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File extensions related to vector graphics file formats and vector graphics applications

List of common vector graphics

Vector graphic file extension list

File extensions related to vector graphics file formats and vector graphics applications.

Vector graphics file types are typically generated by drawing or illustration programs (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW) and are composed of mathematically-defined geometric shapes-lines, paths, objects and fills. Since vectors entail both magnitude and direction, vector elements thus are comprised of line segments whose length represents magnitude and whose orientation in space represents direction.

Vector graphics usually are easily modified within the application, which created them and generally are not affected detrimentally by scaling (enlarging or reducing their size) compared to raster or bitmap image file types, where image scaling reduces picture quality. Because vector elements are mathematically-defined, scaling simply requires modification of their mathematical locations.
However, vector files don't support photographic imagery well and often can have difficulties with cross-platform exchange.

The most used vector graphics formats are for example: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), AI (Adobe Illustrator Graphics), CDR (CorelDraw Vector Graphics), WMF (Windows Metafile Format) and DRW (Vector Drawing file).

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 file extension 100Toyota Embroidery Format
 file extension 10oToyota Embroidery Format
 file extension 85vTI-85 vector file
 file extension 86vTI-86 vector file
 file extension 907CalComp 907 Plot vector graphics
 file extension ac5ArtCut 5 document
 file extension ac6ArtCut sign design
 file extension affAcorn vector draw file
agd1 file icon file extension agd1Adobe FreeHand for Mac drawing
ai file icon file extension aiAdobe Illustrator graphics
ait file icon file extension aitAdobe Illustrator template
 file extension artbArtboard vector drawing file
 file extension asyAsymptote module file
awg file icon file extension awgAbility Draw vector graphic file
 file extension b2fRISC OS Windows metafile
 file extension cagMicrosoft Clip Gallery catalog
 file extension cbdVector map data format for mapbrowser and mapwriter
 file extension cdlSignLab vector graphics
cdr file icon file extension cdrCorelDRAW vector or bitmap graphics
cdr3 file icon file extension cdr3CorelDRAW 3 for Mac vector or bitmap image
cdr4 file icon file extension cdr4CorelDRAW 4 for Mac vector or bitmap image
cdr5 file icon file extension cdr5CorelDRAW 5 for Mac vector or bitmap image
cdr6 file icon file extension cdr6CorelDRAW 6 for Mac vector or bitmap image
cdrw file icon file extension cdrwCorelDRAW for Mac file
 file extension cdsxConceptDraw PRO XML slide show
 file extension cdtConceptDraw Pro template
 file extension cdtxConceptDraw PRO XML template file
cdx file icon file extension cdxCorelDRAW compressed drawing
 file extension cdxConceptDraw PRO XML document file
cgm file icon file extension cgmComputer graphics metafile
 file extension chtHarvard Graphics vector graphics
 file extension cilMicrosoft Office Clip Gallery download package
 file extension cnvCanvas drawing
cor file icon file extension corCorelDRAW drawing
cpi file icon file extension cpiCalamus vector image
csh file icon file extension cshAdobe Photoshop custom shape
csl file icon file extension cslCorelDRAW symbol library
 file extension ctnCadterns sloper data
 file extension cv5Canvas 5 drawing
 file extension cvgCalamus vector image file format
 file extension cviCanvas vector image format
 file extension cvlCoastal Vector Listing file format
 file extension cvsCanvas bitmap or vector image
 file extension cvxCanvas drawing
 file extension datBarudan Embroidery format
dcs file icon file extension dcsQuarkXPress desktop color separation data
ddoc file icon file extension ddocApple MacDraw vector graphic file
ddrw file icon file extension ddrwApple ClarisDraw draw file
 file extension dedDr. Engrave document
