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File extensions of file types used to store user settings and customizations of any application, project options, document options, themes, skins etc.

List of common various presets or theme files

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File extensions of file types used to store user settings and customizations of any application, project options, document options, themes, skins etc..

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 file extension mogrtAdobe Motion Graphics template
 file extension ucxIronCAD settings
 file extension imsIncrediMail graphic skin
 file extension lidMaple setup data
 file extension svsDART Pro 98 spectral view settings
 file extension mchMachinery HDR effects settings
 file extension rptBI/Query report specification
itpc file icon file extension itpcApple iTunes podcast subscription
mailstationery file icon file extension mailstationeryApple Mail stationary data
 file extension guikitShapeShifter theme
 file extension kybKeyboard layout
mnu file icon file extension mnuTotal Commander language settings
 file extension osfOpera skin
cha file icon file extension chaAdobe Photoshop channel mixture
 file extension vegaswindowlayoutVegas Pro window settings
 file extension flxThe Bat! folder configuration file
 file extension kipxQQ Messenger theme
 file extension prmTinker parameter
ppb file icon file extension ppbCorel WordPerfect print preview button bar
cel file icon file extension celAdobe Audition loop
 file extension wsxWinMX protocol list
 file extension msdMacro eXpert settings
 file extension tpEROSION 3D relief parameters
 file extension mtfMotorola theme
 file extension mode1v3Xcode project settings
 file extension mblMulti-Batch batch listing data
vcprops file icon file extension vcpropsMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008 Property sheet file
 file extension thmThermwood Mastercam macro
 file extension mmpSymbian SDK project specification
 file extension mcwMonitor Calibration Wizard settings
 file extension rdoc_optionsRDoc option data
njt file icon file extension njtNero BackItUp job template
nppi file icon file extension nppiNavicat for PostgreSQL Import Wizard profile
 file extension bmpskinBlaze Media Pro skin
 file extension cstTechnics Sx KN 6000 keyboard custom style file
 file extension sklWinLIFT skin
 file extension xdlOracle Expert definition language data
 file extension ucpSmartWare communications profile
 file extension themMicrosoft Windows desktop theme
 file extension maxsyncconfigMaxtor Manager settings
 file extension pwsCorel Painter workspace
 file extension sarSibelius arrange style sar data
 file extension wstNextSTART theme
 file extension mcrDataCAD keyboard macro
 file extension wvxmlAudioPlayer XML playlist
 file extension uciSamsung YP-P2 theme
 file extension a2panelAston Desktop panel skin
 file extension efspEffective File Search parameters
vue file icon file extension vueFoxPro view settings file
 file extension insMicrosoft IIS Internet communications settings
 file extension gmmpWCS GMMP gamut mapping profile
pcf file icon file extension pcfCorel PaintShop Pro colored foil preset
vrge08contact file icon file extension vrge08contactMicrosoft Entourage 2008 contacts
 file extension npcPicture Control Utility picture control
 file extension nopsNavicat for Oracle structure synchronization data
 file extension excsClassic Shell settings
 file extension fivCruiseComp forest inventory settings
 file extension hmskinHelp & Manual help file skin
 file extension propertiesLinkAssistant properties data
 file extension mcfTMPGEnc conversion template
 file extension 3kAl-Arabi Publisher keyboard definition
 file extension lcppAdobe Lens Profile Creator project
 file extension tabula-buttonsTabula button library
 file extension setXerox Document Library property set
 file extension sddBPM Studio editor peak data
psp file icon file extension pspAutodesk pond shape definition file
 file extension tabula-docstyleTabula document settings
 file extension dxstreamDX Studio stream
 file extension ptfSony PlayStation Portable theme
 file extension wswWorkShelf theme
zdtc file icon file extension zdtcAdobe After Effects language settings
 file extension tmzipTheme Manager theme
 file extension spdSpecTRM specification
 file extension estWebalizer language data
 file extension cskCopernic 2001 skin
