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File extensions of file types used to store user settings and customizations of any application, project options, document options, themes, skins etc.

List of common various presets or theme files

Settings, options, themes or skins file extension list - page 3

File extensions of file types used to store user settings and customizations of any application, project options, document options, themes, skins etc..

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 file extension etffEncrypt4all theme
 file extension substvarTIBCO substitution variable data
 file extension ti1Tabula binary settings and initialization
 file extension kwsKeyWallet skin
 file extension tsQt translation source code
 file extension esetExtensions Manager settings file
 file extension gtkrcGTK+ skin
 file extension s2pTouchstone 4 s-parameters data
 file extension drmmetaAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming DRM additional header
 file extension configureBash data
cdt_ file icon file extension cdt_CorelDRAW for Mac template
 file extension ehsxeasyHDR tone mapping settings
msstyles file icon file extension msstylesMicrosoft Windows Luna resources themes
 file extension clbICQ contact list
vsz file icon file extension vszMicrosoft Visual Studio launch wizards data
 file extension sublime-mousemapSublime Text mousemap
 file extension d5pDragon UnPACKer language pack
 file extension cgvOSLay parameters data
 file extension ssfStrand 300 Lighting Console show
 file extension emeraldEmerald Window Decorator theme
 file extension uecUltraEdit settings
 file extension ucpUniformity Correction Parameters data
 file extension uvw3D Studio MAX UVW coordinates
fky file icon file extension fkyVisual FoxPro macro
 file extension idiDB/TextWorks last-used settings
 file extension wfcWindows Wireless Network settings
 file extension reapWebReaper profile
 file extension pesoTeledyne LeCroy Protocol Analyzer settings
 file extension layMAME layout data
 file extension pp3RawTherapee sidecar data
 file extension tziMicrosoft Windows CE time zone information data
inss file icon file extension inssApple Setup Assistant ISP info document
 file extension pmlPyre settings
 file extension pbfGoogle Picasa button data
 file extension ti2Tabula binary settings and initialization data
csassembly file icon file extension csassemblyICQ 6 data
 file extension tprTMPEG Enc video conversion project file
 file extension ppwsEnfocus PitStop workspace settings
 file extension utsSpybot - Search & Destroy include data
 file extension xxe_guiXMLmind XML Editor settings
lst file icon file extension lstMicrosoft PowerPoint playlist
 file extension siteAdobe GoLive Site specific data
 file extension unusedPhotoline 4 defaults
pcast file icon file extension pcastApple iTunes podcast URL settings
 file extension tmrApimac Timer settings file
 file extension igdTIBCO Spotfire graph definition
 file extension cvsignoreEclipse CVS settings
 file extension igthemeImageGlass theme
 file extension qop3D Studio Max options data
mskn file icon file extension msknMediaMonkey skin
ncx file icon file extension ncxNavicat database exported connection settings
olk14mailaccount file icon file extension olk14mailaccountMicrosoft Outlook 2011 for Mac mail account settings
 file extension brushvariantCorel Painter brush variant data
 file extension dopDxO OpticsPro sidecar data
cannedsearch file icon file extension cannedsearchApple Finder predefined search data
 file extension xctXVI32 conversion data
 file extension kuipKingsoft Office personalization data
 file extension tmpreferencesTextMate or Sublime Text preferences
 file extension smpPhotoImpact preset
definition file icon file extension definitionApple Automator data type definition
 file extension 4cmClickyMouse macro set
 file extension ipthemeIconPackager theme
 file extension ckbBorland C++ keyboard mapping settings
 file extension xpxRAFTS-XP macro file
 file extension gbhGigaBar scheme
 file extension svpSubViewer preset
 file extension aseAdobe Color Swatch Exchange
 file extension h5sPOD HD500 set data
 file extension repatchReason DCAM EnvShaper effect preset
 file extension 3fxCorel Chart 3D effect
 file extension sw2Softwrap license
 file extension wgomCompeGPS Land Google Earth remote map
 file extension lnkPlaylist
 file extension nhbNo Hands Backup backup description
 file extension ixwERDAS IMAGINE toolbar settings
