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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types

List of common source code files

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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types.

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 file extension airiAdobe AIR intermediate data
 file extension kshUnix shell script
 file extension rtsResource Tuner Console script
 file extension gypGoogle Chromium GYP input configuration
wsf file icon file extension wsfWindows Script
 file extension wpjWatcom C/C++ project
 file extension kxKiXtart tokenized script
 file extension devpakDev-C++ developer package
 file extension gfaGFA-BASIC tokenized source
 file extension xrCygnus ld-scripts data
 file extension fxlFaceFX batch script
 file extension xbsXnView script
 file extension phPerl header
 file extension xprojMicrosoft Visual Studio ASP.NET project
 file extension dtsLinux Device Tree source
 file extension fdtFinal Draft script attributes
 file extension gskGeocaching Swiss Army Knife macro
 file extension jksJava KeyStore data
 file extension cbsComodo Backup script
vstemplate file icon file extension vstemplateMicrosoft Visual Studio project template
 file extension kexKEDIT profile macro
 file extension ircjIRCii script
php3 file icon file extension php3PHP version 3 script
 file extension d4Dataphor source data
 file extension fountainFountain syntax
 file extension inpOracle source code
 file extension mscC makefile
 file extension txlTXL programming language source code
 file extension lnp┬ÁVision linker input data
 file extension ashTurbo Assembler (TASM) header
 file extension dfdABC programming language dyadic functions data
 file extension geanyGeany project
 file extension jclIBM Job Control Language file format
 file extension cxeCommon XML Envelope data
 file extension ppmlPersonalized Print Markup Language document
 file extension exe_emu8086 assembly source code
rbw file icon file extension rbwRuby data
 file extension scbScala InfoChannel published script
 file extension lnxLinux specific makefile
 file extension scmGIMP script file
 file extension m51ARM Keil Tools linker listing data
 file extension vbscriptVisual Basic script
cla file icon file extension claJava class data
 file extension sqlprojMicrosoft Visual Studio SQL server project
 file extension aAda programming language source code
 file extension svoSTATISTICA macro
 file extension appxmanifestWindows Store app source manifest
 file extension ccsTrialDirector clip script
 file extension codMicrosoft C compiler output
 file extension nhsNHibernate data
jsfl file icon file extension jsflFlash JavaScript data
atmn file icon file extension atmnAutomation Anywhere macro
 file extension hoicHOIC DDoS script
 file extension cxsConciseXML format file
 file extension jakAHEAD Tool Suite data
 file extension iiPreprocessed C++ source code
lmv file icon file extension lmvAdobe Flash source code
fsx file icon file extension fsxMicrosoft Visual Studio F# script
 file extension pouPLCEdit program organisation unit
vbproj file icon file extension vbprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic project
 file extension samiSynchronized Accessible Media Interchange file format
 file extension rktRacket information module
 file extension ghpGitHub Enterprise software package
 file extension tdoXilinx text design output data
targets file icon file extension targetsMSBuild targets file
 file extension ppoCA Clipper preprocessor output
 file extension cshrcUNIX command data
 file extension mMatLab function, commands, script
 file extension bxlTurbo-Basic XL data
 file extension smwSIMPL Windows source code
 file extension cbaCreative BASIC source code
 file extension ftnFortran language source code
 file extension cfiCleverForm script file
 file extension sDigitalMicrograph script
 file extension pnprojProgrammer's Notepad project file
 file extension bpoDataFlex business process object
xib file icon file extension xibApple Interface Builder data
 file extension gekGECK Papyrus Script Editor script
 file extension betBETA source data
vap file icon file extension vapMicrosoft Visual Studio Analyzer project file
 file extension vbhtmlMicrosoft Visual Studio ASP.NET web page
ctl file icon file extension ctlVisual Basic control data (Active X control data)
edml file icon file extension edmlEDML Parser-Library file
 file extension frtGP-Forth language source code
 file extension vrpWatcom VXRexx project
 file extension autosaveGDevelop autosave
 file extension appletEclipse IDE for Java Developers data
 file extension turTuring program source code file
idl file icon file extension idlVisual Studio Visual C++ interface definition library
 file extension igModula-3 generic interface source
 file extension mediawikiMediawiki source data
 file extension myappMicrosoft Visual Studio application XML
 file extension s5dSiemens Step 5 source code
