains MPEG-4 encoded video and advanced audio coding (AAC)-encoded audio content. It also frequently uses h.264 or lately h.265 encoded videos. Nowadays it is perhaps one of the most commonly used multimedia format.

M2TS, a Blu-Ray MPEG-2 stream. The M2TS container format is based on the standard MPEG-2. Blu-ray are using transport streams, instead of DVD's program streams, to store video, audio, and other data. Used for high definition multimedia content.

MOV, QuickTime multimedia container format that can store one or more tracks of data such as video, audio, text, and effects. Used and known for ages by Mac users.

3GP, a standard for the creation, delivery and playback of multimedia over 3rd generation, high-speed wireless networks. You can mostly encounter 3GP multimedia files on mobile platforms.

MKV, a Matroska multimedia container based on an open standard format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside a single file.

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 file extension sbs3D side by side movie
 file extension tab3D top and bottom movie
 file extension 3gp_128x963GP video data
 file extension 3p23GPP multimedia file format
3gpp file icon file extension 3gpp3GPP Third generation partnership project movie
3g2 file icon file extension 3g23GPP2 multimedia data
3gp2 file icon file extension 3gp23GPP2 multimedia file
 file extension 3ivx3ivx video file
 file extension 4xm4XM video format
 file extension metActive Sky export file
awlive file icon file extension awliveActive WebCam live capture video
 file extension skyActiveSky movie clips for Palm OS
dir file icon file extension dirAdobe (Macromedia) Director project
 file extension rdtAdobe Captivate RoboDemo template
 file extension cpvcAdobe Captivate video composition
mv93 file icon file extension mv93Adobe Director for Mac movie file
 file extension mv85Adobe Director for Mac movie file
mv95 file icon file extension mv95Adobe Director for Mac movie file
dxr file icon file extension dxrAdobe Director protected movie
drt file icon file extension drtAdobe Director shockwave export file
ncorx file icon file extension ncorxAdobe Encore project
ncor file icon file extension ncorAdobe Encore project file
swc file icon file extension swcAdobe Flash component distribution data
f4v file icon file extension f4vAdobe Flash mp4 multimedia
swz file icon file extension swzAdobe Flash Player signed RSL file
sol file icon file extension solAdobe Flash shared object
olproj file icon file extension olprojAdobe OnLocation file
 file extension arcutAdobe Prelude rough cut file
ppj file icon file extension ppjAdobe Premiere 6 and older video project
prel file icon file extension prelAdobe Premiere Elements project
flm file icon file extension flmAdobe Premiere filmstrip file
prproj file icon file extension prprojAdobe Premiere Pro project
 file extension pprojAdobe Premiere Pro project
 file extension w3dAdobe Shockwave 3D scene export
sbsc file icon file extension sbscAdobe Soundbooth score document
sbst file icon file extension sbstAdobe Soundbooth score template
 file extension ircpAdobe SpeedGrade project file
msh file icon file extension mshAdobe Visual Communicator project file
lsf file icon file extension lsfAdvanced Streaming Format
 file extension lsxAdvanced Streaming Redirector
asf file icon file extension asfAdvanced Systems (streaming) format
 file extension adrAfter Dark random screen saver module
 file extension asdvdcrtprojAimersoft DVD Creator project file
 file extension askALShow Media Player skin file
 file extension apzAMS shared project
 file extension amvAMV video file format
 file extension imovietrailerApple iMovie video data
ipr file icon file extension iprApple LiveType animation file
 file extension hqApple ProRes 422 HQ video
mov file icon file extension movApple QuickTime digital video
m15 file icon file extension m15Apple QuickTime file
hdmov file icon file extension hdmovApple QuickTime HD Movie
qt file icon file extension qtApple QuickTime movie clip
moo file icon file extension mooApple QuickTime movie clip file
moov file icon file extension moovApple QuickTime movie file
movie file icon file extension movieApple QuickTime movie file
 file extension qtmApple QuickTime Movie file
tvod file icon file extension tvodApple QuickTime movie or JPEG picture file