 file extension deviceidsApple iOS device identification
 file extension ffeyeFaceFilter eye filter
 file extension ckbxCricket Audio XML bank description data
 file extension symlinkSymbolic link
 file extension niaNikon Capture image adjustment data
 file extension mailtolocApple Mail mail address file
 file extension gormGorm interface resource data
mnu file icon file extension mnuAutodesk AutoCAD menu settings
 file extension xesX-Genics eManager skins definition
 file extension htgroupApache Server user group data
cntk file icon file extension cntkMicrosoft Outlook Express contact file
 file extension ihwIN-HEH Timeline workspace
 file extension caosCanOpener preference
 file extension snxPiSnoop workspace
 file extension gvimrcGVim settings file
 file extension jobsVirtualDub job file
 file extension mBRIEF macro module file
 file extension fcmFidoCAD macro file
ddd file icon file extension dddAdobe ColdFusion verity engine fields definition
 file extension smcSoundweb macro
 file extension tmthemeTextMate theme
 file extension lnsAVG Anti-Virus language data
 file extension nwpNEC-Win Plus proprietary file format
wwk file icon file extension wwkCorel WordPerfect keyboard layout file
 file extension zmxZEMAX lens data
 file extension gpsGOM Player skin
 file extension srfLightWave surface data
 file extension xfsfBestSync settings
 file extension kxskX skin
logikcs file icon file extension logikcsApple Logic Pro key commands data
dcp file icon file extension dcpAdobe DNG digital negative camera profile
 file extension savConfiguration data
 file extension nspsNavicat for SQL Server structure synchronization data
 file extension bash_loginUnix Shell Script (bash) data
htn file icon file extension htnMicrografx Picture Publisher 8 print style file
 file extension serWebalizer language file
 file extension chrparamsCryENGINE character paramters data
 file extension xcslCineStyle color correction settings
 file extension dep3Data Exchange Protocol connection designs
 file extension luacompPlayOn settings
 file extension clle_propertiesEclipse settings
 file extension rtsRoyal TS remote connection settings
 file extension tgpThumbGen profile file
fns file icon file extension fnsApple FontSyncScripting font profile
 file extension optOptions
 file extension pmclPinnacle channel data
 file extension adjustmentpresetsApple Aperture preset
 file extension lxcpLCARS x32 for Windows color profile
ruleset file icon file extension rulesetMicrosoft Visual Studio Code Analysis ruleset file
 file extension fsdFacetWin backup file set
 file extension xpthemeThemeManager data
 file extension upfMicroStation user preference
 file extension keyKeyboard definition file
adiummessagestyle file icon file extension adiummessagestyleAdium message style settings
 file extension skfSkinCrafter skin
 file extension yelYellow Color Separation data
 file extension fffilterFaceFilter filter data
xlpf file icon file extension xlpfMicrosoft Excel for Mac settings
 file extension svnPersonal Paint Slovenian language user interface file
 file extension sdArcGIS compiled service definition data
 file extension aglChangeCAST AGL data
properties file icon file extension propertiesMozilla Firefox settings
 file extension rxmlRoxen Macro Language source code
 file extension ev2Calendar Commander version 2 event
 file extension cexSolidWorks Enterprise PDM vault export data
xlbn file icon file extension xlbnMicrosoft Excel 1 for Mac toolbars
 file extension referenceBudget In Brief application reference data
 file extension nclrNintendo DS color palette
properties file icon file extension propertiesNetscape Communicator Java classes data
 file extension p3eAdobe Photoshop repousse settings
 file extension ffelashFaceFilter eye lash data
 file extension lvaLogitech Video Effects avatar
 file extension lrsmcolAdobe Photoshop Lightroom settings
prx file icon file extension prxWindows Media Player media file
 file extension nkpNative Instruments Kontakt preset
 file extension configsettingsMicrosoft SQL Server Analysis Services settings
 file extension tlfGear track list
 file extension mpwMicrosoft Project workspace
 file extension phlAmazon Kindle popular highlights data
pgp file icon file extension pgpAutoCAD program parameter data
 file extension bdb2BrainMaster settings
eeb file icon file extension eebCorel WordPerfect equation editor button bar data
ink file icon file extension inkCorelDRAW pantone reference fills data
