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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types

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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types.

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 file extension mc6Microsoft C makefile
sts file icon file extension stsMicrosoft C project status info
ogx file icon file extension ogxMicrosoft C++ component gallery exported classes and resources
 file extension resMicrosoft C, C++ compiled resource file
 file extension lrfMicrosoft C/C++ linker response data
scx file icon file extension scxMicrosoft Class Browser form
ncb file icon file extension ncbMicrosoft Developer Studio non-compiled browse data
dsp file icon file extension dspMicrosoft Developer Studio project
 file extension mdpMicrosoft Developer Studio project
scp file icon file extension scpMicrosoft dial-up networking script
 file extension dicMicrosoft Dynamics GP program source code
xlm_ file icon file extension xlm_Microsoft Excel 2 for Mac macro
xlm3 file icon file extension xlm3Microsoft Excel 3 for Mac Macro file
xlm4 file icon file extension xlm4Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac macro
xla file icon file extension xlaMicrosoft Excel add-in
xlm file icon file extension xlmMicrosoft Excel macro
dqy file icon file extension dqyMicrosoft Excel ODBC query
oqy file icon file extension oqyMicrosoft Excel OLAP query data
rqy file icon file extension rqyMicrosoft Excel OLE DB query
xlv file icon file extension xlvMicrosoft Excel VBA module
 file extension xweb4httMicrosoft Expression Web hypertext template
 file extension xweb4jsMicrosoft Expression Web JScript script
 file extension xweb3masterMicrosoft Expression Web master page
 file extension php6Microsoft Expression Web php script
 file extension installMicrosoft Expression Web PHP script
 file extension moduleMicrosoft Expression Web PHP script
 file extension xweb4asaxMicrosoft Expression Web server app
 file extension exprwdxslMicrosoft Expression Web sheet
 file extension xweb4stmMicrosoft Expression Web STM document
 file extension wspMicrosoft Fortran Powerstation workspace file
spx file icon file extension spxMicrosoft FoxPro compiled form source
spr file icon file extension sprMicrosoft FoxPro form source data
 file extension hxaMicrosoft Help attribute definition file
 file extension mshaMicrosoft Help library help manifest
 file extension msilMicrosoft Intermediate Language data
 file extension jscriptMicrosoft JScript source code
lib file icon file extension libMicrosoft Linker compressed input library file
 file extension expMicrosoft Linker input data
 file extension pdbMicrosoft Linker input database file
 file extension libMicrosoft Linker input library data
 file extension resMicrosoft Linker resource compiler input file
 file extension mhmMicrosoft Mouse and Keyboard Center macro
odc file icon file extension odcMicrosoft Office database connection data
 file extension dwpMicrosoft Office SharePoint portal server dashboard web part
ppa file icon file extension ppaMicrosoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 add-in
ppam file icon file extension ppamMicrosoft PowerPoint macro-enabled Open XML add-in
 file extension nmkMicrosoft Program Maintenance Utility makefile
 file extension qcfMicrosoft QBasic coordinates
 file extension msh1Microsoft Shell script
 file extension msh2Microsoft Shell script
 file extension sbMicrosoft Small Basic source code
 file extension ipfMicrosoft SMS installer script
 file extension tqlMicrosoft SQL Server query analyser header
 file extension viwMicrosoft SQL Server view script
 file extension tabMicrosoft SQL table script
cls file icon file extension clsMicrosoft Visual Basic 4 class module add-in
dsr file icon file extension dsrMicrosoft Visual Basic Active Designer data
vbg file icon file extension vbgMicrosoft Visual Basic compatible project group file
vbx file icon file extension vbxMicrosoft Visual Basic Extension
 file extension biMicrosoft Visual Basic for DOS include data
gbl file icon file extension gblMicrosoft Visual Basic global definition
vbp file icon file extension vbpMicrosoft Visual Basic project
dep file icon file extension depMicrosoft Visual Basic Setup Wizard dependency data
dob file icon file extension dobMicrosoft Visual Basic user document form
 file extension vc15Microsoft Visual C 1.5 makefile
 file extension vc2Microsoft Visual C data
 file extension vc1Microsoft Visual C makefile
vc5 file icon file extension vc5Microsoft Visual C makefile
vc7 file icon file extension vc7Microsoft Visual C makefile
c# file icon file extension c#Microsoft Visual C# data
csx file icon file extension csxMicrosoft Visual C# primary script
 file extension msdevMicrosoft Visual C+ make file
 file extension apsMicrosoft Visual C++ binary resource
