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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types

List of common source code files

Source code and script file extension list

File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types.

A source code file is a human readable text file that contains a collection of statements or declarations in any of many computer programming languages (e.g. BASIC, PASCAL, DELPHI, C, C++, C#, COBOL, etc.). Source code is the mechanism used by programmers and developers to specify the actions to be performed by the computer.

Source code file can easily be edited in a simple text editor, but developers often use specialized applications, that are more comfortable for writing and editing source codes in their favorite programming language (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio, or Xcode under Mac OS X). Text source code file can be compiled to a binary executable format by a program called compiler. Compilers are often part of source code editors and development tools.

A Script file is a simple text files containing instructions, written in one of the many scripting languages, than can also be embedded in a program or application environment.

Script files are distinct from the core code of program and can be easily edited by users. Scripts are very often used for automation of job control in operating systems or applications. Many computer games use a custom scripting language to express the programmed actions of non-player characters (NPCs) and the game environment.
Web developers take control of operations of web browsers or web pages by using scripting languages, such as JavaScript, AJAX, XUL, VBScript, ActionScript etc.. Web servers support many of the scripting languages, such as PHP, JSP, Perl, Python, ColdFusion or ASP/ASP.NET for dynamically created and database driven websites.

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 file extension uvprojµVision4 project
 file extension uvprjxµVision project
 file extension uvprojxµVision project
 file extension lnpµVision linker input data
 file extension a51µVision Assembler source file
 file extension a66µVision Assembler source code
 file extension ztsZTerm script
 file extension tmoZortech C++ global optimizer default output file
 file extension dtmlZope Document Template Markup Language code
 file extension zrxZOC REXX script
 file extension zwsZiLOG Developer Studio workspace
 file extension zsrcZero source file
 file extension zfrmZero form designer file
 file extension zeroZero Compiler project
 file extension zZero Compiler header
 file extension zclsZero Compiler class file
 file extension zasmZero Compiler assembly source code
 file extension zsZephyr Eclipse Server script
 file extension zmsZephyr ECLIPSE Server macro script file
 file extension filZENworks application source file
 file extension zpkZend Studio deployment application package
 file extension tscZEMAX tolerance script
 file extension zplZEMAX programming language macro
 file extension zbiZebra ZBI-Developer project
 file extension bazZebra Printer BASIC source code
 file extension zscZBrush script
 file extension zcodeZ-Suite code
 file extension ywlYoWindow data
 file extension yml2YML script file
 file extension yamlYAML source code
 file extension yajlYAJL script
 file extension konYahoo! Widget XML file
 file extension yabYabasic source code
 file extension xysXYplorer script
 file extension xscXVI32 script
 file extension xclXTree for Windows script
 file extension semanXtext semantics file
 file extension xtxtXtext data
xslt file icon file extension xsltXSL transform data
 file extension xpbXPB! Basic source code
 file extension c3pXPanel project
 file extension xojo_xml_projectXojo XML project
 file extension xojo_projectXojo programming project
 file extension xojo_binary_projectXojo binary project
 file extension xbsXnView script
 file extension fxhXNA Game Studio HLSL header
 file extension tilemapXML tilemap format
xsd file icon file extension xsdXML schema description
 file extension xqrXML Query Language for DB2 data
 file extension xpdlXML Process Definition Language data
 file extension itmxXML Model Interchange Language source code
 file extension xml-logXML log
 file extension xigXML Instance Generator data
 file extension xmlaXML for Analysis source code
xsl file icon file extension xslXML eXtensible stylesheet
xml file icon file extension xmlXML document
 file extension xcpXLNT script command
 file extension xjeXJEase source code
 file extension tdoXilinx text design output data
 file extension nplXilinx Integrated Software Environment project
 file extension ipfXilinx iMPACT project
y file icon file extension yXcode core yacc program
l file icon file extension lXcode core Lex program
 file extension momXcode compiled core database data model file format
cp file icon file extension cpXcode C++ source code
 file extension xapXbox dashboard script
 file extension xuiXbox 360 skin file
 file extension xlXBLite source code
