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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types

List of common source code files

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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types.

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 file extension pf0SmartWare project source code file
 file extension nbkData Backup script
 file extension defiOracle 7 de-install script
 file extension ahtmlHTML document
 file extension issCaseware IDEA IDEAScript file
 file extension h6hHLC script
 file extension plcLotus add-in functions macros applications
 file extension creoleCreole source data
asax file icon file extension asaxASP.NET application optional source
 file extension rdfOracle report binary source
 file extension ccbjsCopperCube JavaScript scene
 file extension wdkWINDEV component file
 file extension xbaApache OpenOffice Basic module
 file extension f77Fortran 77 language source code
 file extension msh1xmlWindows Power Shell script
 file extension d2jd2jsp script
 file extension pf4SmartWare project source code
 file extension xbapXAML Browser Application
 file extension lnkLinker response
 file extension imageSqueak source code
 file extension eekArachne script
 file extension dorArchiCAD Geometric Description Language
 file extension opxPsion Organiser programming language
 file extension builderBuilder script
 file extension rakeRuby makefile
 file extension fwactionbFreeway Pro action bundle
 file extension ecorediagKermeta ecore diagram information data
 file extension mdfFldigi macro
 file extension kbsKeyboard Script saved keystrokes
 file extension xmlaXML for Analysis source code
 file extension bufferedimageJava class
 file extension mfpsScientific Calculator Plus script
 file extension litcoffeeLiterate CoffeeScript source code
 file extension dsqCorel Query Language file
 file extension vc15Microsoft Visual C 1.5 makefile
 file extension genmodelEclipse IDE domain gen model
 file extension irbrcRuby file
 file extension s2sSpike2 script
map file icon file extension mapServer side image map
 file extension ls3projMicrosoft Visual Studio LightSwitch project
 file extension jscriptMicrosoft JScript source code
 file extension zpkZend Studio deployment application package
 file extension ht4HTML file Version 4 document
 file extension ssmlSpeech Synthesis Markup Language source code
 file extension 19IBM Voice Type languages scripts data
 file extension gemfileRuby RubyGems data
pdo file icon file extension pdoMicrosoft Access Package and Deployment Wizard script
 file extension gvyGroovy script
wcm file icon file extension wcmCorel WordPerfect macro file
applescript file icon file extension applescriptAppleScript script
rqy file icon file extension rqyMicrosoft Excel OLE DB query
 file extension dtmlZope Document Template Markup Language code
 file extension sdsbSpybot compiled script
 file extension p4aPython for Android script
 file extension jmkJX makefile
 file extension kumacPhysics Analysis Workstation macro
 file extension clwClarion source code
 file extension capfileRuby Capistrano instruction data
 file extension sprIBM Telelogic Tau SDL Suite design
generictest file icon file extension generictestMicrosoft Visual Studio generic test
 file extension jgcJGCGen script
 file extension uemUltraEdit macro source code
 file extension ebmAttachmate Extra! macro
lasso file icon file extension lassoLasso database driven web page
 file extension wisIBM wIntegrate basic script file
 file extension bmsQuickBMS script
 file extension csCLEO 3 custom script file
 file extension proIDL programming language source code
 file extension gitGit repository data
 file extension xqlMicrosoft Visual Studio xml data
 file extension vpsVisual Pinball script
 file extension ghcVisual Basic constant map
 file extension clipsCoda for Mac clips file
 file extension fbp6FinalBuilder XML project
 file extension pm6Perl script language source code
xoml file icon file extension xomlMicrosoft Visual Studio XOML file
 file extension fmxDelphi form
 file extension conMySQL SQL constraints script
 file extension tmoZortech C++ global optimizer default output file
 file extension skpCOREX orthographic transcription with signal linking data
 file extension pgmChromeleon batch program
 file extension com_emu8086 assembly source code
swt file icon file extension swtVisual Basic setup wizard template
 file extension xblXBLite source code
 file extension borlandBorland C makefile
 file extension tiprogramTI-Basic source code
 file extension shfbSandcastle Help File Builder project
 file extension dwarfDeebug with arbitrary record format file
 file extension rrhBlackBerry resource header
 file extension dhtDanTemplate HTML template
 file extension lsxtprojMicrosoft Visual Studio LightSwitch project
 file extension aahAmazingly Abstracted HTML document
 file extension fzsFilZip backup script
vsprops file icon file extension vspropsMicrosoft Visual Studio project property sheet file
