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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types

List of common source code files

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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types.

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 file extension dmlDigital Moderation meeting script file
 file extension sDigitalMicrograph script
 file extension qprDinkum embedded C++ abridged library
 file extension dcfDirectory Opus command
 file extension dtoDirectory Toolkit output file
 file extension dtsDirectory Toolkit script
 file extension djgDJGPP Compiler makefile
 file extension dsDMDScript source code
 file extension diaDo It Again macro script file
 file extension dsdDocument Structure Definition format
 file extension dtdDocument Type Definition format
 file extension dtxDocumented LaTeX source
 file extension sqldataproviderDotNetNuke script
 file extension dbheaderDownload Boost header file
 file extension mmhDragon Age Model Mesh Heirarchy file
 file extension dsDragonSpeak source data
 file extension actDS Game Maker action data
 file extension actxDS Game Maker action description data
 file extension dslDSSSL style sheet
dhtml file icon file extension dhtmlDynamic HTML document
 file extension dmlDynaScript markup language code
 file extension ebs2E-Prime E-Run script file
 file extension ebsE-Prime E-Run version 1 script file
 file extension ulpEAGLE script
 file extension mtpEasyBuilder 8000 project file
 file extension api_filtersEclipse API settings
 file extension dadxEclipse Document Access Definition Extension file
 file extension factorypathEclipse factorypath data
 file extension genmodelEclipse IDE domain gen model
 file extension exsdEclipse IDE extension point schema
 file extension appletEclipse IDE for Java Developers data
 file extension classpathEclipse IDE JAVA project related data
 file extension historyEclipse IDE local history data
 file extension propertiesjetEclipse IDE template file
 file extension jetincEclipse IDE template fragment
 file extension textileEclipse IDE WikiText document
 file extension tracwikiEclipse IDE WikiText file
 file extension jardescEclipse JAR settings
 file extension jpageEclipse Java scrapbook page file
 file extension jsdtscopeEclipse JavaScript development data
 file extension javajetEclipse JET Java template file
 file extension sqljetEclipse JET SQL template file
 file extension xmljetEclipse JET XML template
 file extension confluenceEclipse Mylyn WikiText confluence data
 file extension buildpathEclipse XML build path data
 file extension esECMAScript language code
 file extension jsECMAScript language data
 file extension zscEditPad zMUD script
edml file icon file extension edmlEDML Parser-Library file
 file extension efssEffective File Search script
 file extension eEiffelStudio source data
 file extension eafELAN Annotation Format
 file extension elEmacs Lisp programming language source code
 file extension ejsEmbedded JavaScript template
 file extension eqlEmbedded SQL file
 file extension bin_emu8086 assembly source code
 file extension com_emu8086 assembly source code
 file extension exe_emu8086 assembly source code
 file extension eplEncirq \PL programming language source
 file extension ephtmlEnhanced Perl-parsed HTML file
 file extension fmtENVI tape script
 file extension emaEPLAN macro
 file extension eEpsilon Editor EEL macro language
 file extension xpgtEPUB XML stylesheet page template
 file extension emakefileErlang makefile
 file extension emakerfileErlang makefile
 file extension erlErlang source or script
 file extension hrlErlang source or script
 file extension erbErubis script
 file extension erubisErubis script
 file extension ezeErZorScript source code
 file extension sptESPL programming code
 file extension sscEsterel sorted circuit code
 file extension exuEuphoria for Linux source code
 file extension eEuphoria include file
 file extension ilEuphoria shrouded source code
 file extension exEuphoria source code
 file extension ewEuphoria source code
 file extension exwEuphoria Windows source code
 file extension pr7EuroSYSTEMS macro
 file extension ebsEventcorder script file
 file extension enmlEvernote for Google Android note
 file extension ekmEXP macro
 file extension eggExplosion Graphics Generator script file
 file extension xamlExtensible Application Markup Language format
xhtm file icon file extension xhtmExtensible HTML document
 file extension xnfExtensible numerical data
 file extension xv2Extensible Virtual World Description Language Document
 file extension xctExtremeCopy task
 file extension ebsEyeBatch command script
 file extension ezgEZGraphs source code
