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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types

List of common source code files

Source code and script file extension list

File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types.

A source code file is a human readable text file that contains a collection of statements or declarations in any of many computer programming languages (e.g. BASIC, PASCAL, DELPHI, C, C++, C#, COBOL, etc.). Source code is the mechanism used by programmers and developers to specify the actions to be performed by the computer.

Source code file can easily be edited in a simple text editor, but developers often use specialized applications, that are more comfortable for writing and editing source codes in their favorite programming language (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio, or Xcode under Mac OS X). Text source code file can be compiled to a binary executable format by a program called compiler. Compilers are often part of source code editors and development tools.

A Script file is a simple text files containing instructions, written in one of the many scripting languages, than can also be embedded in a program or application environment.

Script files are distinct from the core code of program and can be easily edited by users. Scripts are very often used for automation of job control in operating systems or applications. Many computer games use a custom scripting language to express the programmed actions of non-player characters (NPCs) and the game environment.
Web developers take control of operations of web browsers or web pages by using scripting languages, such as JavaScript, AJAX, XUL, VBScript, ActionScript etc.. Web servers support many of the scripting languages, such as PHP, JSP, Perl, Python, ColdFusion or ASP/ASP.NET for dynamically created and database driven websites.

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 file extension 11IBM Voice Type languages scripts data
 file extension 19IBM Voice Type languages scripts data
 file extension 2clkFrontier script
 file extension 3dfbat3DField command data
 file extension 3rfAdvent 3B2 extensions script cross reference
 file extension 4geIBM Informix 4GL compiled source code
 file extension 4glInformix 4GL language source code
 file extension 4pkPerfect Keyboard macro set
 file extension 4thForth source code file
 file extension 82pTI-82 program
 file extension 89xTexas Instruments TI-89 macro
 file extension 8xkTI-82 Plus application file
 file extension 92xTI-92 macro
 file extension aAda programming language source code
 file extension aAssembly source code
 file extension a2wAlice program world data
 file extension a2xa2x data
 file extension a3cAlan v3 adventure code data
 file extension a3xAutoIt compiled script
 file extension a51µVision Assembler source file
 file extension a5rAdobe Authorware packaged file without runtime
 file extension a66µVision Assembler source code
 file extension a86A86 Assembly language source code
 file extension a8sAnim8or script
 file extension aahAmazingly Abstracted HTML document
 file extension aarGoogle Android library project
 file extension abaAkAbak abacus formula script
 file extension abapABAP source code
 file extension abcABC programming language data
 file extension ablABEL hardware description language data
 file extension absGNU C Compiler ELF/DWARF format absolute data
 file extension absTurboZIP script
 file extension acGLPK automake/autoconf configure definitions file
 file extension acgiACGI script (WWW)
 file extension acmVisual SourceSafe module
 file extension acrACRobot script
 file extension actDS Game Maker action data
action file icon file extension actionApple Automator action script
actionscript file icon file extension actionscriptAdobe Flash ActionScript data
actproj file icon file extension actprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual SourceSafe ACT project
 file extension actxDS Game Maker action description data
 file extension acuMachine independent COBOL object
 file extension adAxSys script file
 file extension ad2ad2 web page script
 file extension adaADA language source code
adb file icon file extension adbAlphacam die-cut VB macro
adiumscripts file icon file extension adiumscriptsAdium AppleScripts file
 file extension adsADS applications file
 file extension adtCOBOL project
 file extension adtCaesar/Aldebaran Development Package compiler file
aem file icon file extension aemAlphacam wire EDM parameter macro
 file extension aepActiv E-Book project
afb file icon file extension afbAlphacam flame VB macro
