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JNOS has been described by some as a monolithic software application for amateur packet radio (ax.25) and ip networking. It is a user-space threads application, whose origins can be traced back to Phil Karn's KA9Q/NOS software. In fact, NOS was the linux of it's time, transforming simple DOS machines into multiuser/multitasking TCP/IP environments.

JNOS is first and foremost a router for ax.25, netrom, and ip protocols - ip over rf is possible by encapsulating the ip in ax.25 frames. It is a packet node, bbs, personal mailbox system, convers server (chatroom), offers a variety of tcp services, supports ax.25 tunnels (axip and axudp) over wired networks, supports ip encapsulation (ipip and ipdup) over wired networks. It provides F6FBB message forwarding capabilities, including the B2F protocol used by the Winlink / RMS systems. JNOS offers APRS services, including Igate and APRS messaging. Users can access the bbs (mailbox) via a web browser. APRS messaging and stats are also available through a web browser. JNOS makes a decent telnet node. Users connecting from RF can send messages to other systems linked by RF (not just the internet) or can email people on the internet. JNOS has built in SMTP so that it can deliver email on it's own. JNOS can be used for HF forwarding, features a few hostmode interfaces for several pactor modems, and has tcp clients to MultiPsk and WINMOR tcp/ip servers. JNOS uses kiss based tnc interfaces for packet, however you can run baycom and soundcard interfaces as well. JNOS 2.0 has made it to 4 different platforms over the last years - DOS, Linux, WIN32, and Mac. Linux is now the primary development platform, while DOS has fallen behind - stuck at 2.0f for now. The WIN32 port was a concept project which I'm considering working on again, and Mac has also fallen behind to 2006, the PowerPC era ...

JNOS works with the following file extensions:

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JNOS default file extension associations

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