cst file icon file extension cstApple Logic Channel Strip settings file
skypeemoticonset file icon file extension skypeemoticonsetSkype emoticon set
uwl file icon file extension uwlCorel WordPerfect user word list
 file extension deploymenttargetsSQL Server deployment target file
blw file icon file extension blwAdobe Photoshop black and white presets
 file extension pcyServer policy data
smprf file icon file extension smprfSystem Mechanic Microsoft Windows startup profile
 file extension profimailProfiMail settings
 file extension ctbl3D Slicer colors module
 file extension sltK-Meleon browser settings
 file extension tisTruKnox captured device settings file
 file extension awcavActiveWorlds Browser user avatar
 file extension nmpeNavicat for MariaDB export wizard profile
npi file icon file extension npiNavicat for MySQL Import Wizard profile
 file extension nmpevNavicat for MariaDB export view result profile
 file extension nplCore Media Player Nefertiti playlist
 file extension rprAppSight console recording profile
 file extension lrwebAdobe Photoshop Lightroom web gallery settings
 file extension disDashboard of Sustainability indicator set
 file extension gwsLinksys gateway settings backup
 file extension tfdTFSImage settings
 file extension vcgVisualization of Compiler Graphs (VCG) graphic specification
 file extension vmxCubase mixer settings
 file extension favoritemetadataTransmit for Mac login data
xlb5 file icon file extension xlb5Microsoft Excel 5 for Mac toolbars data
 file extension axvAnnodex digital media format
 file extension wfcWink flash control bar data
 file extension asefAdobe swatch exchange
 file extension rpfCARE-S InfoWorks runoff parameters
 file extension srfmyMP3PRO skin
olk14pref file icon file extension olk14prefMicrosoft Outlook 2011 for Mac preferences
wpz file icon file extension wpzWinAmp SkinZip file
pref file icon file extension prefMacintosh preferences data
pbr file icon file extension pbrCorel PaintShop Photo Pro brush file
 file extension uusUltra Utility skin
 file extension q2dQuick3DCover design
 file extension rdoXerox Rawster document object
csmanifest file icon file extension csmanifestICQ 6 settings
its file icon file extension itsInternet document
 file extension cibDIALux luminaire data
 file extension xipXbox dashboard data
 file extension mmzMusicMatch theme file
 file extension nsrNikon Capture resolution file
bpl file icon file extension bplWinamp V3 playlist
 file extension oocCHARTrunner definition data
 file extension impCompeGPS Land map settings
 file extension gcrdGnomeCard vCard
 file extension kbd3D Studio Max keyboard shortcut
 file extension scrImage-Pro Plus macro
 file extension jwsJDeveloper Java workspace settings
 file extension rb4RobotWorks parameters
 file extension fskFotoSketcher parameter preset
 file extension serverdefServer definition data
 file extension bhoBehold settings
apm file icon file extension apmAlphacam punch parameter macro
 file extension frcMandelbrot Explorer colour settings
xtp file icon file extension xtpAutoCAD exported tool palettes
 file extension askAbleton Live skin
 file extension gpsGenePix settings file format
 file extension kp04Kai's Power Tools preset
 file extension cdmpWCS CDMP
 file extension slUnix software license
 file extension cdfAffymetrix chip definition data
jdf file icon file extension jdfAdobe Acrobat job definition
rjs file icon file extension rjsRealJukebox skin
 file extension yfsYahoo! Player skin
 file extension structMicrosoft XPS document structure
rms file icon file extension rmsJava application settings
 file extension rosActuate e.Report search definition file
 file extension oscdTouchOSC Interface Editor template file
 file extension skiMotorola mobile phone skin
psf file icon file extension psfAdobe Photoshop proof setup data
 file extension fptLiquid Audio Player faceplate (theme) data
 file extension nmptNavicat for MariaDB data transfer
 file extension edtVAX EDT editor default settings
 file extension reswMicrosoft Windows 8 resources file
 file extension tpxTinyTERM connection settings
 file extension ffteethFaceFilter teeth data
 file extension usbsoTeledyne LeCroy Protocol Analyzer settings
 file extension epfMicrosoft Outlook security settings
 file extension arlAOL Organizer data
 file extension tmbPanasonic camcorder extra data
 file extension ffskinFaceFilter skin
cpl file icon file extension cplCoreDRAW color palette