 file extension agcAfterGRASP compiled script
 file extension agiAsterisk Gateway Interface data
agls file icon file extension aglsAdobe GoLive snippet file
 file extension agoAutolog script
 file extension agsAfterGRASP script
 file extension ahkAutoHotkey script
 file extension ahtmlHTML document
aia file icon file extension aiaAdobe Illustrator action data
 file extension aidlGoogle Android AIDL interface definition language data
 file extension aifbAIF Builder project
 file extension aimlArtificial Intelligence Markup Language
 file extension airiAdobe AIR intermediate data
ajm file icon file extension ajmAlphacam water jet parameter macro
akp file icon file extension akpQuickZip script
 file extension aksAkAbak script
 file extension aktAksharamala keymap source
 file extension alanAlan v3 source code
alb file icon file extension albAlphacam laser VB macro
 file extension algPDP-10 ALGOL compiler source
alm file icon file extension almAlphacam laser parameter macro
 file extension alxAlpha Five database information
 file extension amfAutolog macro
 file extension amlMio technology application markup language
 file extension amlACPI machine language source code
 file extension amosAMOS Basic code file
 file extension amwAlcorn McBride show controller data
 file extension anAdobe Edge Animate project
 file extension androidprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Android project
 file extension aneAdobe AIR native extension
 file extension anjutaAnjuta DevStudio project
 file extension anmInfinity equation script
 file extension apFifth Generation Systems active page
 file extension ap?LoseThos C+ source file
apb file icon file extension apbAlphacam punch VB macro
 file extension apgAPGen script
 file extension api_filtersEclipse API settings
 file extension apltAppleScript applet
 file extension appCA Visual Objects platform for developer (CAVO) project
 file extension appcacheHTML5 cache manifest
applescript file icon file extension applescriptAppleScript script
 file extension appletEclipse IDE for Java Developers data
 file extension appxmanifestWindows Store app source manifest
 file extension appxsymMicrosoft Visual Studio Windows 8 application information
 file extension appxuploadMicrosoft Visual Studio Windows application upload data
 file extension apsMicrosoft Visual C++ binary resource
 file extension aptAlmost Plain text
arb file icon file extension arbAlphacam router VB macro
 file extension armxASP.NET source data
 file extension arnoldcArnoldC source code
 file extension aroSteelArrow script
 file extension arqBSM Action Request System client macro
 file extension arscriptArtRage script
 file extension artArtifacts artifact data
 file extension artprojArtifacts project file
 file extension arxmlAUTOSAR XML data
 file extension arySmartStart scripting toolkit data
as file icon file extension asAdobe Flash ActionScript document
 file extension as3APL*PLUS source code file
 file extension as?LoseThos Assembly source code
asax file icon file extension asaxASP.NET application optional source
 file extension asbxMicrosoft ASP.Net BridgeHandler data
asc file icon file extension ascAdobe Flash ActionScript communications scripts
 file extension ascApohysis script
ascx file icon file extension ascxActive Server Pages web user control data
 file extension asfAPL*PLUS/PC shared data
 file extension ashTurbo Assembler (TASM) header
 file extension ashKoLmafia ASH script
 file extension asiAssembly language header
 file extension asicASIC source code
asm file icon file extension asmAssembler source code
asm file icon file extension asmAlphacam stone parameter macro
asmx file icon file extension asmxActive Server Plus Web Services source data
 file extension asoTurbo Assembler object file
asp file icon file extension aspActive Server Page script page
 file extension aspProcomm Plus ASPect language script
asp+ file icon file extension asp+ASP.NET ASP+ file
 file extension asprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Analysis Services project file
aspx file icon file extension aspxActive Server Page Extended ASP.NET script
asr file icon file extension asrAdobe Flash ActionScript remote data
 file extension assAssembler/Disassembler 68HC11 file
 file extension astaAstah project
 file extension astxAdobe Story exported script
 file extension aszLoseThos assembly source code
 file extension atlATP Assembler source code
atm file icon file extension atmAlphacam lathe parameter macro file
atmn file icon file extension atmnAutomation Anywhere macro
 file extension atmxAutomation Anywhere task