vcproj file icon file extension vcprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ project
 file extension zeroZero Compiler project
rptproj file icon file extension rptprojMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008 report project
 file extension glsGLScript file
dgml file icon file extension dgmlMicrosoft Visual Studio Directed Graph Markup Language source code
 file extension ev3pLEGO MINDSTORMS program
 file extension f95Fortran 95 language source code file
 file extension ezeErZorScript source code
 file extension oppooppo core data
 file extension ideBorland C++ project
 file extension prgRPG Toolkit program script
 file extension slimSlim script
ogx file icon file extension ogxMicrosoft C++ component gallery exported classes and resources
 file extension wxiWiX include data
ascx file icon file extension ascxActive Server Pages web user control data
ksc file icon file extension kscKorg Trinity script
 file extension inpgretl script
 file extension phsPHScript data
vup file icon file extension vupVisual C++ utility project
 file extension roboRoboRealm robo script
 file extension coffeeCoffeeScript script
 file extension vpiVirtual Pascal OS/2 unit data
 file extension bprBorland C++ Builder XML project
vc6 file icon file extension vc6Visual C++ makefile
sbr file icon file extension sbrMicrosoft Visual C++ source browser intermediate data
 file extension ogrOGR C++ open source library
 file extension tqlMicrosoft SQL Server query analyser header
vdproj file icon file extension vdprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ deployment project
 file extension fgbValve Source SDK data
 file extension ucbUnstoppable Copier batch scirpt
 file extension makoMako tamplate
 file extension enmlEvernote for Google Android note
 file extension rubJQuery rules file
 file extension ktsKotlin source code
 file extension hseAdobe Dreamweaver snippet file
 file extension resMicrosoft Linker resource compiler input file
 file extension ebs2E-Prime E-Run script file
 file extension gobjGeoworks object code file
 file extension jgsQWS3270 PLUS script
 file extension dbaDarkBASIC source code
 file extension xnfExtensible numerical data
 file extension win32manifestMicrosoft Win32 manifest file
 file extension okmOpen Knowledge Management script
 file extension jtbJTB JavaCC grammar data
 file extension ogsOrigin script
 file extension pbaPowerBASIC language source code
 file extension pl7PL7-07 application file
 file extension s43IAR assembly source
 file extension cbpCode::Blocks project
 file extension wmwLikno Web Modal Windows Builder data
vsmacros file icon file extension vsmacrosMicrosoft Visual Studio binary-based macro project
 file extension ipyIPython script
 file extension plogPLog programming language source code
 file extension cplistGNU makefile
 file extension cfoTurbo C utilities C form object
 file extension fbpwxFormBuilder project
 file extension vVerilog source code file
 file extension jexJExpress project
 file extension xdaSencha Architect project
 file extension j3dJava 3D object
 file extension ipchMicrosoft Visual C++ Intellisense precompiled header file
 file extension mbasmikroBasic source code
 file extension c--Sphinx C-- language source code
cls file icon file extension clsMicrosoft Visual Basic 4 class module add-in
vbg file icon file extension vbgMicrosoft Visual Basic compatible project group file
cgi file icon file extension cgiPerl cgi script
 file extension appxsymMicrosoft Visual Studio Windows 8 application information
 file extension rwsBorland C++ resource workshop symbol
 file extension snoSnobol4 language source code
 file extension sltngStarLogo TNG project
 file extension chefAcme::Chef Chef source code
 file extension fcmacroFreeCAD macro
hxx file icon file extension hxxC++ header data
 file extension imlIntelliJ IDEA module
 file extension objIntel (Object Module Format) relocatable object module
 file extension gfeGrammatical Framework data
lisp file icon file extension lispLISP translators file
 file extension gusUniversal Score Poster script file
obj file icon file extension objMicrosoft Visual Studio object
 file extension heiHeitml source code
 file extension qscKaleidagraph script file
 file extension lmlLOGML data
 file extension appxuploadMicrosoft Visual Studio Windows application upload data
 file extension rprojRStudio project
 file extension wasProComm source script
 file extension gmlGraphlet Graphscript data file
 file extension celCelestia 3D rendering script
 file extension lshLush source code
 file extension jcsJava control source data
 file extension npidBASE Application Generator source data
 file extension rgsInstallShield script for Windows Registry
 file extension makeMakefile
wpm file icon file extension wpmCorel WordPerfect macro file
 file extension frsFlash Renamer script file
 file extension ncxNavigation Control for XML
 file extension phptPHP test suite file
 file extension commonUnix script
 file extension rdocRubyDoc script