 file extension mliF# source code
 file extension fxlFaceFX batch script
 file extension ftrFalcon programming language translation data
 file extension fcgiFastCGI script
 file extension fcgFastCGI script file
 file extension fglFifth Generation Language (5GL) source code
 file extension apFifth Generation Systems active page
 file extension xmscFileMaker script
 file extension xmssFileMaker script
 file extension fzsFilZip backup script
 file extension fdtFinal Draft script attributes
 file extension fbz6FinalBuilder compressed project
 file extension fbp6FinalBuilder XML project
xul file icon file extension xulFirefox XML User Interface Language
 file extension fsprojFireStarter project
jsfl file icon file extension jsflFlash JavaScript data
 file extension frsFlash Renamer script file
 file extension hxprojFlashDevelop Flash project
 file extension fdmFlashDevelop macro
 file extension flmFlasm disassembled Flash ActionScript bytecode
 file extension mdfFldigi macro
 file extension forFont resource file
 file extension fsbform-Z compiled script
 file extension fslform-Z script
 file extension pfaFormdef or Pagedef source code
 file extension fdmlForms Definition Markup Language source code
 file extension sxtFormula Graphics script
 file extension forthForth source code
 file extension 4thForth source code file
 file extension f77Fortran 77 language source code
 file extension f95Fortran 95 language source code file
 file extension qfFORTRAN embedded QUEL file
 file extension ftnFortran language source code
 file extension modFortran module file
 file extension codFORTRAN program compiled code
 file extension fFortran source code
 file extension forFortran source code
 file extension f03Fortran source code
 file extension fppFortran source code file
 file extension fountainFountain syntax
 file extension fwxFoxWeb script
 file extension fpiFPS Creator intelligence script
 file extension swFree Pascal assembler file
 file extension pp1Free Pascal compiled unit data
 file extension owFree Pascal for Windows object
pp file icon file extension ppFree Pascal source code
 file extension fcmacroFreeCAD macro
 file extension frjFreeForm-J project
 file extension fpcFreePascal Compiler makefile
 file extension fwactionbFreeway Pro action bundle
 file extension fwactionFreeway Pro action data
 file extension fucFrequently Used Commands script
 file extension 2clkFrontier script
 file extension fsfFSL feat setup script
 file extension rbFuzzy rule based definition
 file extension gcodeG-code source code
 file extension gadgeprjGadge It project
 file extension gsbGain script binary data
 file extension gstGAIN script text
 file extension classGambas class source
 file extension gmlGame Maker script
 file extension tikGame texture script
 file extension yypGameMaker Studio project
 file extension autosaveGDevelop autosave
 file extension gdgGDevelop project
 file extension geanyGeany project
 file extension gekGECK Papyrus Script Editor script
 file extension srcGenerally source code
 file extension hdlGenerated C header file
 file extension gskGeocaching Swiss Army Knife macro
 file extension geojsonGeoJSON geographic format
 file extension gssGeometer's Sketchpad script
 file extension gocGEOS GOC source code file
 file extension gsGeosoft montaj script
 file extension gobjGeoworks object code file
 file extension uihGeoworks UI Compiler espire header data
 file extension gfaGFA-BASIC tokenized source
 file extension scmGIMP script file
 file extension gitGit repository data
 file extension ghpGitHub Enterprise software package
 file extension gladeGlade project
 file extension gbapGLBasic project file
 file extension acGLPK automake/autoconf configure definitions file
 file extension glsGLScript file
 file extension xmeGME data
 file extension absGNU C Compiler ELF/DWARF format absolute data
 file extension gclGNU Common Lisp data
 file extension gnumakefileGNU Make makefile
 file extension cplistGNU makefile
 file extension gpGofer project source
 file extension gc3Golden Common Lisp source code
 file extension aidlGoogle Android AIDL interface definition language data
 file extension aarGoogle Android library project
 file extension smaliGoogle Android Smali Assembly Language developer data
 file extension gsGoogle Apps Script script
 file extension gypiGoogle Chrome include data
 file extension gypGoogle Chromium GYP input configuration
 file extension goGoogle Go programming language source code
 file extension protoGoogle Protocol Buffers buffer file
 file extension mmlGordano Mail Meta Language code
 file extension gsGosu class
 file extension frtGP-Forth language source code
 file extension grxmlGrammar data