 file extension atomsvcAtom Syndication file format
atp file icon file extension atpAutomise project file
atp file icon file extension atpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual SourceSafe ACT project
 file extension atsAdvanced ETL Processor transformation script
au3 file icon file extension au3AutoIt v3 script
 file extension au?LoseThos autofile
aut file icon file extension autAutoIt pre v3 script
 file extension autoplayAutoPlay Media Studio project
 file extension autosaveGDevelop autosave
 file extension avcAvid Media Composer script
 file extension aveArcView Avenue script
 file extension avsAvisynth script
 file extension avsiAvisynth script file
 file extension awdAWK language source code
 file extension awkAWK programming language script
 file extension awlAlternative Web Language source code
 file extension axbAlpha5 Xbasic script
axd file icon file extension axdASP.NET web handler
 file extension axeParadigm C++ integrated debugger file
 file extension axeAnnotated XML example data
 file extension axsActiveX script
 file extension bBASIC language source code
 file extension bModula-3 base program
 file extension bBuRg3r definition file
 file extension b24Ovation Pro for RISC OS C script
 file extension b2dBrutus2D source code
 file extension balBorland programming language source code
bas file icon file extension basBasic source code
 file extension bashUnix Shell Script (bash)
bat file icon file extension batBatch file (executable)
 file extension baxBluebeam Revu markup document
 file extension bazZebra Printer BASIC source code
 file extension ba_Renamed BAT script
 file extension bbBlitz Basic source code
 file extension bbcBBC BASIC for Windows data
 file extension bbfScriptBasic binary data
 file extension bbprojectBBEdit project file
 file extension bccBorland C++ file/makefile
 file extension bcfMapTek Vulcan script
 file extension bcpBorland C++ makefile
 file extension bdhSilk Performer include data
 file extension bdsprojBorland Developer Studio project
 file extension bdtBDT script
 file extension beamCompiled Erlang Code file
 file extension betBETA source data
 file extension betaBeta programming language source code
 file extension bgmBasic4GL 3D object
 file extension bhsRise of Nations script
 file extension biMicrosoft Visual Basic for DOS include data
 file extension bilLisp source code
 file extension bin_emu8086 assembly source code
bks file icon file extension bksMicrosoft Windows scheduled backup script
 file extension bliPDP-10 BLISS-10 compiler source
 file extension bltxBlaTeX source code
 file extension bmlBinary Markup Language document
 file extension bmlBean Scripting Framework (BSF) data
bml file icon file extension bmlBetter Markup Language
 file extension bmmlBraille Music Markup Language music score
 file extension bmoSIMATIC WinCC script
 file extension bmsBitmove Multimedia Script
 file extension bmsQuickBMS script
 file extension booBoo class data
 file extension borlandBorland C makefile
 file extension boxMediaShout presentation script
 file extension bpDataFlex business process object
 file extension bpkC++ Builder package
 file extension bpoDataFlex business process object
 file extension bprBorland C++ Builder XML project
 file extension bpsBatchPhoto script
 file extension bptCOREX segmentation data
 file extension brmlBig Red Markup Language source code
 file extension brsBatchrun batch
 file extension brxBREW MP application resource data
 file extension bs2BASIC Stamp 2 source code
bsc file icon file extension bscMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ source browser information data
 file extension bsdBoundary Scan Description Language source code
bsh file icon file extension bshBash data
 file extension bshBeanShell script
 file extension bsmProject file
 file extension bsmlBioinformatic data
 file extension bsvBluespec System Verilog data
 file extension bteBTEWin script
 file extension btprojMicrosoft BizTalk Server project
 file extension btqTeradata Database query script
 file extension bufferedimageJava class
 file extension buildNAnt Build Tool data
 file extension builderBuilder script
 file extension buildpathEclipse XML build path data
 file extension burBuRg3r source code
 file extension bxbBasicX compiled project bytecode
 file extension bxlTurbo-Basic XL data
 file extension bxmlBean XML file
 file extension bxpBasicX-24 basic express compiler module list
 file extension bzsBlueZone script
c file icon file extension cC/C++ main source code
c file icon file extension cAutoCAD Development System (ADS) source code