 file extension pdbMicrosoft Linker input database file
 file extension lhsLiterate Haskell programming language source code
 file extension phpsPHP script source code file
 file extension vddprojMicrosoft Visual Studio deployment project file
 file extension susSynergy Accounts update script
 file extension koduKodu project
 file extension rrcBlackBerry Java resource content
vdp file icon file extension vdpMicrosoft Visual Studio deployment project
 file extension umpUModel project file
 file extension oxOx source code
 file extension bsmlBioinformatic data
 file extension alanAlan v3 source code
 file extension clojureClojure source code
 file extension c__C++ source code
 file extension mlyOCaml ocamlyacc input data
afb file icon file extension afbAlphacam flame VB macro
 file extension fpiFPS Creator intelligence script
xlv file icon file extension xlvMicrosoft Excel VBA module
 file extension rmnOracle Recovery Manager script file
 file extension osgOSGJS JSON input file
 file extension ebsE-Prime E-Run version 1 script file
 file extension xsqlOracle XSQL Servlet server side data
 file extension xml-logXML log
ilk file icon file extension ilkMicrosoft Visual Studio Linker input file
snippet file icon file extension snippetMicrosoft Visual Studio code snippet
bsh file icon file extension bshBash data
 file extension pgmSignature program
 file extension robWintask compiled program
 file extension xigXML Instance Generator data
 file extension nbinCompiled NASL script file
 file extension pslPowerTerm script language file
 file extension v3sVisual3D pipeline
 file extension pbiPowerBASIC include file
 file extension cshCARA script interpreter engine script
maki file icon file extension makiWinamp MAKI compiled script
 file extension hamlHTML abstraction markup language
tlh file icon file extension tlhTypelib generated C/C++ header file
 file extension a3cAlan v3 adventure code data
 file extension makefileMakefile
 file extension xfmOmniForm XML data
 file extension m4M4 preprocessor macro
cls file icon file extension clsMicrosoft Visual C++ class definition
 file extension m3Modula 3 programming language source code
 file extension bbfScriptBasic binary data
 file extension ttcnTTCN-3 script
 file extension tsqODBC script
 file extension hsmAssembly language header
 file extension dotGraphviz DOT language data
psc1 file icon file extension psc1Microsoft Windows PowerShell console data
 file extension swgSWAG Pascal Snippets (SWAG Reader)
 file extension psmlPacket Summary Markup Language
 file extension orlObject-Relational Language code
wsh file icon file extension wshMicrosoft Windows Scripting Host data
 file extension vsssccVisual Studio solution source control file
 file extension ekmEXP macro
 file extension jssJAWS script source
 file extension m2rAvaya Mib2Rules Perl script
 file extension pmodPike module
 file extension ewEuphoria source code
 file extension resjsonMicrosoft Windows 8 Metro JavaScript file
 file extension ob2Oberon 2 source code
 file extension thmlTheological HTML document
 file extension nlcNero Linux compilation
 file extension cljClojure source code
 file extension wliWL intermediate data
actionscript file icon file extension actionscriptAdobe Flash ActionScript data
 file extension gxlGraph Exchange Language data
 file extension p6Perl script language source code
scm file icon file extension scmScheme language source code file
classdiagram file icon file extension classdiagramMicrosoft Visual Studio class diagram
 file extension ccprojMicrosoft Visual Studio cloud service project
 file extension itclCygwin iwidgets script
 file extension sqoSqueak object
 file extension brxBREW MP application resource data
 file extension grxmlGrammar data
 file extension tikzMatlab tikz script
 file extension anjutaAnjuta DevStudio project
 file extension xv2Extensible Virtual World Description Language Document
 file extension bs2BASIC Stamp 2 source code
 file extension hbmHibernate script
tli file icon file extension tliTypelib generated C/C++ inline data
 file extension faslScheme source code
 file extension sczWingz script file
 file extension bxpBasicX-24 basic express compiler module list
 file extension autoplayAutoPlay Media Studio project
 file extension stlC++ standard template library
 file extension sbhIBM SQABasic header data
 file extension rpresRStudio presentation
 file extension nmkMicrosoft Program Maintenance Utility makefile
 file extension sesMSC Patran macro
 file extension mamlMicrosoft Assistance Markup Language
 file extension ttincludeMicrosoft Visual Studio text template
 file extension sjcSothink JavaScript Web Scroller definition file
 file extension exEuphoria source code
 file extension xpdlXML Process Definition Language data
 file extension fcgFastCGI script file
 file extension fcgiFastCGI script
hbx file icon file extension hbxStarMoney macro file
 file extension bhsRise of Nations script
 file extension homCNC10 CNC programming data
 file extension ywlYoWindow data