rts file icon file extension rtsApple QuickTime real-time streaming protocol file
rtsp file icon file extension rtspApple QuickTime real-time streaming protocol file
qtc file icon file extension qtcApple QuickTime support data
mv4 file icon file extension mv4Apple QuickTime video
 file extension aqtAQTitle subtitles file
 file extension tmsArcsoft Showbiz captured video
 file extension rplARMovie video
 file extension astAstound multimedia data
 file extension slcAT&T U-verse recorded video
ccr file icon file extension ccrAtari Jaguar Cinepak film
scr file icon file extension scrAtari Jaguar Cinepak film file
 file extension vcrATI Personal Video Recorder captured video
 file extension fmfAtomic3D video file
 file extension videoaTube Catcher video file
avi file icon file extension aviAudio Video Interleave movie
 file extension h64Audioless H.264 video data
flm file icon file extension flmAutoCAD film roll file
 file extension flicAutodesk Animator animation file
 file extension fliAutodesk Animator FLIC animation (old format)
 file extension fli_Autodesk Animator FLIC animation old format
 file extension celAutodesk Animator FLIC file
 file extension flcAutoDesk FLIC format
 file extension kavaAutopano Video Pro video
 file extension am2AutoPlay Menu Studio ver.2 data
 file extension am5AutoPlay Menu Studio ver.5 data file
 file extension am7AutoPlay Menu Studio ver.7 data file
bsf file icon file extension bsfAVC Blu-ray video format
mts file icon file extension mtsAVCHD MPEG-2 transport stream
 file extension vmlfAVI movie
 file extension avbAvid binary image
 file extension mvvAVS Media Player MPEG video file
 file extension vepAVS Video Editor project
 file extension vep4AVS Video Editor project file
 file extension vs4AVTECH video file
 file extension axmAxmedis object
bup file icon file extension bupBackup of DVD info
 file extension badongoBadongo information service file
 file extension bdtpBaiduPlayer media file
 file extension bvzBAMZOOKi video file
 file extension fbrBB FlashBack recorded video
 file extension fbzBB FlashBack screen record file
 file extension bdt3BEEDOCS Timeline 3D timeline document file
 file extension bdt2BEEDOCS Timeline 3D timeline document file
 file extension dsyBesta video file
 file extension bnkBINK compressed video
 file extension fmvBink Tools Full Motion Video
bik file icon file extension bikBINK video
 file extension rumBink video subtitle file
 file extension bdmvBlu-ray information file
 file extension ssifBlu-ray stereoscopic interleaved movie
 file extension bvrBlue Iris video
 file extension bmcBolide Movie Creator project file
 file extension dv4Bosch Security Systems CCTV video
 file extension cmprojCamtasia for Mac project file
 file extension cmrecCamtasia for Mac record file
 file extension cmmpCamtasia MenuMaker project
 file extension cmmtplCamtasia MenuMaker template
 file extension camvCamtasia screencast video file
 file extension camprojCamtasia Studio project
 file extension tscprojCamtasia Studio project (version 9)
 file extension camCamtasia Studio project file
 file extension trecCamtasia Studio recorded session
 file extension camthtrCamtasia Studio theater file
 file extension camrecCamtasia Studio video recording (version 8.3 or earlier)
 file extension es3Canon VIXIA HG21 high resolution exported movie
 file extension acwCaptioning system file
 file extension gtsCaptiveWorks PVR video recording format
 file extension ccpCaptureCAM-PRO screen recording file
 file extension 890Cavena subtitles file
 file extension vvfCCTV DVR camera video format
 file extension 60dCCTV video clip
 file extension cavsChinese AVS video
 file extension aecCinema 4D Adobe After Effects import composition file
 file extension clkClickView video
 file extension paCliprex video file
 file extension 44Clipstream 32 Kb stream
 file extension cx3CMS video file
 file extension xtodvdConvertXtoDVD project
 file extension vcprjConvertXtoVideo project
 file extension snapfireshowCorel Snapfire show file
 file extension vs2Corel VideoStudio 2 file
 file extension freCreative Digital Blaster digital VCR file
 file extension btsCreative Digital Blaster video
 file extension hnmCryo HNM movie soundtrack file
 file extension vp5CrystalPlayer video file
 file extension cvccVideo file
 file extension pdsCyberlink PowerDirector project