cls file icon file extension clsMicrosoft Visual C++ class definition
 file extension msvcMicrosoft Visual C++ compiler makefile
 file extension expMicrosoft Visual C++ export file
 file extension ipchMicrosoft Visual C++ Intellisense precompiled header file
 file extension vc4Microsoft Visual C++ makefile
clw file icon file extension clwMicrosoft Visual C++ MFC Class Wizard information data
sbr file icon file extension sbrMicrosoft Visual C++ source browser intermediate data
mdp file icon file extension mdpMicrosoft Visual C++ Visual J++ MAK workspace (old project workspace)
fsi file icon file extension fsiMicrosoft Visual F# signature data
fs file icon file extension fsMicrosoft Visual F# source code
 file extension vjsprojMicrosoft Visual J# project
 file extension jslMicrosoft Visual J# project
 file extension vjpMicrosoft Visual J++ project
ptl file icon file extension ptlMicrosoft Visual Modeler petal data
 file extension mvplMicrosoft Visual Programming Language project
resx file icon file extension resxMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET XML resource template
rptproj file icon file extension rptprojMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008 report project
 file extension asprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Analysis Services project file
vap file icon file extension vapMicrosoft Visual Studio Analyzer project file
 file extension androidprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Android project
 file extension myappMicrosoft Visual Studio application XML
 file extension xprojMicrosoft Visual Studio ASP.NET project
 file extension vbhtmlMicrosoft Visual Studio ASP.NET web page
vsmacros file icon file extension vsmacrosMicrosoft Visual Studio binary-based macro project
classdiagram file icon file extension classdiagramMicrosoft Visual Studio class diagram
 file extension ccprojMicrosoft Visual Studio cloud service project
coverage file icon file extension coverageMicrosoft Visual Studio code coverage data
coveragexml file icon file extension coveragexmlMicrosoft Visual Studio code coverage data
snippet file icon file extension snippetMicrosoft Visual Studio code snippet
vscontent file icon file extension vscontentMicrosoft Visual Studio Content Installer data
datasource file icon file extension datasourceMicrosoft Visual Studio data source
 file extension dbmdlMicrosoft Visual Studio database project
db2 file icon file extension db2Microsoft Visual Studio DB2 SQL script
db2tbl file icon file extension db2tblMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 table script
 file extension db2trMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 trigger script file
 file extension db2vwMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 view script file
dd file icon file extension ddMicrosoft Visual Studio deployment diagram file
vdp file icon file extension vdpMicrosoft Visual Studio deployment project
 file extension deployprojMicrosoft Visual Studio deployment project
 file extension vddprojMicrosoft Visual Studio deployment project file
idb file icon file extension idbMicrosoft Visual Studio developer intermediate debug data
dgml file icon file extension dgmlMicrosoft Visual Studio Directed Graph Markup Language source code
docstates file icon file extension docstatesMicrosoft Visual Studio Document Tab Well data
 file extension ldzMicrosoft Visual Studio DSM project file
fsx file icon file extension fsxMicrosoft Visual Studio F# script
fsscript file icon file extension fsscriptMicrosoft Visual Studio F# script
generictest file icon file extension generictestMicrosoft Visual Studio generic test
csgrad file icon file extension csgradMicrosoft Visual Studio gradients file
 file extension ipprojMicrosoft Visual Studio InfoPath project
odh file icon file extension odhMicrosoft Visual Studio Interface Definition Language data
 file extension jomprojMicrosoft Visual Studio JOOB object model project file
 file extension licxMicrosoft Visual Studio license
 file extension licensesMicrosoft Visual Studio licensed classes
 file extension lsxtprojMicrosoft Visual Studio LightSwitch project
 file extension ls3projMicrosoft Visual Studio LightSwitch project
ilk file icon file extension ilkMicrosoft Visual Studio Linker input file
 file extension lstMicrosoft Visual Studio MASM listing data
rc2 file icon file extension rc2Microsoft Visual Studio non-compilable resource script
obj file icon file extension objMicrosoft Visual Studio object
dbml file icon file extension dbmlMicrosoft Visual Studio Object Relational OR Designer design
 file extension phpprojMicrosoft Visual Studio PHP project
vspolicy file icon file extension vspolicyMicrosoft Visual Studio Policy Description Language file
i file icon file extension iMicrosoft Visual Studio preprocessed source