 file extension dskinDockX skin
 file extension fltMicrosoft Word import filter
 file extension miroMiro playlist
 file extension svcStatistica macro
 file extension camGerber CAM job
 file extension trsRosetta Stone language data
 file extension jispTkabber emoticon set
 file extension scrEAGLE settings
 file extension ollTrialDirector load file
 file extension pwtProShow Producer wizard theme
 file extension spjSPSS production job data
 file extension mcrTecplot macro data
 file extension absAvant Browser skin
mnu file icon file extension mnuVisual FoxPro menu settings
 file extension ddpDDAdd Dinkey Dongle parameter
chx file icon file extension chxAutodesk AutoCAD standards check data
 file extension pbxuserXcode project user data
 file extension pp2RawTherapee sidecar data
 file extension setupCryENGINE character data
pra file icon file extension praMicrosoft Windows Media Adobe Premiere plug-in profile
 file extension rcLabVIEW configuration data
 file extension ztmZTreeWin macro
 file extension gemspecRuby RubyGems specification data
fmt file icon file extension fmtLotus 1-2-3 data
 file extension mksMagicKey SmartType settings
 file extension bcsSony Sound Forge Batch Covnerter settings
 file extension sfsSibelius shortcut set
dcl file icon file extension dclAutoCAD dialog definition data
 file extension dpvSiemens NX drafting standard
 file extension aawLavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 settings
 file extension emcAEM 8860 EMC air temperature calibration data
 file extension tmthemeTextMate theme file
 file extension cmmthemeCleanMyMac theme
 file extension cwmsCompeGPS Land remote map
 file extension xgsXACT global settings
 file extension mudzMUD settings
mxskin file icon file extension mxskinMaxthon skin file
 file extension vwpBrainVoyager QX visualization settings
h file icon file extension hMiranda IM SmileyAdd plugin
 file extension prsBatch & Print Pro printer settings
mnu file icon file extension mnuAdobe Photoshop menu customisation
 file extension dfsSwirlique data and parameter file format
 file extension setCorel Painter settings
 file extension expSonicWALL preference data
 file extension msdArcGIS map server definition data
 file extension campWCS CAMP data
 file extension mcpMaster Compiler profile
 file extension xstIBM WebSphere query template
 file extension cdfCryENGINE character definition
 file extension tplUlead Photo Express template
 file extension jplJProbe settings
 file extension eqfPocketMusic preset
 file extension usrEAGLE User-specific parameter data
 file extension ms2MADRIX setup file
 file extension amsAdobe Photoshop monitor configuration
 file extension finPersonal Paint Finnish language user interface data
sty file icon file extension styMicrosoft Word for DOS style sheet
 file extension smxSysMetrix skin
mac file icon file extension macMicrosoft Access shortcut
 file extension sesZEMAX session
 file extension vrdVisual Reports definition
 file extension dnpNeat Image profile
 file extension cmpMicrosoft Windows Connection Manager profile
 file extension plFractal Zplot palette
 file extension aiuCaphyon Advanced Installer updates configuration
 file extension dsmMicrosoft Developer Studio macro
 file extension topZEMAX tolerance settings
 file extension cntlGoCart control data
 file extension xojo_windowXojo window data
 file extension dskDelphi project desktop
pbv file icon file extension pbvCorel PaintShop Photo Pro bevel preset
 file extension clrWinMX color scheme
 file extension rxsAudioCentral Roxio markup sound data
 file extension spnSpanish readme data
 file extension fmsFantaMorph skin
 file extension qvtQlikView theme
set file icon file extension setAutoCAD LT set data
 file extension bifGet Backup project
 file extension jaasJava Authentication and Authorization Service settings
 file extension preProgrammer's WorkBench settings
wmx file icon file extension wmxWindows Media Redirector
 file extension mlnAutoCAD multiline definition data
 file extension tpsTru-Designer / Tru-Sheduler playlist
 file extension kdsKD Player skin
 file extension stpDART Pro 98 system settings
org file icon file extension orgMozilla Firefox data
 file extension gilGroupMail field mapping data
win file icon file extension winOpera browser opened windows autosave
 file extension eifEpson installation control file
 file extension cxpCore Media Player XML-based playlist
 file extension vpmVox Proxy macro file
 file extension fctFolderClone task list