 file extension nspjNavicat for SQL Server batch job
 file extension rspRapport script
dbproj file icon file extension dbprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ database project
 file extension cspCaseWare Working Papers script page
actproj file icon file extension actprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual SourceSafe ACT project
 file extension hayHaydee web server module
 file extension poixPoint of interest exchange data
 file extension resMicrosoft C, C++ compiled resource file
 file extension jsECMAScript language data
 file extension arscriptArtRage script
 file extension clCommon Lisp programming language source code
dsr file icon file extension dsrMicrosoft Visual Basic Active Designer data
 file extension tpltMolly template
 file extension iceIceChat IRC client script
 file extension elcCompiled ELISP source code
 file extension dseDAZ Studio encrypted script
 file extension tcxTestComplete script extension
 file extension mvplMicrosoft Visual Programming Language project
 file extension clpCA-Clipper compiler script
 file extension incInclude data
 file extension xpgtEPUB XML stylesheet page template
 file extension aAssembly source code
 file extension zshUnix shell script
 file extension cdVisual Studio class diagram
 file extension ilMSIL Assembler input file
 file extension waxProComm Plus compiled script
 file extension dmlMedical Manager DML system script file
 file extension csiCorel script
 file extension cyaCyana macro
 file extension bshBeanShell script
 file extension uspSIMPL Windows source code
 file extension msilMicrosoft Intermediate Language data
 file extension zbiZebra ZBI-Developer project
 file extension dfmC++ Builder 6 form
 file extension sjsSugar script
dsp file icon file extension dspMicrosoft Developer Studio project
 file extension issInno Setup script
 file extension zh_twNetscape Communicator java classes data
 file extension sitPDP-10 Fortran-77 compiler source file
 file extension netbootUnix netboot script
 file extension sdiInterface definition data
 file extension crCRiSP source code file
 file extension actxDS Game Maker action description data
 file extension iwbIWBasic source code
 file extension uitUIX XML template
 file extension apltAppleScript applet
 file extension ccpCopperCube JavaScript code
 file extension avcAvid Media Composer script
 file extension fxhXNA Game Studio HLSL header
 file extension qdlQDL source code file
xlm_ file icon file extension xlm_Microsoft Excel 2 for Mac macro
 file extension sctARM uVision IDE scatter data
mfcribbon-ms file icon file extension mfcribbon-msMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ ribbon resource code
 file extension judoJudoScript source code
 file extension cpyCobol include data
 file extension rvtApache Rivet Tcl file
 file extension exsdEclipse IDE extension point schema
 file extension smmAmi Pro macro
galaxy file icon file extension galaxyBlizzard Starcraft 2 Galaxy script file
xsc file icon file extension xscMicrosoft Visual Studio XSC data
 file extension ix3Instant.Exe 3.0 script
 file extension fWin32Forth source code
 file extension textileRedCloth script
 file extension a3xAutoIt compiled script
 file extension synw-projSynWrite project
cnt file icon file extension cnt602Pro PC Suite macro
 file extension 89xTexas Instruments TI-89 macro
 file extension lprLazarus project
 file extension nsiNSIS Nullsoft Scriptable Install System script
vic file icon file extension vicViziGen source code
vxml file icon file extension vxmlVoiceXML source data
 file extension tczTiny Core Linux script
 file extension pikePike source code
 file extension kl3KL3 source code
mpm file icon file extension mpmCorel WordPerfect MathPlan Macro file
 file extension pbPureBasic source code
 file extension poPortable object
hh file icon file extension hhC++ header data
 file extension diaDo It Again macro script file
 file extension snpCoffeeCup HTML Editor snippet
 file extension tabMicrosoft SQL table script
 file extension pm5Perl script language source code
 file extension frjFreeForm-J project
 file extension nokogiriNokogiri source data
 file extension a86A86 Assembly language source code
 file extension fdoModelSim script
 file extension plsPerlScript data
php5 file icon file extension php5PHP script version 5 (HyperText PreProcessor)
 file extension sbMicrosoft Small Basic source code
docstates file icon file extension docstatesMicrosoft Visual Studio Document Tab Well data
 file extension sxvAction Repeater macro
 file extension bBASIC language source code
 file extension mtpEasyBuilder 8000 project file
 file extension aarGoogle Android library project
 file extension pfxPFXplus application source code
 file extension jetincEclipse IDE template fragment
dsym file icon file extension dsymApple Xcode debug symbols
 file extension gmlGraph Modeling Language document
 file extension pf2SmartWare project source code