vsprops file icon file extension vspropsMicrosoft Visual Studio project property sheet file
vstemplate file icon file extension vstemplateMicrosoft Visual Studio project template
 file extension pyprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Python project
 file extension resourcesMicrosoft Visual Studio resource
 file extension cordMicrosoft Visual Studio script
sln file icon file extension slnMicrosoft Visual Studio solution data
 file extension sqlprojMicrosoft Visual Studio SQL server project
 file extension ttincludeMicrosoft Visual Studio text template
 file extension tmfMicrosoft Visual Studio trace message
csview file icon file extension csviewMicrosoft Visual Studio views data
vip file icon file extension vipMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic InterDev project
vbproj file icon file extension vbprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic project
vb file icon file extension vbMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic script
mdp file icon file extension mdpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic workspace
vbw file icon file extension vbwMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic workspace
csproj file icon file extension csprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C# project
cs file icon file extension csMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C#.NET source data
dbproj file icon file extension dbprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ database project
dbp file icon file extension dbpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ database project
vdproj file icon file extension vdprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ deployment project
vmx file icon file extension vmxMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ macro project file
pch file icon file extension pchMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ precompiled header
pdb file icon file extension pdbMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ program database
vcp file icon file extension vcpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ project
vcproj file icon file extension vcprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ project
vcxproj file icon file extension vcxprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ project
mfcribbon-ms file icon file extension mfcribbon-msMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ ribbon resource code
bsc file icon file extension bscMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ source browser information data
rc file icon file extension rcMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C/C++ resource script
fsproj file icon file extension fsprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual F# project
 file extension dgslMicrosoft Visual Studio visual shader graph file
actproj file icon file extension actprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual SourceSafe ACT project
atp file icon file extension atpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual SourceSafe ACT project
vsixmanifest file icon file extension vsixmanifestMicrosoft Visual Studio VSIX manifest
 file extension wdprojMicrosoft Visual Studio web deployment project file
wsdl file icon file extension wsdlMicrosoft Visual Studio Web Service Description Language
 file extension appxsymMicrosoft Visual Studio Windows 8 application information
 file extension appxuploadMicrosoft Visual Studio Windows application upload data
dso file icon file extension dsoMicrosoft Visual Studio workspace data
 file extension xamlxMicrosoft Visual Studio XAMLX document
 file extension xqlMicrosoft Visual Studio xml data
xmta file icon file extension xmtaMicrosoft Visual Studio XMTA document
xoml file icon file extension xomlMicrosoft Visual Studio XOML file
xsc file icon file extension xscMicrosoft Visual Studio XSC data
pcd file icon file extension pcdMicrosoft Visual Test data
 file extension win32manifestMicrosoft Win32 manifest file
 file extension resjsonMicrosoft Windows 8 Metro JavaScript file
 file extension cspkgMicrosoft Windows Azure package
wbf file icon file extension wbfMicrosoft Windows batch file
 file extension dlgMicrosoft Windows dialogue resource script
ptxml file icon file extension ptxmlMicrosoft Windows DLL XML related data
wfs file icon file extension wfsMicrosoft Windows installation script
rbs file icon file extension rbsMicrosoft Windows Installer Rollback Script file
mc file icon file extension mcMicrosoft Windows localized message table resource file
 file extension mcmlMicrosoft Windows Media Center MCML data
htr file icon file extension htrMicrosoft Windows NT password services script
psc1 file icon file extension psc1Microsoft Windows PowerShell console data
psd1 file icon file extension psd1Microsoft Windows PowerShell data
