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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types

List of common source code files

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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types.

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 file extension placplac script
 file extension tagCOREX data
hydra file icon file extension hydraAdobe Pixel Bender kernel
 file extension tmfMicrosoft Visual Studio trace message
 file extension pikaPika Software Builder project
 file extension xlXBLite source code
 file extension rexRexx language source code
 file extension cprrAdobe Captivate XML script
cc file icon file extension ccADS source code
 file extension capConstruct game development data
 file extension tlvTransaction-Level Verilog data
aut file icon file extension autAutoIt pre v3 script
 file extension tatxttthinBasic template
 file extension fglFifth Generation Language (5GL) source code
 file extension srcDataFlex/Multi-Edit source
 file extension dDialect source code
 file extension pdlPerl Data Language data
 file extension forthForth source code
 file extension ptbPubTech BatchWorks script
asr file icon file extension asrAdobe Flash ActionScript remote data
 file extension dpltAppleScript droplet data
 file extension icModula-3 M3CG intermediate language source code
 file extension idbDelphi Pascal object
 file extension impPascal implementation data
smd file icon file extension smdScheme data
 file extension mscrRename Master script
 file extension eEiffelStudio source data
 file extension carBrew MP component application resource data
 file extension slogtStarLogo template file
 file extension mcwMacaw project
 file extension 3rfAdvent 3B2 extensions script cross reference
 file extension tuTuring source code
 file extension radiusRuby-Radius scipt
 file extension dmlDynaScript markup language code
 file extension mstVisual Test source data
 file extension ripTelegrafx Remote Imaging Protocol
 file extension apFifth Generation Systems active page
 file extension sqldataproviderDotNetNuke script
 file extension pdsPALASM source code
 file extension csfVanDyke SecureCRT script
db2 file icon file extension db2Microsoft Visual Studio DB2 SQL script
 file extension pdeProcessing development environment source code
 file extension sfSF programming language source code
 file extension qcfMicrosoft QBasic coordinates
 file extension calCakewalk application language script
 file extension llLex source code
 file extension mpdMonadic predicates
 file extension msymArchiCAD for MAC Geometric Description Language data
 file extension scSuperCollider source code
 file extension nsconfignsconfig authentication data
 file extension h--Sphinx C-- header
mem file icon file extension memCorel WordPerfect macro
 file extension vssVectorWorks VectorScript script
 file extension ksKickstart script
 file extension orcOracle 7 script
 file extension pvsPolyView slide show script
 file extension litLiterate Haskell script
 file extension fwactionFreeway Pro action data
 file extension yabYabasic source code
 file extension temBorland C++ Turbo Editor Macro Language script
 file extension cxtCX-Programmer PLC program
 file extension anmInfinity equation script
 file extension cluCLUCalc CLUScript script
 file extension actDS Game Maker action data
 file extension xojo_xml_projectXojo XML project
 file extension symBorland C++ precompiled header
 file extension glfPointwise TCL script
 file extension bmsBitmove Multimedia Script
 file extension ipprojMicrosoft Visual Studio InfoPath project
 file extension rsymArchiCAD for Mac Geometric Description Language data
alb file icon file extension albAlphacam laser VB macro
 file extension hp?LoseThos C++ header
 file extension smiSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language presentation
l file icon file extension lXcode core Lex program
 file extension wsilIBM Web Services Inspection Language data
 file extension dsDAZ Studio script
 file extension bsdBoundary Scan Description Language source code
 file extension boxMediaShout presentation script
 file extension eppPython Egg data
 file extension eAmiga E source code
 file extension cspCrystal Enterprise Crystal Server page
 file extension vadVadera Enterprises PHP script
 file extension xbcOEPE JAXB Wizard bindings data
 file extension cdprojCppDepend project
 file extension pslPATROL script language script
 file extension bpkC++ Builder package
 file extension erbErubis script
 file extension odsNCompass Labs internet related script