 file extension gfeGrammatical Framework data
 file extension gxlGraph Exchange Language data
 file extension graphmlGraph Markup Language source code
 file extension gmlGraph Modeling Language document
 file extension gmlGraphlet Graphscript data file
 file extension dotGraphviz DOT language data
 file extension gvGraphviz DOT language data
 file extension greenfootGreenfoot project
 file extension inpgretl script
 file extension mmGroff MM format source
 file extension groovyGroovy programming language script
 file extension gvyGroovy script
 file extension fusGURU uninstall script
 file extension halHansaWorld Enterprise HAL code file
 file extension gsHaskell Gofer script file
 file extension hasHaskell script
 file extension hxmlhaXe makefile
 file extension hxphaXe project
 file extension hxHaxe source code file
 file extension hayHaydee web server module
 file extension hcHeader data
 file extension heiHeitml source code
 file extension hscHelpScribble project source
 file extension hbmHibernate script
 file extension hicHicEst script
 file extension hdfHierarchical Data Format
 file extension hsdlHierarchical Scan Description Language
 file extension hlaHigh Level Assembler source code
 file extension hlslHigh Level Shader Language source code
 file extension hpfHigh Performance FORTRAN data
 file extension hemcrHippoEDIT macro
 file extension h6hHLC script
 file extension hoicHOIC DDoS script
 file extension hmsHostMonitor script
 file extension kmlHP 48 emulator Win48 script
 file extension sscHP Library and Tape Tools script
 file extension lexHP-Basic language extension
 file extension hamlHTML abstraction markup language
htc file icon file extension htcHTML component
 file extension ahtmlHTML document
 file extension ht4HTML file Version 4 document
 file extension hcwHTML Help Workshop Conversion Wizard macro
htm file icon file extension htmHTML Hypertext Markup Language web page
php4 file icon file extension php4HTML page with PHP (HyperText PreProcessor)
stm file icon file extension stmHTML server side include data
inc file icon file extension incHTML server side include data
ssi file icon file extension ssiHTML with server side includes
 file extension appcacheHTML5 cache manifest
 file extension html5HTML5 Hypertext Markup Language revision 5 source
 file extension iadactioniAd Producer action template
 file extension iadclassiAd Producer class description
 file extension iadpageiAd Producer page template
 file extension iadprojiAd Producer project
 file extension iadstyleiAd Producer style template
 file extension s43IAR assembly source
 file extension 4geIBM Informix 4GL compiled source code
 file extension jclIBM Job Control Language file format
 file extension ebsIBM Rational Rose script source file
 file extension rbxIBM Rembo-C compiled script
 file extension rbcIBM Rembo-C script file
 file extension sbhIBM SQABasic header data
 file extension sprIBM Telelogic Tau SDL Suite design
 file extension 11IBM Voice Type languages scripts data
 file extension 19IBM Voice Type languages scripts data
 file extension wsilIBM Web Services Inspection Language data
 file extension jaclIBM WebSphere server script
 file extension wisIBM wIntegrate basic script file
 file extension rpoIBM XL C/C++ for Linux compiler data
 file extension iceIceChat IRC client script
 file extension icnIcon language source code file
 file extension proIDL programming language source code
 file extension idleIDle script
 file extension iapIguana Active Server active page script
msl file icon file extension mslImageMagick scripting language file
 file extension incInclude data
 file extension anmInfinity equation script
 file extension 4glInformix 4GL language source code
 file extension scIngres Embedded SQL/C source code
 file extension ippInline guard macro
 file extension ddbINMOS Transputer Development System OCCAM debugging info
 file extension cprINMOS transputer development system occam program code
 file extension inoInno Setup script
 file extension issInno Setup script
 file extension txxInsight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit data
 file extension insInstallShield script
 file extension rgsInstallShield script for Windows Registry
 file extension isuInstallShield uninstall script
 file extension ifosInstant File Opener script
 file extension ix3Instant.Exe 3.0 script
 file extension objIntel (Object Module Format) relocatable object module
 file extension f90Intel Fortran 90 language source
 file extension inspxeprojIntel Inspector project
 file extension vbiIntelliCAD VBA script file
 file extension imlIntelliJ IDEA module
 file extension iprIntelliJ project XML data
 file extension irbInteractive Ruby script
