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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Pholix Software

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Developer / company: Pholix Software

PhotoPhilia is a dedicated image-management application that helps you organize images, video and audio clips into albums. Using PhotoPhilia's explorer interface, you can browse through images on your hard drive, CD-ROM or digital camera.

RAW format and Exif support

The program supports Canon CRW/CR2, Nikon NEF, Sony SRF, FUJIFILM RAF, and Minolta MRW file formats. Exif standard support: you can view Exif fields (as a list or customizable captions), search for Exif data, use Exif in the Batch Processor, auto-rotate images using Exif Orientation tag.

Add categories, comments, keywords to the images

In the album window, you can label each image, attach keywords, assign categories and add sound for inclusion in a slideshow. After you've added keywords, comments and categories, you can search easily for an image taken on a particular day or at a certain event.

Adjust brightness, remove red eye, rotate, crop, auto-trim, and more

PhotoPhilia's powerful image editor lets you crop, auto-trim and resize your images. You can also rotate, flip and skew them; adjust their brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and gamma; plus apply a rich set of artistic effects, including posterising, blurring, embossing and solarising.

The program has a variety of presentation options

PhotoPhilia enables you to create web galleries, contact sheets and slideshows from your pictures. Create and share slideshows that include captions and sound annotations for each slide, transitions, background music. Print your photos with a number of options including the ability to print several images on a single page.

Batch convert your images

PhotoPhilia's batch scenario editor enables you to create custom batch operations to resize, colour correct and apply effects to an entire album of images or to the filtered ones. The program includes several build-in batch scenarios like Convert, Rename, Stamp, Frame, and others.

AWD files (Microsoft FAX format) are fully supported

PhotoPhilia can read, print, modify AWD files, and convert them to other formats. It also manages multipage AWD faxes.

PhotoPhilia picturePhotoPhilia works with the following file extensions:

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PhotoPhilia default file extension associations

awd file icon.awdphm file icon.phm

Common file extensions used by PhotoPhilia

cr2 file icon.cr2crw file icon.crwmrw file icon.mrwnef file icon.nefraf file icon.raf

Other file extensions associated with PhotoPhilia

srf file icon.srf

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