tokend file icon file extension tokendSmart Card support data
 file extension sltTelix Salt Script Application Language script source
 file extension 2clkFrontier script
 file extension dwsNetop script
 file extension tmlWZ Editor document or macro file format
 file extension tilemapXML tilemap format
 file extension nsxAppStudio project
 file extension sptSpitbol language source code
 file extension erlErlang source or script
 file extension emakefileErlang makefile
 file extension diD Programming Language source code
 file extension mpktMOPEKS trial data
 file extension sfpSF programming language processed source code
 file extension bazZebra Printer BASIC source code
 file extension talTransaction Application Language source code
 file extension slot id data
v4s file icon file extension v4sMicrosoft Windows Script Host file
dfm file icon file extension dfmPascal data
 file extension awlAlternative Web Language source code
 file extension mdMachine description data
 file extension tbasicthinBasic script
 file extension plcPL/B source code
 file extension mmlGordano Mail Meta Language code
xlm4 file icon file extension xlm4Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac macro
 file extension atlATP Assembler source code
 file extension vc4Microsoft Visual C++ makefile
 file extension djgDJGPP Compiler makefile
adb file icon file extension adbAlphacam die-cut VB macro
 file extension jslMicrosoft Visual J# project
 file extension modModula-2 programming language source code
 file extension ismArchiCAD Geometric Description Language source code
 file extension isymArchiCAD for Mac Geometric Description Language file
dpk file icon file extension dpkPascal data
 file extension scroAmira script object
 file extension bmlBean Scripting Framework (BSF) data
 file extension w32Compiler makefile
 file extension sasStreamAction script
 file extension bmmlBraille Music Markup Language music score
 file extension mixPower C object
scx file icon file extension scxMicrosoft Class Browser form
 file extension mp?LoseThos compiler map
 file extension flmFlasm disassembled Flash ActionScript bytecode
 file extension sdaOneSpace Designer assembly data
 file extension adtCOBOL project
 file extension rtkRacket source code
 file extension tplNunjucks template
 file extension dpjBorland Delphi project file
 file extension fppFortran source code file
 file extension vc2Microsoft Visual C data
 file extension celxCelestia 3D rendering script
 file extension tomTom source code
 file extension tTads source code
 file extension mmlMobile Markup Language source code
csview file icon file extension csviewMicrosoft Visual Studio views data
vmx file icon file extension vmxMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ macro project file
 file extension acrACRobot script
 file extension gsGeosoft montaj script
 file extension xctExtremeCopy task
 file extension spkNot compiled software package file
 file extension rguninstRealArcade uninstall script
 file extension msModula-3 intermediate assembly file
 file extension cbqStarOS script file
 file extension psgiPSGI script
 file extension api_filtersEclipse API settings
 file extension cmaCamomile library
 file extension mliCamomile individual module
 file extension tqlTree Query Language file
 file extension esSageCRM script
 file extension pwnPawn source code
 file extension sscStellarium script file
 file extension sscsSaropa Smart Copy script
 file extension vdtSwiftview imaging command set
 file extension ddbINMOS Transputer Development System OCCAM debugging info
 file extension kbBorland C++ Keyboard Script file
pbxbtree file icon file extension pbxbtreeApple Xcode auto-complete file
wmc file icon file extension wmcCorel WordPerfect macro
 file extension xscXVI32 script
 file extension mcaApis Ceratina data
 file extension vV++ VPascal source code
db file icon file extension dbAtari Jaguar debugger script
 file extension cvaCanvas sequence set
 file extension xojo_projectXojo programming project
 file extension sfrSF programming language repository
 file extension stuffit11taskStuffit scheduler task
 file extension h++Unusual C++ header
 file extension zfsC++ assembly source file
 file extension trsTURBU Editor RPG script
 file extension mmGroff MM format source
fsscript file icon file extension fsscriptMicrosoft Visual Studio F# script
 file extension scrWintask uncompiled program
 file extension kdevprjKDevelop project file
 file extension rapcJava 2 ME unit data
 file extension mcMetaCard stack data
 file extension msdevMicrosoft Visual C+ make file
asp+ file icon file extension asp+ASP.NET ASP+ file