 file extension pppCyberLink PowerProducer project file
 file extension d3vDatel video file
 file extension parDedicated Micros DVR recording
 file extension db2movDeepDVD Movie authoring project
 file extension dmoDemo file
 file extension dmfDemoForge demo file
 file extension dvtDepoView digital video transcript
 file extension epmDestiny MPE Encoder encrypted portable media
 file extension d2vDGIndex project file
 file extension dgwDigi-Watcher video data
 file extension dcrDigital Court Recorder video
 file extension difDigital Interface Format
 file extension djanimationsDigital Juice animation data
 file extension dmbDigital multimedia broadcasting file
dv file icon file extension dvDigital video file
 file extension drcDirac video format
 file extension dpdDish Network DVD recorder file
 file extension tspDISH Network DVR recorded video
 file extension secDisney Animation Studio secured animation file
 file extension daprojDivX Author project file
 file extension tda3mtDivX author template file
divx file icon file extension divxDivX Media Format
 file extension divDivX movie
 file extension dvxDivX movie
 file extension scrDivX video
 file extension tixDivX video download activation
 file extension dofDOSBox capture movie file
 file extension flvatDownloaded Flash video
 file extension dceDriveCam video recording
 file extension dcfDRM content format delivery data
 file extension $tsDTC 2030 recorded movie
 file extension dv5DV5 DVR digital video
dif file icon file extension difDVCPRO or DV video file
 file extension dvdripDVD disk image
vob file icon file extension vobDVD video object
 file extension dtvDVD2AVI mpeg2 data
 file extension dvmDVM Movie File Format
dvsd file icon file extension dvsdDVMaster Pro video file
 file extension davDVR365 encrypted video recording
 file extension dxaDXA video format
 file extension dashDynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP video
 file extension strgE-Viewer recorded video copy backup
 file extension vcpfEasy Video Copy & Convert project
 file extension epjEDIUS Pro project
 file extension ezpEDIUS project
 file extension el8eLecta Live recording
 file extension tgvElectronic Arts video file
 file extension ev2Emblaze Video Format file
 file extension rplEscape Replay compressed video file
 file extension etiETI (Ensemble Transport Interface) stream
 file extension ecfEventcorder file
 file extension eyeEyemail ETI Camcorder Pro video data
 file extension eyeEyeris encoded audio video file
 file extension hkvEyesight IP Camera video
 file extension eztvEZTV tv show video file
 file extension fvtFast Search & Transfer video format
 file extension fcmFCEUX FCE-Ultra capture movie file
 file extension fm2FCEUX movie
 file extension cakFILM/CPK file format
 file extension filmFilmkey Player media data
 file extension flexolibraryFinal Cut Pro or Apple iMovie library file
 file extension fcpFinal Cut Pro project
 file extension fcpxmlFinal Cut Pro X project
 file extension fcprojectFinal Cut Pro X project file
 file extension frFinalburn Alpha movie capture file
 file extension fpbFLAMES playback recorder data
flv file icon file extension flvFlash video
 file extension flhFlash Video High Definition file
 file extension fluxFluxTime Studio clip
 file extension ftvxFLV Editor project file
 file extension trtFree-to-air video file
 file extension fsvFreeSWITCH video data
 file extension ifvFuho 16CH Standalone DVR video backup
 file extension dscfFujifilm video file
 file extension 603GANZ video compression file
 file extension gxfGeneral Exchange Format video data
 file extension vidGeneric video
 file extension girGens Plus! movie file
 file extension xmmGEX MP3 satellite receiver saved file
 file extension gmmGlobal Mobile Media media data
 file extension gmtGlobal Mobile Television multimedia data
 file extension dmskmGOM media file
 file extension k3gGOM Player file
 file extension gviGoogle video file
 file extension lrvGoPro low resolution video
 file extension g2mGoToMeeting video
 file extension graspGraphical System for Presentation animation file
 file extension gifvGraphics Interchange Format video data
 file extension doink-gsGreen Screen project
 file extension gfpGreenForce-Player audio or video file
 file extension gdwxGridow Producer video data
