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Sound Club

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Sound Club

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Sound Club for Windows 95 and Windows NT was the sequel to Sound Club for DOS. Its features included:

  • Fully digital sound processing.
  • 16-bit CD quality stereo playback.
  • Virtually unlimited number of voices playing simultaneously.
  • Intuitive way of representing music.
  • Real-time editing and recording.
  • Support for MOD and S3M music file formats.
  • Direct export of music tracks to WAV files.
  • Instrument bank of over 500 instruments.

Sound Club for Windows addressed several problems and suggestions that were pointed out by the users of its predecessor:

  • Removed instrument size limit
  • Removed the limitation for number of simultaneously playing voices
  • Removed pattern size limit
  • Support for 16 bit instruments
  • Loading and saving instruments as .WAV files
  • S3M import/export with improved conversion algorithm

Sound Club works with the following file extensions:

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Sound Club default file extension associations

sn file icon.sn

Other file extensions associated with Sound Club

sn2 file icon.sn2

Comparison table of actions that Sound Club can perform with each of its associated file type beta

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