 file extension au?LoseThos autofile
 file extension layTrack Builder simulation compiler code
 file extension scpSCAR Divi macro script file
 file extension help ID data
 file extension ephtmlEnhanced Perl-parsed HTML file
 file extension h5bprjRAD Studio HTML5 Builder project
 file extension stLittleSmalltalk language source code
 file extension mLimbo interface declaration file
 file extension optPsion Organiser OPL source
bks file icon file extension bksMicrosoft Windows scheduled backup script
 file extension desV+ Visual Development System design
 file extension unxUNIX specific makefile
 file extension mcrCuteFTP script file
 file extension pmlPalm Markup Language source code
 file extension gadgeprjGadge It project
alm file icon file extension almAlphacam laser parameter macro
xmta file icon file extension xmtaMicrosoft Visual Studio XMTA document
 file extension rcsRCSWin job script
 file extension ebsEyeBatch command script
 file extension artprojArtifacts project file
 file extension tpxTurbo Pascal unit file
 file extension gsGosu class
 file extension sbiSetupBuilder include script file
 file extension ccsVisual CCScript script
 file extension ifosInstant File Opener script
 file extension ookArachne batch script
 file extension ilEuphoria shrouded source code
atp file icon file extension atpAutomise project file
 file extension sqljetEclipse JET SQL template file
 file extension perlctrlPerl Dev Kit PerlCtrl project
 file extension mdfCisco IOS Embedded Menu Manager menu definition file format
 file extension wsymArchiCAD for MAC Geometric Description Language file
 file extension mtxM-Tx Music-From-Text translator source file
 file extension sarSqueak package file
 file extension eggExplosion Graphics Generator script file
 file extension clxMacro ToolsWorks macro file
 file extension lnxLynx project
 file extension cmpSimCreator script file
 file extension ashKoLmafia ASH script
 file extension hsdlHierarchical Scan Description Language
 file extension turboc3Borland Turbo C makefile
wdx9 file icon file extension wdx9Microsoft Word for Mac wizard data
 file extension wixwIntegrate compiled script file
 file extension wxwxBasic programming language file format
 file extension bltxBlaTeX source code
 file extension bbprojectBBEdit project file
 file extension sptESPL programming code
 file extension nunjNunjucks template
 file extension ppPerl Data Language PreProcessor file
 file extension rdoffNetwide assembler file
 file extension spsVAX/VMS source code
mvc file icon file extension mvcMiva compiled script
csgrad file icon file extension csgradMicrosoft Visual Studio gradients file
 file extension uvprjxµVision project
 file extension qmlQT meta language source code
 file extension litLit source code
 file extension perlnetPerl Dev Kit PerlNET project
 file extension rngRELAX NG source code file
 file extension mslMAINSAIL source code file
 file extension axeParadigm C++ integrated debugger file
 file extension tracwikiEclipse IDE WikiText file
 file extension pnptProgrammer's Notepad project template file
 file extension semanXtext semantics file
 file extension cvsrcTortoiseCVS CVS command file
 file extension fdmFlashDevelop macro
 file extension mAmiga E source module
 file extension chClipper include file
 file extension dcDialect compiled script
 file extension difDiff output from Diff command script for Patch command file
 file extension bliPDP-10 BLISS-10 compiler source
 file extension cAtari Lite-C script file
 file extension efssEffective File Search script
 file extension cscOvation Pro C script file
 file extension abaAkAbak abacus formula script
 file extension smlSMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language file
 file extension vjsprojMicrosoft Visual J# project
 file extension fpCDE Front Panel file
atm file icon file extension atmAlphacam lathe parameter macro file
 file extension dpqClarion file
 file extension scriptsuiteAppleScript script suite file
 file extension epjRapidSQL SCCS project
 file extension lxsprojLiquid XML Studio project
 file extension 3dfbat3DField command data
 file extension netprojectnetfabb Basic project file
 file extension m2Modula 2 language source file
 file extension scmPDP-10 source compare file
 file extension sp?LoseThos C+ source file
 file extension jomprojMicrosoft Visual Studio JOOB object model project file
 file extension bBuRg3r definition file
 file extension xweb4asaxMicrosoft Expression Web server app
 file extension pxlPiXCL Imaging language source file
lwa file icon file extension lwaLightwright automated action file