 file extension dfvGYYR DVMS Digital CCTV recorded video
 file extension p64H.261 encoded video file
 file extension 261H.261 Encoded Video file
 file extension h261H.261 video format
 file extension 263H.263 encoded video file
 file extension h-263H.263 encoded video file
 file extension h.263H.263 encoded video file
 file extension h263H.263 video format
 file extension h263+H.263+ (H.263v2) video format
 file extension h4vH.264 / MPEG-4 AVC
 file extension sdr2H.264 MICRO DVR camera movie
h264 file icon file extension h264H.264 video
264 file icon file extension 264H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video data
 file extension h265H.265 High Efficiency Video
 file extension 265H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding codec encoded video
 file extension hupHaihaisoft DRM-X protected video
mod file icon file extension modHard disk camera movie MPEG-2 program stream
tod file icon file extension todHard disk camera movie MPEG-2 transport stream
 file extension hkmHavok movie file
 file extension evoHD DVD video
 file extension avchdHD video data
 file extension hevcHEVC video data
 file extension hmtHighMAT data
 file extension htpHonest Technology Video Editor project
 file extension hmvHoudini movie file
 file extension fbrHP Mercury Screen Recorder recorded video
 file extension hlsHTTP live streaming video
 file extension stkHyperStudio stacks file
 file extension hsHyperStudio stacks file
 file extension htdHyperTRANSCRIBE project
 file extension sceHypervideo data
 file extension mvrIBM HotMedia multimedia file
 file extension m1pgiFinish video file
 file extension ivuImmerVision XML user interface file
imovieproj file icon file extension imovieprojiMovie project
imovieproject file icon file extension imovieprojectiMovie project
rcproject file icon file extension rcprojectiMovie project file
 file extension theateriMovie theater library
 file extension ifvIndeo Video Format
 file extension ivfIndeo video recording
 file extension xpvIntegral video data
 file extension avsIntel Application Visualization System file
 file extension lrecInter-Tel web conference recording
 file extension ivmInteractive Visual Media video format
 file extension ivsInternet streaming video
 file extension vcmInterwise participant recorded WebCast data
 file extension hgdIP camera video file
 file extension crvIPcam video format
 file extension autiPIX interactive pictures format
 file extension mvIRIX command compressed movie
 file extension izzyIsadora project file
 file extension jpvIVC video format
 file extension irfiVIEW DVR H.264 video data
 file extension noaJapanese movie format
 file extension jmfJava Media Framework data
 file extension mj2JPEG 2000 motion sequence format (ISO 15444-3)
 file extension mjp2JPEG 2000 motion sequence format (ISO 15444-3) file
 file extension jtvJRiver Media Center recorded TV file
 file extension jvtJRiver recorded video file
 file extension jtsJVC Cyberlink AVCHD video file
 file extension tpdJVC Cyberlink TOD video file
 file extension mbvJVC Everio MediaBrowser movie
 file extension jmmJVC recorded multimedia file
 file extension bayKodak/Roper Bayer picture sequence
 file extension boxKodicom video file
 file extension bixKodicom video recording
 file extension kwaKWIVER video data
 file extension l3L3 DRM protected video
 file extension mjpLG MJPEG video format
 file extension dcrLiberty video recording
 file extension rcrecLogMeIn PRO remote control session recording
 file extension lsprojLoiLoScope project file
 file extension scmLotus ScreenCam movie
 file extension sanLucasArts Smush Animation Format
 file extension lzaLZA video file
 file extension m-jpegM-JPEG file
 file extension mvwm-View stream file
 file extension mcvMac Video file
cct file icon file extension cctMacromedia (Adobe) Director Shockwave cast data
mxm file icon file extension mxmMagix file
 file extension mxvMAGIX Movie Edit Pro video
 file extension avdMAGIX Movie Edit Pro video data
 file extension vegMAGIX Vegas Pro video project
 file extension mvyMAGIX Video easy project
 file extension tp0Mascom PVR video file
mxf file icon file extension mxfMaterial Exchange Format video
mkv3D file icon file extension mkv3DMatroska 3D video format file
mk3d file icon file extension mk3dMatroska MKV 3D stereoscopic video