 file extension phpprojMicrosoft Visual Studio PHP project
 file extension ablABEL hardware description language data
 file extension mexMacro Express macro
 file extension mkeMicrosoft Windows SDK make data
xcodeproj file icon file extension xcodeprojApple Xcode software development project
 file extension wodApple WebObjects web application method
 file extension sxtFormula Graphics script
 file extension gscCall of Duty script
 file extension bdsprojBorland Developer Studio project
 file extension lolsLOLCODE source code
 file extension capCode Architect project
 file extension pbpPerl Builder data
spx file icon file extension spxMicrosoft FoxPro compiled form source
 file extension bcfMapTek Vulcan script
 file extension acmVisual SourceSafe module
 file extension pcOracle Pro*C source code
policy file icon file extension policyOpera policy data
 file extension zsZephyr Eclipse Server script
vc5 file icon file extension vc5Microsoft Visual C makefile
 file extension xysXYplorer script
 file extension h2oWater web program
 file extension lrfMicrosoft C/C++ linker response data
 file extension chdChart FX script
 file extension ioIo language script
 file extension ijsJ Interpretor script
 file extension ascApohysis script
 file extension tecPDP-10 TECO macro
wzs file icon file extension wzsMicrosoft Word wizard file
 file extension pgmlPrecision Graphics Markup Language file format
 file extension msvcMicrosoft Visual C++ compiler makefile
 file extension dxlLotus Domino XML data
 file extension ps2xmlWindows PowerShell data
 file extension esECMAScript language code
 file extension mcpCodeWarrior project file
 file extension jpxBorland Together implementation project
rpj file icon file extension rpjRealPlayer JavaScript data
lbi file icon file extension lbiAdobe Dreamweaver library
 file extension xapXbox dashboard script
 file extension nplXilinx Integrated Software Environment project
 file extension script editorAppleScript script
 file extension wbsWinBot IRC bot script
 file extension isModula-3 intermediate assembly data
 file extension pdbPowerBASIC debugger data
 file extension simpleSimple Compiler source code
sts file icon file extension stsMicrosoft C project status info
 file extension dwpMicrosoft Office SharePoint portal server dashboard web part
 file extension beamCompiled Erlang Code file
 file extension colaCola source code file
 file extension cuCUDA source code
 file extension ddpDelphi diagram page from compiler
 file extension pPascal language source code
dpr file icon file extension dprPascal data
 file extension 4thForth source code file
 file extension psc2Microsoft Windows PowerShell script
 file extension h__C++ header data
 file extension qlcAdobe Type Manager ATM Type 1 fonts script
 file extension fxcprojnVidia FX Composer project
sdef file icon file extension sdefAppleScript dictionary scripting definition
 file extension loInterleaf compiled Lisp data
 file extension mscrServiceMon script
 file extension bModula-3 base program
pp file icon file extension ppFree Pascal source code
 file extension smlSimple Markup Language
 file extension ippInline guard macro
 file extension absTurboZIP script
ls1 file icon file extension ls1Microsoft Winhelp source data
 file extension drcDelphi resource string data
 file extension sbsSPSS script
 file extension hcHeader data
 file extension kmlHP 48 emulator Win48 script
inc file icon file extension incPascal file
 file extension aptAlmost Plain text
 file extension usiUsiXML UI description
 file extension fscrChromeEd forester data script
 file extension pasSIMATIC WinCC script
 file extension rbxRuby programming language source code
 file extension pdPerl Data Language preprocessor
 file extension vceVisual CE class type
 file extension lpLP88 linear programming for the IBM-PC data
 file extension hppC++ header data
 file extension tscZEMAX tolerance script
 file extension dsymArchiCAD for MAC Geometric Description Language code
php4 file icon file extension php4HTML page with PHP (HyperText PreProcessor)
 file extension aroSteelArrow script
 file extension dtPowerBASIC data
deb file icon file extension debMS-DOS debug script
 file extension zcodeZ-Suite code
 file extension fbz6FinalBuilder compressed project
 file extension ccpCodeCharge Studio page data
 file extension claClarion for DOS source code
 file extension hscHelpScribble project source
 file extension snapxSnapform XML form
 file extension playgroundApple Xcode playground data
lib file icon file extension libMicrosoft Linker compressed input library file
 file extension zZero Compiler header
i file icon file extension iMicrosoft Visual Studio preprocessed source
 file extension tstTagScanner text transform script
 file extension glaSothink SWF Easy project
 file extension roboRoboMind source code
 file extension dgDataFlex source code for a dialog box
 file extension owFree Pascal for Windows object
 file extension fsbform-Z compiled script
 file extension sceScilab source code
