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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Running With Scissors

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Running With Scissors logoPostal 2

Developer / company: Running With Scissors

Postal 2 is the sequel to Postal, the gritty, violent, over-the-top game that was the target of almost every politician's speech about violence in video games. If they were ticked at that one, wait until this one is on their desk.

Once again, you take on the role of Postal Dude, a normal (comparatively normal, anyway) guy living in Paradise, Arizona. The game is composed of a five day week, Monday to Friday, where you must accomplish various errands. There is no time limit, and errands can be done whenever you feel like it. Errands range from getting a carton of milk (buying it or stealing it, your choice) to cashing your cheque at the bank (either wait in line or kill everyone, again your choice).

The game is "as violent as you are", meaning you can go through the majority of the game without killing someone or beating up someone, but you can also go through it killing and decapitating every one you come across.

For your killing needs, you have a plethora of ways to dispatch people. You can kick them, urinate on them (making them vomit), shoot them, bash them with a shovel, throw gas on them and set them ablaze, leaving behind a charred corpse, and if you want to be stealthy, you can pick up a cat, and stick your shotgun into's it rear end to use it as a silencer. Every time you shoot now, fur will go flying. One of the more novelty, and very over the top weapons, is a decapitated cow's head filled with anthrax, which will cause everyone in the immediate area to gag, throw up, then die.

Postal 2 uses the Unreal Warfare engine, and comes packed with the Warfare editor, allowing you to create new people, levels, or even entire mods.

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Postal 2 picturePostal 2 works with the following file extensions:

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If you need more information please contact the developers of Postal 2 (Running With Scissors), or check out their product website.

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