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Platform, operating system:  Linux/Unix icon Linux/Unix

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Developer: Patrice St-Gelais

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Developer / company: Patrice St-Gelais

Geomorph is a height field generator and editor for the Linux operating system. A height field is a kind of topographic map.  It is a 2D projection of a 3D landscape. Geomorph generates square images and shows a 3D preview of the resulting landscape.  The resulting 2D image can be processed with a tool like Povray for rendering the landscape.

Geomorph actually exists in an alpha stage, localized in French, English and German. It is generally stable.

Its main features are, for now:

  • An environment allowing multiple documents in multiple windows.
  • Output in PNG files with 16 bits per channel, from 128x128 to 4096x4096 pixels, giving 65536 levels from black to white.
  • Tools to generate height fields by simple subdivision or repeated sum of an arbitrary surface.
  • A fractal pen for drawing irregular surfaces.
  • Pens for drawing smooth strokes, craters, faults, cracks and fissures.
  • Edit and transform tools appropriate to image editing - brightness/contrast and the like (few "paint" programs can edit 16 bits per channel images).
  • Edit and transform tools relevant to height field editing - erosion, quantization ("terraces"), cityscapes, and the like.
  • A Povray run button, for testing the current image with a scene you select.
  • An undo/redo history, with multiple levels. The default history stacks has 5 levels, but this parameter can be adjusted in the configuration file.
  • A display scale control.
  • An OpenGL preview (MesaGL).
  • A tool for editing configuration files, where default directories and other parameters are saved.

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