mkv file icon file extension mkvMatroska multimedia container
mks file icon file extension mksMatroska subtitles stream
webm file icon file extension webmMatroska WebM video
 file extension mcfMCF Media Container file
 file extension hm10Media Player Classic - BE RAW video
 file extension dsmMedia Player Classic DSM streaming container
 file extension vg2Media Player Classic video data
mpcpl file icon file extension mpcplMedia Player Classic's playlist
 file extension ml20Mercury Messenger for Mac video file
aut file icon file extension autMicrocraft AUTHOR eLearning file
mmv file icon file extension mmvMicroMV movie
 file extension nmmMicrosoft 3D Movie Maker recorded video
3mm file icon file extension 3mmMicrosoft 3D Movie Maker video file
 file extension vmmMicrosoft 3D Movie Maker video file
asx file icon file extension asxMicrosoft Advanced Streaming Redirector
dvr-ms file icon file extension dvr-msMicrosoft Digital Video Recording
 file extension dv-aviMicrosoft DV-AVI video file
 file extension crecMicrosoft Lync 2010 record
 file extension mp41Microsoft MP41 video data
 file extension pyvMicrosoft PlayReady video
 file extension amcMicrosoft Windows AMC media data
wlmp file icon file extension wlmpMicrosoft Windows Live Movie Maker video project
c2r file icon file extension c2rMicrosoft Windows Media Center click-to-record file
xwmv file icon file extension xwmvMicrosoft Windows media data
 file extension dtcp-ipMicrosoft Windows Movie Maker video
dvr file icon file extension dvrMicrosoft Windows XP Media Center TV recording
 file extension xmvMicrosoft Xbox video data
 file extension bs4Mikogo session video recording file
 file extension mioMIO multimedia data
 file extension bdavMistaken M2TS video
 file extension mfpMjpeg video file
 file extension vemMM Video e-mail file
 file extension kmvMobile DJ video file
 file extension rdgMorae recorded video file
 file extension mjpgMotion JPEG Video
 file extension mjpegMotion JPEG video
 file extension fmcMotionArtist animated clip
 file extension mepMovavi Video Editor project
 file extension mepxMovavi Video Editor project
 file extension mvdMovie Edit Pro video file
 file extension mvpMovie Edit Pro video project file
 file extension buyMovie file
m1v file icon file extension m1vMoving Pictures Experts Group video (MPEG-1 IPB)
 file extension m4sMP4Box HTML5 MP4 video segment
 file extension mv2MPC-HC mpeg video
mpv file icon file extension mpvMPEG 1 video
mpg file icon file extension mpgMPEG 1 video file format
 file extension mpMPEG compressed movie
 file extension mpv2MPEG II video file
mpeg file icon file extension mpegMPEG movie
mpe file icon file extension mpeMPEG movie (Motion Pictures Experts Group)
 file extension vbsMPEG movie clip
 file extension mpegpsMPEG program stream format
 file extension psMPEG program stream format
 file extension mpgxMPEG video
mp2v file icon file extension mp2vMPEG video file
 file extension mpsMPEG-1 audio and video file system stream
 file extension dmvMPEG-1 file
 file extension m1sMPEG-1 system stream
trp file icon file extension trpMPEG-2 HD video data
m2v file icon file extension m2vMPEG-2 packetized elementary stream
m2ts file icon file extension m2tsMPEG-2 stream (Blu-Ray)
m2p file icon file extension m2pMPEG-2 stream file format
m2t file icon file extension m2tMPEG-2 transport stream
 file extension mts1MPEG-2 transport stream
 file extension avrMPEG-2 transport stream file
tp file icon file extension tpMPEG-2 TV recorded video
 file extension ttsMPEG-2 video
 file extension mpg2MPEG-2 video
 file extension ts4MPEG-2 video
 file extension mpgvMPEG-2 video data
 file extension m2sMPEG-2 video stream
 file extension mp21MPEG-21 multimedia file
 file extension m21MPEG-21 video file
avc file icon file extension avcMPEG-4 AVC Advanced Video Coding movie
 file extension tx3gMPEG-4 file
 file extension m4uMPEG-4 playlist file
 file extension mpeg4MPEG-4 video
 file extension m4eMPEG-4 video data
 file extension m4fMPEG-4 video fdata
 file extension mp4vMPEG-4 video file
mpg4 file icon file extension mpg4MPEG-4 video file format
m4v file icon file extension m4vMPEG-4 video file format
mp4 file icon file extension mp4MPEG-4 video file format
 file extension mp4;v=1MPEG-4 video file format
 file extension mpv4MPEG-4 video file format
ts file icon file extension tsMPEG-TV recorded video format