 file extension psc2Microsoft Windows PowerShell script
psm1 file icon file extension psm1Microsoft Windows PowerShell script module
rbf file icon file extension rbfMicrosoft Windows rollback script
bks file icon file extension bksMicrosoft Windows scheduled backup script
ws file icon file extension wsMicrosoft Windows script
sct file icon file extension sctMicrosoft Windows script component
v4e file icon file extension v4eMicrosoft Windows Script Host data
v4s file icon file extension v4sMicrosoft Windows Script Host file
wsc file icon file extension wscMicrosoft Windows scripting component
wsh file icon file extension wshMicrosoft Windows Scripting Host data
 file extension mkeMicrosoft Windows SDK make data
 file extension ps2Microsoft Windows Shell script
 file extension scriptMicrosoft WinHelp related data
ls1 file icon file extension ls1Microsoft Winhelp source data
wdx9 file icon file extension wdx9Microsoft Word for Mac wizard data
wzs file icon file extension wzsMicrosoft Word wizard file
 file extension mdexMifos Data Exchange XML data
 file extension mbasmikroBasic source code
 file extension mmbasMindManager 7 macro
 file extension mingw32Mingw compiler data
 file extension mdspMinGW Developer Studio project
 file extension mingwMinGW makefile
 file extension amlMio technology application markup language
 file extension mrcmIRC script
mvc file icon file extension mvcMiva compiled script
 file extension mlML language source code
 file extension mmlMobile Markup Language source code
 file extension mocMOCHA Java script
 file extension mbtemmplateModelBaker custom template directory
 file extension fdoModelSim script
 file extension m2Modula 2 language source file
 file extension m3Modula 3 programming language source code
 file extension rfxModula M2SDS data
 file extension modModula-2 programming language source code
 file extension bModula-3 base program
 file extension igModula-3 generic interface source
 file extension mgModula-3 generic module source
 file extension isModula-3 intermediate assembly data
 file extension msModula-3 intermediate assembly file
 file extension ixxModula-3 Linker information
 file extension mxModula-3 linker information
 file extension mcModula-3 M3CG intermediate language data
 file extension icModula-3 M3CG intermediate language source code
 file extension ioModula-3 object
 file extension moModula-3 object
 file extension tpltMolly template
 file extension mpdMonadic predicates
 file extension msctMOPEKS script file
 file extension mpktMOPEKS trial data
 file extension jbiMotoman robot job
mfl file icon file extension mflMozilla Firefox XUL fastload data
 file extension gldMPLAB C Compiler linker script file
 file extension mcpMPLAB IDE project
 file extension mrlMRLR Multimedia Retrival Markup Language data
deb file icon file extension debMS-DOS debug script
targets file icon file extension targetsMSBuild targets file
 file extension sesMSC Patran macro
 file extension ilMSIL Assembler input file
 file extension conMySQL SQL constraints script
 file extension ndpvsNanoZoomer script
 file extension buildNAnt Build Tool data
 file extension sasfNASA spacecraft activity sequence
 file extension nasNasal script
 file extension nmpjNavicat for MariaDB batch job
 file extension nopjNavicat for Oracle batch job
 file extension nppjNavicat for PostgreSQL batch job
 file extension nspjNavicat for SQL Server batch job
 file extension nlpjNavicat for SQlite batch job
 file extension napjNavicat Premium batch job
 file extension ncxNavigation Control for XML
 file extension odsNCompass Labs internet related script
 file extension nekoNeko source code
 file extension nlcNero Linux compilation
 file extension nesNessus attack scripting language key
 file extension netprojectnetfabb Basic project file
 file extension nlsNetLogo source code
 file extension dwsNetop script
 file extension zh_twNetscape Communicator java classes data
 file extension rdoffNetwide assembler file
 file extension mmNeXtMidas macro
 file extension nhsNHibernate data
 file extension nseNmap security scanner scripting engine file
 file extension nokogiriNokogiri source data
 file extension spkNot compiled software package file
 file extension nrsNovaBACKUP restore script
 file extension nbkNovaBACKUP script
 file extension nqcNQC Not Quite C source code file
 file extension nsconfignsconfig authentication data
 file extension nsiNSIS Nullsoft Scriptable Install System script
 file extension nupkgNuGet source code package
 file extension nkNUKE script
 file extension nunitNUnit test project
 file extension njkNunjucks template
 file extension nunjucksNunjucks template
 file extension nunjsNunjucks template
 file extension nunjNunjucks template
 file extension njNunjucks template
 file extension tmplNunjucks template
 file extension tplNunjucks template