 file extension iphotoprojectApple iPhoto printing project
 file extension cueBPM Studio cue points data
ppk file icon file extension ppkSunnysoft InterWrite keyboard definition
 file extension chlLeadtek WinFast PVR2 channel list
 file extension iwzInstallShield Express project
 file extension vfoSilicon Graphics Onyx2 Video Format Combiner
 file extension tbRhino 3D toolbar collection
 file extension iscInternet Service Providers configuration
 file extension urfAppFace skin
 file extension gpkSteinberg WaveLab audio peak data
 file extension ctlEAGLE Autorouter Control file
 file extension usaAmerican English localization language
 file extension envVue environment data
 file extension kvwGoogle Earth workspace
mag file icon file extension magMicrosoft Access diagram shortcut
 file extension fcsFoobar2000 columns UI settings
jsd file icon file extension jsdCorel PaintShop Pro image slice settings
 file extension cboardFinal Cut Pro color board preset
 file extension expNavicat for Oracle data pump export profile
 file extension jeqjetAudio EQ preset
 file extension mpiMPlayer control data
cmp file icon file extension cmpCorelDRAW Postscript printer header
 file extension relKnowledge Explorer knowledge representation relation data
 file extension afsAktivFilter specification application
 file extension cbaCryENGINE resource compiler settings
 file extension mgkImageMagick settings file
 file extension amGLPK automake/autoconf makefile definitions
 file extension axlArcIMS Designer Viewer settings
 file extension vacMikuMikuDance accessory settings
fdrp file icon file extension fdrpApple macOS (OS X) folder alias
 file extension mclMCell cellular automaton data
 file extension tppTOPO! preferences
 file extension cpxOracle Application Development Framework ADF binding context data
 file extension fiMicrosoft Fortran interface data
 file extension jtplRational Application Developer WebContent theme template file
avs file icon file extension avsAdobe Photoshop variations data
 file extension mlsCrystalPlayer playlist
 file extension eluLISCAD ESRI lookup data
 file extension zprfZipIt preference data
 file extension rpkRadLight skin
 file extension eqpMathType preferences
 file extension rcgRecog character recognition settings
menu file icon file extension menuSteam Client GUI resource data
 file extension xgllEASE SpeakerLab text file
 file extension atfCanvas duotone curve data
 file extension srmPowerBuilder menu properties
apf file icon file extension apfAdobe Acrobat profile
 file extension gradientsCorel Painter gradation library
 file extension dtpSecurDesk! desktop data
 file extension dcfHP-95 comm program settings
 file extension celNative Instruments Battery drum cell
 file extension ppgProgrammer's Notepad workspace
 file extension subInsight II subset definition
testrunconfig file icon file extension testrunconfigMicrosoft Visual Studio test run configuration file
 file extension rexOracle report definition data
 file extension lbuCloaked Affiliate Link Builder settings
 file extension ffmakeupFaceFilter makeup data
info file icon file extension infoFormat and characteristics of the image
 file extension kpfKARMA MW/Triton preferences data
shh file icon file extension shhAdobe Photoshop shadow or highlight settings
 file extension bcsBatch Compiler specification data
 file extension qsfQuintessential Player family skin
 file extension xtermeWinstep Extreme theme
 file extension rsdCoffeeCup HTML Editor theme
 file extension avsAvid settings
 file extension vcfVirtualDub processing settings
 file extension dstC++ desktop settings
 file extension expInventory configuration settings
stx file icon file extension stxYamaha XG Works midi style definition
nppeq file icon file extension nppeqNavicat for PostgreSQL export query result profile
 file extension mMathematica function or commands
 file extension spcCrimson Editor language specification data
 file extension avpAntiVir scanner parameters
 file extension bifxGet Backup project
 file extension barTotal Commander button bar settings
clr file icon file extension clrAdobe Flash color table
in_ file icon file extension in_Microcoft setup information data
 file extension ptyIBM Rational Rose 98 properties
 file extension joyCryENGINE Facial Editor joystick settings
 file extension xetX-Genics eManager process definition
 file extension compBlackmagic Design Fusion settings
 file extension acbAutoCAD color book data