 file extension xblXBLite source code
 file extension xXBLite program
 file extension xbapXAML Browser Application
 file extension sscXaira script
 file extension tmlWZ Editor document or macro file format
xrc file icon file extension xrcwxWidgets wxPython resource file
 file extension fbpwxFormBuilder project
 file extension wxwxBasic programming language file format
 file extension wdlWorld definition language script
dsb file icon file extension dsbWonderShare DVD Slideshow Builder project
 file extension wliWL intermediate data
 file extension wixoutWiX XML output file
 file extension wxsWiX source data
 file extension wxlWiX localization data
 file extension wxiWiX include data
 file extension wmlsWireless Markup Language script (WAP)
wml file icon file extension wmlWireless Markup Language document (WAP)
wmlc file icon file extension wmlcWireless Markup Language bytecode document (WAP)
 file extension wmlscWireless Markup Language (WAP) bytecode script
 file extension wixwIntegrate compiled script file
 file extension scrWintask uncompiled program
 file extension robWintask compiled program
 file extension sczWingz script file
 file extension appxmanifestWindows Store app source manifest
 file extension wsrmacWindows Speech Recognition macro
wsf file icon file extension wsfWindows Script
 file extension msh2xmlWindows PowerShell script
 file extension ps2xmlWindows PowerShell data
ps1 file icon file extension ps1Windows PowerShell cmdlet script
 file extension msh1xmlWindows Power Shell script
nt file icon file extension ntWindows NT command script
mst file icon file extension mstWindows Installer transform script
 file extension wdwWINDEV window file
 file extension wdkWINDEV component file
 file extension wdiWINDEV component description file
 file extension wbsWinBot IRC bot script
 file extension wbtWinBatch script
 file extension wbcWinBatch encoded script
mi file icon file extension miWinamp MAKI scripting library
maki file icon file extension makiWinamp MAKI compiled script
 file extension fWin32Forth source code
 file extension wikiWiki markup source code
 file extension wchWellCAD header data
 file extension wspdWebsitePainter for Mac project
 file extension wmlWebsite META language code
woa file icon file extension woaWebObjects script file
 file extension wamWebAction macro
 file extension owlWeb Ontology Language source code
 file extension h2oWater web program
 file extension vrpWatcom VXRexx project
 file extension wpjWatcom C/C++ project
 file extension wscriptWaf script
 file extension vplvplot source code
vxml file icon file extension vxmlVoiceXML source data
vic file icon file extension vicViziGen source code
vgc file icon file extension vgcViziGen source code
vpc file icon file extension vpcViziGen source code
 file extension pqlVisualPQL source code
 file extension v3sVisual3D pipeline
 file extension mstVisual Test source data
idl file icon file extension idlVisual Studio Visual C++ interface definition library
 file extension vsssccVisual Studio solution source control file
 file extension vfprojVisual Studio Intel Fortran project
 file extension cdVisual Studio class diagram
 file extension acmVisual SourceSafe module
 file extension vrmVisual REXX language source code
 file extension vpsVisual Pinball script
 file extension vlsVisual Localize script
pjx file icon file extension pjxVisual FoxPro project
pjt file icon file extension pjtVisual FoxPro associated memo
 file extension vceVisual CE class type
 file extension ccsVisual CCScript script
vup file icon file extension vupVisual C++ utility project
 file extension ruleVisual C++ project rules
odl file icon file extension odlVisual C++ ODL type library source
vc6 file icon file extension vc6Visual C++ makefile
 file extension rc3Visual C resource data
 file extension vcwin32Visual C make file
vba file icon file extension vbaVisual Basic VBA module
swt file icon file extension swtVisual Basic setup wizard template
vbs file icon file extension vbsVisual Basic script
 file extension vbscriptVisual Basic script
pag file icon file extension pagVisual Basic property PAGe data
vbe file icon file extension vbeVisual Basic encoded script
ctl file icon file extension ctlVisual Basic control data (Active X control data)
 file extension ghcVisual Basic constant map
 file extension vpiVirtual Pascal OS/2 unit data
 file extension vimVim script
 file extension vVerilog source code file
 file extension vcVerge source code
 file extension vssVectorWorks VectorScript script
 file extension vdmVDM specification file
 file extension spsVAX/VMS source code
 file extension csfVanDyke SecureCRT script
 file extension fgbValve Source SDK data
 file extension valaVala programming language source code
 file extension vadVadera Enterprises PHP script
 file extension vV++ VPascal source code
 file extension desV+ Visual Development System design
 file extension usiUsiXML UI description
 file extension h++Unusual C++ header
 file extension ucbUnstoppable Copier batch scirpt
 file extension unxUNIX specific makefile