theme file icon file extension themeApple iDVD theme
 file extension ecore2xmlEclipse EMF ecore model mapping
nlpt file icon file extension nlptNavicat for SQLite data transfer profile
 file extension wzzCatalog Builder load and save CD settings
 file extension menuskinObjectBar menu skin
 file extension cpffCam2Com capture properties
 file extension crtOracle terminal settings information
 file extension lsfTotem Cash profile file
 file extension a2mSAM alignment data
 file extension theMicrosoft Plus! Pack desktop theme
 file extension vskPocketMusic skin
 file extension bldBingooo language definition
 file extension setNikon Capture settings
 file extension fsdFacetWin file set description
 file extension opnOpera Optimizer settings
 file extension cdfInstallShield components definition
 file extension tbTabbery tab data
 file extension aclockAmazing Clock theme
 file extension fraFrench localization
 file extension apfArcPad profile
 file extension bionixBionix Wallpaper list
 file extension optionsEclipse IDE trace options
 file extension dftSmartWare transaction definition
 file extension calCryENGINE character animation list
 file extension locrLocation Manager settings
 file extension igrQuest3D channel group layout
 file extension obskinObjectBar skin
tbr file icon file extension tbrNorton Desktop custom toolbar
 file extension gpbGenie Backup Manager configuration
atheme file icon file extension athemeAmazing Clock theme
 file extension sttplSamsung Theme Designer template
 file extension cgrpPro Tools clip group data
 file extension i2sInvision for mIRC settings
 file extension trISOLINUX language data
 file extension dockpackStardock ObjectDock theme
 file extension ptpPro Tools preferences
 file extension hilHi HelpIndex language data
 file extension askAstrotite skin
xlb4 file icon file extension xlb4Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac toolbar
cl file icon file extension clQIP contact list
bps file icon file extension bpsBulletproof FTP settings
dslsetup file icon file extension dslsetupDomain Specific Language setup data
 file extension lxsoptLiquid XML Studio project settings
 file extension nmpsNavicat for MariaDB structure synchronization
 file extension mxdicMaxthon dictionary
 file extension plsPicoLog settings
npeq file icon file extension npeqNavicat for MySQL export query result profile
 file extension smpIDRISI palette
 file extension antispam5Personal AntiSpam settings
 file extension mttMicrosoft Messenger saved contact file format
 file extension ffshapeFaceFilter shape
 file extension mpdsMADRIX Plexus settings
asws file icon file extension aswsavast! antivirus skin
 file extension wstGridImp color palettes
apref-ms file icon file extension apref-msApplication reference data
atf file icon file extension atfSymantec pcAnywhere auto transfer data
 file extension tpTurbo Pascal configuration data
 file extension ndcIBM Personal Communications settings
 file extension bcpBlackMagic Adobe Photoshop plug-in custom palette file
 file extension mxfrMandelbrot Explorer fractal region
nlpi file icon file extension nlpiNavicat for SQLite Import Wizard profile
dot file icon file extension dotCorelDRAW lines definition
 file extension fltFilter settings
mf file icon file extension mfMozilla Firefox file
 file extension api_filtersEclipse API settings
 file extension brsAdobe RoboHelp browse sequence
 file extension bxxBS Contact parameter
fmb file icon file extension fmbWordPerfect for Win File Manager Button bar
dtd file icon file extension dtdICQ 6 settings
 file extension rcsRAD Developer color scheme
 file extension lwtpLimeWire theme
 file extension detStage II Detector properties
pcn file icon file extension pcnAutodesk stepped slope definition data
 file extension fusFLAMES user settings
 file extension textmate_initUnix Shell Script (bash) data
 file extension projectpropertiesAlpha Five project properties
 file extension ftpcEBooksWriter settings
 file extension ecore2ecoreEclipse EMF ecore model mapping data
 file extension xwkCrosstalk Keyboard mapping file
 file extension wzconfigWinZip e-mail configuration
 file extension pm6Pegasus Mail reply template
 file extension xemX-Genics eManager metered units
 file extension plgBPM Studio play list categories
 file extension ccpC Converter profiles file
 file extension dbrDeepBurner burn list