 file extension l1iNutkungX script file
 file extension cgnVidia CgFX program
 file extension ptxNVIDIA CUDA parallel thread execution assembly language data
 file extension fxcprojnVidia FX Composer project
 file extension nvinVidia graphics card driver settings
 file extension nxcNXC Not eXactly C source code
 file extension ob2Oberon 2 source code
 file extension oObject format
 file extension orlObject-Relational Language code
 file extension mObjective-C language source data
 file extension mlyOCaml ocamlyacc input data
 file extension mlOCaml source code
 file extension ssqODBC script
 file extension tsqODBC script
 file extension xjbOEPE JAXB Wizard bindings data
 file extension xbcOEPE JAXB Wizard bindings data
 file extension ogrOGR C++ open source library
 file extension oksOKScript script
 file extension kstOlivetti Olitext Plus script
 file extension idlOMG CORBA interface definition language file
 file extension xfmOmniForm XML data
 file extension xinOmniMark include data
 file extension sdaOneSpace Designer assembly data
 file extension rxsooRexx script file
 file extension okmOpen Knowledge Management script
 file extension oplOpen Programming Language source code
 file extension wOpenEdge Architect source code
 file extension xdsOpenGL Performer script
 file extension help ID data
 file extension script particles
 file extension slot id data
 file extension pxmlOpenPandora XML file
 file extension opvOpenPanorama visit data
 file extension owdOpenWire project file
policy file icon file extension policyOpera policy data
 file extension oppooppo core data
 file extension defiOracle 7 de-install script
 file extension orcOracle 7 script
 file extension pyOracle Database batch procedure
 file extension fmbOracle Forms binary source code
 file extension mmbOracle Forms menu binary source code file
 file extension fxmlOracle FXML language source code
 file extension pkbOracle PL/SQL package body data
 file extension pkhOracle PL/SQL package file
 file extension pcOracle Pro*C source code
 file extension rmnOracle Recovery Manager script file
 file extension rdfOracle report binary source
 file extension inpOracle source code
 file extension xsqlOracle XSQL Servlet server side data
 file extension ocbOrigin precompiled Origin C source code
 file extension ogsOrigin script
 file extension osgOSGJS JSON input file
 file extension oplmOutline Processor Markup Language source code
 file extension xblrOutput raw XBRL data
 file extension owxOutWit Hub script
 file extension cscOvation Pro C script file
 file extension b24Ovation Pro for RISC OS C script
 file extension owlOWL (Obfuscated Weird Language) source code
 file extension oxOx source code
 file extension pdmlPacket Details Markup Language source code
 file extension psmlPacket Summary Markup Language
 file extension pdsPALASM source code
 file extension pmlPalm Markup Language source code
 file extension axeParadigm C++ integrated debugger file
dpr file icon file extension dprPascal data
dpk file icon file extension dpkPascal data
dfm file icon file extension dfmPascal data
inc file icon file extension incPascal file
 file extension impPascal implementation data
 file extension pPascal language source code
 file extension pslPATROL script language script
 file extension pawnPawn scripting language source code
 file extension pwnPawn source code
 file extension tptPCLTool transformation parameter table file
 file extension algPDP-10 ALGOL compiler source
 file extension bliPDP-10 BLISS-10 compiler source
 file extension f40PDP-10 FORTRAN-4 compiler source
 file extension sitPDP-10 Fortran-77 compiler source file
 file extension scmPDP-10 source compare file
 file extension tecPDP-10 TECO macro
 file extension 4pkPerfect Keyboard macro set
 file extension pbpPerl Builder data
cgi file icon file extension cgiPerl cgi script
pm file icon file extension pmPerl Code script module
 file extension pdlPerl Data Language data
 file extension pdPerl Data Language preprocessor
 file extension ppPerl Data Language PreProcessor file
 file extension perlctrlPerl Dev Kit PerlCtrl project
 file extension perlnetPerl Dev Kit PerlNET project
 file extension perltrayPerl Dev Kit PerlTray project
 file extension perlsvcPerl Dev Kit project
 file extension phPerl header
pod file icon file extension podPerl POD-formated text
 file extension plxPERL programming language script
 file extension prlPerl script
pl file icon file extension plPerl script language source code
 file extension pl6Perl script language source code
 file extension p6Perl script language source code
 file extension pm6Perl script language source code
 file extension pl5Perl script language source code
 file extension p5Perl script language source code
 file extension pm5Perl script language source code
 file extension perlPerl source code