 file extension demMelco Embroidery format
design file icon file extension designMicrosoft Expression Design drawing
 file extension dgAuto-trol vector graphics
 file extension doDigital Line Graph optional vector data
 file extension dppSerif DrawPlus drawing
dpr file icon file extension dprBentley Digital InterPlot data
 file extension drawAcorn vector draw format
 file extension drawingArtboard drawing
drw file icon file extension drwVector drawing
 file extension drwAcorn vector draw format
dsf file icon file extension dsfMicrografx Designer 6/7 graphic file
 file extension dstTajima Embroidery format
dsx file icon file extension dsxMicrografx Designer graphic file
 file extension dvgGraphicsWorks vector drawing
dxb file icon file extension dxbAutoCAD drawing exchange format
 file extension emzMicrosoft Windows compressed enhanced metafile
 file extension evfENVI vector
 file extension expMelco embroidery design
 file extension exyEltac embroidery format
 file extension eysSierra Expanded Embroidery Format
 file extension ezdrawEazyDraw picture
 file extension fcdFastCAD or EasyCAD 2D vector image
fh file icon file extension fhAdobe FreeHand image
fh10 file icon file extension fh10Adobe FreeHand 10 drawing
fh11 file icon file extension fh11Adobe FreeHand 11 drawing
fh12 file icon file extension fh12Adobe FreeHand drawing file
fh2 file icon file extension fh2Adobe FreeHand drawing file
fh3 file icon file extension fh3Adobe FreeHand drawing
fh4 file icon file extension fh4Adobe FreeHand drawing
fh5 file icon file extension fh5Adobe FreeHand drawing
fh6 file icon file extension fh6Adobe FreeHand drawing file
fh8 file icon file extension fh8Adobe FreeHand 8 drawing
fh9 file icon file extension fh9Adobe FreeHand 9 drawing
fhd file icon file extension fhdAdobe FreeHand vector drawing
fmv file icon file extension fmvFrame Vector metafile
 file extension fsFlexiSIGN document
ft10 file icon file extension ft10Adobe FreeHand 10 template file
ft11 file icon file extension ft11Adobe FreeHand 11 template file
ft8 file icon file extension ft8Adobe FreeHand 8 template file
ft9 file icon file extension ft9Adobe FreeHand 9 template file
fxg file icon file extension fxgAdobe Flash XML graphics
 file extension fxyFortron Embroidery Format
 file extension gemGEM vector graphics
 file extension gksGraphical Kernel System fle
gl2 file icon file extension gl2HP Graphics Language plotter document
 file extension gncGreat Notions embroidery data
 file extension graffleOmniGraffle drawing file
 file extension gsdGraphTec vector graphic data
 file extension gstencilOmniGraffle stencil file
 file extension gtGold Thread embroidery format
hg file icon file extension hgHP Graphics Language image
hp1 file icon file extension hp1HP Graphics Language plotter file
hpg file icon file extension hpgHP Graphics Language plotter document
hpgl file icon file extension hpglHewlett Packard Graphics Language plot file
hpgl2 file icon file extension hpgl2Hewlett Packard Graphics Language 2 picture image
 file extension hplHewlett-Packard LaserJet vector image
 file extension hpljHewlett-Packerd LaserJet vector image file
 file extension hppHewlett-Packard Printer Control Language vector image
 file extension hppclHewlett-Packard Printer Control Language vector image
 file extension icnRIPTerm picture image
 file extension ideaAdobe Ideas vector drawing
 file extension idrawiDraw vector graphics
 file extension igfIntercept Geometry data
 file extension inbInbro Embroidery Format
 file extension janJanome Digitizer embroidery design
 file extension jbsDesignArt vector graphics file
 file extension macdrawMacDraw file format
 file extension maxPfaff embroidery format
 file extension mdMayura Draw vector drawing
 file extension mgcbMGCSoft Equation Illustrator project file
 file extension mgsMGCSoft vector shapes data
 file extension mitMitsubishi Embroidery Format
mvg file icon file extension mvgImageMagick vector graphics
 file extension mywMyWorld Education drawing
 file extension napNAPLPS vector image metafile
 file extension naplpsNorth American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax file