 file extension swvMicrosoft Sidewinder Game Voice settings
nspd file icon file extension nspdNavicat for SQL Server data synchronization profile
 file extension xevX-Genics eManager auto-update
 file extension plnCTP scene definition
 file extension exEPM macro file
 file extension bexKashmir 3D transparent color definition
npe file icon file extension npeNavicat for MySQL export profile file
 file extension pctlKaspersky parental control settings file
 file extension dockthemeStardock ObjectDock theme
 file extension 8bpfAdobe Photoshop for Mac preference file
 file extension dsfBorland C++ or Turbo Pascal project desktop settings
 file extension gseXplorist GPS geocache waypoint
 file extension mxMX Designer remote control data
 file extension themeGTK theme index
 file extension filter file
 file extension securitysettingsAlpha Five security settings
 file extension wxprWax preset
 file extension properties-autoWOW! properties data
nopi file icon file extension nopiNavicat for Oracle Import Wizard profile file
 file extension rlsSymbian localization data
 file extension inGLPK automake/autoconf generated make or conf output
pdt file icon file extension pdtAutodesk hydrology and pond settings
 file extension lgtLet's Go! theme
 file extension sscCelestia catalog
 file extension wcp_settingsAlpha Five web project settings
 file extension wzthemeWinZip theme
 file extension ccPicture Window color curve
 file extension watEpson personal settings information
 file extension mlcmAirList cart set file
 file extension xpyXPY settings
 file extension mcrMacro Magic macro
 file extension mxcsMandelbrot Explorer colour scheme file
 file extension dcpfRoxio Disc Copier project file
 file extension fxpBentley InRoads survey preferences
 file extension xojo_binary_windowXojo binary window data
 file extension avastthemeAvast theme
 file extension cscnpColasoft Capsa network profile
 file extension pndPegasus Mail connection information file
 file extension sdtSiemens mobile theme
 file extension mlbOpenVAX macro library
 file extension dicproofMicrosoft Office dictionary proofing file
 file extension istInstallShield project template file
 file extension xojo_xml_windowXojo XML window data
 file extension xrChaos Desktop reference
 file extension naprNameCleaner preferences
 file extension pfMonitor or printer profile file
 file extension prpIBM Rational Rose model properties
stl file icon file extension stlMicrografx Designer stylesheet
 file extension m2dctHTC Manila 2D for Windows Mobile skin
 file extension cpfO&O CleverCache profile
 file extension stprojSamsung Theme Designer project
 file extension cstACDSee Canvas custom set
nspt file icon file extension nsptNavicat for SQL Server data transfer profile file
nopd file icon file extension nopdNavicat for Oracle data synchronization profile file
 file extension anlXLIFF document settings file
 file extension 73wTI Connect settings
 file extension eppElmedia Player playlist
 file extension listDebian APT package resource list
 file extension tskUlead PhotoImpact quick command
pfl file icon file extension pflCorel PaintShop Photo Pro fine leather preset file
m2s file icon file extension m2sMaxthon skin installation package
api file icon file extension apiAdobe Photoshop ink colours setup file
 file extension clkkClicker keyboard data
 file extension dfrSmartWare report definition file
 file extension llcPhase One Capture One correction settings
 file extension idnAlpha Five index definition
 file extension atlgSlimBrowser auto login
msf file icon file extension msfMiranda IM skin settings file
asl file icon file extension aslMiranda emoticons (smiley) definition file
 file extension gcdGeneral content descriptor file
 file extension kflKwalitan filter
 file extension pntPopnoggin theme file
scn file icon file extension scnAutodesk surface slope definition
olk14rule file icon file extension olk14ruleMicrosoft Outlook 2011 for Mac rule file
 file extension rcolorRhino 3D color file
 file extension lstGNU GRUB boot list
 file extension windsproskinWinDS skin
 file extension qagNorton Desktop quick access group file
 file extension psfPowerArchiver skin
nspev file icon file extension nspevNavicat for SQL Server export view result profile file
 file extension mttFastCAM MTO data template
 file extension bdfSmartWare backup definition file
weballowblocklist file icon file extension weballowblocklistMicrosoft Windows Vista parental control settings file