 file extension qprDinkum embedded C++ abridged library
 file extension gbapGLBasic project file
 file extension irevRuntime Revolution script file
 file extension qt3dQt 3D data
 file extension pcsKDevelop persistent code store file
 file extension slSam Spade startup script
 file extension msctMOPEKS script file
 file extension xmssFileMaker script
 file extension winArchiCAD Geometric Description Language file
 file extension dsDMDScript source code
 file extension cspIntersystems Caché server page
 file extension dslDSSSL style sheet
woa file icon file extension woaWebObjects script file
 file extension cusConciseURI syntax file
 file extension dgscriptDigiGuide script
 file extension xXBLite program
y file icon file extension yXcode core yacc program
 file extension nlpjNavicat for SQlite batch job
 file extension tbasiccthinBasic script
 file extension xweb4jsMicrosoft Expression Web JScript script
 file extension tmplNunjucks template
 file extension wspMicrosoft Fortran Powerstation workspace file
 file extension kmdiKermeta file
 file extension smwStenn Media web script
 file extension wxsCode::Blocks XML file
 file extension adtCaesar/Aldebaran Development Package compiler file
 file extension rbcIBM Rembo-C script file
 file extension codasiteCoda for Mac web project file
 file extension 92xTI-92 macro
 file extension zasmZero Compiler assembly source code
adiumscripts file icon file extension adiumscriptsAdium AppleScripts file
db2tbl file icon file extension db2tblMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 table script
 file extension ebsEventcorder script file
 file extension xdsOpenGL Performer script
 file extension nqcNQC Not Quite C source code file
 file extension swFree Pascal assembler file
 file extension iclClean source code file
gas file icon file extension gasAtari Jaguar GPU assembly source file
 file extension halHansaWorld Enterprise HAL code file
 file extension xweb4stmMicrosoft Expression Web STM document
 file extension sscEsterel sorted circuit code
 file extension tmlApache Tapestry markup language document
 file extension icnIcon language source code file
 file extension wscSGML Standard Generalized Markup Language file
 file extension db2trMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 trigger script file
 file extension tpsCrazy Talk expression script
 file extension rxsooRexx script file
vscontent file icon file extension vscontentMicrosoft Visual Studio Content Installer data
 file extension iadstyleiAd Producer style template
 file extension simTelix simple script source file
 file extension eptClarion for Windows embed points
vtml file icon file extension vtmlAdobe ColdFusion Visual Tool Markup Language file
 file extension tgprojRAD Studio design project
 file extension mc6Microsoft C makefile
 file extension perlsvcPerl Dev Kit project
 file extension nunjucksNunjucks template
 file extension forFont resource file
 file extension amfAutolog macro
 file extension eEuphoria include file
transcriptstyle file icon file extension transcriptstyleApple iChat transcript style file
 file extension dilDesignComposer input DIL script file
 file extension iadclassiAd Producer class description
 file extension pxiPyrex header
 file extension pxtPEST - the professional exam system quiz script
 file extension tptPCLTool transformation parameter table file
 file extension priCOREX orthographic transcription information
 file extension l1iNutkungX script file
 file extension wixoutWiX XML output file
vspolicy file icon file extension vspolicyMicrosoft Visual Studio Policy Description Language file
 file extension zmsZephyr ECLIPSE Server macro script file
 file extension nppjNavicat for PostgreSQL batch job
 file extension slsSlide Show Studio script
 file extension gcobTRANSFER Cobol source code
 file extension rsscClaris Resolve script file
 file extension talTyped Assembly Language file
das file icon file extension dasAtari Jaguar DSP assembly source code
 file extension xmscFileMaker script
 file extension ridlRAD Studio Active X RIDL data
 file extension prxCOREX prosodic annotation file
 file extension perltrayPerl Dev Kit PerlTray project
 file extension llLinks programming language template file
 file extension slogoStarLogo programming project file
 file extension pbxscriptPersonal Backup script file
 file extension booBoo class data
 file extension zfrmZero form designer file
agls file icon file extension aglsAdobe GoLive snippet file
 file extension lprLAPRO source code file
 file extension txctxtCompiler script file
 file extension nms3DVIA Virtools graphical script