 file extension cANSI C script file
 file extension cAtari Lite-C script file
c# file icon file extension c#Microsoft Visual C# data
 file extension c++C++ source code
 file extension c--Sphinx C-- language source code
 file extension c3pXPanel project
 file extension c86Computer Innovation C86 C language source code
 file extension calCakewalk application language script
 file extension capCode Architect project
 file extension capConstruct game development data
 file extension capfileRuby Capistrano instruction data
 file extension carBrew MP component application resource data
 file extension casBorland combined C/Assembly source code file
 file extension catscriptCATIA script
 file extension catvbsCATIA script
 file extension cbCoolBasic src data
 file extension cbaCreative BASIC source code
 file extension cblCobol language source code
 file extension cbpCode::Blocks project
 file extension cbqStarOS script file
 file extension cbsComodo Backup script
 file extension cbsCardbox macro script
cc file icon file extension ccC++ language source code
cc file icon file extension ccADS source code
 file extension ccbjsCopperCube JavaScript scene
 file extension ccpCopperCube JavaScript code
 file extension ccpCodeCharge Studio page data
 file extension ccprojMicrosoft Visual Studio cloud service project
 file extension ccsTrialDirector clip script
 file extension ccsCodeCharge Studio project
 file extension ccsVisual CCScript script
 file extension ccxmlCall Control eXtensible Markup Language source code
 file extension cdVisual Studio class diagram
 file extension cdprojCppDepend project
 file extension celCelestia 3D rendering script
 file extension celxCelestia 3D rendering script
 file extension cesfUltra TC Configuration Editor script
 file extension cfiCleverForm script file
cfm file icon file extension cfmAdobe ColdFusion template
cfml file icon file extension cfmlAdobe ColdFusion Markup Language source code
 file extension cfoTurbo C utilities C form object
 file extension cfsChatFactory script file
 file extension cgnVidia CgFX program
cgi file icon file extension cgiCommon Gateway Interface script
cgi file icon file extension cgiPerl cgi script
 file extension cgvpCG programming language XML data
 file extension cgxARM RL-TCPnet HTTP Web Server XML web page update script
 file extension chClipper include file
 file extension chdChart FX script
 file extension chefAcme::Chef Chef source code
 file extension chhC++ header file
 file extension ckChucK source code
 file extension ckmCreation Kit macro
 file extension clCommon Lisp programming language source code
 file extension claClarion for DOS source code
cla file icon file extension claJava class data
 file extension classGambas class source
classdiagram file icon file extension classdiagramMicrosoft Visual Studio class diagram
 file extension classpathEclipse IDE JAVA project related data
 file extension clipsCoda for Mac clips file
 file extension cljClojure source code
 file extension cljsClojureScript script
clm file icon file extension clmMicrografx Picture Publisher macro
 file extension clojureClojure source code
 file extension clpCA-Clipper compiler script
 file extension clsJavaScript class definition
cls file icon file extension clsMicrosoft Visual Basic 4 class module add-in
cls file icon file extension clsMicrosoft Visual C++ class definition
 file extension clsJava class definition
 file extension cluCLUCalc CLUScript script
clw file icon file extension clwMicrosoft Visual C++ MFC Class Wizard information data
 file extension clwClarion source code
 file extension clxMacro ToolsWorks macro file
 file extension cmaCamomile library
 file extension cmakeCMake module or script
 file extension cmlChemical Markup Language document
 file extension cmpSimCreator script file
 file extension cmsCaseMap case script
cnt file icon file extension cnt602Pro PC Suite macro
 file extension cobCOBOL programming language source
 file extension cobolMicro-Focus Cobol data
 file extension codFORTRAN program compiled code
 file extension codBlackberry compiled Java code
 file extension codMicrosoft C compiler output
 file extension coddBASE template source
 file extension codasiteCoda for Mac web project file
 file extension coffeeCoffeeScript script
 file extension colaCola source code file
command file icon file extension commandmacOS Terminal script
 file extension commonUnix script
 file extension com_emu8086 assembly source code
 file extension conConcept Application Server source code
 file extension conMySQL SQL constraints script
 file extension configureBash data