 file extension spcX-12-Arima input specification
 file extension groGenbox Family History report options
 file extension mmoMusicmatch On-Demand playlist file
nlpeq file icon file extension nlpeqNavicat for SQLite export query result profile file
 file extension nmpdNavicat for MariaDB data synchronization file
 file extension qm4qmail options or services file
uin file icon file extension uinICQ 2001 saved ICQ contact information
 file extension yszYahoo! Messenger Plus skin file
 file extension thmSerif DrawPlus theme file
 file extension rwthemeRapidWeaver theme file
 file extension snagstylesSnagIt style
 file extension xojo_menuXojo menu data
 file extension dmuIBM Cognos Deployment Manager unpack settings file
 file extension ffxpthemeFlashFXP toolbar theme
 file extension srgKetron single registration data
 file extension xpmDESQview macro file
 file extension odpActuate Analytics parameters for analysis services
 file extension pstMedbasin parameter file
 file extension scriptSitePad Pro script file
 file extension apfSony Ericsson firmware acoustics file
 file extension rdfSmartWare report definition file
 file extension configprofileApple configuration profile
 file extension mxsCorel Painter mixer pad file
 file extension vlclVMware Workstation localization data
amm file icon file extension ammAlphacam 3D Mill, 2D Mill parameter macro file
xlb8 file icon file extension xlb8Microsoft Excel 98 for Mac Toolbars file
 file extension swePersonal Paint Swedish language user interface file
 file extension setSibelius sound set definition file
adm file icon file extension admAdobe Creative Suite application bar
 file extension ucsettingsUniversal Converter settings file
 file extension bfsSmartWare backup sort definition file
 file extension obyxObyx control file
 file extension nppsNavicat for PostgreSQL structure synchronization file
 file extension iipInstall Creator Pro settings file
 file extension ccKODAK color control profile file
 file extension ibsIncrediBar skin file
 file extension vphVirtualPhotographer custom settings
nopev file icon file extension nopevNavicat for Oracle export view result profile file
 file extension zscZend Studio server settings file
 file extension lwppLive Wallpaper for Mac desktop theme
 file extension nmpiNavicat for MariaDB import wizard profile
 file extension tabTypinator settings
 file extension rezFirstClass resource
 file extension npsNTI Backup Now drive based backup set file
nopeq file icon file extension nopeqNavicat for Oracle export query result profile file
 file extension qtskQtracker PlayerWatch skin
ix file icon file extension ixPidgin instant messenger file
 file extension prEROSION 3D precipitation parameters file
nopt file icon file extension noptNavicat for Oracle data transfer profile file
 file extension htsHyperTuner skin
 file extension bcdRealView debugger board chip definition file
 file extension thmeMicrosoft theme File
 file extension fbdDART Pro 98 user-defined complex restoration filters
 file extension daxOrangeCD theme
 file extension lgpLogitech G15 Gaming Keyboard profile file
nlpd file icon file extension nlpdNavicat for SQLite data synchronization profile file
 file extension lightinglibraryCorel Painter lighting presets
 file extension prfXilinx CORE Generator settings
adl file icon file extension adlQEMM MicroChannel adapter description library file
 file extension pltnAppearance Manager platinum file
 file extension simCARE-S InfoWorks simulation parameters file
rtl file icon file extension rtlYahoo! Instant Messenger ringtone settings file
 file extension lswTechnics Keyboard current panel file
 file extension dhcdDHCD Computing file
 file extension sdthemeNintendo Desktop Manager theme file
 file extension vcprefSymantec shared file
 file extension w3dBlack Belt Systems ray trace control data
 file extension growlticketGrowl notification file
 file extension wbfEpson personal setting information
 file extension pflENwin profile
nlpev file icon file extension nlpevNavicat export view result profile file
 file extension dfsSmartWare sort definition file
 file extension gdfSmartWare graph definition
 file extension npfxNorton Internet Security settings file
 file extension stfxSampleTank settings
 file extension csaCrystalPlayer skin
 file extension cprWindows Mobile display settings
 file extension cpsColor PostScript file