 file extension fucFrequently Used Commands script
 file extension zfdABC Zeroadic functions data
 file extension cfsChatFactory script file
 file extension modFortran module file
 file extension amosAMOS Basic code file
 file extension mashJava mash data
 file extension pl6Perl script language source code
 file extension xtxtXtext data
 file extension hrlErlang source or script
 file extension ba_Renamed BAT script
 file extension jbpJabaco project
 file extension p5Perl script language source code
 file extension cshcsh script
 file extension ckChucK source code
 file extension ~paDelphi backup
 file extension prgRAPID program
 file extension hxprojFlashDevelop Flash project
 file extension qxmQuexal macro
 file extension itmxXML Model Interchange Language source code
 file extension exwEuphoria Windows source code
 file extension nasNasal script
 file extension aneAdobe AIR native extension
 file extension pspscriptCorel Paint Shop Pro script
 file extension pf1SmartWare project source code
 file extension s4eAirplay SDK header file
 file extension hlaHigh Level Assembler source code
fsproj file icon file extension fsprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual F# project
 file extension wdprojMicrosoft Visual Studio web deployment project file
 file extension pomMaven build file
 file extension appcacheHTML5 cache manifest
 file extension pr7EuroSYSTEMS macro
 file extension pqlVisualPQL source code
 file extension ikIoke script
 file extension hxaMicrosoft Help attribute definition file
 file extension php1PHP1 auto data
 file extension bdhSilk Performer include data
 file extension kedKedit profile and macro
 file extension wbcWinBatch encoded script
msl file icon file extension mslImageMagick scripting language file
 file extension iapIguana Active Server active page script
 file extension mqtMetaQuotes Language 4 MQL4 template
 file extension acuMachine independent COBOL object
 file extension awkAWK programming language script
 file extension saasSass Indented Syntax data
 file extension astxAdobe Story exported script
 file extension exuEuphoria for Linux source code
 file extension simbaSimba script
 file extension mssMediaShout presentation script
 file extension juJU source code
 file extension kixKiXtart script
 file extension rnwSweave source
 file extension mcmlMicrosoft Windows Media Center MCML data
 file extension b24Ovation Pro for RISC OS C script
 file extension cphdCloudChan pre-processed hypertext document
 file extension qpfQuartus II project
 file extension sypSYP source data
 file extension rsRust source code
 file extension gc3Golden Common Lisp source code
php2 file icon file extension php2PHP version 2 script (HyperText PreProcessor)
 file extension jugJug source code
 file extension jshJAWS script header data
 file extension tcshUnix shell script
 file extension gladeGlade project
 file extension tzsTUGZip script
 file extension sasSAS source code
 file extension pkhOracle PL/SQL package file
 file extension oglATI overlay source code
 file extension scarSCAR script
 file extension bteBTEWin script
 file extension rxsRSIGuard RSIScript data
 file extension ebsIBM Rational Rose script source file
 file extension amlMio technology application markup language
 file extension c86Computer Innovation C86 C language source code
mc file icon file extension mcMicrosoft Windows localized message table resource file
 file extension konYahoo! Widget XML file
 file extension avsiAvisynth script file
vtm file icon file extension vtmAdobe ColdFusion query data
 file extension rbpREALbasic project
 file extension wdwWINDEV window file
 file extension mmhDragon Age Model Mesh Heirarchy file
 file extension qacC++ dedicated PROGRUN data
 file extension acgiACGI script (WWW)
 file extension licxMicrosoft Visual Studio license
 file extension mbMapBasic program
 file extension ldzMicrosoft Visual Studio DSM project file
 file extension uihGeoworks UI Compiler espire header data
 file extension arnoldcArnoldC source code
 file extension f03Fortran source code
 file extension 4glInformix 4GL language source code
bml file icon file extension bmlBetter Markup Language
 file extension licensesMicrosoft Visual Studio licensed classes
 file extension 4pkPerfect Keyboard macro set
 file extension jiJoin-Calculus interface source code
 file extension proProlog programming language source code
oqy file icon file extension oqyMicrosoft Excel OLAP query data
 file extension bsmProject file
 file extension pawnPawn scripting language source code
 file extension tlaThe Temporal Logic of Actions data
 file extension zplZEMAX programming language macro
 file extension pwoPortable Website Object data
 file extension ipfXilinx iMPACT project
 file extension jcmJava commerce message
 file extension entitlementsApple Mac OS X sandbox file
 file extension ps2Microsoft Windows Shell script
 file extension owlWeb Ontology Language source code
 file extension chhC++ header file