 file extension plsPerlScript data
 file extension pbxscriptPersonal Backup script file
 file extension pbx5scriptPersonal Backup script file
 file extension ppmlPersonalized Print Markup Language document
 file extension pxtPEST - the professional exam system quiz script
 file extension pfxPFXplus application source code
php file icon file extension phpPHP script or page
 file extension phpsPHP script source code file
php5 file icon file extension php5PHP script version 5 (HyperText PreProcessor)
 file extension modPHP source code
 file extension phlPHP source data
tpl file icon file extension tplPHP template file format
 file extension phptPHP test suite file
php2 file icon file extension php2PHP version 2 script (HyperText PreProcessor)
php3 file icon file extension php3PHP version 3 script
phtml file icon file extension phtmlPHP Web page
 file extension php1PHP1 auto data
 file extension pmpPHPMaker project
 file extension phsPHScript data
 file extension kumacPhysics Analysis Workstation macro
 file extension psfPID script
pm file icon file extension pmPidgin instant messenger module
 file extension pikaPika Software Builder project
 file extension pmodPike module
 file extension pikePike source code
 file extension pxlPiXCL Imaging language source file
 file extension plxPiXCL script
 file extension pl1PL/1 programming language source code
 file extension plcPL/B source code
 file extension pliPL/I program source code
 file extension pl7PL7-07 application file
 file extension placplac script
 file extension pouPLCEdit program organisation unit
 file extension plogPLog programming language source code
 file extension pocPocomail PocoScript file
 file extension poixPoint of interest exchange data
 file extension glfPointwise TCL script
 file extension pvsPolyView slide show script
 file extension poPortable object
 file extension pwoPortable Website Object data
 file extension ebuildPortage eBuild script
mat file icon file extension matPoser 3D pose file
 file extension mixPower C object
 file extension hhhPower C precompiled header data
 file extension dtPowerBASIC data
 file extension pdbPowerBASIC debugger data
 file extension pbiPowerBASIC include file
 file extension pbaPowerBASIC language source code
 file extension pblPowerBASIC library
 file extension pblPowerBuilder source code library
 file extension pslPowerTerm script language file
 file extension pgmlPrecision Graphics Markup Language file format
 file extension iiPreprocessed C++ source code
 file extension pdeProcessing development environment source code
 file extension aspProcomm Plus ASPect language script
 file extension waxProComm Plus compiled script
 file extension wasProComm source script
 file extension prgProgram source data
 file extension pdlProgrammable Driver Language data
 file extension pnprojProgrammer's Notepad project file
 file extension pnptProgrammer's Notepad project template file
 file extension pjtProject (Rational Rose/Visual C++)
 file extension bsmProject file
 file extension plPROLOG language source code file
 file extension prmProlog module file
 file extension proProlog programming language source code
 file extension mslProWORX Nxt MSL loadables file
 file extension psuPS2 YABASIC data
 file extension psgiPSGI script
 file extension optPsion Organiser OPL source
 file extension opxPsion Organiser programming language
 file extension tczPSTextMerge script
 file extension ptbPubTech BatchWorks script
 file extension pbqPunkBuster query script
 file extension pbPureBasic source code
 file extension vdPwrDev visual designer project file
 file extension pymPYM Python preprocessor macro
 file extension pxdPyrex definition data
 file extension pxiPyrex header
 file extension pyxPyrex source code
 file extension pyoPython compiled code
 file extension pytPython declaration data
 file extension eppPython Egg data
 file extension egg-infoPython Egg data
 file extension p4aPython for Android script
 file extension pywPython GUI source script
 file extension pPython module
 file extension picklePython Pickle data
 file extension rePython Regular Expressions source code
 file extension rpyPython script
py file icon file extension pyPython script language source code
 file extension ptlPython template language data
 file extension qdlQDL source code file
 file extension qvsQlikView Script file
 file extension qt3dQt 3D data
 file extension qmlQT meta language source code
 file extension priQt Project include data
 file extension qsQt script file
 file extension qpfQuartus II project
 file extension qxmQuexal macro
 file extension qxQuexal source code
 file extension rprofileQuick-R R programming language configuration
 file extension bmsQuickBMS script
 file extension qlmQuickField LabelMover script

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