 file extension sdiInterface definition data
 file extension loInterleaf compiled Lisp data
 file extension cspIntersystems Caché server page
 file extension ioIo language script
 file extension ikIoke script
 file extension ipbiPhone Perl script
 file extension ipsIPIX IPScript data
 file extension ipyIPython script
 file extension iwbIWBasic source code
 file extension ijsJ Interpretor script
 file extension jbpJabaco project
 file extension jsJACOsub script
 file extension jadeJade programming language source code
 file extension rapcJava 2 ME unit data
 file extension j3dJava 3D object
jad file icon file extension jadJava application descriptor
 file extension bufferedimageJava class
cla file icon file extension claJava class data
 file extension clsJava class definition
 file extension jcmJava commerce message
 file extension jcsJava control source data
 file extension formJava form
 file extension jksJava KeyStore data
jav file icon file extension javJava language source code
java file icon file extension javaJava language source code
mf file icon file extension mfJava manifest
 file extension mashJava mash data
 file extension jmlJava Modeling Language specification data
 file extension jpdJava process definition data
ser file icon file extension serJava serialized object
jsp file icon file extension jspJAVA Server page
do file icon file extension doJava Servlet
 file extension jJava source code
 file extension umlclassJava UML class model
 file extension clsJavaScript class definition
jsc file icon file extension jscJavaScript configuration
 file extension hbsJavaScript Handlebars.js template
 file extension jsonJavaScript object notation data interchange format
js file icon file extension jsJavaScript source code script
 file extension facesJavaServer Faces FacesServlet page
 file extension jsbJAWS binary script
 file extension jshJAWS script header data
 file extension jsmJAWS script message
 file extension jssJAWS script source
 file extension xbdJAXB schema
 file extension jcwJCreator workspace
 file extension jexJExpress project
 file extension jgcJGCGen script
 file extension ircjIRCii script
 file extension jiJoin-Calculus interface source code
 file extension rubJQuery rules file
 file extension jsaJRun server application
jse file icon file extension jseJScript encoded script
 file extension jsonpJSON-with-padding source code
 file extension jtbJTB JavaCC grammar data
 file extension juJU source code
 file extension judoJudoScript source code
 file extension jugJug source code
 file extension jlJulia source code
 file extension jmkJX makefile
 file extension eqnKaleidaGraph macro
 file extension qscKaleidagraph script file
 file extension pcsKDevelop persistent code store file
 file extension kdevprjKDevelop project file
 file extension kedKedit profile and macro
 file extension kexKEDIT profile macro
 file extension ecoreKermeta ecore diagram
 file extension ecorediagKermeta ecore diagram information data
 file extension kmdiKermeta file
 file extension kmtKermeta file
 file extension kbsKeyboard Script saved keystrokes
 file extension kt3KeyText macro
 file extension ksKickstart script
 file extension kplKids Programming Language source code
 file extension kvKivy language data
 file extension kixKiXtart script
 file extension kxKiXtart tokenized script
 file extension kl3KL3 source code
 file extension komodoKMD data
 file extension ifpKnowledgeMan script
 file extension kdKoara source code
 file extension koduKodu project
 file extension ashKoLmafia ASH script
ksc file icon file extension kscKorg Trinity script
 file extension ktsKotlin source code
 file extension ktKotlin source code
 file extension kclKyoto Common LISP source code
 file extension mlvLabVIEW Mathscript data
 file extension lngLahey Fortran language data
 file extension lprLAPRO source code file
 file extension ldsLaser Dispatch script
lasso file icon file extension lassoLasso database driven web page
 file extension insLaTeX installer script
 file extension lpxLaTeXPiX script
 file extension lprLazarus project
 file extension lrsLazarus resource data
 file extension lbjLBJava source code
 file extension rpgLego Mindstorms NXT 5-Steps program
 file extension rbtLego MINDSTORMS NXT program
 file extension ev3pLEGO MINDSTORMS program
 file extension lessLESS style sheet
 file extension lLex language source code
 file extension xLex language source code
 file extension llLex source code
 file extension lbaLiberty BASIC source code
lwa file icon file extension lwaLightwright automated action file
 file extension wmwLikno Web Modal Windows Builder data
 file extension lwmwLikno Web Modal Windows Builder data