 file extension ndpvsNanoZoomer script
 file extension xmljetEclipse JET XML template
 file extension vrmVisual REXX language source code
 file extension ssSam Spade script file
 file extension lwmwLikno Web Modal Windows Builder data
 file extension sscHP Library and Tape Tools script
 file extension svxStatistica macro file
 file extension tclSLIDE: Scene Language for Interactive Dynamic Environments file
 file extension nmpjNavicat for MariaDB batch job
 file extension vc1Microsoft Visual C makefile
 file extension vcwin32Visual C make file
 file extension gsymArchiCAD for Mac Geometric Description Language file
 file extension as?LoseThos Assembly source code
 file extension rbvcpReal Studio project
 file extension tTimber compiler source code
 file extension mslProWORX Nxt MSL loadables file
 file extension xweb4httMicrosoft Expression Web hypertext template
 file extension xweb3masterMicrosoft Expression Web master page
 file extension gsHaskell Gofer script file
 file extension asoTurbo Assembler object file
 file extension qfFORTRAN embedded QUEL file
 file extension erubisErubis script
 file extension nopjNavicat for Oracle batch job
 file extension umlclassJava UML class model
 file extension pbx5scriptPersonal Backup script file
 file extension idlOMG CORBA interface definition language file
 file extension kt3KeyText macro
 file extension gnumakefileGNU Make makefile
 file extension prmProlog module file
 file extension ufdlUniversal Forms Description Language file
 file extension zsrcZero source file
 file extension db2vwMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 view script file
 file extension emakerfileErlang makefile
 file extension lgtLogtalk programming language source code file
 file extension cbsCardbox macro script
 file extension iadactioniAd Producer action template
 file extension iadprojiAd Producer project
 file extension dadxEclipse Document Access Definition Extension file
cp file icon file extension cpAdobe Audition script file
 file extension tlcCompiled Tool Command Language source code
xlm3 file icon file extension xlm3Microsoft Excel 3 for Mac Macro file
 file extension tigCOREX syntactic annotation
 file extension sjavaSynchronous Java source code file
 file extension excRexx language source code file
 file extension tiTuring include data
 file extension filZENworks application source file
 file extension lLisp language source
 file extension acGLPK automake/autoconf configure definitions file
 file extension startletStart++ script
 file extension ocamlmakefileCaml programming language makefile
 file extension nunjsNunjucks template
 file extension wowprojAddOn Studio for World of Warcraft project
 file extension tbasicxthinBasic script
 file extension vfprojVisual Studio Intel Fortran project
 file extension xscscptTranscribe! script
 file extension exprwdxslMicrosoft Expression Web sheet
 file extension dmlDigital Moderation meeting script file
 file extension dbheaderDownload Boost header file
 file extension propertiesjetEclipse IDE template file
 file extension ftrFalcon programming language translation data
 file extension issuiteInstallShield project
 file extension aifbAIF Builder project
 file extension xmapCodeWarrior linker data
 file extension deployprojMicrosoft Visual Studio deployment project
 file extension catvbsCATIA script
 file extension seestyleCoda for Mac style sheet
 file extension eqlEmbedded SQL file
 file extension wdgtprojApple Dashcode project
 file extension wsrmacWindows Speech Recognition macro
 file extension hdlGenerated C header file
 file extension pyprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Python project
 file extension catscriptCATIA script
 file extension mdspMinGW Developer Studio project
 file extension hevbsHippoEDIT VB script
 file extension adsADS applications file
 file extension g1wCASIO Fx-9860G SDK project
 file extension inspxeprojIntel Inspector project
 file extension hemcrHippoEDIT macro
 file extension 82pTI-82 program
 file extension adAxSys script file
 file extension sbprojOpenGL Shader Builder project
 file extension cryprojectCryENGINE project
 file extension tes5pasxEdit TES5Edit script
 file extension es6JavaScript source code
 file extension urjUltra Fractal job
 file extension ap?LoseThos C+ source file
 file extension cesfUltra TC Configuration Editor script
 file extension ihexIntel HEX Format code
 file extension atmxAutomation Anywhere task
 file extension cp?LoseThos C+ source file
 file extension py3Python 3 script

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