 file extension codFORTRAN program compiled code
 file extension 8xkTI-82 Plus application file
 file extension eplEncirq \PL programming language source
 file extension cxlContent Extraction Language script
 file extension rslRobot Scripting Language file
 file extension tprTIGCC IDE project
 file extension sconstructSCons makefile
 file extension wmlscWireless Markup Language (WAP) bytecode script
 file extension dboDarkBASIC source code
 file extension iAPLAC source code
mmjs file icon file extension mmjsAdobe JavaScript document
 file extension aepActiv E-Book project
 file extension gldMPLAB C Compiler linker script file
 file extension ctpCakePHP template
 file extension anAdobe Edge Animate project
 file extension clsJava class definition
 file extension qlmQuickField LabelMover script
 file extension classGambas class source
 file extension mmchCodeWarrior compiled hdr data
 file extension kplKids Programming Language source code
 file extension rpgLego Mindstorms NXT 5-Steps program
 file extension rsmArchiCAD Geometric Description Language script
tld file icon file extension tldTag Library Descriptor data
 file extension msh2xmlWindows PowerShell script
 file extension dcrDelphi component binary resource
 file extension pl1PL/1 programming language source code
 file extension gstGAIN script text
 file extension psfPID script
 file extension jpageEclipse Java scrapbook page file
 file extension sciScilab script
hbz file icon file extension hbzStarMoney macro
pcd file icon file extension pcdMicrosoft Visual Test data
sc file icon file extension scCorel Paradox PAL script
wmlc file icon file extension wmlcWireless Markup Language bytecode document (WAP)
 file extension gmlGame Maker script
 file extension dcfDirectory Opus command
 file extension apgAPGen script
 file extension wOpenEdge Architect source code
 file extension dmsBYOND script
ptl file icon file extension ptlMicrosoft Visual Modeler petal data
 file extension coddBASE template source
 file extension rbRuby on Rails class
 file extension mmNeXtMidas macro
 file extension droD-Robots robot data
 file extension conConcept Application Server source code
 file extension rfxModula M2SDS data
 file extension wdiWINDEV component description file
 file extension sscXaira script
 file extension a51┬ÁVision Assembler source file
 file extension gsbGain script binary data
 file extension dmbDHTML Menu Builder project
 file extension mlOCaml source code
 file extension msh1Microsoft Shell script
 file extension wmlsWireless Markup Language script (WAP)
 file extension csTorque game engine script
 file extension dsDragonSpeak source data
 file extension axeAnnotated XML example data
akp file icon file extension akpQuickZip script
 file extension artArtifacts artifact data
 file extension ccsCodeCharge Studio project
 file extension bpsBatchPhoto script
 file extension cpCPIde source code
mcr file icon file extension mcrAutodesk 3D Studio Max macroscript
 file extension sptCypress Semiconductor USB console script file
 file extension mbtemmplateModelBaker custom template directory
 file extension oplmOutline Processor Markup Language source code
 file extension msdlManchester Scene Description Language source code
 file extension dsaDAZ Studio script
 file extension rexxRexx language source code
 file extension ebuildPortage eBuild script
 file extension wscriptWaf script
 file extension casBorland combined C/Assembly source code file
 file extension mingw32Mingw compiler data
 file extension pdlBorland C++ project description language data
 file extension m4xSynDEx data
 file extension cANSI C script file
 file extension sflSF programming language source code library
 file extension rppRPP script
 file extension nesNessus attack scripting language key
 file extension magikMagik source code
 file extension alxAlpha Five database information
xhtm file icon file extension xhtmExtensible HTML document
 file extension nrsNovaBACKUP restore script
 file extension fmtENVI tape script
 file extension lngLahey Fortran language data
scp file icon file extension scpMicrosoft dial-up networking script
 file extension pxdPyrex definition data
mdp file icon file extension mdpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic workspace
 file extension mbamMalwarebytes Anti-Malware script
 file extension hcwHTML Help Workshop Conversion Wizard macro
wpm file icon file extension wpm602Pro PC Suite macro file
 file extension jsJACOsub script
 file extension asbxMicrosoft ASP.Net BridgeHandler data
 file extension sfmSF programming language main source code
 file extension xamlxMicrosoft Visual Studio XAMLX document
 file extension jpdJava process definition data
 file extension moduleMicrosoft Expression Web PHP script
 file extension exvAdobe Extension Manager data
 file extension plxPiXCL script
 file extension fsprojFireStarter project
 file extension dgslMicrosoft Visual Studio visual shader graph file
 file extension mabMarkaby script
mi file icon file extension miWinamp MAKI scripting library