 file extension bashUnix Shell Script (bash)
 file extension kshUnix shell script
 file extension tcshUnix shell script
 file extension zshUnix shell script
 file extension runUNIX Shell Installer installation archive
 file extension commonUnix script
 file extension netbootUnix netboot script
 file extension cshrcUNIX command data
 file extension loginUNIX command data
sh file icon file extension shUnix Bourne Shell (Bash) script
 file extension gusUniversal Score Poster script file
 file extension ufdlUniversal Forms Description Language file
 file extension umpUModel project file
 file extension uemUltraEdit macro source code
 file extension uixuiXML page file
 file extension uitUIX XML template
tli file icon file extension tliTypelib generated C/C++ inline data
tlh file icon file extension tlhTypelib generated C/C++ header file
 file extension talTyped Assembly Language file
 file extension txctxtCompiler script file
 file extension txlTXL programming language source code
 file extension twigTwig source data
 file extension tuTuring source code
 file extension tTuring programming language source code
 file extension turTuring program source code file
 file extension tiTuring include data
 file extension trsTURBU Editor RPG script
 file extension absTurboZIP script
 file extension bxlTurbo-Basic XL data
 file extension tpxTurbo Pascal unit file
 file extension cfoTurbo C utilities C form object
 file extension asoTurbo Assembler object file
 file extension ashTurbo Assembler (TASM) header
 file extension tzsTUGZip script
 file extension ttcnTTCN-3 script
 file extension truTrue Basic source
 file extension traTrue BASIC applet
 file extension triple-sTriple-S surveying file format
 file extension ccsTrialDirector clip script
 file extension tqlTree Query Language file
 file extension gcobTRANSFER Cobol source code
 file extension xscscptTranscribe! script
 file extension tlvTransaction-Level Verilog data
 file extension talTransaction Application Language source code
 file extension eldTradeStation EasyLanguage document
 file extension layTrack Builder simulation compiler code
 file extension tmhTrace message header
 file extension cvsrcTortoiseCVS CVS command file
 file extension csTorque game engine script
 file extension tomlTOML source code
 file extension tomTom source code
 file extension tkTk language script
 file extension ts0tio32 script
 file extension tczTiny Core Linux script
 file extension tTimber compiler source code
 file extension tiTimber compiler
 file extension tprTIGCC IDE project
 file extension tiprogramTI-Basic source code
 file extension 92xTI-92 macro
 file extension 82pTI-82 program
 file extension 8xkTI-82 Plus application file
 file extension thtmlTHTML file
 file extension thorThor source code
 file extension tatxttthinBasic template
 file extension tbasicthinBasic script
 file extension tbasiccthinBasic script
 file extension tbasicxthinBasic script
 file extension thmlTheological HTML document
 file extension tlaThe Temporal Logic of Actions data
 file extension rpgThe RPG programming language source code
 file extension tpmTextPad macro file
 file extension texinfoTexinfo source data
 file extension 89xTexas Instruments TI-89 macro
 file extension tcxTestComplete script extension
 file extension btqTeradata Database query script
 file extension ttlTera Term macro
 file extension simTelix simple script source file
 file extension sltTelix Salt Script Application Language script source
 file extension ripTelegrafx Remote Imaging Protocol
 file extension tgmlTecumseh Group Markup Language source code
 file extension trtTeam Sports Scheduling System report template
 file extension teaTea source or script file
tcl file icon file extension tclTCL script source code
 file extension tstTagScanner text transform script
tld file icon file extension tldTag Library Descriptor data
 file extension tTads source code
 file extension sbmlSystems Biology Markup Language source code
 file extension sypSYP source data
 file extension synw-projSynWrite project
 file extension scssSyntactically Awesome Stylesheets syntax data
 file extension sassSyntactically Awesome Stylesheets indented syntax data
 file extension susSynergy Accounts update script
 file extension m4xSynDEx data
 file extension sjavaSynchronous Java source code file
 file extension smiSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language presentation
 file extension samiSynchronized Accessible Media Interchange file format
 file extension vdtSwiftview imaging command set
 file extension rnwSweave source
 file extension swgSWAG Pascal Snippets (SWAG Reader)
 file extension scSuperCollider source code
 file extension sjsSugar script
 file extension ocrSubtitle Workshop script
 file extension stylStylus CSS script
 file extension stuffit11taskStuffit scheduler task
 file extension sasStreamAction script
 file extension mwpSTEP7-Micro WIN program
 file extension smwStenn Media web script
 file extension sscStellarium script file
 file extension aroSteelArrow script