 file extension mLimbo interface declaration file
 file extension lnkLinker response
 file extension llLinks programming language template file
 file extension ldsLinux compile time header data
 file extension dtsLinux Device Tree source
 file extension lnxLinux specific makefile
 file extension lxsprojLiquid XML Studio project
 file extension lLisp language source
lsp file icon file extension lspLISP source code
 file extension bilLisp source code
lisp file icon file extension lispLISP translators file
 file extension litLit source code
 file extension litcoffeeLiterate CoffeeScript source code
 file extension lhsLiterate Haskell programming language source code
 file extension litLiterate Haskell script
 file extension hsLiterate Haskell source code or script
 file extension stLittleSmalltalk language source code
 file extension locLocalisation string resource header
 file extension lmlLOGML data
 file extension lgtLogtalk programming language source code file
 file extension lolsLOLCODE source code
 file extension lolLolcode source data
 file extension aszLoseThos assembly source code
 file extension as?LoseThos Assembly source code
 file extension au?LoseThos autofile
 file extension cpzLoseThos C+ source data
 file extension cp?LoseThos C+ source file
 file extension sp?LoseThos C+ source file
 file extension ap?LoseThos C+ source file
 file extension hp?LoseThos C++ header
 file extension mp?LoseThos compiler map
 file extension plcLotus add-in functions macros applications
 file extension dxlLotus Domino XML data
 file extension scsLotus ScreenCam script
 file extension lssLotusScript source code file
 file extension lpLP88 linear programming for the IBM-PC data
 file extension lubLua bytecode
 file extension luacLua compiled source code
lua file icon file extension luaLua script
 file extension lucaLuca templates
 file extension lshLush source code
 file extension lnxLynx project
 file extension mtxM-Tx Music-From-Text translator source file
 file extension m4M4 preprocessor macro
 file extension mcwMacaw project
 file extension mdMachine description data
 file extension acuMachine independent COBOL object
command file icon file extension commandmacOS Terminal script
 file extension mexMacro Express macro
 file extension macMacro script
 file extension clxMacro ToolsWorks macro file
 file extension mrmMacroRunner macro
 file extension magikMagik source code
 file extension mbsMailbag Assistant script
 file extension mslMAINSAIL source code file
 file extension mlsmAirList script file
 file extension makMakefile
 file extension makeMakefile
 file extension makefileMakefile
mk file icon file extension mkMakefile file
 file extension makoMako tamplate
 file extension mbamMalwarebytes Anti-Malware script
 file extension msdlManchester Scene Description Language source code
 file extension mssManuscript text
 file extension mbMapBasic program
 file extension bcfMapTek Vulcan script
 file extension mabMarkaby script
 file extension mkbMarmalade SDK project
 file extension mrdMathRevolt Infinity document
 file extension mMatLab function, commands, script
 file extension matlabMatlab script
 file extension tikzMatlab tikz script
 file extension pomMaven build file
 file extension mspMax Script Page
 file extension mecMaximus MECCA source file
 file extension melMaya Embedded Language
 file extension m6mMazatrol language M640M NC unit
 file extension mhlMedia Hash List
 file extension ebcMediaBASIC compiled project
 file extension mssMediaShout presentation script
 file extension boxMediaShout presentation script
 file extension sscMediaShout presentation script
 file extension mediawikiMediawiki source data
 file extension mwMediaWiki structured text file
 file extension dmlMedical Manager DML system script file
 file extension hkpMentor Graphics database
 file extension rejMercurial reject
 file extension mlxMeshlab filter script
 file extension mcMetaCard stack data
 file extension mqtMetaQuotes Language 4 MQL4 template
 file extension mq4MetaQuotes Language 4 source code
 file extension mq5MetaQuotes Language 5 source code
 file extension gntMicro Focus COBOL generated code
 file extension rqcMicro Focus Revolve script
 file extension cobolMicro-Focus Cobol data
clm file icon file extension clmMicrografx Picture Publisher macro
 file extension tkpMicroImages SML script standalone application
pdo file icon file extension pdoMicrosoft Access Package and Deployment Wizard script
 file extension asbxMicrosoft ASP.Net BridgeHandler data
 file extension mamlMicrosoft Assistance Markup Language
 file extension btprojMicrosoft BizTalk Server project
 file extension codMicrosoft C compiler output

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