 file extension dtsDirectory Toolkit script
odh file icon file extension odhMicrosoft Visual Studio Interface Definition Language data
 file extension yml2YML script
dd file icon file extension ddMicrosoft Visual Studio deployment diagram file
 file extension cbCoolBasic src data
 file extension ad2ad2 web page script
 file extension cr2CRBasic source code
 file extension aksAkAbak script
 file extension ocrSubtitle Workshop script
 file extension wsdRoboSoft script
dwt file icon file extension dwtAdobe GoLive template
 file extension asprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Analysis Services project file
 file extension rprofileQuick-R R programming language configuration
 file extension nnbANNI batch script
 file extension f40PDP-10 FORTRAN-4 compiler source
 file extension jlcByte compiled Lisp-based script
c file icon file extension cAutoCAD Development System (ADS) source code
 file extension dmcSage Medical Manager script
 file extension rtmlRuneberg Text Markup Language document
 file extension zscZBrush script
 file extension msmArchiCAD Geometric Description Language data
 file extension armxASP.NET source data
 file extension ccxmlCall Control eXtensible Markup Language source code
vc7 file icon file extension vc7Microsoft Visual C makefile
 file extension owdOpenWire project file
 file extension ffARRIS SigmaC source file
 file extension vcVerge source code
 file extension rakefileRuby makefile
 file extension osasAppleScript library tani script
pm file icon file extension pmPidgin instant messenger module
 file extension ldsLaser Dispatch script
 file extension csdprojC# device project
rbs file icon file extension rbsMicrosoft Windows Installer Rollback Script file
scptd file icon file extension scptdAppleScript script bundle
 file extension msh2Microsoft Shell script
 file extension scIngres Embedded SQL/C source code
asm file icon file extension asmAlphacam stone parameter macro
 file extension eqnKaleidaGraph macro
 file extension asfAPL*PLUS/PC shared data
 file extension wchWellCAD header data
 file extension rbREALbasic project
sma file icon file extension smaC/C++ source code
 file extension srcSource resource string
 file extension rbFuzzy rule based definition
 file extension nxcNXC Not eXactly C source code
pem file icon file extension pemCorel WordPerfect program editor macro
 file extension dprBorland C++ default project
 file extension texinfoTexinfo source data
htd file icon file extension htdAdobe ExtendScript HTML document
 file extension tTuring programming language source code
 file extension mspMax Script Page
 file extension amlACPI machine language source code
 file extension pyOracle Database batch procedure
pjt file icon file extension pjtVisual FoxPro associated memo
 file extension zclsZero Compiler class
 file extension mdpMicrosoft Developer Studio project
 file extension xbdJAXB schema
 file extension pslAccellera property specification language source code
 file extension rpprjAxure RP project
 file extension vplvplot source code
 file extension cljsClojureScript script
 file extension appCA Visual Objects platform for developer (CAVO) project
 file extension bptCOREX segmentation data
 file extension fpcFreePascal Compiler makefile
 file extension agsAfterGRASP script
 file extension smxSMX macro
 file extension vdmVDM specification file
 file extension pdlProgrammable Driver Language data
 file extension wmlWebsite META language code
 file extension pf?SmartWare project source
 file extension fdmlForms Definition Markup Language source code
 file extension ixxModula-3 Linker information
 file extension algPDP-10 ALGOL compiler source
 file extension mliF# source code
 file extension yajlYAJL script
 file extension fslform-Z script
 file extension lexHP-Basic language extension
m file icon file extension mScript (Miranda IM language)
 file extension mingwMinGW makefile
 file extension textArchiCAD for MAC Geometric Description Language object
 file extension oksOKScript script
 file extension svcSimple Visual Compiler data
 file extension avsAvisynth script
 file extension lrsLazarus resource data
 file extension iadpageiAd Producer page template
 file extension fsfFSL feat setup script
 file extension script particles
 file extension placplac script
 file extension androidprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Android project
 file extension biMicrosoft Visual Basic for DOS include data
 file extension mbsMailbag Assistant script
 file extension bilLisp source code
 file extension tagCOREX data
 file extension tmfMicrosoft Visual Studio trace message
 file extension dcprojApple Dashcode project
 file extension xlXBLite source code
 file extension cprrAdobe Captivate XML script
hydra file icon file extension hydraAdobe Pixel Bender kernel
 file extension capConstruct game development data
 file extension tatxttthinBasic template
 file extension cuoCUDA object

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