 file extension confluenceEclipse Mylyn WikiText confluence data
 file extension cordMicrosoft Visual Studio script
 file extension cosCreatures source code
coverage file icon file extension coverageMicrosoft Visual Studio code coverage data
coveragexml file icon file extension coveragexmlMicrosoft Visual Studio code coverage data
cp file icon file extension cpAdobe Audition script file
 file extension cpCPIde source code
cp file icon file extension cpXcode C++ source code
 file extension cp?LoseThos C+ source file
 file extension cpbComicino Studio project
 file extension cphdCloudChan pre-processed hypertext document
 file extension cplistGNU makefile
cpp file icon file extension cppC++ main source code file format
 file extension cprINMOS transputer development system occam program code
 file extension cprrAdobe Captivate XML script
 file extension cpyCobol include data
 file extension cpzLoseThos C+ source data
 file extension crCRiSP source code file
 file extension cr2CRBasic source code
 file extension creoleCreole source data
 file extension cryprojectCryENGINE project
cs file icon file extension csMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C#.NET source data
 file extension csCLEO 3 custom script file
 file extension csTorque game engine script
csb file icon file extension csbCorel PHOTO-PAINT script
csc file icon file extension cscCorelDRAW Corel SCRIPT script
 file extension cscOvation Pro C script file
 file extension csdprojC# device project
 file extension csfVanDyke SecureCRT script
csgrad file icon file extension csgradMicrosoft Visual Studio gradients file
 file extension cshcsh script
 file extension cshCARA script interpreter engine script
 file extension cshrcUNIX command data
 file extension csiCorel script
 file extension csmBorland C++ precompiled header file
 file extension csmlChemical Style Markup Language
 file extension csonCoffeeScript object notation
 file extension cspCaseWare Working Papers script page
 file extension cspCrystal Enterprise Crystal Server page
 file extension cspIntersystems Caché server page
 file extension cspkgMicrosoft Windows Azure package
csproj file icon file extension csprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C# project
csview file icon file extension csviewMicrosoft Visual Studio views data
csx file icon file extension csxMicrosoft Visual C# primary script
ctl file icon file extension ctlVisual Basic control data (Active X control data)
 file extension ctpCakePHP template
 file extension cuCUDA source code
 file extension cuhCUDA header
 file extension cuoCUDA object
 file extension cusConciseURI syntax file
 file extension cvaCanvas sequence set
 file extension cvsrcTortoiseCVS CVS command file
 file extension cxCodeMapper script
 file extension cxeCommon XML Envelope data
 file extension cxlContent Extraction Language script
 file extension cxsConciseXML format file
 file extension cxtCX-Programmer PLC program
cxx file icon file extension cxxC++ main source code file format
 file extension cyaCyana macro
 file extension c__C++ source code
 file extension dD Programming Language source code
 file extension dDialect source code
 file extension d2jd2jsp script
 file extension d4Dataphor source data
 file extension dadxEclipse Document Access Definition Extension file
 file extension daemonscriptDaemon Tools script
das file icon file extension dasAtari Jaguar DSP assembly source code
datasource file icon file extension datasourceMicrosoft Visual Studio data source
db file icon file extension dbAtari Jaguar debugger script
db2 file icon file extension db2Microsoft Visual Studio DB2 SQL script
db2tbl file icon file extension db2tblMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 table script
 file extension db2trMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 trigger script file
 file extension db2vwMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 view script file
 file extension dbaDarkBASIC source code
 file extension dbgDebug data
 file extension dbheaderDownload Boost header file
 file extension dbmdlMicrosoft Visual Studio database project
dbml file icon file extension dbmlMicrosoft Visual Studio Object Relational OR Designer design
 file extension dboDarkBASIC source code
dbp file icon file extension dbpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ database project
 file extension dbproDarkBASIC project
dbproj file icon file extension dbprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ database project
 file extension dcDialect compiled script
 file extension dcfD-LIB generic bytecode
 file extension dcfDirectory Opus command