 file extension ml20MSN Webcam Recorder video file
 file extension evaMSX video
 file extension mtvMTV video format
 file extension gtpMultiFS video file
 file extension kuxMultimedia data
 file extension mhgMultimedia file
 file extension hlvMultimedia file
3gp file icon file extension 3gpMultimedia files for wireless networks
3gpp2 file icon file extension 3gpp2Multimedia files for wireless networks
mmm file icon file extension mmmMultiMedia Movie format (RIFF RMMP)
 file extension mmpMultimedia player movie clip
 file extension mpeg2Multiplexed MPEG-1/2 stream
 file extension mpeg1Multiplexed MPEG-1/2 video
 file extension mvcMultiview Video Coding video
 file extension rvlmuvee project
 file extension nuvMythTV NuppelVideo video
 file extension dpgnDs-mPeG video file
 file extension nvcNero Video project
 file extension nfvNetflix downloaded video
 file extension vbcNetralia VodBurner recorded video
 file extension nvlNetviewer Meet session record
 file extension rtvNewTek uncompressed video data
 file extension thpNintendo GameCube THP video file
 file extension seqNorpix StreamPix video sequence
 file extension trnNSME Trains screensaver
 file extension nutNUT open multimedia container
 file extension nxvNXV video data
 file extension aavOccuRec recorded video
ogm file icon file extension ogmOgg Vorbis media file
 file extension ogxOgg Vorbis multiplex profile
ogv file icon file extension ogvOgg Vorbis video
 file extension xlOld Amiga movie format
 file extension wpeopenCanvas record file
 file extension ospOpenShot project
 file extension raviOptris recorded video
 file extension ilmOpus Creator multimedia file
 file extension orvOracom video file
 file extension otrkeyOTRKEY encoded video file
 file extension yogOuterra recorded video file
 file extension h3rPanasonic camera security recording
 file extension encmPanasonic encrypted video
 file extension tdt2Panasonic HD video camera movie file
 file extension p2Panasonic P2 video
 file extension n3rPanasonic WJ-ND300A NDR video format
 file extension rt4Panasonic WJ-RT416 video recording
 file extension pxmPCSX Rerecording captured movie
 file extension pgmxPegasys video
 file extension bubPhotobubble data
 file extension pxPhotodex Producer streaming video
 file extension vpdPhotoDVD project file
 file extension iisPHOTOfunSTUDIO HD video data
 file extension st4Pinnacle Studio 400 project file
 file extension sdvPinnacle Studio DV video editing project
stx file icon file extension stxPinnacle Studio project
 file extension scnPinnacle Studio scene
 file extension stuPinnacle Studio video project
 file extension pxvPixbend media
 file extension npvPixbend Player pixbend media file
 file extension pmpPMP video file
 file extension mp7Portable Media player 7 file
 file extension bmkPowerDVD MovieMark bookmark
 file extension bbvPPLive data
 file extension mvfProduction Studio video
 file extension proProPresenter export file
 file extension viewletQarbon Viewlet
 file extension qcifQCIF RAW video format
cin file icon file extension cinQuake 2 cinematic video file
 file extension qmxQuantum Streaming video file
 file extension qvtQuantum Streaming video stream url file
 file extension qtvrQuickTime VR file format
 file extension rkiRace-Keeper video file
 file extension smkRAD Video Tools Smacker compressed video
 file extension ratDVDratDVD commpressed DVD movie
 file extension rcaRCA digital recorder format
rvx file icon file extension rvxReal protected video file
rts file icon file extension rtsRealAudio RTSL document
rtsl file icon file extension rtslRealAudio RTSL document file
ssm file icon file extension ssmRealAudio standard streaming metafile
rf file icon file extension rfRealFlash clip
rm file icon file extension rmRealMedia multimedia
rax file icon file extension raxRealMedia streaming data
rmvb file icon file extension rmvbRealMedia variable bitrate
vivo file icon file extension vivoRealNetworks VivoActive movies and audio
ivr file icon file extension ivrRealPlayer Internet video recording file
rmd file icon file extension rmdRealPlayer media file
 file extension rv9RealVideo movie file
rv file icon file extension rvRealVideo video
 file extension recRecorded file
 file extension r3dREDCODE multimedia file

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