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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Shark Finese

Shark Finese logoShark

Developer / company: Shark Finese

The SHARK Economic Sales System uses a simple 4 stage process to supplement your technical proposal with an ROI for board approval. As you work through the steps you are prompted to talk about funding options with your customer. A Leasing Wizard gives you advice on the most appropriate funding options.

SHARK also contains the SHARK Challenge which is a unique commercial knowledge game, intended to train and amuse at the same time.

Shark includes these features:

  • Customisable Evaluator suites for greater customer interaction and directed questioning> building your own Evaluator suite has never been simpler! Prior to discussing your solution's benefits with your customer, you can select those economic arguments that are relevant to the customer and create your version of the software. This allows you to control the sales meeting and arrive at the correct conclusions as quickly as possible.
  • Multiple suites of economic arguments with different titles can be created to tailor the discussion around different customers' particular needs. These can be hidden or revealed as required.
  • Full graphing of cash profiles and ROI measures> although the FD will require numbers to audit an economic business case, a picture can give the customer a much clearer view of the ROI situation. Customisable line, bar and pie charts are now available of all the important parameters under discussion.
  • Tender button for delay objection handling - control the sales situation better: the true cost to the customer of delaying a decision can be presented and entered into the board report. This information can act as an extra incentive for the customer's purchasing department to avoid delaying order sign-off.
  • Loading, Saving and Importing data from previous versions: the new version of Shark uses standard windows Loading and Saving methods. This allows you to save your ROI deals as files on your hard disk much like you do when saving a word document. This allows for much greater flexibility and increased collaboration between colleagues as you can attach these files to e-mails and ‘share’ deals.
  • You can import deal sessions from previous versions of Shark by selecting File ‘Import from prev version’. This opens the ‘old style’ file manager, where you simply select the deal you wish to load. Once the deal has been loaded ensure you save this deal in the new format. In some cases (i.e. when importing from version 2 software) the ROI calculations will need to be re-done. This is due to improved cash flow profiling introduced in this version of the product.
  • Quick Access Toolbar: you will notice that a quick access toolbar is now available in the top right of the main screen. This tool bar provides quick access to elements of the software most commonly used.
  • Defer Capital Spend Calculator: the wording on the Defer Capital Spend calculator has changed to make it more intuitive and easier to understand. This is a complex calculator but it has now been broken down into two separate areas – the cost per month of the original purchase plus the interest on that purchase. The sum of the two areas is presented as a benefit for the number of months the original purchase can be delayed as a result of your proposed solution. When importing data from a previous version, remember to check the original result and ensure that the inputs are adjusted such that the business case is still valid.

Shark works with the following file extensions:

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Shark default file extension associations

roi file icon.roi

Common file extensions used by Shark

pdf file icon.pdfppt file icon.pptrtf file icon.rtf

Comparison table of actions that Shark can perform with each of its associated file type beta

This table might not contain all possible associated or supported file types or may contain incorrect data.
If you need more information please contact the developers of Shark (Shark Finese), or check out their product website.

File type \ Action


























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