 file extension newAmeco Embroidery Format
 file extension ngsWings eXPerience embroidery design
odg file icon file extension odgOpenDocument drawing
 file extension optDigital Line graph optional vector data
 file extension ovfOrbit vector data
 file extension ovsOrbit vector symbol file
 file extension ovtOrbit vector tiled
 file extension oxfOrbit vector XML file
pat file icon file extension patCorelDRAW vector pattern
 file extension patPattern Maker Cross-Stitch pattern
 file extension patPatternSmith cutting pattern file
 file extension patPolygon Attribute table file
 file extension patVector pattern
 file extension patPCStitch pattern
 file extension patCadterns Sloper File
 file extension patOrchida Embroidery System embroidery design
pcl file icon file extension pclHP vector graphics
pct file icon file extension pctApple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT bitmap graphics format
 file extension pdFlexiSIGN 5 plotter document
 file extension pdwHiJaak vector graphics file
pdx file icon file extension pdxMayura Draw graphics file
 file extension pelBaby Lock, Bernina Deco, Brother, Simplicity Embroidery format
 file extension pemBABYLOCK, BROTHER, PE-DESIGN embroidery format
 file extension pgsDALiM LiTHO vector page file
 file extension phbPHB Brother ULT Embroidery format
 file extension picPicture image
plo file icon file extension ploHP Graphics Language plotter document
 file extension plotVector graphics
plt file icon file extension pltHP Graphics Language plotter document
 file extension pobjPhoto Pos Pro vector object
psid file icon file extension psidAdobe Postscript image data file
 file extension pwsPrint Workshop image file
 file extension pxfTajima DG/ML embroidery design
 file extension rdlBentley MicroStation redline data
 file extension s57International Hydrographic Organization vector image
 file extension scvScanVec CASmate / Flexi Family vector sign
sda file icon file extension sdaApache OpenOffice ( drawing
 file extension sdrSmartDraw drawing
 file extension sdwLotus WordPro drawing
 file extension sifISIF vector data
 file extension sk1sK1 vector drawing
 file extension sk2ACD/ChemSketch drawing
 file extension sketchBohemian Coding Sketch drawing
 file extension slddwgSolidWorks drawing 2D vector graphics
 file extension spSignPlot output format
spa file icon file extension spaFutureSplash Movie (Adobe Flash)
 file extension sskFutureWave SmartSketch vector graphics
 file extension svfSimple Vector Format graphics
svg file icon file extension svgXML based scalable vector graphics format
 file extension svgbBinary encoded SVG file
 file extension svgzCompressed SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
swf file icon file extension swfShockWave Flash, Animated vector format for the Internet
sxd file icon file extension sxdOpenOffice/StarOffice drawing
 file extension t09PFAFF embroidery data
 file extension t2dTouchDraw drawing file
 file extension tdrTop Draw vector graphic
 file extension thrThred embroidery outline file
 file extension tlcLogo Creator saved logo
 file extension tngNamo WebCanvas vector graphic data
 file extension tvgToon Boom vector graphics
 file extension u00Embroidery format
 file extension u01Barudan embroidery data
 file extension uxyBarudan embroidery outline file
 file extension v3mVector Art 3D Machinist format
 file extension vbrGIMP parametric brush file
 file extension vecENVI vector template file
 file extension vipHusqvarna Viking embroidery format
vml file icon file extension vmlVector Markup Language file
vss file icon file extension vssMicrosoft Visio smartshapes data
 file extension webXara web document
wmf file icon file extension wmfWindows metafile format
 file extension xarXara vector drawing
 file extension xgzMegaBitz vector drawing
 file extension yalArts & Letters clipart library
zbr file icon file extension zbrZoner Zebra metafile
 file extension zclZoner Callisto clipart file
 file extension zmfZoner Callisto document
 file extension zmpZoner Callisto print layout file
 file extension zskZSK USA embroidery format

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