 file extension dcprojApple Dashcode project
 file extension dcrDelphi component binary resource
dd file icon file extension ddMicrosoft Visual Studio deployment diagram file
 file extension ddbINMOS Transputer Development System OCCAM debugging info
 file extension ddpDelphi diagram page from compiler
deb file icon file extension debMS-DOS debug script
 file extension defiOracle 7 de-install script
dep file icon file extension depMicrosoft Visual Basic Setup Wizard dependency data
 file extension dependCode::Blocks project support file
 file extension deployprojMicrosoft Visual Studio deployment project
 file extension derpDERP script
 file extension desV+ Visual Development System design
 file extension devDev-C++ project
 file extension devpakDev-C++ developer package
 file extension dfbData Flask formula
 file extension dfdABC programming language dyadic functions data
 file extension dfmC++ Builder 6 form
dfm file icon file extension dfmPascal data
 file extension dgDataFlex source code for a dialog box
dgml file icon file extension dgmlMicrosoft Visual Studio Directed Graph Markup Language source code
 file extension dgscriptDigiGuide script
 file extension dgslMicrosoft Visual Studio visual shader graph file
 file extension dhtDanTemplate HTML template
dhtml file icon file extension dhtmlDynamic HTML document
 file extension diD Programming Language source code
 file extension diaDo It Again macro script file
 file extension dicMicrosoft Dynamics GP program source code
 file extension difDiff output from Diff command script for Patch command file
 file extension diffDiff source data
 file extension dilDesignComposer input DIL script file
 file extension dinDataEase installation script
dist file icon file extension distApple Mac OS X Installer distribution script
 file extension djgDJGPP Compiler makefile
 file extension dlgMicrosoft Windows dialogue resource script
dlg file icon file extension dlgC++ dialogue script
 file extension dmbDHTML Menu Builder project
 file extension dmcSage Medical Manager script
 file extension dmlDynaScript markup language code
 file extension dmlDigital Moderation meeting script file
 file extension dmlMedical Manager DML system script file
 file extension dmsBYOND script
do file icon file extension doJava Servlet file
dob file icon file extension dobMicrosoft Visual Basic user document form
docstates file icon file extension docstatesMicrosoft Visual Studio Document Tab Well data
 file extension dorArchiCAD Geometric Description Language
 file extension dotGraphviz DOT language data
 file extension dpdABC programming language dyadic predicates
 file extension dpjBorland Delphi project file
 file extension dpkDelphi package source
dpk file icon file extension dpkPascal data
 file extension dpltAppleScript droplet data
 file extension dpqClarion file
 file extension dprDelphi project
 file extension dprBorland C++ default project
dpr file icon file extension dprPascal data
 file extension dprojDelphi project
dqy file icon file extension dqyMicrosoft Excel ODBC query
 file extension drcDelphi resource string data
 file extension droD-Robots robot data
 file extension dsDMDScript source code
 file extension dsDragonSpeak source data
 file extension dsDAZ Studio script
 file extension dsaDAZ Studio script
dsb file icon file extension dsbWonderShare DVD Slideshow Builder project
 file extension dsdDocument Structure Definition format
 file extension dseDAZ Studio encrypted script
 file extension dslDSSSL style sheet
dso file icon file extension dsoMicrosoft Visual Studio workspace data
dsp file icon file extension dspMicrosoft Developer Studio project
 file extension dsqCorel Query Language file
dsr file icon file extension dsrMicrosoft Visual Basic Active Designer data
 file extension dsymArchiCAD for MAC Geometric Description Language code
dsym file icon file extension dsymApple Xcode debug symbols
 file extension dtPowerBASIC data
 file extension dtdDocument Type Definition format
 file extension dtmlZope Document Template Markup Language code
 file extension dtoDirectory Toolkit output file
 file extension dtsDirectory Toolkit script
 file extension dtsLinux Device Tree source
 file extension dtxDocumented LaTeX source
dvb file icon file extension dvbAutodesk AutoCAD VBA source code
 file extension dwarfDeebug with arbitrary record format file
 file extension dwpMicrosoft Office SharePoint portal server dashboard web part
 file extension dwsNetop script
dwt file icon file extension dwtAdobe Dreamweaver template

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