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NEC-Win Plus+

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Developer: antenneX

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NEC-Win Plus+ picture

NEC-Win Plus+

Developer / company: antenneX

This powerful NEC-2 antenna modeling program contains most of the wire structure and control input features that the majority of antenna designers need for developing better antennas. Virtually all features are accessible from the main screen, including frequency sweeping, ground selection and specification, radiation pattern plot requests, and tabular data selection. The user can request multiple plot types, and the program will generate them for each frequency, even in a large sweep. Besides standard polar plots, with detailed analytical data, the user may select both impedance and SWR graphs.

The wire structure provides several convenient features, including standard AWG wire size selection (as well a entering a custom diameter) and an extended list of preset wire conductivity values (in addition to user specified values). Conductivity may be set for each individual wire, permitting precise modeling of antennas using multiple materials. R-X and R-L-C loads are available, as well as networks and transmission lines. Unique to NEC-Win Plus is a complete spreadsheet model-by-equation facility for the development of new antennas or the creation of master models that alter all dimensions with the entry of a new design frequency or a new element diameter.

The NEC-2 core used by NEC-Win Plus is the fastest available, reducing the run time on large models by over 50% (depending upon available RAM). NEC-Win Plus handles up to 9,999 segments (subject to operating system limitations). As well, NEC-Win Plus can directly access NEC-Win Synth and receive synthesized wire-grid structures directly into its wire table.

NEC-Win Plus+ Features

  • Full 32 bit program
  • Easy Geometry entry (spreadsheet like interface)
  • Full support for Variables and Equations
  • Transmission Lines/ Networks
  • Geometry checking
    • junctions
    • segments intersect at midpoint
    • segments cross at midpoint
    • segment within volume of another segment
    • segments parallel and overlapping
    • segments parallel and separated by less than sum of their radii
  • Stepped diameter correction
  • View currents on wire
  • Necvu v5.0 Antenna viewer
  • VRML export (in Necvu) to view the antenna in full 3D as tubes
  • 3D surface plot of total gain
  • Theta/Phi or Elevation/Azimuth coordinate system
  • Built in presets for Wire Diameter and Conductivity
  • Choice of None, Real, Perfect, or Sommerfeld ground planes w/presets
  • Translate, Rotate, or Scale each wire
  • Rectangular plots for VSWR and Input Impedance
  • Polar plots
  • Tabular Data (including full NEC2 output data)
  • Auto-segment feature (straight line approximation)
  • Import Autocad (dxf) files
  • Export VOACAP Type 14 Antenna Coverage files
  • MS Windows version of NEC2 core with console spooling
  • Use Necvu 3D to view antenna as 3D tubes with backgrounds - export Povray files
  • NEC-Win Synth Light to easily build radials, ground planes, monpoles, dipoles, and dipole arrays
  • Average gain test to help determine model validity
  • Ability to enter wire diameter in awg values i.e. #12

The NEC-Win Plus+ software seems to be old or discontinued.
Such programs may not work on modern operating systems properly, are no longer available and supported by their original developers, or are simply obsolete for their purpose. Sometimes companies offer limited support through their website.

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