 file extension itxITRANS multilingual transliteration scheme
 file extension opweSignal option data
 file extension uplINet-Server request file
 file extension bllBorland Delphi localization Information
pnch file icon file extension pnchRealPlayer for Mac channel file
adiummenubaricons file icon file extension adiummenubariconsAdium menu bar icon file
 file extension clrCryptLoad router information file
nopem file icon file extension nopemNavicat for Oracle export materialized view profile file
nspeq file icon file extension nspeqNavicat for SQL Server export query result profile file
 file extension astActivTrak Session Track file
 file extension ferpApple Extensions Manager preference file
 file extension mmpfCodeWarrior preference file
 file extension sdiBorland single document interface
 file extension defESwin wizard file
 file extension vdicPassword Recovery dictionary file
 file extension usertile-msMicrosoft Windows 8 Release Preview user tile file
 file extension jvskjetVideo skin
 file extension mdTechnics keyboard user MIDI settings
 file extension ws3Rhino 3D toolbar collection file
 file extension mdvSmartWare modem definition file
 file extension tysetTypinator set file
 file extension ampPATCHMASTER amplifier settings
 file extension prfQuarkXPress settings
 file extension styxSongtrix style file
 file extension afppMac Apple Share data
 file extension bbtlBBEdit Tool palette file
 file extension styleGenetica visual style file
 file extension fltLogAnalyzer filter file
 file extension psyPsychedelic Screen Saver saved settings file
 file extension holAmiga Personal Paint Dutch Language User Interface hol file format
webtheme file icon file extension webthemeApple iWeb theme file
 file extension vrpVectir profile template
 file extension xweb4configMicrosoft Expression Web file
 file extension propertiesWOW! properties data
irs file icon file extension irsCorel WordPerfect IRS resource file
 file extension tosThe Only Sheet setting file
 file extension wssWeb Screen Saver configuration
 file extension cstMedbasin model calibration file
 file extension qypQuantec Yardstick preset
 file extension textexpandersettingsTextExpander settings
qip file icon file extension qipQIP PDA account settings file
 file extension camNASCAR Racing 2002 replay camera settings
 file extension colSequoiaView colour template file
 file extension rdiRed Dragon ISecure settings
 file extension nppemNavicat for PostgreSQL export materialized view profile
 file extension hewspHippoEDIT workspace
 file extension tvcTurbo View & Convert batch presets
 file extension xdocletJBoss XDoclet reference file
thm file icon file extension thmMessenger Plus! skin resource
prs file icon file extension prsSony PlayStation 3 radio player location file
 file extension ulfFlashFXP user language settings
 file extension npsNatron preset
 file extension dapfDinkeyAdd parameter file
 file extension gtpGNOME theme package
 file extension mnuSmartWare menu keywords file
 file extension pdeAFP page definition
 file extension prdRISCWatch processor resource definition
 file extension biBohemia Interactive addon signature file
 file extension mergeoptions7Araxis Merge options
 file extension cprAdobe Captivate preferences
 file extension bfmvBfMeshView workspace file
 file extension fllTextPipe Pro filter file
 file extension growlstyleGrowl WebKit style file
 file extension pspcmykprofilePaintShop Pro profile file
 file extension xilincXilize defintion data
 file extension bcsBoland calibration settings file
 file extension fboptsxFileBoss settings file
acm file icon file extension acmAdobe Photoshop command button file
 file extension asnGameSpy Arcade skin file
adiumsoundset file icon file extension adiumsoundsetAdium sound set file
adiumlistlayout file icon file extension adiumlistlayoutAdium list layout file
 file extension typeit4meTypeIt4Me clippings file
 file extension bnskinBeatNik clock skin file
 file extension zpfform-Z preferences
 file extension csAdobe Encore color settings
 file extension schemasAmaya configuration file
 file extension drpfDinkeyRemote parameter file
 file extension arpAdvanced RAR Password Recovery preference file
 file extension mpdconfMusic Player Daemon settings file
 file extension scexcludbSpring Cleaning exclusions file
 file extension pmppkgPegasus Mail preferences package file