 file extension svxStatistica macro file
 file extension svoSTATISTICA macro
 file extension startletStart++ script
 file extension cbqStarOS script file
hbx file icon file extension hbxStarMoney macro file
hbz file icon file extension hbzStarMoney macro
 file extension sltngStarLogo TNG project
 file extension slogtStarLogo template file
 file extension slogoStarLogo programming project file
 file extension imageSqueak source code
 file extension sarSqueak package file
 file extension sqoSqueak object
 file extension udfSQL user defined function script file
 file extension salSQL Application Language source code
 file extension sdsbSpybot compiled script
 file extension sbsSPSS script
 file extension sptSpitbol language source code
 file extension s2sSpike2 script
 file extension c--Sphinx C-- language source code
 file extension h--Sphinx C-- header
 file extension ssmlSpeech Synthesis Markup Language source code
 file extension srcSource resource string
 file extension sSource code
 file extension glaSothink SWF Easy project
 file extension sjcSothink JavaScript Web Scroller definition file
 file extension snoSnobol4 language source code
 file extension snapxSnapform XML form
 file extension smxSMX macro
 file extension smlSMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language file
 file extension pf0SmartWare project source code file
 file extension pf3SmartWare project source code
 file extension pf4SmartWare project source code
 file extension pf1SmartWare project source code
 file extension pf2SmartWare project source code
 file extension pf?SmartWare project source
 file extension arySmartStart scripting toolkit data
tokend file icon file extension tokendSmart Card support data
 file extension slimSlim script
 file extension tclSLIDE: Scene Language for Interactive Dynamic Environments file
 file extension slsSlide Show Studio script
 file extension slackbuildSlackware Linux script file
mlsxml file icon file extension mlsxmlSkype XML data
 file extension svcSimple Visual Compiler data
 file extension smlSimple Markup Language
 file extension simpleSimple Compiler source code
 file extension smwSIMPL Windows source code
 file extension uspSIMPL Windows source code
 file extension cmpSimCreator script file
 file extension simbaSimba script
 file extension bmoSIMATIC WinCC script
 file extension pasSIMATIC WinCC script
 file extension ssSilverStripe source code
 file extension bdhSilk Performer include data
 file extension pgmSignature program
 file extension s5dSiemens Step 5 source code
 file extension liquidShopify Liquid template
 file extension wscSGML Standard Generalized Markup Language file
 file extension sflSF programming language source code library
 file extension sfSF programming language source code
 file extension sfrSF programming language repository
 file extension sfpSF programming language processed source code
 file extension sfmSF programming language main source code
 file extension sbiSetupBuilder include script file
 file extension mscrServiceMon script
map file icon file extension mapServer side image map
 file extension xdaSencha Architect project
 file extension sfxSelf-extracting compressed archive
 file extension saxSedona Framework XML application
 file extension seamSeam Framework JAVA servlet file
 file extension smScriptMaker script
 file extension bbfScriptBasic binary data
m file icon file extension mScript (Miranda IM language)
 file extension scrScript
 file extension sconstructSCons makefile
 file extension sceScilab source code
 file extension sciScilab script
 file extension mfpsScientific Calculator Plus script
 file extension faslScheme source code
 file extension lapScheme source code
ss file icon file extension ssScheme source code
scm file icon file extension scmScheme language source code file
smd file icon file extension smdScheme data
 file extension scarSCAR script
 file extension scpSCAR Divi macro script file
 file extension scalaScala source file
 file extension scaScala InfoChannel script
 file extension scbScala InfoChannel published script
 file extension saasSass Indented Syntax data
 file extension sxsSAS Stat Studio module source code
 file extension sasSAS source code
 file extension sscsSaropa Smart Copy script
 file extension shfbprojSandcastle Help File Builder project
 file extension shfbSandcastle Help File Builder project
 file extension slSam Spade startup script
 file extension ssSam Spade script file
 file extension esSageCRM script
 file extension dmcSage Medical Manager script
 file extension slS-Lang language source code
 file extension rsRust source code
 file extension irevRuntime Revolution script file
 file extension rtmlRuneberg Text Markup Language document
 file extension rdocRubyDoc script
 file extension radiusRuby-Radius scipt
 file extension rbRuby script
 file extension gemfileRuby RubyGems data
 file extension rbxRuby programming language source code
 file extension rbRuby on Rails class
 file extension rakefileRuby makefile