 file extension rvbRhinoceros 3D Visual Basic script
 file extension kitCodeKit project
 file extension mcpMPLAB IDE project
 file extension buildpathEclipse XML build path data
 file extension rc3Visual C resource data
 file extension gdgGDevelop project
 file extension jsbJAWS binary script
 file extension fusGURU uninstall script
xrc file icon file extension xrcwxWidgets wxPython resource file
dlg file icon file extension dlgC++ dialogue script
 file extension xojo_binary_projectXojo binary project
 file extension kclKyoto Common LISP source code
 file extension ztsZTerm script
 file extension bin_emu8086 assembly source code
 file extension mndAutoCAD Menu Compiler data
 file extension agoAutolog script
 file extension rqcMicro Focus Revolve script
jsxinc file icon file extension jsxincAdobe JavaScript data
 file extension axbAlpha5 Xbasic script
 file extension nekoNeko source code
asmx file icon file extension asmxActive Server Plus Web Services source data
 file extension mssManuscript text
 file extension psuPS2 YABASIC data
 file extension sbmlSystems Biology Markup Language source code
 file extension idleIDle script
 file extension udfSQL user defined function script file
 file extension pp1Free Pascal compiled unit data
 file extension rebREBOL script
 file extension a8sAnim8or script
 file extension scriptterminologyAppleScript script terminology data
 file extension lnkLinker response
 file extension a66┬ÁVision Assembler source code
 file extension mpxBX-24 Basic Express compiler map
 file extension xblrOutput raw XBRL data
 file extension javajetEclipse JET Java template file
 file extension wamWebAction macro
 file extension cordMicrosoft Visual Studio script
 file extension insLaTeX installer script
aem file icon file extension aemAlphacam wire EDM parameter macro
 file extension b2dBrutus2D source code
 file extension mdexMifos Data Exchange XML data
 file extension rbxIBM Rembo-C compiled script
 file extension slackbuildSlackware Linux script file
cfml file icon file extension cfmlAdobe ColdFusion Markup Language source code
 file extension ts0tio32 script
 file extension assAssembler/Disassembler 68HC11 file
 file extension valaVala programming language source code
 file extension wspdWebsitePainter for Mac project
mxe file icon file extension mxeCorel Quattro Pro startup macro file
 file extension xjeXJEase source code
 file extension mmbasMindManager 7 macro
 file extension rqbRapidQ quellcode data
 file extension aspProcomm Plus ASPect language script
 file extension komodoKMD data
dsb file icon file extension dsbWonderShare DVD Slideshow Builder project
ajm file icon file extension ajmAlphacam water jet parameter macro
 file extension rdfOracle report binary source
 file extension cgvpCG programming language XML data
lsp file icon file extension lspAutoLISP language source code
 file extension nunitNUnit test project
 file extension nlsNetLogo source code
 file extension a2xa2x data
 file extension napjNavicat Premium batch job
 file extension forFortran source code
 file extension confluenceEclipse Mylyn WikiText confluence data
 file extension hxmlhaXe makefile
 file extension scrScript
 file extension 11IBM Voice Type languages scripts data
 file extension ssSilverStripe source code
 file extension priQt Project include data
 file extension sscMediaShout presentation script
vgc file icon file extension vgcViziGen source code
 file extension obrBorland C++ object browser data
 file extension lampArchiCAD for MAC Geometric Description Language source code
 file extension expMicrosoft Linker input data
 file extension issCaseware IDEA IDEAScript file
ms file icon file extension ms3D Studio Max script source code
 file extension csmBorland C++ precompiled header file
 file extension as3APL*PLUS source code file
 file extension dcfD-LIB generic bytecode
 file extension pl5Perl script language source code
 file extension mrmMacroRunner macro
 file extension ezgEZGraphs source code
 file extension daemonscriptDaemon Tools script
 file extension configureBash data
 file extension gocGEOS GOC source code file
pdo file icon file extension pdoMicrosoft Access Package and Deployment Wizard script
 file extension mmbOracle Forms menu binary source code file
mlsxml file icon file extension mlsxmlSkype XML data
 file extension triple-sTriple-S surveying file format
 file extension owxOutWit Hub script
 file extension xqrXML Query Language for DB2 data
 file extension pfaFormdef or Pagedef source code
 file extension ahtmlHTML document
 file extension bxbBasicX compiled project bytecode
 file extension hasHaskell script
 file extension mlnAlchemy source data
vsixmanifest file icon file extension vsixmanifestMicrosoft Visual Studio VSIX manifest
 file extension php6Microsoft Expression Web php script
 file extension graphmlzCompressed GraphML source code
pjx file icon file extension pjxVisual FoxPro project
 file extension yxxBison source code

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