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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: LuraTech GmbH


Developer / company: LuraTech GmbH

LuraDocument Capture is a high-quality capture solution for the scanning and compression of colored, multipage documents. LuraDocument Capture offers the following abilities:- Control of the scanning of documents over a TWAIN interface - Compression and storage of the incoming scans - Viewing and handling of incoming or previously saved files A standard A4 document scanned at 300dpi usually yields a file size of approximately 25MB.LuraDocument Capture compresses the file immediately after being scanned and maintains excellent visual quality while reducing the file to 100K and less. It saves the file in the LuraDocument format which keeps text legible and images clear while achieving extremely high compression ratios. By working within the TWAIN interface, LuraDocument Capture is compatible with most scanners. With LuraDocument Capture, multipage documents can be conveniently stored and navigated. Thumbnails of each page are shown in a viewing window and the user is free to select the page to view. Individual pages can be imported or exported and the order of pages can be easily adjusted. Using the LuraDocument browser plug-in,these documents can be viewed and shared on the Internet or in an intranet. To ensure flexibility and compatibility, LuraDocument Capture can accept BMP, TIFF orJPEG formats. LuraDocument files can also be exported to BMP, TIFF or Fax Group 4.

The LuraDocument software seems to be old or discontinued.
Such programs may not work on modern operating systems properly, are no longer available and supported by their original developers, or are simply obsolete for their purpose. Sometimes companies offer limited support through their website.

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LuraDocument default file extension associations

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This table might not contain all possible associated or supported file types or may contain incorrect data.
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