 file extension rakeRuby makefile
rhtml file icon file extension rhtmlRuby HTML web page
 file extension irbrcRuby file
rbw file icon file extension rbwRuby data
 file extension capfileRuby Capistrano instruction data
 file extension rprojRStudio project
 file extension rpresRStudio presentation
 file extension rxsRSIGuard RSIScript data
 file extension rppRPP script
 file extension prgRPG Toolkit program script
 file extension rssRockwell Logix 500 SLC-5 software data
 file extension rslRobot Scripting Language file
 file extension wsdRoboSoft script
 file extension roboRoboRealm robo script
 file extension iroboRoboMind source code
 file extension roboRoboMind source code
 file extension bhsRise of Nations script
 file extension rvbRhinoceros 3D Visual Basic script
 file extension excRexx language source code file
 file extension rexRexx language source code
 file extension rexxRexx language source code
 file extension rorResources of a Resource file format
 file extension rtsResource Tuner Console script
 file extension rccResource script
rdf file icon file extension rdfResource Description Framework RSS feed
 file extension ba_Renamed BAT script
 file extension mscrRename Master script
 file extension rpymRen'Py module data
 file extension rpycRen'Py game engine compiled script
 file extension rngRELAX NG source code file
 file extension rmlRedline Markup Language source
 file extension textileRedCloth script
 file extension rebREBOL script
rpj file icon file extension rpjRealPlayer JavaScript data
 file extension rssReally Simple Syndication - RSS file format
 file extension rfsRealFlow script file
 file extension rbpREALbasic project
 file extension rbREALbasic project
 file extension rguninstRealArcade uninstall script
 file extension rbvcpReal Studio project
 file extension trigRDF serialization format
 file extension rcsRCSWin job script
 file extension ebxRational Rose 98 compiled script
 file extension rspRapport script
 file extension epjRapidSQL SCCS project
 file extension rqbRapidQ quellcode data
 file extension prgRAPID program
 file extension h5bprjRAD Studio HTML5 Builder project
 file extension tgprojRAD Studio design project
 file extension ridlRAD Studio Active X RIDL data
 file extension rtkRacket source code
 file extension rktRacket information module
 file extension rR script
 file extension jgsQWS3270 PLUS script
akp file icon file extension akpQuickZip script
 file extension qlmQuickField LabelMover script
 file extension bmsQuickBMS script
 file extension rprofileQuick-R R programming language configuration
 file extension qxQuexal source code
 file extension qxmQuexal macro
 file extension qpfQuartus II project
 file extension qsQt script file
 file extension priQt Project include data
 file extension qmlQT meta language source code
 file extension qt3dQt 3D data
 file extension qvsQlikView Script file
 file extension qdlQDL source code file
 file extension ptlPython template language data
py file icon file extension pyPython script language source code
 file extension rpyPython script
 file extension rePython Regular Expressions source code
 file extension picklePython Pickle data
 file extension pPython module
 file extension pywPython GUI source script
 file extension p4aPython for Android script
 file extension eppPython Egg data
 file extension egg-infoPython Egg data
 file extension pytPython declaration data
 file extension pyoPython compiled code
 file extension pyxPyrex source code
 file extension pxiPyrex header
 file extension pxdPyrex definition data
 file extension pymPYM Python preprocessor macro
 file extension vdPwrDev visual designer project file
 file extension pbPureBasic source code
 file extension pbqPunkBuster query script
 file extension ptbPubTech BatchWorks script
 file extension tczPSTextMerge script
 file extension opxPsion Organiser programming language
 file extension optPsion Organiser OPL source
 file extension psgiPSGI script
 file extension psuPS2 YABASIC data
 file extension mslProWORX Nxt MSL loadables file
 file extension proProlog programming language source code
 file extension prmProlog module file
 file extension plPROLOG language source code file
 file extension bsmProject file
 file extension pjtProject (Rational Rose/Visual C++)
 file extension pnptProgrammer's Notepad project template file
 file extension pnprojProgrammer's Notepad project file
 file extension pdlProgrammable Driver Language data
 file extension prgProgram source data
 file extension wasProComm source script
 file extension waxProComm Plus compiled script
 file extension aspProcomm Plus ASPect language script
 file extension pdeProcessing development environment source code
 file extension iiPreprocessed C++ source code
 file extension pgmlPrecision Graphics Markup Language file format
 file extension pslPowerTerm script language file
 file extension pblPowerBuilder source code library
 file extension pblPowerBASIC library
 file extension pbaPowerBASIC language source code

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