 file extension clrPhotoStyler color definitions
 file extension deploymentoptionsSQL Server deployment options
 file extension ti0Tabula binary settings and initialization data
 file extension sgfSonique document with graphics (skin)
 file extension rcmTechnics keyboard rhythm custom data
 file extension twwTagwrite template
 file extension jcskjetCast skin
 file extension mcrPerfect Keyboard macro
 file extension lytvanBacsco's Karaoke Player skin
 file extension cslCineStyle color settings
layout file icon file extension layoutSteam Client GUI resource data
 file extension aswcsavast! antivirus compressed skin
 file extension vplVUPlayer playlist
fdc file icon file extension fdcAutodesk AutoCAD field catalogue file
 file extension avstVirtualDub template
 file extension msfAltera Mask settings
 file extension extMicrosoft Visual Studio project extended properties
 file extension edlASAP Entity definition language
 file extension ssdStardock WindowBlinds skin file list
 file extension vltVLC Player skin
 file extension websettingsJ2EE web project settings
 file extension samrcSAM default parameters
sfo file icon file extension sfoSony PlayStation setting file
 file extension dceDCE AutoEnhance settings
 file extension pm5Pegasus Mail new message template
 file extension updProUpdater Per/Directory options settings
afploc file icon file extension afplocApple macOS filing protocol location
 file extension copresetCapture One preset
 file extension mseSony CAV-M1000ES input source infrared command file
bcf file icon file extension bcfAdobe PageMaker colour library
irs file icon file extension irsAdobe Illustrator optimized setting file
 file extension internetconnectApple Mac System Preferences internet connect document
itms file icon file extension itmsApple iTunes Store URL settings
 file extension userprofileSymantec user profile
knt file icon file extension kntMiranda keyboard notify theme
js file icon file extension jsMozilla (Netscape) settings
npj file icon file extension npjNavicat for MySQL batch job
 file extension ssbSmartSync Pro program settings
napt file icon file extension naptNavicat Premium data transfer profile
 file extension agtemplateAdobe Photoshop Lightroom preset
 file extension dclsCATIA V4 settings
 file extension plbMSC.Fatigue improved performance patch
 file extension scriptDesktop DNA application script
avs file icon file extension avsWinamp Advanced Visualization Studio preset
 file extension raskinplaceRaskin place settings
 file extension bz2Direct Connect compressed hub list
 file extension bdfBackup definition data
imp file icon file extension impAdobe Audition convolution effect
 file extension skzSuperKaramba theme
 file extension plxiriver Plus playlist
tdf file icon file extension tdfApple Xserve test definition
 file extension mpdFile List Creator playlist
 file extension mswCorel Painter color mixer settings
 file extension t3dTicTacTi advertisement definition
 file extension tyimportTypinator imported set data
 file extension bifGroupWise initialization file
skypechatstyle file icon file extension skypechatstyleSkype chat style
 file extension xipHotbar image compression format (Skin)
 file extension panChromeleon control panel
 file extension ev3Az-Tech Everlock options
 file extension mnuTomTom menu settiings
 file extension faderSerato DJ fader data
 file extension dfteJuice Me Up settings
 file extension fmcfAdobe Type Manager preferences data
 file extension acpEditPlus auto completion data
 file extension dolphinviewDolphin for KDE folder view settings
 file extension efxtMicrosoft Office theme
 file extension tinfMicrosoft Theme info
 file extension sncACT! e-mail/folder synchronization data
 file extension bksNTBackup settings
 file extension xcworkspaceXcode workspace
 file extension emofEclipse EMOF model
 file extension kxcKEA! X server settings
 file extension bcpBatch Compiler preset
 file extension nmpeqNavicat for MariaDB export query result profile
 file extension gbtGFI Backup task
 file extension xlbApache OpenOffice module information data
 file extension mmdcMediaMonkey mobile device settings
 file extension panlCodeWarrior preference panel
 file extension mefJaws PDF Server exported settings
 file extension 8st8start Launcher settings
 file extension jgcscsEditPad syntax scheme
 file extension dlfFlashFXP default language data
 file extension ucxIronCAD settings

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