 file extension prtPersonal Paint Portuguese language user interface
 file extension ncbNikon Capture NX color booster file
 file extension mixProject Dogwaffle mixing palette
 file extension lglLeechGet download queue file
 file extension kexisKexi database connection file
 file extension npiNikon Capture filters file
 file extension fillCorelDraw vector pattern fill
 file extension mdpdTrajexia Tools parameters
 file extension altqQuickView settings file
 file extension blockpltLEGO MINDSTORMS NXT palette file
 file extension wcplWebcopier project settings file
 file extension adoCanvas duotone data
 file extension fpthemeMicrosoft FrontPage theme
 file extension pcvWindLDR print settings
npev file icon file extension npevNavicat for MySQL export view result profile file
 file extension fdLaTeX font definition file
 file extension fdxsl2FeedDemon newspaper style
 file extension xojo_binary_menuXojo binary menu file
 file extension bfxSmartWare backup relate definition file
 file extension cpfCanvastic preferences file
 file extension hlxVisual C++ syntax coloring instructions
adiumlisttheme file icon file extension adiumlistthemeAdium list theme file
 file extension wwlsWeather Watcher Live skin
 file extension gradientlibraryCorel Painter gradient library
 file extension fchpFetch preference file
 file extension vtpfVirtual PC preference file
 file extension examlExamine32 saved search parameters file
nppd file icon file extension nppdNavicat for PostgreSQL data synchronization profile file
 file extension bwsBookmark Wizard settings file
 file extension csfSmartWare data format definition file
 file extension dgmakerDigiGuide marker file
 file extension rbwReal Studio window file
nap file icon file extension napNapster music security definition file
 file extension igmaINTUS graphics user interface file
 file extension settingsBukkit iConomy plug-in settings
nps file icon file extension npsNavicat for MySQL structure synchronize profile file
nspi file icon file extension nspiNavicat for SQL Server Import Wizard profile file
 file extension mcclEmailer connection file
 file extension fextExtensions Manager preferences file
rc file icon file extension rcMozilla (Netscape) subscription information file
 file extension crwCHARTrunner workspace definition file
tsk file icon file extension tskMiranda Tabsrmm plug-in skin settings
nppev file icon file extension nppevNavicat for PostgreSQL export view result profile file
 file extension xpfDB/TextWorks exported form definitions
 file extension dadxEclipse Document Access Definition Extension file
 file extension dfxSmartWare relate definition file
 file extension pnstRealAudio preferences file
 file extension eskinEmperor theme skin
flt3 file icon file extension flt3Adobe filter file
 file extension astESwin wizard file
 file extension soundstudiopresetSound Studio preset file
 file extension rbmReal Studio menu information
icap file icon file extension icapInternet preference file
 file extension mpSCOM management pack
 file extension kexicKexi database connection settings file
 file extension xojo_xml_menuXojo XML menu file
ask file icon file extension askAd-Aware skin file
 file extension pwtPassword Tracker Deluxe tracking list
 file extension mvsXilinx project language and simulation data
 file extension mpbSCOM management pack bundle
 file extension spdesignskinSharePoint Designer skin file
 file extension vspolicydefVisual Studio policy data
 file extension aoisCFS Console add-on installer settings file
 file extension fcsRealProducer Pro settings
 file extension propertiesjetEclipse IDE template file
 file extension mgthemeMacGourmet theme file
 file extension xlaunchXlaunch settings
 file extension kccKCML client connection settings
 file extension chprojAdobe Character Animator project
 file extension xnoteXNote for Thunderbird preferences
 file extension qlrQGIS layer definition
 file extension mklkCyberlink DirectZone menu settings
 file extension uvksrUltra Virus Killer system repair settings
 file extension snagthemeSnagIt theme
 file extension clmsClipboard Master settings
 file extension avroskinAvro Keyboard skin
 file extension avgthemeAVG Internet Security theme
 file extension cue sheet description
 file extension wpssIBM WebSphere Server settings
 file extension defsBlueJ settings
 file extension msetIBM Integration Bus message settings

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